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20 WAYS TO REDUCE WASTE | Easy Sustainable Lifestyle Hacks | Zero Waste for Beginners | The Edgy Veg

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unique New York the arsonist had oddly shaped feet oh okay great today on the edgy veg we are going to talk about sustainable swap so that you and you and you and you and you can be more eco-friendly subscriber of the week this week is I forgot their name and apparently I can't read subscriber of the week this week is done with you awesome they commented on the three easy pasta recipes saw your tattoo and wondered are you German yes I am this is my tattoo it's upside down because this doesn't make sense it means don't forget where you came from I am German I grew up in Germany so there you go if you would like to be subscribed to the week next week just make sure that I see you leave a comment on every single video follow me on all of my social media all the links are in the description box below Earth Day is just around the corner it is April 22nd and I haven't really put out a lot of things for Earth Day which is kind of crazy because one of my favorite recognized special event days because I'm a stickler for keeping things green at least I'm trying to I'm that annoying person that will I go through the garbage at my house when I have people over and make sure that all the recycling is actually in the recycling bin on that person swab number one is getting rid of your saran wrap and your aluminum foil and switching for these reusable food wraps now these ones are by rappa this just this piece of cloth you can just use this the exact same way that you would use normal cling wrap the way that it works is this is wax and you can just use the heat of your hands to make it stick let's say this is a cut and a half avocado all you have to do is just wrap this like this and put it in your fridge and then two hours later when you want to finish that avocado toast just unwrap it and this works amazing over bowls to wrap your sandwiches cereal no one saves half-eaten cereal I've completely replaced sighing cling wrap with these guys you can buy them in different shapes different sizes really cute designs they're super affordable and they're handmade so go madam swap number two is swap your plastic water bottles with a reusable water bottle I like the stainless steel ones because they work like a thermos they keep hot things hot and cold things cold I keep this guy in my backpack in my purse in my gym bag if I'm catching a flight I can just fill this up in the bathroom if I'm at a fast-food joint I can just ask the guy behind the cashier to fill this up for me so I never leave the house without this and did you know that there is a 280,000 percent markup on bottled water versus tap water and you know what it's the exact same water swap number three is stop using paper coffee cups guys those things do not recycle they have a wax and plastic coating on the inside instead I have this reusable keep cup which is so cute you can get them in all different shapes and sizes and different colors you can even get glass ones and cork ones I love this one because it's plastic so I can keep it in my backpack so I always have it with me and if I drop it which I will it doesn't break and at the end of its lifecycle you can recycle this swap number four is stopped using plastic straws and replace them I switch to reusable straws I first saw a video of a tortoise having like a vet doctor person pulling a plastic straw out of its nostrils and it was the most horrifying thing I've ever seen stop using plastic straws and replace them with either a glass alternative like I have here or a bamboo or a stainless steel now I prefer glass because I like the mouthfeel of the glass if you're worried about cleaning them they come with this little like pipe cleaner cleaning doohickey and you just go in and clean it out I have six I keep one in my gym bag I keep one in my purse I keep one in my backpack I keep a bunch at home we love it for drinking smoothies in the morning and when I'm on the go I just ask the waiter or waitress or bartender when I'm out to please not give me a straw so then I could just let this guy out of my bag or just drink without a straw cuz you're not a baby the hole eventually need a straw and you can also encourage your favorite bar favorite cafe to swap two paper straws they're super trendy and they biodegrade step number five is refuse classic cutlery and paper napkins when you order takeout I even refuse like wooden chopsticks at this point just say no thank you no cutlery no napkins and no bag when they deliver or when you're picking it up I have found that this industry is super super wasteful every time I was ordering takeout I would end up with like six plastic forks and a stack of napkins and it's just unnecessary I have forks at home so I'm not going to use them so they were going directly in the recycling you take nothing else from this video I want you to stop using plastic grocery bags I have this little pouch I keep it in my purse at all times carries two reusable shopping bags plastic shopping bags are one of the most wasteful things you cannot recycle them unless you bring them to a grocery store and who's doing that anyway there are Mountain floating islands in the ocean but are just plastic and plastic grocery bags so stop accepting plastic bags please I beg of you the environment begs of you stop doing it be smarter step number seven is replaced single-use tea bags with one of these a tea strainer or a tea ball this is something I just did recently I noticed about a month ago that a lot of the cheap bags that I was buying was coming and individually packaged little tea bags which a is super wasteful and also a lot of it was plastic or the little the little doodad on the end is made of plastic and not paper why use bar soap which often comes naked at your local health food store and it's super cheap look at the difference in packaging here some people also suggest replacing your shampoo and conditioner with a bar version of shampoo and conditioner I've tried that it doesn't work for me but I can definitely commit to releasing my hand so my body wash and any other soap that I'm using on any other place in my body step number nine is used cloth napkins instead of paper use handkerchiefs instead of Kleenex and microfiber towels instead of paper towel James actually hates napkins so we've always had cloth