YouTube SEO – The Trick For Top YouTube Rankings & Traffic Revealed In One Video Optimization Class

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Hey, Miles Becker here and in this video we’re going to cover the topic of YouTube SEO. You’re going to understand what it is how to use it and how it’s going to benefit you to get your videos out and by the end of this video my goal is to give you equivalent to a paid course on the topic I’ve been a master of SEO for years and years it’s certainly my business So well and I want to give like a brain dump to you right now and let you know everything I know about YouTube SEO so you can get your videos ranked now first of all why am I making this video I’m noticing that I’ve got several of you dozens you maybe even hundreds people i don’t know of doing 30-day challenges 90 day challenges etcetera I’ve been following you I’ve been looking at your comments I’ve been looking at your channel and you’re publishing content that is absolutely fantastic i’m noticing there’s a lot of optimization opportunities that if you structure the way that you’re publishing your content and your youtube videos a little bit differently and if you embrace the idea of youtube SEO you’re going to get a lot more reach on every single video.

So, “how” right? So let’s look at how and kind of what is YouTube SEO and how they’re going to benefit you so YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world SEO stands for search engine optimization its second only to google and it’s owned by the same parent company as google so it operates in a very very similar way now we always begin our content marketing with thinking about the platform or publishing to write what is YouTube goal YouTube’s goal is to help its users find very relevant very helpful information and when it does that well you to be able to sell advertising and that is how YouTube get income now YouTube has you to read where people pay monthly and that’s just because people love you too bright to youtube users who absolutely love you too will pay ten bucks or whatever it is a month to never see an ad so they’re either delivering ads or they’re making you pay to not see ad which is kind of an ad related product so youtube’s ultimate goal is to deliver the absolute best most relevant most engaging content for the users on a specific topic when they do that right there’s a large number of minutes watched there’s a large number of videos view which means there’s a large number of advertisements displayed the user has a great experience because they get to scratch their age they get their answers answered etc and YouTube have a great experience because they make ad revenue everybody wins right so as you’re creating your content you have to always keep that in mind what’s the users goal we gotta give great content like I’m doing for you right now I’m trying to give you my best of my best of my best i’m not holding anything back right now and we gotta do this in a way that YouTube sees that this video is an authority on this topic so YouTube can begin to connect this video with other new subscribers not just people who have found my channel before and if you’re a new user to my videos thank you and welcome good to see this stuff works! Alright so how does SEO work right the first step is always keyword research now I have other videos on keeper research I’ve blog post on keyword research i’m not going to get into the nuts and bolts of keyword research now find the link in the description below where i cover how to do that separately I’m loving the key word finder tool i pay twenty bucks a month because i love that tool it’s got some great features but there’s a lot of free tools for you again look into the description if you want help for that but ultimately the reason we use keyword research first before we even make the video is we have to take this idea that in our head and figure out what are the phrases that users on google and youtube are searching for and then we need a structure or content in a way that is relevant to that exact keyword phrase exactly what i’m doing here I did my research before doing this video was it marketing on youtube was it how to get more video views on youtube youtube SEO was the phrase i found that had the highest search volume that was the most relevant to what I know that I can help you with to get more reach on your YouTube videos hence this being the title of the video and the main topic of the video next in our video one topic one idea that’s it in and out it’s as long as it needs to be no longer cut up the fluff and filler as best you can and get straight to the point no crazy intro we don’t need 30-second dubstep intros in our stuff do you notice i always start my videos with my name my website and boom I try to get the keyword phrase spoken out instantly within the first eight seconds there’s a study by Microsoft the human kind of attention span in our day and age is eight seconds you have eight seconds to capture their attention and help someone realized that they’re going to be able to get value from your video before they click the back button or before they put one of those videos that all around being now write the YouTube suggestion engine at work which is the other benefit of getting good at youtube SEO.

When you do it right they deliver your videos for keyword phrases when people search and they also put your videos as relevant videos around. So every video you see around me right now or if you’re mobile that would be down below those are what YouTube thinks are relevant to this topic. So back to the video you have now started your video within the first eight to ten seconds you’ve verbally spoke in the keyword phrase what YouTube does YouTube transcribes your videos and they put a closed caption layer behind your videos automatically youtube and google are incredibly smart and they send their search engine robots also known as spiders to go and actually read or listen to the words that you’re using if your title and you’re saying that your video is about a specific keyword phrase and you never mentioned that keyword phrase once in the actual spoken track in the actual video itself guess what Google and YouTube are going to notice and they are going to be like “ah,ah,ahhh, you’re trying to play some tricks” and people who play tricks don’t get results they don’t get views they don’t get shown.

