Tools SEO Youtube Terbaik

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hello YouTubers! There are several tools that can be used for keyword research The following tools can be used and are very powerful continue to see ya welcome to the JC Den channel for those who want to learn about YouTube, develop channels and succeed, first subscribe, don’t forget to press the bell as I often say, the first strategy to be ranked and get an audience is to use SEO where we can find the right words to be used as a title, description, and tags without SEO, our videos will be uninformed and YouTube’s search engine will ignore our videos the easiest way to find keywords of course with help tools that are specifically designed for this purpose here are some tools that I use to get the right keywords for our channel your channel and my channel the first, from the search column or search bar on YouTube itself both on HP and on laptops can use this the way to use it is quite easy, we just need to provoke the word that we aim at, related keywords will appear I usually use this when searching for initial keyword ideas so for example I want to make a video about how to add viewers, let’s just provoke here an alternative will appear here we have to be really creative and have any word imagination that would fit into our video for example, besides using the word “add viewer”, we can also test using the words “how to raise”, “how to get”, and so on this part is the most challenging we have to really be able to identify our videos to become the main keywords yesterday there was bro bro who was chatting with me at Kopi Telu, the video discusses snacks at Rawa Buntu Station he had trouble finding his password because no one was looking for keywords using snacks at the station there is another station, so if it’s like this how? then I ask what are the snacks? know meatballs he said why don’t you try using that one, you know meatball, it turns out there is then what about the Rawa Bunt Station? just behind it could be “Delicious Meatballs Tofu Snacks at Rawa Buntu Station”, for example like that must be creative looking for alternatives according to the contents of the video the title can be seen multi-keyword earlier, “meatball tofu snack”, “tasty meatball tofu”, the same as “Rawa Buntu Station” got 3, but in one title so later when it’s ranking, when people search for using the keyword “Rawa Buntu Station” for example, can follow it because it contains that word well, unfortunately here we cannot see the value of competition how many results and the number of traffic for that we need other tools so just use this to search for ideas and make use of the right keywords other than that, this can also be used to check which is more crowded on YouTube you can type a test from AZ to see what else people are searching for right now this can also be an inspiration for what is the trend the second, Keywords Everywhere for you laptop or PC users can use this plugin from Keywords Everywhere this is the essence for chrome and mozilla, if you use this tool, we can see the search value on Google Remember, keywords on YouTube and Google are different although sometimes the wording is similar, the ranking is separate so when we check the search term here, the search value appears on Google as well What is the importance of us using keywords from Google? of course so that our video is also found on Google for example like this, when someone is searching for something on Google, then our video can also appear like this my video can appear here because I use keywords that come from Google as well from the statistics you can see the data that there are viewers coming from Google the easiest way to choose the right keywords through this tool is to see the value of the search per month for new channels, select the value below 1000 first, will increase again as big or the number of subscribers on your channel we play in the small pool first, okay? Third, we can use the website who use HP can use this because it’s enough to open using a browser This website can provide a list of relevant keywords the advantages of this website, we can choose the platform for example keywords on YouTube, Google, Amazon, and so on besides, we can choose the country too, this is suitable for those of you whose channel wants to target an overseas audience as I discussed in this video we just need to translate the title in their language, then check here using the keywords that appear for the title and description unfortunately, in this the free version only shows the keywords not including the data, unless we subscribe to a new pro can be seen the data so to check its value we use other tools but this is actually enough to help get keywords from various countries and the language just now tools number 4, this is what I often use, TubeBuddy There are 2 types of TubeBuddy, for laptops and PCs, the essence is chrome and mozilla and one more application for mobile, there are versions for iOS and Android for mobile users, can already use this application to search for keywords although there are limitations, we cannot see the details, only the scoring besides that we also can’t see any suggestions in this keyword search so before we see the score here, we first check through YouTube like before, then we check on the TubeBuddy application how to use the HP version of TubeBuddy can see in this video for the laptop version, more complete features especially for the paid version, we can get a score that matches our channel there are so many features on TubeBuddy from making thumbnails, analytics, and other tools that YouTube doesn’t provide besides that we can also search for alternative keywords for Google, so there is already a form here so keyword research here can be at the same time to search for keywords, for example there are Google searches there are limitations to the free ones but actually it’s good enough to be used huh I will make it specifically how to research keywords with the free version of TubeBuddy well, we can also see the video data that we have people watching this is fun, what tags are used, how is the optimization, and strategy we can also see the condition of the channel, from the acquisition of subscribers, viewers, and the number of videos uploaded in a month, can be seen the data is compared with our channel it’s pretty good for someone to add a channel who don’t know how to use it, can check this video how to research using TubeBuddy on PC for those who haven’t tried this tool, you can install it on this link, I’ll write it in the description later who have tried to use SEO maximally, try raising their hands, how? any benefit or no effect on the channel, write it in the comments learning and practicing SEO takes time, you have to be patient because everything goes through a process both from ourselves and from the YouTube side This subscriber channel is not millions but quality because you who are gathered here have the same interests Your interests and interests are what I detected, collected, then I assemble it in keywords so actually you guys are the creators of the keywords that I then put on this channel do the same for your channel, wrap your videos with keywords that were created by your audience earlier then when your videos were discovered by them, they will be enthusiastic and happy because they found what they were looking for that’s the essence of Search Engine Optimization or SEO hopefully useful, see you later now I want to sleep, just edit it tomorrow