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A Look at Melania Trump’s Body Language During the State of the Union Address

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Melania Trump returns to the public eye in a stunning white pantsuit what she’s sending a message her husband’s archenemy Hillary Clinton wore a similar outfit during her campaign milania’s pantsuit was designed by Christian Dior and would sell for around six thousand dollars Melania also broke with long-standing tradition by writing to the State of the Union in her own motorcade without her husband I’ve been covering the State of the Union addresses for many years I’ve never seen the first lady go up to Capitol Hill without being in the same limo same automobile as the President of the United States some observers wondered if this was yet another sign of milania’s reported state of fury over this stormy Daniel scandal but her spokesperson insists there’s no other reason other than Melania can greet the guests and the president can go straight him after the speech the President and First Lady did ride together back to the White House throughout the hour and 20 minute speech the camera frequently cut to Melania she delivered a classic Melania smile as a standing ovation greeted her arrival but she looks still faced when the president made his long walk down the aisle body language expert Tanja Ryman when you’re watching her she’s not expressing happiness as a matter of fact just the fact that she took her eyes away when you divert your eye contact what you’re saying is I don’t want to look at you I don’t want to be in your world right now what’s the significance of the way she’s clapping she’s not giving that wholehearted hey I love my husband and I’m watching what he’s doing right now she seems to just be going through the motions [Music] you [Music]