Right? So in the video we start with the topic we keep it as condenses we possibly can and then we get out and we get on no crazy intros short to the point and get the people get the users what they want right Google is monitoring youtube excuse me I’ll use that interchangeably by the way because they are the same company but youtube is monitoring how much of the videos you’re watching survive engaged you to this point and you’re still watching this video i’m getting bonus points and every minute that you keep watching I’m getting more and more bonus points and YouTube is monitoring what percentage of miles video on youtube SEO are you the user watching versus when you go watch other people’s videos on youtube SEO and if you want a higher percentage of my video longer duration of my video than my competitors guess what they’re going to start to outrank i’m going to start out right my competitors and that’s the search engine optimization game youtube is also monitoring all engagement statistics not just these ones based on the time viewed right not duration only so they’re looking for thumbs-up that’s why every video I’m like yo give me a thumbs up by the way give me a thumbs up right now why not write like they’re looking at how many positive engagement versus negative engagements are happening on every single video they’re also longer how many comments that’s another engagement factor and YouTube wants to display videos that engage so when you’re done publishing your video what do you do go thumbs up your own video like your own video and then leave a comment in the comments if you want kick off your comment like hey if you want to if you have any questions about the topic just drop me a comment i’m happy to answer you start off that commenting train is going to make people more likely to comment because it’s already comment there and two you’re going to show more comments you may notice in all of my past videos i take time every day it’s like an hour hour and a half almost two hours some days now to answer and reply to every single comment yes I’m trying to be helpful yes I’m trying to build relationships yes I’m really trying to help people that is why i’m answering all those comments but i also know that engaging and creating conversations in those comments increases my comment numbers rights of six people go out and comment on my video I go reply to all six of those comments and half of those people recombinant with a thank you I’ve now taken out from 6 comments 2 15 comments and if I’ve got more comments more engagement than the next video that might be the out ranking factor that gets me to bump up above them right so at this point we’ve got our video created you’ve uploaded your video you liked it you left a comment on it the next most important this is really important stuff here at this point actually 0 1 i’m going to reverse back before we’ve uploaded our video right one important thing is to name your video file your keyword phrase so i’m recording this on my cellphone my cellphone default 2qx 5v to underscore 08 dot and p4 or whatever the file name is right it’s just some obscure kind of like number that that made up by the camera software i always go in and rename that so this video file before I uploaded to youtube i’m changing this video file name to youtube dash SEO to mp4 and i upload that they are monitoring what the name of the file is so then when it’s uploaded I make cover images for every single 1i also named that cover image my keyword phrase so the cover image that i’m going to put up eventually is going to be YouTube dash SEO dot jpg and i upload that and it shows it and it says youtube SEO in it as well all these little factors is a lot of little things that we have to do and that’s how we outrank our competitors is do one or two little more things and they have to over tau optimize them and boom we captured that ranking spot and boom we get more traffic than they do winner winner channel growth you get viewers ok so at this point we published the video we’ve got the key word in the video named we’ve got our our cover image that’s got our keyword in the cover image the description and title are super super important you want your title to have the keyword phrase at the very beginning to look a title of this video and even into my other videos you’ll notice like my facebook advertising video the first two words our Facebook and advertising I’m trying really hard to rank for facebook advertising not doing it because it’s out of my league but i’m still going for it youtube SEO you’ll notice the title starts with YouTube SEO and then it goes on to kind of like human kind of engagement type like get the cliq type content right we want to call people to action because what happens when your video displays in search results youtube is tracking do you get click on more order the guy above you or the gal below you or the gal above you in the guy below you get clicked on more right so if your title description and image is more engaging and get more clicks boom they’re going to bump you up above your competitors right so having a really clean clear to read that says what you are thumbnail image is really important you’ve noticed I’ve really tried to habituate that on this channel and also the title right so YouTube SEO everything you need to know about YouTube SEO in one video or something like that might be my title youtube feo an entire course on search engine optimization for YouTube in one video write something that when the search engine see it they can see that my keyword phrase is right there up front and then when human