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Amanda Knox Body Language Analysis

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you are looking at a surveillance camera and Perugia Italy as day turns into night November 1st 2007 841 p.m. there is a small dot they’re hard to see something moving in court they will say this is probably the last image of Meredith Kercher alive heading toward her home about a hundred feet away she will be brutally attacked in her bedroom and we warn you this police video is graphic there are 47 cuts and bruises on her neck legs face inside her mouth her clothes ripped off and around her body edged in blood a shoe print a handprint on the wall a footprint on the bath mat in the bathroom drops of blood on the faucet Meredith Kercher had studied karate it’s click alright so today we’re gonna analyze Amanda Knox’s body language in your interview with science with Diane Sawyer Amanda Knox was convicted American exchange student in Italy was convicted of killing her I believe was her roommate Meredith Kutcher back in 2007 now watching the video we’re gonna analyze her buyer language or nonverbal communication her statement analysis and you decide do you think Amanda Knox killed Meredith Kutcher or do you think Amanda Knox is completely innocent this is Giovanni Maharani as a result coach I help people get psychologically unstuck so they achieve their personal and professional goals if you like this video you could share it on your social media on Facebook and Twitter if you really like this video you want to see other body language analysis videos feel free to subscribe for more videos let’s start 6 weeks before her death she meets her new roommate in the house the American Amanda Knox what was the first thing you thought when you saw Meredith I was putting away my things in the room when she came it was Amanda Knox the girl who was convicted and later actually acquitted in the Italian court for the murder of Meredith Kercher to my door okay so she’s talking about that night and look at a little smile there if you’re talking about my you know my friend just got killed would you be smiling like that also we’re always gonna look for she does a lot of contempt a smile of contempt so that’s smile sorry the first smile is duping delight when it doesn’t like you feel happy that you’re putting one one over somebody else so that you’re beating them so you’re saying you know this is terrible that happened and you smile like duping delight and that means you know I’m actually feel happy that III beat you on this I got I got one over on you and they were also going to see a lot of this smiled contempt where one side of the mouth goes up and you can see one side of the mouth goes out to lit like the side of the mouth goes up and he could also see it by the wrinkles on her face here and you’re gonna see that a lot that means that is contempt that means she feels superior to the other person or superior to what’s happening that she feels better than them or better than the story a lot some people think Amanda Knox is a psychopath and I would loosely agree with that as well she almost like does not care she just loves the nariah T of this and she loves playing went over on people and he could see that in the contempt smile again and again and introduced herself and was immediately very nice just this this immediate exchange of wow this is this is someone who who I can get a long way yeah so every time she paused like that this is someone who she looks usually this way and she does a gulp it’s to me it’s because she’s not timed the truth and she and she needs to take a pause to make sure her story is correct and I’ve seen you’re gonna see this you’re gonna see this in other parts as well so someone who who I can get a long way knock says she and Meredith and they’re two Italian roommates became easy friends happy though at the trial Meredith’s friends will testify she was annoyed by Amanda’s loud lack of inhibition were you ever jealous of him yeah okay no and look at that contempt smile it’s like why would I be jealous of her I’m better than her we over angry otter no okay so with the second know I know us a few things one is you know the first one were you jealous of her there’s like no of course not you can see that by loops were you ever jealous of her yeah no of course not I’m better but the second no we ever angry on her no now this is totally different let’s look after her face first her eyes are more open it’s almost like fear going on she shakes her head notes really emphasized no and then her voice changes the first one is like no second one is no either she’s scared it looks like she’s up because a deer caught in headlights it’s a little bit of fear and she’s a little bit scared there another thing I noticed my Italian you know viewers could confirm this as well the second time she said no it almost sounded like she was saying no in Italian so the first one it was no second I was no this is listen to that again now what that makes me think is that this is a question that has been asked to her before probably in the trial probably while she’s on trial to see if she’s guilty or innocence or some people they go into different personalities in themselves now when I noticed when I when people speak in different language they have a certain another side of their personality let’s say so the first side was like her American sign no of course not ha ha you know I’m I’m better than them I’m the best and the second I was more that times like no no I would never do that that’s how it’s how Ian’s time to talk more no no no no no no no I wouldn’t do that no no no and please confirm this my Italian viewers are jealous of her yeah we over angry I don’t know when we take a camera break she’s looking down I asked what she’s think you know someone looks down like that it’s either a sign of they feel guilty or redemption or in this case it might be that Amanda does not want to look at the answers face