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Rinnai Water Heater Heat Exchanger Leaking should I Repair or Replace Heater Part 1

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today’s plumbing adventure is it is it Rinnai. I’m taking over this job.I don’t know who did it I don’t know why we have a new heat exchanger here so we got to do some research on why there’s a new heat exchanger and it looks like it’s a burnout or something so give me a minute to try and figure this out and we’ll see if we can get some hot water – I know what this is – it must be – the hands sinks thinking it looks like this tank is in addition to this tank they’re working together they have this off hot and cold so I’m gonna turn it on and see what happens I got a felling that’s gonna leak right there right there baby a lot of corrosion in there who knows if we’re gonna get this baby running this thing’s nine years old I’ll shut it back down that’s why there’s a new heat exchanger.

Here we go service work at its best. further investigating this joker is gonna have to go in here like so because this fitting right here is leaking here’s the best part there’s no paperwork so I have to call tech support because all these screws gotta come out all the bottom screws gotta come out there’s gotta be an easy way to take this apart so here we go this is gonna be a job. they need a new unit that’s what I’m gonna suggest New unit! paper work oh my lord all right there we go let’s get her started disconnect sb1-2-and 3 flame rod yellow make sure this is off oh now that’s leaking O there it is right there you see you it leaking I see it back there so what we’re gonna do continuing from the other day when we talked them into a new heater which is the smart move we’re replacing this bad boy with another rinnai so we’re going to go ahead and tear this one out prepare for the new install turn the gas off the gas is off and the water is already off CB lets make sure this is off get your pipe cutters ready hand me the five please all right plenty of light baby plenty of light ok all kinds of little hoses here CB we’re going to need a setup for the pro press propress chuckie some copper dig out some copper a 1 x 3/4 a 1 x 3/4 coupling I’m just gonna cut it right here and here and then pipe it accordingly and lets see if we have got any water in this joker still am I gonna get wet we’ll just let it drain on the floor we got enough water here in the basement already what time you gotta leave by today? 12pm or 1ish.

Ok. let me grab the propress ya grab some 90’s and I’m pretty sure everything is charged up CB CB I gonna try and get this gas line with a couple pair of pliers I may need wrenches lets see if I got the power today CB2 CB I’m gonna need the screw gun too thats 11/4″ copper all right 1″ and 3/4″ pipe the screw gun is important because I gotta take down this bracket alright where’s the paperwork I gave you? I wanna give that to him calm down dad! calm down! CB grab this for a sec the screw gun