see it they read it and go an entire course in one video like yeah I want to help with the whole course right out the master class right and that’s going to get them to click then in your description it’s important to get your keyword phrase in that first sentence of your description as well now again you need to make the first sentence of your description captivating you want that to also compel them to click because when your video is shown in a search engine results page it shows your video thumbnail you have your headline with your title and then the subhead is the first sentence in your description so all that text and imagery that shows up which is really small like a hundred characters and I mean it’s essentially like a tweet i don’t think it’s a tweet was like hundred and thirty hundred forty characters something really small if that content is compelling it’s engaging it grabbed them and make something like oh I gotta watch this video then you’re gonna get more clicks youtube monitoring how many clicks you get compared to the people around you if you get more click you outrank them you get to go on continuing down the description right I like to write long description 100-percent unique content and I write it about the topic right so I’m gonna write in this description and if you notice the description is going to be quite long I’m always shooting for 500 word you’re allowed maximum of five thousand characters inside of the description field and like i’m shooting for 500,000 work i’m just i just kind of ramble I literally it doesn’t have to be the neatest Tydeus I mean I’m not turning this into an English teacher right it doesn’t have to be great written prose if you will but it needs to be relevant to the topic i’m going to talk about the benefits of you to SEO i’m going to talk about what is SEO i’m going to restate some of the stuff i’m already saying here but i’m not using the transcription I needed to be 100-percent unique because Google and YouTube both index they read that text and they base their decision on what is your video about on all of these factors were talking about your title your filename the content they read or listen to in your video description you gave it etcetera etcetera etc in your description you want to limit the number of outbound link you have right this is another thing like the want you to have a user on your watching this video right the last thing youtube actually wants me to do is get you to click off of youtube and leave my website YouTube want you to stay inside of the YouTube ecosystem and watch more videos why and how they make money right so if I have more youtube link in my description then I do having external links in my description youtube is going to favor that if i put my facebook page my Instagram link and links all my social media and then for links to my blog and I have no links to other YouTube videos you do not look at me like I don’t nobody seems like you’re trying really hard to get people off of our system and YouTube is probably not going to give me as much traffic versus me loading up the link in my description to my other relevant videos to help you go deeper right because that’s the goal you to want me to create a bond with you through this teaching you get to this point beyond your view this guide miles of dropping bombs he’s real deal what else does he have you read the description you notice that I’m telling you about the keyword research tool and all of the other video stuff and all linked to my how to make a good YouTube video we talked about the microphone i’m using right now and the lighting that I’ve got going on right now and I’m going to get you to engage with more of my content and when YouTube notices that i’m getting you to engage more of my content youtube is going to favor me as a publisher right because I create engaging content i get you watch video after video minute after minute hour after hour of content and YouTube will reward me with more visitors because I’m rewarding youtube with more time viewed on their platform by said visitors does that make sense I really hope that makes sense if it doesn’t if you have any questions I’m not done yet but leave me comments below i’m happy to answer them but really it’s big comeback to that like what youtube goal right like I know we’re putting out videos were putting on these topics because we want to get visitors right we want to grow subscribers will build an audience we want to create a platform but if you’re trying to do so at the cost of the YouTube experience and if you’re cutting into YouTube advertising dollars definite YouTube’s going to do they have plenty of publishers on this platform you need structure what you’re doing in a way that works with them better than the next person and boom you’ve got it okay in the description in that 500 words of content the other thing you want to do is go back to that keyword tool that you’re using whichever one you choose and make sure you take the different keyword phrases that are similar and incorporate them now don’t just stack them on top of each other saying other keywords that are relevant boom that’s terrible that’s called keyword stuffing that poor form don’t do it what you want to do is use real sentences spoken like a human to human but you want to cover those things right so as I said one of the phrases would get more YouTube video views will have a sentence in my description that talk about getting more YouTube video views and how to get better reach on YouTube right better reach on youtube being afraid I’ll get better reach on youtube in a sentence so as you’re