napkins at home all you have to do is just come home and throw it in the laundry and wash it with everything else there's just something really a regal about using actual cloth products instead of paper ones and they'll keep you waste free while saving the world at the same time swap number 10 is to swap out your parchment paper for silicon baking nuts these guys are amazing they just go over your baking sheet exactly like parchment paper would and then you can bake anything you want on it you can roast vegetables you can bake cookies and it helps cut down on the oil because you're not worried about it sticking to the bottom of the pan step number 11 is reuse old t-shirts and socks to make rags for cleaning your house this is the thing I learned from my mom she always is she reused like our underwear and our socks to clean the toilets in our house clean the floor anything that she didn't want to reuse for microfiber rags for step number 12 is make your own at home cleaning product all you need is a little bit of vinegar baking soda lemon and essential oils and a spray bottle you can clean your bathtub literally anything in your house sanitize your counter some essential oils are antibacterial some are just really nice for scent one of the great things about making your own cleaning products is that it uses minimal waste you're just reusing the same package every single time it's natural so you don't have a bunch of chemicals in your house which is great if you have pets I don't click the sofa they look the floor they look the bathtub really great for kids too if you have any kids looking the floor or the wall the snozzberries taste like snozzberries if you're interested in making your own I have some recipes on my website I will leave a link in the description box below step number 13 is buy things in bulk I love this I've been doing it a lot more lately I buy a lot of dried goods and they're always in way too much packaging or some sort of bag this is just an old container that I reuse you can still see the label there to put flaxseed in you can go to places like bulk barn or there's a lot of coops we have on in Toronto where you can buy things in bulk you can bring your own containers I highly recommended you save money doesn't like that number I don't know step number 14 is clean your laundry ah I used dryer balls instead of dryer sheets and these guys are supposed to hasten your drying time bluff up your laundry and also reduce static they definitely fluffing up your laundry and reduce static but I do not find that they keys in drying time I don't know what study they conducted but it seemed to be about the same for me they almost like act like a ping-pong situation in your dryer you can buy them in a bunch of different places home stores Amazon ladies give up your pads and tampons they're not doing you any good and they are not doing the environment any good did you know that a woman uses over 240 tampons a year think of that over a lifetime that's ridiculous I have switched to a deeper Cup and period underpants both these things are amazing you can reuse these over and over and over again sanitize it and you just you know pop it up and these are incredible they've changed my life these ones are thinks my period has never been easier step number 16 is trying to buy secondhand items as much as you can I love to buy a secondhand clothing jewelry home decor it's so much cheaper and it's so much less wasteful I found this cute shrug thing it cost me like $15 these guys were $1 each you can find the most unique jewelry necklaces and costume pieces fast fashion is one of the leading pollutants on this planet well I see you're not wearing the same thing that everybody else swap number 17 is compost compost compost if you do nothing else other than the plastic bags also compost you don't go to your municipality website and find out how you can compost it's one of the best ways to create natural fertilizer new soil it's good for you it's good for the environment one of the easiest things that you can do you have to eat five times a day so why not compost recycle and don't just recycle but rinse your recycling and recycled properly did you know that a huge amount of recycling actually ends up in the garbage because it's contaminated if you do not rinse out those yogurt containers or salsa containers they actually can't recycle it it actually contaminates all of the other recyclable materials in that bag or in that recycling like if you're not recycling it's 2018 what the hell is wrong with you that number 19 is reused single-use items as much as possible I like to see a twist ties elastic bands from my vegetable funny little containers bottles I will even reuse bread bags so you can wrap sandwiches in it and reuse this multiple time so that we stop getting used to the single use plastic economy that we're living in and step number twenty is only by what you need this is so important by less stuff we don't need that much stuff you don't need to rebuy a new wardrobe every single season or a new cord because you lost yours maybe spend a little more time looking for that cord or what James and I like to do is sell things and buy things on facebook marketplace as much as we can keep reusing each other's things the better to stop them from ending up in a landfill really think about the purchases that you're making by consciously I'm not saying you have to go out and buy all these eco-friendly products just don't buy crap that you don't need and if you don't buy crap that you don't need and I don't buy crap that I don't need there's list up ending up in landfills and then the turtles won't have straws there you go alright guys there you have it 20 easy sustainable swaps so that you can be more eco-friendly and like I said all these things are super cheap and easy to do I'm not asking you to go out and buy like hemp clothing using natural dye no I'm just asking you to get yourself a waterfall and stop buying class if you liked this video make sure to give it a big thumbs up if you have any sustainable swabs that I didn't think of please leave them in the description box below and as always thank you to our patreon supporters who are supporting us monthly if you are new here please take the time to hit that subscribe button and the bail notification so you don't miss out on new videos every single week I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see you guys next time bye the Human Torch was denied a bank [Music]