does want to give the information away this is called facial blocking just want to get any other information away from her face with her face or with her eyes and I looked at her bio language as well Amanda Knox she looks like she’s playing the innocent card she has small body language so it’s really slim which is you know probably just her body type but she looks closed up she looks like she looks like the victim here and I wonder if she’s doing that on purpose okay it bothers me when people suggest that she wasn’t my friend so that’s what bothers her when people suggest that she wasn’t her friend like why is that so big right just that she wasn’t my friend I was stunned by her death she was my friend Amanda Knox has now yeah no she was my friend and she nods down that’s called the Suliman nod the Sullivan nod is a waits for the other person to agree with you when you’re a rapport with another person if you shake your head like this Olivia nod they’ll tend to consciously or subconsciously like shake their head or agree as well the Amanda Knox does this when she says something and wants the other person to agree which I think she wants the other person to agree she shakes her head yes like she was my friend got it right right and the other person if they were poorly gonna do the same thing up and down right so watches by her death it was my friend Amanda Knox has now been in Italy five weeks going to school in the morning working for a bar at night and as far as her experiment with casual sexual encounters there have been two Italian men then she goes to a classical music concert it’s he’s a young man who reminds her of Harry Potter a graduate student in computer science 30 very inexperienced with girls Rafi La Salette cheeto says he can’t because this is my boyfriend Raphael cilenti though believe the beautiful uninhibited American is looking at him call paid a fool made a call for a few minutes that’s a lightning strike yeah um he he writes about how taken he was with me and I really liked him as well I have no okay so she was she tells me how what she was taken by me which as what I believe she’s a narcissist and probably psychopath she liked that she loves the significance she loves the notoriety so you know he he liked me she smiled and then I was I liked him as well and that was contempt smile as well we’ll walk done OSS me so smile first and I really liked him as well Marriott so first she turned her head a little bit to the right and people do that when they’re emphasizing a point to somebody like you got it you got it okay and so straight ads Diane Sawyer the interviewer to really again emphasize and show how confident and how much she means what she just said at the same time we’re gonna see had a little smile contempt again I’m guessing she probably liked it off the island because he probably seemed easily influenced easily convinced and I believe he’s acting he was actually two years older younger than her so she was like a 20 at the time and he might have been seventeen and all of a sudden he sees this like beautiful Americana beautiful American girl so like he any she even said I’m sad to hear another interview that he like fell head over heels for her oh my I can’t believe I got this beautiful American girl and I’m like just this nerd right so she probably saw that he was a nerd he wasn’t too confident and she was able to have power over him now it’s probably where the smile of contempt is coming from they have known each other just seven days before they entered the 24 hours at the center of this mystery and this debate the night of November 1st when Meredith Curtis married captain virgin sure is murdered Amanda Knox says she and her new boyfriend have been spending nights at his apartment what are you doing the night of November 1st November 1st we stayed in and we had dinner we watched a movie his computer confirms that someone had ordered that movie Amelie a witness confirms she and Raphael a word they’re in his apartment as late as 8:40 p.m.

We smoked we had sex we were together we just hung out together we talked shoulder shrugs that is it’s symmetrical so it means it’s time the truth but I think she’s using that to emphasize we don’t like what else do you want some people do shoulder shrugs to say like that’s all that happened what else what else is there what else do you want we talked we ate like what else is there and this is what the shoulder shrugs in this case seems to indicate we have set we talked he talked to me about his mom he made faces at each other we’re breathing silly and together I think that I think that’s true she says in the college town of Perugia marijuana was as common as pasta and mostly it makes her goofy and sleepy how high were you I smoked a joint with Raphael and so again this seems all true she’s not showing the smile of contempt to just you know explaining it nicely she’s not taking him on pauses she’s it sounds like this actually happened what that did to my memories was and made them okay so now so the first part you know she smoked pot that’s not bad sounded truthful the second part you know what that did to my memories you know one two second pause actually collects her thoughts wants to make sure she comes off correctly she says the correct thing that sound like the lie so when people are talking normally they’re usually they’re casual they’re talking but when someone is trying to lie there tends to be a pause in their speech as they make sure the lie comes out correctly and Amanda’s really good at taking the pause you know looking swallowing hard one or two second pauses to to make sure her lie would I believe her lie comes out correct my memories was it made them less concrete but it didn’t block them out and didn’t change them you remember with clarity that you did not go out that night you stayed in the whole night we stayed in the whole night ok so that she repeated we stayed in the whole night but summer repeats with the other person saying like die