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the brain is a receiver and a transmitter of vibrational energy in fact every cell of the human body transmits energy whatever frequency we emit that exact matching frequency is what will be perceived by the physical senses vibrations attract matching vibrations and the closer the vibrational match the easier it is to see those things as reality the following exercise will show you how to apply an intense energetic frequency to what you want to manifest in your life the more you add this energy to your manifestations the faster you will be able to create it as a physical reality think of something that you want to bring into your life if there is something that you just can’t wait to have and it gives you feelings of excitement and passion every time you think of it that is the intense feeling of desire that will magnify results if you feel just lukewarm about a thing you may not have enough momentum to create it in your life just yet therefore pick the thing that you want that brings you the greatest feelings of pleasure and delight when you think of it close your eyes and imagine that your forehead is transforming into a large powerful magnifying glass take a few moments to visualize this transformation a magnifying glass can be used to focus energy it concentrates this energy and makes it highly localized on whatever it is directed at with a magnifying glass you’re concentrating electromagnetic waves of energy to enter the area of the lens into a single point in other words it intently focuses and magnetizes the energy that moves through it once you are able to clearly see your forehead as one large powerful magnifying glass place a vivid picture of your desire in the center of it and up against the outside wall of the glass where your energy will be transmitted once again take your time to be very clear on all the details of your desire and fill as much of the magnifying glasses you were able to with this image take as much time as you need to do this now that you were able to see your forehead as a large and powerful magnifying glass and have placed the detailed image of your desire in the center of it and up against the outside wall of the glass begin to feel the excitement you feel when imagining having this desire as art of yours think of all of the ways your life is changed because of this manifestation and bring up your enthusiasm and passion for how amazing this manifestation is really take the time to feel this eagerness and joy in all of its intensity when you feel that your emotions have reached their height and your excitement is at its peak imagine the energy of these emotions moving up through your body into your mind and concentrating forward with all of their intensity into the magnifying glass just as the sun’s energy is magnified by a magnifying glass so is the energy of your emotions in fact imagine that the energy of your emotions is even stronger and more intense than the energy of the Sun you are an energetic being therefore you are able to concentrate your energy any way you wish see this energy getting brighter and brighter and being completely focused and delivered through the magnifying glass of your forehead to the image of your manifestation feel the vibration moving up from your body into your mind and straight into your desire observe how your manifestation is almost being cooked into doneness by the intense emotional energy that you are delivering to it much like a cake in an oven to add even more intensity to these energy waves that you are applying to your manifestation begin to hum or make any other sound that you can feel reverberate throughout your body feel the energy of the sound you are making reinforce and strengthen the vibrational energy that you are adding to your manifestation see how the combination of your emotions and your vibrational sound work together to add the most potent energy into your manifestation once you have applied this process for several moments release your energy and move on with your day it’s best to finish this process just as you are beginning to feel your energy level decrease you can repeat this exercise two to three times per day to increase the energy of your desire by placing your emotional energy into your manifestation and concentrating that energy in a focused way not only do you begin to give it life but it also begins to take on your vibrational signature and vice-versa making you and your manifestation a match your vibration influences your manifestation abilities the vibration you carry attracts more of the same vibration into your reality when you reset the vibration of your intentions you access your full ability to shift your circumstances and create the life you want the energy you give out is the result you get and you really do have the power to manifest anything your heart desires

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