The Secrets of VIBRATION, FREQUENCY & MANIFESTATION! + The Key to Manifesting Faster!

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to use the law of attraction favorably it’s important to understand how the creation of physical tangible results occurs the law of vibrations states that everything vibrates at its own frequency everything visible and invisible has a frequency or an energetic pattern essentially there’s one pure source of energy that can vibrate in an infinite range of frequencies each of these individual frequencies oscillate at their own unique set point while also matching other things that vibrate at a similar frequency and this is the true power source behind manifesting the things we want each frequency has the ability to create something unique everything that you see is merely a different frequency of the one original source energy that makes up all that is what appears to be solid matter is nothing more than vibrating energy your physical being is just one of your many manifested creations it’s not actually who you are but the equipment you have for transforming information it is a tool used for translation and it has the ability to translate vibration into physical experience because of our physical bodies and senses we are able to convert frequencies into the different perceptions of sight scent touch sound and taste but beyond each translation that we make through our physical bodies there’s a vibrational frequency at the root of each thing that we sense in this way this is what makes the vehicle of the physical body so magnificent it’s an instrument with the very distinct purpose of interpreting vibration into experiences for us our physical bodies also have their own frequency and each individual’s frequency limits their range of experience because that frequency only resides within the realm of other frequencies that match it in other words the physical senses have a limited operating range the illusion of time is also a part of the translation that the physical senses perceive there is no way to measure time without using the physical senses it’s strictly a man-made concept but the true self is unlimited in order to use the body to experience beyond what the five physical senses detect and to manifest beyond the current frequency setpoint we use our minds and imagination to create deliberate translations that go past the physical senses and into the realm of the non-physical through our imagination things become real instantaneously but only in a way that is non-physical rather than through the physical senses the mind and feeling states have the ability to form new creations by reaching past the limitations of the physical frequency that is currently held therefore beginning to stretch the vibration into other places and manifestations this is the starting point it’s the place to begin to move the self into new physical translations or realities when the new vibration of frequency is maintained dominantly it will match frequencies of a like nature and the physical senses will be able to translate those new frequencies as the new reality this is why thought and imagination are so important they are the catalysts for new experiences and new realities you can sense certain things in your thoughts although you don’t yet see them in your physically perceived reality with your physical senses this is because the frequency of your physical body including your physical senses has not yet caught up with what you are creating in your mind the physical senses remain at their current frequency or the last frequency that you adjusted them to therefore they can only continue feeding you sensory information that falls within that frequency range unless you make the effort to readjust the frequency by creating new experiences with your mind and imagination physically translated manifestations are simply a specific frequency that has been layered upon itself so many times that it appears dense in other words when the frequency becomes strong enough from the adequate mental energy of visualization desire thought belief and emotions the physical senses can recognize it and translate it as a physical tangible thing these mental faculties create the order that is placed with the universe in truth whenever we perceive a manifestation with our physical senses we’re actually perceiving the projection of its non-physical form which is created by the mental energies through intense focus belief and feeling states a very large percentage of the manifestation process is already completed by the time you begin to translate it into your physical experience in other words the vibration of the thing that you have mentally created is already real before you can even detect it time is irrelevant in a universe of pure energy lacking physicality you’re merely spending what is considered time adjusting your frequency to match this new reality and building upon it with focus so your physical senses are able to detect it so you have your mind and feeling states that do the real creating for you and then you’re able to perceive these things with the faculties of your physical senses once the frequency is substantial enough for them to do so and once your frequency begins to match the frequency of the manifestation desired so how you train your physical senses to detect a broader range of frequencies that match the things you want to manifest remember that the essence of who you are is pure consciousness you come from the one pure light source of energy your body is simply the transmitter much like a radio if you want to perceive new realities through this physical vehicle you’ll have to change the channel deliberately most likely you’ll have to reset this channel every time you intentionally tune into it until it takes the cue and has switched to it automatically as the default setting the first step to begin translating different frequencies is tuning out from your physical senses in order to tune into your non-physical senses or your mind and emotional states the best way to do this is by going into an environment where you were able to eliminate as much sensory input as possible attempt to find a space where the temperature is comfortable the smell of the air is neutral and it is quiet and free from distraction close your eyes and physically relax your body breathe deeply for several minutes so that your sense of touch loosens its sensation or even becomes numb this is very achievable if you remain still so that your nerve endings adjust to the lack of input the more you practice this state the easier it is to move into it very quickly it will realize that once you disconnect from your physical senses completely time is no longer something you perceive this is when you’ll know that you and your physical senses are totally relaxed once you’ve turned your attention away from your physical senses you can begin to tune into your creative faculties in a very powerful way start with your desire this is the non-physical equivalent of physical movement and action we create something non physically by desiring it it manifests immediately in non-physical form for example if you wanted to imagine being on vacation you only need to have the desire to do so and the image or sensation of it will be created you can sense its energy with your mind and imagination in that moment you are tuning into the frequency of that vacation as it is in non-physical form even if you are not able to see it in your mind you can perceive it all it takes is having the desire to create it and it is so as you connect with your desire feel the emotion of it which you really ultimately desire is the non-physical frequency range of the manifestation or how it feels to have it and be with it once again by thinking of your desire in a state of total relaxation and attachment you should be able to sense immediately how it feels to have this manifestation in your presence absorb yourself in those feeling states and sit with them for as long as you wish or until they are no longer heightened practice this exercise daily you’re simply detaching from your physical senses so you can create in the non-physical realm where your desires manifest instantly although your physical senses are rarely able to perceive these changes immediately when you understand that you are readjusting your frequency and building the frequency of the desire it makes the process seem much more logical and easier to understand your physical senses are only able to pick up slight energetic shifts in the direction of your desire as your senses adjust themselves to perceive the frequencies you’ve created your desires have immediately been created in the non-physical but in order for you to see them in physical form you must turn yourself toward their direction the last tip and a very important one is to focus on creating non-physical manifestations solely this is the key to manifesting faster and with more precision what everyone really wants the thing behind their desires is the non-physical frequency range it’s the emotions and the feelings that we are all reaching for for example money a big house and the perfect relationship are simply projections of the non-physical manifestation the underlying meaning behind each of these things is how they make us feel we don’t actually desire the physical manifestation we desire the feeling state this is why trying to manifest the physical form of what we desire creates a weak intention we hear that it’s important to visualize what we desire while also feeling what it would feel like to already have it this is because it’s not the physical manifestation that ultimately satisfies us it’s the feeling state that accomplishes this focusing on the physical manifestation rather than the feeling we truly want from it is like trying to satisfy our appetite with a picture of something we’d like to eat rather than having the actual meal itself more so by focusing on the feeling we begin to align our frequency with the frequency of what we intend to manifest therefore bringing it into our experience in a much faster way put all of your creative energy into creating and manifesting your non-physical desires because that’s what you truly want the deeper meaning is carried by the energetic aspect of the frequencies or how you feel when you think about already having what you want always set your intention for the non-physical feeling and allow the projection of that to come to you as it will eventually your frequency and the frequency of your desire will match your physical senses will catch up to that and you’ll see your desire projected into physical form

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