like they repeat that statement it’s an easy way to come up with the answer instead of a man to having to think of an answer trying to explain Diane Sawyer just says you stayed in the whole night and Amanda it just could easily say we stated in the whole night when somebody is lying there’s so much going on in your head it’s concept overload so they go to it for an easy answer such as repeating what the interviewer just said and also Amanda said oh we stayed in the whole night and there’s a stern look on her face doesn’t want to give away any other information and she wants to like really influence and like prove to Diane Sawyer we’ve stayed in the whole night understand look this I contact it’s like she’s like staring at her you know closed lips Stern face like you better believe me Diane you did not go out that night you stayed in the whole night we stayed in the whole night the next morning does understand you know even as she repeat if she said in the same or very similar tone to Diane Sawyer we stayed in the home did you stay in the whole night yes we stayed in the whole nights you remember with clarity that you did not go out that night you stayed in the whole night we stayed in the whole night the next morning it is undisputed that Knox is the first person in the house where a murder has taken place she says she made the five-minute walk from Ruffy Ellie’s apartment home to take a shower and get fresh clothes she said she noticed the front door standing open thought it was odd but the latch didn’t always work and even though she saw some blood on the sink she says she took the shower thinking maybe Meredith hadn’t cleaned up or was it her own newly pierced ears at the sink when I was taking out my earrings that I noticed that there were speckles of blood but speckles a few drops did you see the bathroom I just really tried to prove herself there I saw speckles of blood but just like speckles that’s it just speckles she got like worked up about that so that was probably in the trial you know you saw blood and you didn’t think anything weird of it but again she tried to defend herself here it’s not like my friend got killed this is like this is awful I’m so sad it’s like they’re okay there was blood there but there’s only speckles like it wasn’t don’t look at me don’t think I did anything speckles a few drops did you see the bath mat to drive yeah not yet I saw that when I was kidding I’m not yen look how she gives a stern face look at that stern face right here and when she goes not yeah there’s a stern look to Diane Diane Sawyer again with her eyes open and eye contact and really tried to have her calm her point interesting the bathmat not yet not yet look at look it’s almost like as a parent says did you do that and put their face to the side did you do that tell me the truth because I’m not buying it so this is like her Stern face to try to really prove to Diane Sawyer that she is innocence not yet I saw that when I was getting out of the shower and I thought it was strange but you know people look at this and they say door open blood in the bathroom though it was a red alarm well I had never before experienced anything in my life that was so she’s trying to defend herself here those are you know those are red alarms people if she was like innocent she died for sure like totally I looked I looked around go what the heck is going on and I’m never and then she could that she could say I’ve been and I’m never Furion style as well so I was caught off guard but she right away just goes to wall it was my first time I’ve never experienced this before so we’re just like I just ignored the blood in the washing Armas well I had never before experienced anything in my life that was drastic because people think you’d be automatically concerned well I did indeed I was that’s why I called my mom she what kind of did the attitude there huh well I well I was looking at a little smile there that looks I know that do look good it might look like duping delight but you know what it does not match what’s going on you should be concerned I was concerned a little bit smile and that’s why I called my mom again if somebody is innocent they’re like oh I was so scared I saw the but I called my mom right away not of course I wanted to call my mom smile yeah and tried to prove her point and indeed I was that’s why I called my mom she woke her mother in the middle of the night in Seattle oh dalsu phoned one of her roommates but when she got back to rafi Ellie’s apartment she didn’t even mention what she had seen until after they had breakfast she says still telling herself don’t freak out because it could really be nothing she says ultimately Rafaela will call police and her roommate Philomena is there when the door to Meredith’s bedroom is knocked down bones her mother again and says with her beginners Italian she’s trying to understand the torrent of words and someone was screaming a foot I remember very distinctly telling her because she was like what do you mean a foot a foot what does that mean is there what and I said I don’t know I don’t understand and Philomena was crying out Meredith and so I heard you know I don’t know I think this is actually happy no foot or fuck she’s talking normally I thought a foot what a foot a foot what are you talking about and then she goes I don’t understand there was a slight change in her voice understand what does that mean is there what and I said I don’t know I don’t understand so I don’t know his one tone and I don’t understand it’s a different tone or different voice and I believe it’s because she did understand the change in boys from I don’t know and then they don’t understand what does that mean is there what and I said I don’t know I don’t understand and Philomena was crying out Meredith and so I heard that it must be Meredith and that there was a body and that there was an armoire and there was blood and there was a blanket from this point on Amanda Knox and her behavior will be a cup