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#1 Fat Loss Tip: A method that actually WORKS!

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The number one fat burning tip, me and many other people around the world have had a big success with this method. So make sure you watch the entire video to really understand why you must implement this weight-loss strategy into your life! Quick disclaimer: I’m not a medical, I’m not a doctor. I cannot give you advice. I’m only sharing in this video to show what has worked for me. So I can only speak from that perspective. Please don’t take this into account. If you want to implement anything that I share with you in this video, it is on your own responsibility and you should consult with a doctor! Because there are cases where people have complications and you always need to take precautions. <<FASTING!>> Oh I’m sure you heard this one before! But I’m going to tell you this once and for all! Now if you’ve heard me talking about this millions of times: you should STILL watch this video because I’m actually going to share with you why it’s so incredibly important! And to be honest with you, I’m fasting right now as we speak! So what’s happening with the person when she’s fasting? She burns fat as the primary source for fuel.

Meaning, that there is no food in your current system so the body cannot use that for fuel. So it’s going to go straight to the fat reserves and those are the exact areas we want to reach when we’re losing weight! Now there are different types of fasting that you can do! You can do intermittent fasting or you can do a whole day or several days long fasts. They’re all different and you really have to see what works for you and so on. But I do recommend everybody to at least start with intermittent fasting! I do usually 18 hours fasting and then I eat between a window of 6 hours. Lately I’ve been experimenting with shortening that window to only 4 hours so I would be fasting for 20 hours. What happens is that you give your digestion system time to recover. For me fasting has been a miracle and even though I do a whole day fast which I will be talking about in a second.

These daily intermittent fasting are incredibly important for my well-being and my health! So how you can structure your intimate of fasting? It really depends on your schedule and what needs you have and so on.. Me as an example I’ve never really been a big fan of breakfast so for me it was really easy to skip breakfast. “But breakfast is the most important meal of the day” – Says who?! Please do properly your research and you will actually see studies that show and prove that breakfast is not at all the most important meal of the day. Science has actually even showed benefits when you’re skipping breakfast by doing intermittent fasting! My usual routine is that I usually break my fast at midday, so I would have my first meal at lunch or a light lunch and then I can you know eat freely between the hours of 12 pm and 6 pm during the day. Eating after 6pm has never been a popular theme anyway because what you eat in the evening is really what’s going to stay with you throughout the night! You’re not gonna burn that off so it is very important that you are not having a massive meal just before you go to bed.

A lot of people they do intermittent fasting however the hours of 12 until 8 o’clock in the evening and I would say if you’re a beginner start with that! Don’t go yet to my regime because mine is a little bit more intermediate / advanced. Don’t forget I’ve been doing this for a year and a half now and I can tell you that since I started doing intermittent fasting = all the days when I may not be exercising enough or maybe having a cheat meal, I’m not gaining weight anymore! I am a person who easily gains weight and before it was always a struggle because it’s like if I only have two cheat meals I can already see it on my body! But now, with intermittent fasting, it’s ok, I can be more free you know! I can go to a restaurant, enjoy my wine, enjoy having dessert afterwards and I’m not gonna really see a big impact on the way I look. A lot of people will then ask me but how often do you do intermittent fasting? I don’t do it seven days a week, because the latest studies have shown that it’s good to give your body a break of one or two days a week from intermittent fasting, just so that the body doesn’t hit that plateau that it can easily do both with training, food, weight loss, you know the drill! So I maybe take a day off during the weekends or maybe if there is some special happening going on.

Another question that I also get is about what do you do when you have dinners in the evening because you don’t eat after six o’clock? What happens then: I’m not a rigid person, I can easily change my eating hours around if that fits my schedule better. So if I know that tonight I’m gonna have a dinner we’re probably gonna eat around eight or nine. I will make sure that I delay my intermittent fasting until maybe three o’clock or four o’clock in the afternoon. So that’s when I would have my first meal! And then the last meal I will have of course at the restaurant around 9pm or 10pm, whenever they will serve us.

Having this flexibility makes it easier for you to stay on track with your intermittent fasting. I also use an app called Zero where I note every fasting that I do. Every day I set my times when I ate the last and when I broke the fast and like that it gives me a good tracking system of how much have I been fasting for and how many hours I did. I can see this week or last week.

And it is quite important to keep track, because this app really makes you feel somehow that you are keeping yourself a little bit more accountable when you are registering every time you eat or don’t eat. So I mentioned that I am fasting right now and that is the truth. The time right now is three o’clock in the afternoon when I’m recording this video and I had my last meal yesterday at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so I’ve been actually fasting for 24 hours! And I’m probably gonna continue until tomorrow morning. So what I do as an addition to my intermittent fasting is that I do a whole day fast minimum – once a week.

This I do because there is a lot of good health benefits to this. I am NOT going to tell you all the health benefits and exactly what happens in the body when you really give it a good break and don’t eat anything. I want you to know that I’m not starving myself because I’m anorexic, which is actually something that upsets me the fact that I even have to explain it. But sadly in our society people are conditioned to think that fasting is taboo – fasting is bad – fasting is dangerous! Actually it’s not dangerous! It is healthy if it’s done in a good balanced and educated way! Nobody should be fasting if they suffer, let’s say from an eating disorder, or if they have certain health issues that really is not appropriate for them to do fasting.

