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5 Subtle Signs Someone Feels Attracted To You

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A lot of people don’t realize how much communication we do with our bodies. And so some people will be out there flirting, thinking they’re doing it very slyly, but the truth is they’re being indirect verbally and screaming interest with every fiber of their body. So if you’re that person and you wanna catch it in yourself, or you think someone might be interested in you but you can’t tell, I wanna help with that. So I’m gonna give you five of the most common yet still very subtle signs that someone is interested in you.

Particularly the things that have to do with their body. So the first one is to pay attention to how the person breaks eye contact. If you think of yourself throughout your day, what you’re typically doing when you make eye contact is just continuing on. That’s it. You look at someone, and you continue on your path. Now, when you’re caught, what you often do, you shouldn’t be staring, or you see something and you know, you’re just staring too long and think, “Oh shoot,” you look down. Now if someone that you know looks down after you catch eye contact with them that is sometimes a sign that they were staring at you, in which case they might be interested or just that you make them nervous.

Another thing to pay attention to, is people who like other people will often tilt their chins down, and then kind of look up at them with the big eyes, right? It’s a flirtatious way to look at someone. So that takes us to number two, which is how they touch you. I think it goes without saying that if someone likes someone else they tend to find opportunities to touch them, but the touch can be very particular, and often times, it’s not just a touch-and-lift, it’s a drag-touch. So some people are huggers. Don’t read too much into this, but if you get a hug, and they give you one of these, and then they kinda slide off down your arm to your elbow or your wrist, maybe a sign.

Or if you’re having a photo taken, right? and somebody wraps their arms around your back, totally cool, but as they slide off it’s kinda like your lat or your low back is being dragged. Hopefully nothing terribly inappropriate here. That can be a sign that someone is interested. Women often times will touch men here, on their arms, Hopefully men are not doing the same thing to women, but that’s just something to pay attention to. Number three is the flipside of that: how they touch themselves when you enter into their presence or how you touch yourself if you’re trying to catch this in yourself. What we subconsciously do when someone we’re attracted to is nearby, is we try to make ourselves look better. and this expresses itself a little bit differently in men and women. So men often times will stand up straighter, they’ll put a hand through their hair, right? They’ll tuck their shirt in. Women oftentimes have jewelry and they’ll begin to fiddle with it, right? They’ll play with their ring, they’ll sort of adjust this They’ll play with their necklace, but by far the most common thing that I see in women is hair-touching.

And if you want to run a fun little experiment go to a popular date spot in your area, scan the room, and look for any couple where the woman is just kinda playing with her hair, right? That’s going to be a strong sign that that date is going well, that she at least is interested in the other person, so if you see that, not a dead giveaway, none of these are, but used in conjunction, it’s a pretty strong sign. Now the next thing to realize is that people often have pretty good control of their eyes, right? We’ve been taught not to stare, but we don’t have such good control of where our body points. So if you’re out somewhere and you notice that someone is talking to their friends but their body is angled towards you, particularly their chest, sometimes their hips and their feet, that is a strong sign that their interest, is if you drew a line where their feet are going, boom.

That is where their actual interest is. and because we’re paying all attention trying to look like we’re paying attention to the person right in front of us, when really, we just wanna be talking to the person over there. Now the feet are a strong indicator of where someone’s interest lies in any conversation it’s also a strong indicator of who the leader is in a group. Just look to who most people are facing. but this does have one caveat in very crowded areas. If you’re out at a crowded bar or club, nobody’s going to be pointing themselves at you over a sea of ten different people .