of kaleidoscope shifting shapes depending on what you see it’s inappropriate behavior evidence of guilt or as she says was she just a tone deaf girl in a trauma she sits on Rafael’s lap at the police station playfully making faces she tells Meredith’s grieving friends that Meredith must have suffered she had her effing throat cut sorry about that now I could have been more sensitive I could have been more sensitive as your friend I could have been that she’s talking about this woman and my enemy but I could have been more sensitive and she took a long pause if it’s your friend but like you’d be crying you would say like we know I could have been more sensitive buffered she had her effing throat cut sorry about that now I could have been more sensitive not knowing police are studying her every move a female officer later testifies that Amanda Knox is doing cartwheels in the waiting area she says she was just stretching after a long wait as far as cartwheels or splits I never did a cartwheel I did do the splits and I’m like okay so that might be true that she didn’t do a cartwheel and but it did sound true when she said I did the splits but is this really your friend just got killed and you’re saying okay listen I didn’t do a cartwheel I did the splits but I ain’t do a cartwheel like would this be something you’d be talking about if you were actually innocent I did did the splits and then later on she claimed that I was doing a whole number of gymnastics cartwheels walkovers I did the splits and that’s once but do you see how strange I did the splits and that’s once it’s like as if that wasn’t weird enough that I wasn’t strange enough that emotion you should be feeling that your friend just died because I did the split but only once what why would you even do the splits I did the splits and that’s once but do you see how strange well what’s strange is why these things got mischaracterized but again you can see but this does not look like grief does not read as grief I think everyone’s reaction to something horrible is different and perhaps most startling this video the first time much of the world will see Amanda Knox on newscasts ill nasty pika I gots Americana they just said a typical American girl which of the world will see Amanda Knox on newscasts it will not be because I gots Americana yeah mom then see a mr. Murdock seen here with her co-accused she’s outside the house where the body’s been discovered people kept saying where’s the English where is what we think what he would do if this happened to our friend I’ve seen the same picture like the kissing just can’t stop and that’s not what that was kissing shown over and over again on the news but when you look at the tape there are three quick kisses then the rest of the time she stares into space she says thinking about random fate how she lived in that house – my friend had been murdered and it could just have easily been me [Music] beside that somehow she had died in the house really somehow and it could have been me I was painting the picture of a victim and it could have been me it could have been me so instead of people attacking her they might she’s trying to paint herself as the victim now so people feel sorry for her and it could have been me but watching her police are sure they have to kill her that American girl when we come back did you kill Meredith Kercher it is now the fourth night after Meredith Kercher was murdered Amanda Knox and her new boyfriend at the police station unaware police are now certain they have their killers to get to it did you kill Meredith Kercher no were you there that night no do you know anything you have not told police that you have not said in this book do you know anything no I don’t I wasn’t there if there was a lot of body language there first killers to get to it to get to it and look at that smile contempt right there like Diane swords France or seems to be direct look at that smile contempt I’m a Mary Amanda Knox’s face did you tell Meredith Carter look II K gonna see contempt starting there you gotta catch it fast look he got really fast but there was can you kill this girl contempt I feel superior to her would you smile somebody asked if you kill this person yeah contempt hell were you there that night well no and she raised her eyebrows to emphasize no when you’re there that night no and raised her eyebrows and opened her eyes more to emphasize what she’s saying and then she’s gonna do a Suliman not again no I’m not like not up and down for Diane Sawyer to agree with her yeah did you see that do you know anything you have not told police okay so right right now I think Amanda knows I just get a little bit worked up here so she’s gonna take a pause listen to what I am so you’re saying so you can take a gulp so the gulp is when somebody is nervous but I think in this case Amanda Knox is using it to buy time she takes a pause process is what happened process is what to say takes a gulp it’s a it’s a stalling technique it’s a way to buy time that you have not said in this book to know anything yeah no I mean she she look side to side and but she keeps that eye contact there sometimes so when people are lying they tend to look away from the person they feel unconfident when someone knows her line and they want to appear confident they usually have like too much eye contact to really go the opposite to really prove that I’m telling the truth they have intense eye contact I talked I wasn’t there okay so I don’t then there was like silence you know I wasn’t there when somebody feels guilty they tend to try to oversell the line so you might add another thing another thing she says no it’s good to stop there no she could I said naturally shows no one to I wasn’t there to really hammer home her points now from here write in the comments section do you think she’s guilty do you think she’s innocent I would love to hear comments I love connecting with Ali’s this is a Giovanni macaron yeah I’ll talk to you next time bye bye