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Hi everyone, now I’m going to explain how to make your website appear on Google’s first page using KWFinder. What is Keyword Finder? It’s a tools by mangools, to help you find profit keyword easily for your products and services. With KWFinder realtime report, you will be able to find keyword SEO difficulty only with one click and it’s accurate. Then we can also broaden our keyword research so Google SERP Analysis will put our website in Google’s first page because your website’s content stand out and seen as the most relevant. Interesting, right? Now we can start by registering to KWFinder, go to, click register now, fill in the registration form, and click continute to KWFinder.

On KWFinder’s minimalist and effective Dashboard, we only have to fill in keyword related to our products or services that are relevant to our target persona. You can do this by putting in “keyword” for example, “hosting”, then click target country, choose a language, then click analyze. KWFinder will then show you the analysis report which consists of top 10 rankings on Google SERP and many informations available. We’ll talk about it and give you tips on how to use KWFinder. TREND = the number of times a keyword is typed in in the last 12 months SEARCH = search volume average of the keyword in the last 12 months CPC = Cost Per Click of the keyword PPC = Competition level for PPC Advertising (min=0, max=100) KD = SEO Difficulty with radius of 0-100, it’s the level of difficulties to compete using that keyword. The score is started with Link Profile Strength (LPS) from each page registered in Google SERP’s first page.

The higher the score, the harder it is because competition is high. DA = Domain Authority (score from MOZ), they predict how well a website will rank on search engine. PA = Page Authority (score from MOZ), they predict how well a website page will rank on search engine. MR = MozRank, predicts a URL popularity, higher score are more important MT = MozTrust, predicts how trustworthy the URL LINK = authoritative external link that link to this particular URL FB = how many Facebook shares link to the particular URL LPS = SEO competition rank, the higher it is, the harder it is. EST.VISIT = Visitor estimation in a month depending on the position given by SERP First, let’s re-order the list based on the search volume. Be careful, if the score difficulty is yellow or red, that means it’s really hard. It makes more sense to compete using keywords with green difficulty score Max difficulty to be consider are Yellow zone.

If in red zone better seek long tail keyword option. Second. use Result Filter to choose more specific information for your need for example if we want to compete in the common sense SEO Difficulty, put 35 as the max score then click “set filter” button. Third, compete within the long keyword, (a keyword with more than 3 word) with search volume higher than 1000, and score difficulty in green zone. If you have chosen the particular keyword, click that keyword than they will give you report on which competitors are using that keyword and landed on Google’s first page. Fourth, look at the competitors URL, see which keyword that they use see which keyword that they used, are they same with your business line?, see how many links they have Fifth, pay attention to the keyword variation, create article or content using these words. Sixth, save the keyword variation so you can learn and prepare more articles using these keywords.

Click on the small box, the check sign will appear, choose the relevant ones and the ones you think you can write about. then click add to list or you can export it to become csv. Last tips, pay attention to trend score choose keyword that have consistent graph, and high enough for monthly search score, it depends on the markets ,be sure its high enough, once again, choose high search score with low difficulty score Hopefully this video will help you. If you have any questions you can chat our ninja support on or write your question in the youtube comments box. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and turn on the notifications from Dewaweb YouTube channel. See you on the next video, bye!.