doing your keyword research you choose one main keyword that you’re going after that goes in your title in the first first sentence of your description closest to the beginning you possibly can and then it goes in your video file you say that phrase instantly in the video within the first 15 seconds and then you put it as your thumb nail file etc all those things we talked about then you want to take down the top 5 10 15 other keyword phrases that are highly relevant relevance of key here and you want to incorporate them smoothly written out in the description and tell the story paint the picture of how all of that incorporate and you can speak about the video talk about it in the video because again youtube is looking at and listening to through the transcriptions and indexing every word that i’m speaking and now you’re speaking your videos the more relevant you have to the more varieties of keyword phrases the more traffic you’re going to get from all these different keyword phrases that people are searching you target one you target the big boy right but you end up getting traffic for all sort by use my advertising on facebook video as an example so I’m not ranking for advertising on Facebook and I’m not ranking for how to advertise on Facebook but i’m getting more it’s like my second most popular video I got there’s hundreds of different keyword phrases that I didn’t really think of that much that are all bringing me traffic i optimize for the target biggest best one and YouTube was like I’m not going to do that one buddy you’re not that far along yet but i’ll give you all these other little ones that i’ll suggest you for these other videos when people watch a bunch about that so that’s what you’re also doing you get these ancillary keywords these extra key words we call a long tail keywords there are three four five six word phrase keyword phrases you put those inside of the description as well this leads us down to the tags at this point you’re the tags you put all those same keyword phrases inside of the tags individually one good practice to do is go look at the videos that are currently ranking for your target tags if you have a plug-in called tube buddy it runs inside of chrome you can actually go look at the keyword phrases that others are having that’s too buddy calm i will put a link to that down below in the description it is kind of handy i don’t use their paid this is not nothing get their pay just use the free stuff you can search for the tag that other videos are using and you can incorporate their tags but only if they’re relevant don’t go tag nothing random stuff in there but all my tags that I’m putting into this video are about YouTube SEO more views grow your channel etcetera etcetera etc relevance of key in relevance and engagement that’s if there’s two things that make the internet work and and make one person stuff online get a massive reaching the other person stuff get tiny reach its relevance and engagement and you gotta do both of those well in this day and age so we put all of our tags in another way to grab tags is if you load someone else’s video you can right-click and then go to the view source like on this video right now literally if you right-click on the screen and you click view source it’s going to open the page of code and if you’re ridiculous you’re gonna like miles what it what did I just do then you search control f4 finder or command after on Mac fine and then typing keywords and you’ll see there’s this little comma-separated list of keywords and those are my tags that I’ve entered so you can go do that for all your top two three four different key are four different videos that are in the spot you want to rank in go look at all of their tags you’re going to notice people’s tags are all over the place like they make absolutely no sense only pick out the ones that are doing really well they’re hyper relevant for them and ignore all the schtick right because if you have more relevant lower number but higher targeted tags you’re going to be a head above the rest because you do have that kind of relevance going.

Wow! I’m just on a role thank you very much for sticking with me we’re almost done we’re down to the last step here for the last step of what you do is publish your video… publish links to your video on different platforms! So when i’m done with my videos I like to go to Instagram and I try to drive traffic for my Instagram page i have a link in my Instagram page @milesbeckler by the way that is my link in bio is essentially my channel link right so they could link in my bio it takes me to a channel and my newest video sitting on pop I’ll do some sort of like a you know plug in an actual Instagram image and also a link in bio or go to then i go to Twitter I tweet out of a kind of my description essentially like that first sentence of my description just like “new video teaches everything you need to know about YouTube SEO in 22 minutes” and then link to the video i got a facebook link facebook to the video if I’m really ambitious all going to relevant facebook groups and i will post my video in relevant facebook group if I’m really really really ambitious i’ll to Reddit and I will find a relevant conversation on Reddit and I will put my video in as an answer or if I know the relevant subreddit i can actually add my video there into a relevant subreddit if you don’t know about reddit don’t go stand that ecosystem those people there are like their warriors and you just walk on to the scene spamming they’re gonna boo you and shun you so engage in that community first don’t just jump in and spam them.

