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And for today’s plumbing adventure, I have a water heater leak. This is an odd leak and required me to make a couple phone calls to tech support and even put something on my Instagram. There’s my Instagram if you want to check out my Instagram account check it out. There it is And I got some good feedback from a gentleman I’m not quite sure where he’s from but I have a leak on a thermostat valve, a thermostat control valve on a Bradford water heater I’m using this great app called Housecall Pro to assist me in my business and my everyday office work Which I can do on the go, running and gunning in in the trunk. It really makes my time efficient between taking addresses, phone numbers, emails letting the customer know I’m coming and letting the customer know when I’m done the job In the description below is the link for Get a free demo.

The first month is $19. It really makes running a business, a service business like myself, really efficient and with that we will see you inside the water heater repair job We’ve determined that It’s the thermostat valve and we’re going to change it out, as per tech support and I guess I’m gonna add a drip tee here, no drip tee First thing we gotta do is, well, drain it down This is my first thermostat leak the gas is off Now, you know, you gotta drain the water here to change the thermostat That’s a definite Now all your apprentices out there, I’m gonna show you what I do Start draining her down Alright baby Lets get the noise-maker out of the way The noise-maker, time-saver Now this particular water heater, it’s four months out of warranty Six years, six months, four to six months out of warranty I’m sorry Unfortunate This one’s being tough.

There we go Give it a little pressure and it will come out Ok there we go Oh boy, I’ll tell ya How are you supposed to take it off? I mean come on dude You gotta be kiddin’ me I wish I would’ve took this off and showed you the leak better I didn’t know you could take this off Here’s my question Here’s where it’s leaking I mean how are you supposed to take this off without destroying it? I guess right here I’m no rocket scientist, but how are you supposed to get a wrench on this? Come on Now some of the guys were telling me that This little piece here is plastic and that’s what fails. Everything’s plastic now Here’s where it was leaking right here. So this well must’ve failed. Oh, there it is I don’t know So now the new well is stainless steel. I mean but come on man, why couldn’t you do that from the beginning Bradford How I supposed to take this on without breaking it? So I’m gonna pipe dope it and teflon it and hand turn it in and hope for the best Because unless they make a special wrench This thing is all plastic And what you don’t want to do here, my famous last words, do not cross thread this And this joker’s gettin’ hand tightened only Oh yeah Got the new valve in.

I gotta clean the air filter too so I’m gonna go ahead and grab my compressor I’m gonna vacuum while I compress the filter Because this filter here needs to be cleaned and there’s no way I could’ve changed this valve While taking the burner assembly out and not clean it. But my question to you guys, is there a Milwaukee or Ridgid tool for air compressor? It’s a good question, and if there’s not come on, let’s make one. Cause I just had to hook up my compressor, the hose, the whole bit Okay, I just cleaned the heater but what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna fill it up before I put the uh- burner assembly in, just to make sure it’s not gonna leak There it is! What plumber don’t love that sound? The water heater’s full No leaks It’s only hand tight and if you plumbers out there you know any better way to tighten that, you let me know in the comments below I don’t see it This is all plastic That’s for a different battle on a different day But I am gonna put a drip tee in this time Whoever did it last time decided not to do a drip tee, which we know is no bueno.

I gotta buy some 10-inch Ridgid aluminum wrenches Now we got the proper drip tee in here Look at this joker, a little long but we’ll take it Now the next part of this adventure is to change pilot assembly and- the inner door gasket replacement kit Because this one is tired, as you can see, very tired. So we’re gonna change it out This all comes with- the new thermostat control valve. Even comes with instructions This is actually like a 3 part, 4 part video That is for sure Part 1, like so Like so, ready to go Part 2 Part 2 and then again, bang, just like so This also comes with the thermostat control valve, so we’re gonna change it out They have it all tangled up.

Alright let’s make that real nicey-nice. I don’t know why they can’t just curl it up real nice Alright so we wanna do it the same exact way Just like that Oh man my back’s starting to hurt You’re gonna like this I’m looking for the door part, it’s right under the burner You know what that means? It’s time to go home Not till we get this done though Not till we get it done This is kind of awkward, but New gaskets Gettin’ the burner, but this gas pipe in my way, or this heat line in my way is not helping me whatsoever Little tight on the old fit but now I gotta get the gasket in there This is a special case water heater.

In normal conditions, I would not do all this And I’ll explain later Get this one back here Oh boy These are some tight quarters and over here Let’s get this one in Let me loosen these doors up a little bit Oh that’s much better Ok now Where’d the gasket go? Oh here we go There’s this one, oh much better Alright loosen the door people, don’t do what I just did Alright and this goes right over the holes, right there. It’s not gonna perfect but it looks good Phew, man I’ll tell ‘ya what Do not try this at home Buy a new water heater This is a lot of work I’m gettin’ pissed off This might- oh yeah Let’s see something here Let’s get this up here like so Come on There ‘ya go Ooh Don’t lose it, don’t lose it, oh there it is Come on now Be good to daddy right here Come on, be good to daddy Oh there it is Ok That’s one of them I think Bradford should’ve told me, don’t even bother It’s a temporary water heater for a year This is crazy They could’ve sold it maybe, to someone used Gee willikers Oh if they drop down that hole, hahaha…

Oh, then I’d be really hot. Alright let’s get this mutha- Come on, come on, there it is! Alright we’re in the homestretch Here’s the other screw There it is Oh that started really nice for me. Thank you How come that wire’s so short? Come on, come on now Come on now Boom Oh that’s why. Oh yeah, it’s getting- It’s past my bedtime, haha Oh boy, boy Boop Alright Alright turn the gas on Gas is on I know Lee’s been asking where’s my adjustable wrench is but, its outside and I don’t feel like gettin’ it I’m tired and the little open air wrench for this Nice and easy I should have my adjustable and I don’t, and I apologize Alright let’s get the pilot light out I can hear the pilot Now you know I love to get the shot In here I’m sure Oh Oh I heard it, ok Hold for one minute Ooh Come on now Oh there it goes I’m going by old school The modern plumber has a status light and there it is.

It should stay on And it did. Let’s put it to low Phew That was a lot of work, but guess what we got her done Oh, ok Don’t forget the test your new drip tee Phew, boy oh boy Well, that was a lot of work For a heater that’s probably gonna be there another year, year-and-a-half special situation That’s why we didn’t change the heater But in hindsight, and I spoke to the owner Should’ve put the new heater in, it would’ve probably been faster and then they could’ve gave it to whomever as a backup, but too late now Hot water’s on, everything went well end up cleaning the heater, replacing the gaskets on the door replacing the temperature control.

A lot of work on a heater that’s six and a half years old So if I were you out there, I would just put a new heater in, even if you’re gonna use it for just one year Have a great night and we’ll see you at the next one!.