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9 Amazing Tricks to Decode His Body Language: TEEN EDITION

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well hello everybody and welcome to my kitchen we all know that guys body language can be one of the most confusing things but if we know the key tricks to reading it correctly it can actually be one of the most accurate ways to read houses feeling so do you guys know what it means if he’s sitting on his hands if he’s fidgeting or if he’s standing with his toes pointed toward each other well by the end of this video you’re gonna know all of those things today I’m giving you nine specific things to look for in your crush’s body language so that next time you have a chat with him you could read them like a book and know exactly how he feels about you this week I did a surprise Q&A on Instagram where I answered all of your questions alive for two hours straight and oh my gosh you guys it was like the most intense two hours of my life so many of you had relationship questions and it was so much fun for me to get to interact with you guys if you do want to be part of the next one be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter because I will be doing more surprise QAS at any random moment so come and follow me over there you guys now let’s get right into the decoding this is my hubby Nathan and he’s going to be helping us out today a little bit by demonstrating some of the body language postures for guys number one is that he sits or stands with his toes facing each other if he sits with his toes pointed toward one another he’s literally closing himself off probably because he feels awkward or insecure this is probably because he cares a lot about impressing you and probably doesn’t feel totally comfortable around you yet so if you like this guy make sure that your body language is reassuring try smiling leaning in and making eye contact number two is sitting on his hands people who lie will typically hide their hands for fear that their hands will give away the truth but if he’s sitting on his hand it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s lying it likely means that he’s trying to control what’s coming out of his mouth this guy may be walking on eggshells because he’s afraid he’s gonna say something stupid and mess up his chances being with you number three is fidgeting now we all know that a lot of guys fidget so much so that we actually just chalk it up to normal guy behavior but have you ever wondered why this is fidgeting is a subconscious way to relieve tension tension in the mind and tension in the body if he’s fidgeting in a conversation with you it’s because he’s feeling uncomfortable and likely wants to get out of the conversation that you’re having number four is a half smile the half smile is kind of like a little smirk it’s when one side of his face is smiling and the other one is not this usually happens subconsciously because if each side of his face is actually giving a different message with a different intention one side of his face is being honest and kind and loving and amazing and committed and the other side is a freaking little devil this guy is trying to look sincere but the little Devils coming through so watch out this guy may not be being totally honest about his intentions he would be telling you that he wants a relationship when in reality all he wants is a little fun number five is when he points his chest and shoulders to work you even if he’s actually looking at something else this is a really good sign ladies a guy typically points his body and chest toward the thing in the room that means the most to him and in this case it seemed like that thing is you six is that he uses his hands so one of the most important things to look for in a guy’s body language are his hand gestures now a person gestures a lot when they’re trying to make sure you understand what they’re saying and when they’re trying to hold your attention and the more the gesture the harder they’re trying to achieve that so if a guy uses his hands a lot while he’s talking to you he probably totally likes you number seven is any stare longer than three seconds now three seconds may seem really short but in eye contact time it’s a really long time let’s give it a whirl one two three so what we do know is that piercing gazes this long just don’t happen naturally so if the guy does try to hold your gaze for three seconds or longer it’s because he’s actively trying to get your attention number eight is that he touches his hair in your presence a guy who likes you might start touching the twirling or playing with his hair while smiling this indicates that he likes you but that he might be a little bit nervous but watch out for head scratching or playing with his hair while he’s frowning both of these could be signs that he’s either bored or frustrated hopefully not with you number nine is the eyebrow flash and my amazing asking subscribers already know that this is when he raises his eyebrows up and down quickly right after he catches a glimpse of you this means he’s totally and utterly into you men literally shift gears when they see something they like they go from just being in the world and looking around at things that don’t really mean anything to them to focusing in on something that truly Wow’s them and in this case that’s you so my lovely friends if you loved this video give it a huge thumbs up come and follow me over on Instagram and Twitter and of course guys subscribe to ask Kimberly for more weekly videos on relationships bye everybody