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5 Healthy MEAL PREP Ideas | Back-To-School 2017

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– Hey my lovelies. Whether you're headed back
to school, back to work, or just generally back to
reality after an amazing summer, these five awesome meal
preps I've got today will really help you get back
on track with your eating. I love all of theses meal prep ideas because you can put together
a big batch on Sunday and enjoy them throughout the week. I'm kicking things off today
with an awesome combination of fiber rich brown rice, a
really crunchy red cabbage slaw, and these amazing sweet
and spicy meatballs. Now to make our meatballs
we are going to get started with some ground turkey in a bowl.

And to that we are gonna
add some bread crumbs, some pineapple, some
finely chopped green onion, and one egg. (soft, bouncy music) Then for even more flavor
I'm adding some hoisin sauce, some sriracha sauce
for a little spiciness, and some garlic and ginger. I'm gonna stir this mixture up until everything is well combined and then I'm going to
roll out my meatballs and place them on a
parchment lined baking sheet. Into the oven these go
at 375 degrees Fahrenheit until they're cooked through. I like to finish them off with a little more
hoisin sauce as a glaze, and they are ready to rock! Next I'm mixing up a
simple red cabbage slaw to go with my meatballs. In my bowl I've got some
finely shredded red cabbage. To that I'm going to add
some julienne carrots and some finely diced red onion.

I'm just gonna dress my
slaw simply with some oil, some vinegar, a little bit of honey, and of course some salt and pepper. Give that a toss and this deliciousness
is ready to be enjoyed. This box is such a gorgeous combination of tasty flavors, textures, and colors. It will become a total hit for lunch, but of course you could just
as easily enjoy it for dinner. (soft, playful music) Next up, loves, I've got a really healthy Greek
inspired lunchbox for you. I like to start with
a nice layer on quinoa at the base of my lunchbox. Then I pile on some beautiful
Greek inspired chicken, a cucumber and feta salad
for some nice crunch, and then serve it all with a
little side of tzatziki sauce. Uber good! Now for my Greek chicken I use boneless, skinless chicken breasts, but you could definitely
use legs or thighs if you wanted to. Next I added the zest
and juice of one lemon, a little bit of garlic
powder, some dried oregano, and some salt and pepper.

Then we simply bake these
babies at 375 degrees Fahrenheit until they're cooked through. This amazing salad is
equally easy to prepare. It all starts with some
chopped cucumbers in a bowl. To that I'm adding some
tomatoes, some feta, some freshly chopped dill,
a little Greek seasoning, some olive oil, and some red wine vinegar. Give that all a toss
and what you end up with is this really flavorful, colorful salad that you will just devour. This lunchbox is a really great way to show lunch how much you care. (lively, snappy music) My next lunchbox features some really great
Asian inspired flavors. It all starts with one of my
all time favorite recipes, my Chinese fried quinoa as a base.

Next I like to pile on
some steamed green beans and some tasty garlic shrimp. You just start with a nice hot frying pan. To that you're gonna add
just a little bit of oil to prevent things from sticking. Next you're going to add
some finely chopped onion. Cook that for three or four minutes or until it become translucent, and then you can add some minced garlic. Once that garlic is nice and fragrant in goes our veggies. Now in this case I am using
some frozen peas and carrots. What could be easier than that? But of course this recipe you could actually use any
type of veggies you wanted to. I'm gonna saute my veggies until they're just cooked through, and then I'm going to push
them all over to one side and scramble up a couple of eggs. Once my eggs are amply scrambled I'm going to stir everything together and then toss in my cooked quinoa and a little bit of soya sauce. You just need to mix all this goodness up and cook it for another
two to three minutes until it's heated through, and it is ready to be devoured.

My garlic shrimp is just as simple to make and just as flavorful. It once again starts with a little bit of oil in a frying pan. To that I'm adding my peeled shrimp and seasoning it up with a
little bit of salt and pepper. I'm going to cook my shrimp until it's nice and pink and opaque. And when it's got just about another minute
of cooking left on it I'm going to add some minced garlic and some red chili flakes.

Toss that all together
and what you end up with is one of the fastest sources
of protein you can think of. This meal prep has beautiful,
complementary flavors that I think you guys are going to love. And I can honestly say, if you've never made Chinese fried quinoa, it'll seriously change your life. (upbeat guitar music) For my next lunchbox I've got some fun Mexican
inspired flavors for you. It all starts with my lime cilantro rice.

Next I like to pile in some fiber rich black bean and corn salsa. And finish it all off with
some awesome fajita chicken. You just start with a nice
hot skillet on the stove. To that you're just gonna
add a little bit of oil and then pile in your veggies. I'm using some red onion here and some beautiful bell pepper, but you actually are welcome to use any kind of veggies that you want. I'm also going to pile in
some thinly sliced chicken. Once all that goodness is in the pan it is time to get our fajita on with some classic fajita spices.

Today I'm using some garlic powder, some chili powder, some onion powder, a little bit it dried oregano, some paprika, and some cumin. We're just gonna hit this with a little bit of salt and pepper and then cook it all up until
our chicken is cooked through. If you find things are
sticking a little bit, go ahead and add a few splashes of water to the bottom of your pan. This will help just loosen everything up. This beautifully spiced chicken mixture is really well complemented by my cool black bean and corn salsa. This starts with some canned black beans that I've rinsed and drained. To that I like to add some
frozen corn for sweetness, some red bell pepper for crunch, and of course some red onion because we just love
red onion around here. We're gonna hit that all with
a little bit of chili powder, some refreshing freshly chopped cilantro, and then finish it off with
the zest and juice of a lime.

Give that a good toss and this salsa is ready to be devoured. We're going to repeat those
same refreshing flavors in our rice dish. In this case I'm starting
with some white rice, but of course you could
use brown if you wanted to. To that I'm adding the
zest and juice of a lime, and a little fresh
cilantro for good measure. This just adds a little pizazz
to otherwise boring rice, and seriously rounds out all of the deliciousness in this dish.

Guys this is a really tasty way to get a ton of nutrition
with a ton of flavor. I hope you will give this one a try. Finally today I'm going to show you one of
my very favorite meal preps. It's my lemon dill salmon. And what I love about
using salmon in meal prep is that it tastes just as good
consumed cold as it does hot.

So you have both options there. This lunchbox starts with a beautiful layer
of my lemon parsley rice. I top that with some
gorgeous steamed vegetables, some broccoli, some asparagus, and then I finish it off with this incredible lemon dill salmon. (soft, playful music) I'm starting with some
gorgeous salmon filets on a parchment lined baking sheet. I like to top them with a
sprinkle of garlic powder, a little salt, a little pepper,
some freshly chopped dill, and then a few slice of lemon.

I bake these at 375 degrees Fahrenheit until they're cooked
through, let them cool, and then they are ready to be packed up. For my lemon parsley rice I start with some cooked white rice. To that I add some freshly grated garlic, the zest and juice of a lemon, and of course a ton of
freshly chopped parsley. This is a really refreshing
way to enjoy your rice, and is really beautifully complemented by those gorgeous green veggies, and of course that
amazing lemon dill salmon. As far as I'm concerned this is heart healthy
lunch at it's finest. I really hope you guys will give all of these
meal prep ideas a try. And if you do you must Tweet me, Instagram me, or Snap Chat me a photo because of course I love
seeing your kitchen creations. Keep in mind if you are interested in
more meal prep inspiration I have a ton of it on the channel.

So I've linked a playlist in
the Description box below. And of course all of today's
recipes are down below as well, so you can take a look. Finally, if you have not
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