But the regular healthy person really benefits from a fast and this is something that they’ve been studying for like 60 70 years! This is not something that is just a trendy hype! When I do my whole day fast, I do it once a week! And minimum I do it for 24 hours. For me, because I am more experienced, 24 hours would be on a day when I really struggle with my fasting. They are different. They will feel differently depending on how you feel, what time of the month it is for you, as you know as women we have our cycle. That doesn’t always keep us stable. So not all fasting will be easy to do. Those times, I just do the 24 hours because I don’t want to punish myself. My standard procedure is however to do 36 hours of fasting. So usually I would do maybe 36 to 40 to 42. I tend to stay around two days maximum type of fasting. You can do fasting for longer. You have even hospitals or retreats that have 10-day fast and so on. You also have to take into account that there are different ways how one can fast.

Some people fast by drinking water, some fast by not drinking water. I tend to alternate between those two. I do something called Dry fast – When you don’t eat or drink for (let’s say) 36 hours. I think my maximum for Dry fasting was 45 hours. Some people will probably react very strongly to this and they will think that I’m absolutely crazy! Again, this is not something I’ve invented. I’ve looked at studies of research there it’s called medical Dry fasting. So if you want to learn more about that, you can! If you are a beginner, I would not recommend to start Dry fasting, I would recommend that you do maybe a juice fast for the first time. Like you can drink raw juices or that you do a water fast. I would personally also recommend that you start with 24 hours.

Don’t do like 36 or 40 hours when you are beginner! Do it later! Try first going slowly with fasting especially if you’re not monitoring it with a doctor. You really want to play it safe, you’d want to take it gradually and see how it goes! As I mentioned, I am currently fasting! If you ask me how I feel right now, I’m actually feeling great! It’s been 24 hours, I’m drinking a little bit of water. I don’t want to drink too much water because I don’t want to try and kind of suffocate my hunger with water. Actually from my fasting experience, I’ve noticed that when you drink water when you’re fasting, it actually triggers a little bit of your hunger to come. So when people think I’m crazy that I’m doing a dry fast. Dry fasts tend to be a little bit easier than the water fast because you have absolutely nothing that enters your system.

So there is nothing to even trigger just a tiny bit of hunger feelings. The hunger feelings are of course common when you’re fasting! Some people think fasts are very scary because you think you will be hungry now, from the moment you start, until the moment you finish! If I do a fasting for two days, you think I will be hungry the entire time? No of course you’re not hungry the entire time! Majority of the time you’re not hungry at all! The times you will actually be hungry is around meal times because of your body clock. Because your body is used to having food in the system those hours. So it will be like “okay where is my food?” If you just try and stay present during those hours and just acknowledge the fact that you are just being hungry because it’s a habit, not because your body actually needs and craves and will die if it’s not gonna get food! A lot of people who fast they some feel very energized, some feel incredibly tired. My advice if you’re doing a whole day fasting for the first time is to maybe do something with low activity the first few times you do your fasts.

But if you’re more experienced, you know it’s fine to go to the gym or do light training and go for a power walk. Just be regularly active. Now then there are other things that might happen to you during this fasting. You might have a headache, you might feel nauseous, you might – I don’t know, have all kinds of body sensation happening! And that’s normal! It’s actually very normal and it shouldn’t really scare you. Now again I’m not a medic so I’m not really going to go into detail and you shouldn’t take me into account as I’m saying these things. This is your own responsibility, I’m just sharing my story. My story is that every fasting is different you will always have different things and feelings and sensations happening to you! So what results will you get it if you start with intermittent fasting and also if you add a whole day fast.

Let’s say once a week or once every two weeks or so on. What benefits will you get? Obviously you’re going to get loads of great health benefits! Now what happens to you actual appearance in terms of weight loss and so on? You will notice how fast you will lose weight! And that’s why I wanted to call this video the number one fat burning method! Because ladies, of course training, eating healthy is the most important for weight loss! But there is only one way to lose weight fast and that is when you are eating less. And with fasting you end up eating less and it’s actually healthy for you! Many of my students in School of Affluence have told me when they have reached out to me, after I have shared with them my fasting journey.

They say “Thanks to you, I’ve tried it and it did work!” I’m so happy! I’ve even seen photos and it makes me really happy because I know how difficult it can be for a lot of women out there to lose weight. Especially in this society where, I’m sorry to say, but we have a very nasty eating habits! And we have a very bad food culture. We are not supposed to eat this much and it’s sadly that people encourage us to eat like six times per day – that’s just sickening! So if you want to be fit, especially for summer – try fasting! See how it goes! Share your experience in the comments. If you’re already experienced maybe you can give some ideas to those who are beginners – and yeah let’s just spread the word about fasting! This is truly a health revolution.

I want you to understand that it’s primarily for health then the beautiful body and weight loss comes as a big bonus! If you want to learn more about transformation make sure you watch my next video and visit << SchoolOfAffluence.com >> if you want to become my student and transform yourself to become the best version of yourself! Now happy fasting to everyone!.