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Skype Meeting Broadcast – What it is and how to use it

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Coming up on today’s show we’re gonna take a look at the new Skype Meeting Broadcast. We’ll explore what it is, How it works and will even use our studio cameras as event team members and USB connected webcams during the filming of the show as we demonstrate the new producer capabilities for managing the broadcast experience Microsoft Office Office Mechanics I’m joined again by Greg Baribault now lead Product Manager for Skype Meeting Broadcast welcome. Thanks, great to be here again So how does Skype Meeting Broadcast fit in with Skype for Business? Well Skype for Business provides great tools for 1-to-1 communication and for small groups to get together and collaborate exchange content and ideas easily but as meetings grow larger, it’s less about collaboration and more about presentation and so we’ve created Skype meeting broadcast to address that need We’ve been in the large meeting space for some time now with Live Meeting, how is this different? We have learned a lot from that but in a mobile-first, cloud first-world people want to consume meetings on more devices and we want to democratize meeting production to allow anyone to do it right from Skype for Business Let’s show how it works So here I’m showing our new scheduling portal and I’m gonna just go ahead and click new meeting and set up a new event.

Okay so I’ve set up the basic information for our team all hands on July 27 to 10 a.m. I’ll save that. So my basic event is set up and now I’m gonna add our event team members and event team to members help moderate, present or produce the event we’ll add our director, Jeremy, and I’ll save that How do we prevent uninvited people from joining the meeting? How do I make sure just the people that I want can attend and not be able to forward the link had two other people we don’t in the meeting We provide three options for meeting attendees the first this anonymous where anybody with the link can access the meeting the next we call secure where only the people that are actually invited and on the list here can get into the meeting when they join and the last is open, where only your company employees can join.

I’m gonna make this a secure a meeting in just invite all employees distribution group okay so I’m gonna build my secure event for employees and I’ll save that so with the basic meeting set up I can now customize the experience that the attendees can interact with and here we allow you to add applications that sit next to the video or below the video so that while they’re watching the meeting they can engage in a social conversation on Yammer or express their sentiment about that what the presenter is saying on Bing Pulse I’m gonna have Bing Pulse here okay so I’ve added my pulse information that I did on on the site and now I’m done customizing. I’ll save that It looks like everything’s about ready. So how do we go about inviting the audience? So here I can copy the link to the event to the clipboard and everybody will join from the same event whether they’re on the event team or whether they’re an attendee and I’ve also got a meeting invitation set up here that will generate automatically and give you a link to the meeting so now when I send that it comes from my own calendar and invites everybody that I invited to the meeting So let’s show how to set up the broadcast experience.

Sure, so the first step is to set up the cameras now in our case we have three cameras camera one, camera two and camera three. Each of these is connected over USB to an event team member signed in to the meeting. Great, but is there any type of camera that I have to have to use Skype Meeting Broadcast? It will work with any USB connected camera or internal camera that works with Skype for Business. How’s the meeting experience actually managed? Well, as an attendee you would land on this join page that we have and clicking the join link would open the attendee experience where you have the video and whatever applications that we added during scheduling. If you’re in a meeting or event team participant you can click the last link there to join as an event team member and that let you into this Skype for Business meeting and you can actually manage the event from there so here my meeting is started. I’m not gonna add my camera but I’m going to invite other folks and now I’m going to invite the three cameras and you’ll see my three cameras have now joined in to the meeting OK, so I’ve already clicked on ‘join the event’ here in another tab so that’s Let’s show how we’ll get that started in Skype Meeting.

So it’s important to note too that only the event team members can authenticate and join into this meeting so the rest of your attendees can not join in and take over the presentation that you’re trying to deliver. Makes sense. So on this screen what you’ll see is a very familiar Skype Meeting experience. We’ve added some new controls on the right for managing the Skype Broadcast. What I’m gonna do is I’ll pick one of our cameras. I’ll pick camera 2 and make that the active camera So that’s the one that I’m deciding right now that I want my audience to see And we’ve got a PowerPoint loaded up as well. I want to open the meeting with a video and content side by side layout and we can do full screen video or full screen content I think it’s interesting to start with both and when we’re ready to go I hit start broadcast.

Acknowledge that I really want to begin and now my attendees are gonna to start to see and hear. One thing we should point out is in a larger meeting you might have multiple people right? This is backstage view you may have someone running the PowerPoint maybe moderating questions, maybe another person presenting, but also in a one-person, doing all the work perspective, you can also manage everything yourself kind of like you’re doing here Right. That’s right. We want to have people to find their own roles and what they’re going to do as an event team member, maybe just moderating Q&A, but in the sense of democratizing large meeting production we really want it to be something that one person can do on their own So I’ll go ahead and start a broadcast here and all of the attendees that are online watching are gonna switch from our pre-meeting curtain and show a live video.

Alright so now I’m just gonna switch over to the audience view here we already have that loaded earlier, we can see that the meetings now started we have a thumbnail view of Greg and myself and we have the Bing Pulse already loaded as well as the Yammer conversation right there on the right hand side the meeting Right, and the same view would be on any device that I join whether it’s a tablet, a phone we just lay out the screen appropriately for the size of the device your on And we can also do things like track sentiment with the meeting. I have Bing Pulse here, I’m going to go ahead and give a thumbs up some really liking this feature and click Save and there you can actually see if I’m presenting what’s going on in terms of how people are liking your content.

So what happens though if I’m late for a meeting Right, if you’re late or you need to take a break and walk away from your screen the video is a fully DVR capable video so if I join late I can just rewind and catch the meeting from the beginning. If I need to walk away I can pause come back and finish the video later. So how do you know how many people actually joined the meeting? Well, after the meeting, the organizer or anyone on the event team can come back to the scheduling portal and download a CSV file that contains everything that happened during that meeting so everyone that came in, whenever they left, whatever device they joined on, and even what kind of experience they had while they were there so here I get a sample have a post-meeting report from one of our last meetings you can see I’ve got all the attendees and each time they came in and left I’ve taken that created a report from it where I can really see a lot of statistics about that event What time they came in what the shape of the the joint activity looked like the types of devices that they joined on.

and then I can actually see a full roster of everybody that came in and the time that they spent online. That’s really great, but what else happens after the meeting is over? So we convert the video that was created into a video on demand rather than a DVR video and anyone can come back for 90 days in fact and watch that video, the organizer can also download it and then publish it into any place they choose including Office 365 Video. Really great, so how can people get started? Really great, so how can people get started? so our tech preview is available right now you can go and sign up and then create your own broadcast meetings And when will Skype Meeting Broadcast be generally available? We’re shipping later this year. Very good stuff. All this information and more can be found not only on the Skype blog but also on the Office blog and Wednesdays on Office Mechanics that’s about all the time we have for today’s show, thank you all for watching goodbye for now Office Mechanics