Anywhere else you have to get that link out get that link out if you do tumblr go tumbling if you do stumbleupon stumbleupon it whatever is kind of in your daily practice and in your daily use go do that but if you don’t have twitter at least get twitter signed up because Google’s indexing twitter tweet google will see the link from twitter there and that’s going to give you a bump go to Google Plus you have a Google+ account whether you realize it or not no one actually uses google plus for the purpose but go plug your video on google+ when you’re done because google owns it Google likes to see links to your videos in other places they’re tallying how many different places have your links if you have a blog go find a way to embed your video on a relevant blog post find a way to link content from relevant blog post back to your video actually have a targeted hyperlink from your content on your WordPress blog back to your YouTube video all these are doing is giving signals out there in the web of fear all kind of starting point back to your video and you’re going to get a few views right a couple of people from facebook will show up a couple of people from Twitter might show up somebody from Instagram right click through and you’re going to generate a few views and that’s going to give you a little tiny serves a little bit of momentum you got a platform obviously you know my wife she said on the email she can get three four thousand views or night if you’re just starting do what you can work with what you’ve got get as much reach out there you can and show you tube that you’re not just publishing a walking away you’re trying to promote this and if you don’t have a tumblr if you don’t have a twitter full set of up to take two minutes to set up and just pop that out and do what you can to get out as best you can don’t spend much time on it make it really quick because all you’re really trying to do is get that link on another platform and like that back to your video then there’s a tool called ping nomadic dot com p ing oh ma TI you can go to ping dramatic and you can ping your video essentially you would put the title of your video into the title you would put your video link as the URL and you would ignore the RSS feed link leave that blank and submit what that does is it goes out to these other kind of it kind of notifies a bunch of search engines and a bunch of directories like a there’s a new video on this topic over here and when they pick it up they let Google know that it just got picked up and it can kind of work its way back that right there in a nutshell is the white hat version of YouTube SEO I mean that’s top to bottom inside and out everything that you need to do in every video some people go and actually build additional link as well if you’re a medium writer you can go write an article about the same topic from a different stance you can embed your video and you can link to your video on there some people use fiber and by guest posts and have those deaths post link back to their video I don’t recommend you go down this path unless you fully understand how to analyze the site you’re going to get a guest post on and make sure it’s a quality site and that it doesn’t have any spam or or spam issues you know how to use models tools open site Explorer just want to open site Explorer check on the the site that you’re going to get a guest post on I don’t do this i don’t think you have to do this but I wanted to give you something kinda like edgy in advance in case you’re like well they already do all those things that would be the next level but again i would only only only engage with high rated people on fiber hood really really good ratings and I would make sure they send me a link to the site is going to get published to first I would do like I said it up Maude’s check on the numbers on that side to make sure it doesn’t have any fan flags or anything to get his family back towards your video that’s not really a great thing and in that back link building concept of you know what happened back in the day as a lot of people got flat for building shady backlinks to their website from google and in some sense from google owns youtube you have a little more leeway to build a little bit stronger a little bit shady your links and you want to link to your WordPress fight because Google’s never gonna flap youtube right google owns both it’s not going to slap it but google could make an update in some point in time that renders a whole type a whole blog network a whole type of link irrelevant or potentially negative so that’s why it’s a very advanced thing and if you don’t know what i’m talking about one thing open site Explorer and mods ranking etcetera ignore the last 60 seconds just do the first part i’m going to run at this point man like i have been going nonstop I need a glass of water I’ve really tried to bring it for you here I think you understand at this point that it’s all about relevance and engagement you need to do the keyword research first you have to have topical based videos that are actually answering people’s biggest questions create the content get your phrase in everywhere you can make sure it’s made in one sense for the search engine so you got a keyword phrases throughout and it’s made for humans so your first 20 seconds of the video really hooked them and grab their attention give them a big promise you’re going to deliver on the video then deliver on your promise in the video and make sure your title and description are compelling to get the click when user sees it as a relevant search result wow thank you i’m impressed that you stop with me i literally just blew this up into an SEO for like ten plus years I’ve been crushing it with his new video and with these exact tactics you now know everything that I know about YouTube SEO so when you’re going forward and creating your videos take the time to really get the content structure in a way that the search engines are going to fall in love with you it might take an extra 20 30 minutes to get that done this way we’re going to find out is that your videos also collecting more and more views and as you make more videos your old videos get views your new videos get views and that’s how you build yourself into an authority channel when you’re an authority channel you can go published a new video on a specific keyword phrase and you can hit the number one spot in our I’ve seen it I’ve had videos hit the number one spot at the first page of google at the top of YouTube with a literally 15 minutes it’s possible for you to do it takes effort but that’s the work right this is work we’ve got to do the work it nobody said it was going to come effortlessly like it takes work and this is the work this is being strategic so when you’re doing your 3050 9820 a challenge this is how you do so in a strategic fashion that’s going to maximize your results because you’re putting the effort look maximize your results thank you again very much for your time I do appreciate it clips or subscribe if you haven’t already thumbs up give me a comment i got more stuff coming out for you so i look forward to seeing on the next video and again thank you very much for your time I do appreciate it