Astros vs. Padres, 1998 NL Divisional Playoffs (game 4)

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and you can see the mighty to Qualcomm Stadium is Waring and Randy Johnson he takes the mound for the Astros in a must-win situation in tonight’s game four matchup with the San Diego Padres Greg Vaughn took the Big Unit deep down in the dome he’d love to do the same tonight Tony Flynn in the Padres trying to get back to the National League Championship Series the last time Glen had a chance to do that all the way back in 1984 Alaric’s will back when we cover eight a trip to the National League Championship Series by knights in leading this two games to one those score is Jim Leyritz begins things against Randy Johnson it’s ball one leritz who has five home runs and 14 postseason games looks at a strike deep further cemented his reputation as one of the decades clutch players last night with a game-winning home run in the bottom of the seventh inning against Scott Ellison free agent signed by the Yankees and now he’s ahead of Johnson at three ball Houston now San Diego is it stored for Randy Johnson who cleared it up he drives us 50 left-center field where a test 11 again the second for one throw the first and that’s the double play now Jeff Bagwell before delivering the ball they didn’t come to their feet on the tooth to the background into centerfield tie game Bagwell on a 2-2 pitch knocks in his fourth one of the season stolen bases during the regular season 1o pitch to allude hitters count right here at 2 and OH – OH – ah Lou pops up Galloway there is drifting back and he makes the play to retire the Sun tonight teen cooks most enduring symbols a good year blimp Eagle has been providing our aerial pictures tonight so now quit and remember he homered off Randy Johnson in Game one high fly ball into short left doubling down the Padres a chance to take the leave Caminiti data straight second with two away and a high chopper down to bury a third in the lean-to want to pitch to Derrick Bell right into the NLCS and win 27 in their final at-bat driven hard and Kevin Brown reacting the line-drive did Ruben Rivera get it yes sir haha all day in that bi with Jihan right-center field Oh decline cut it off he does so the night before when he slides in with a double somehow found these intestinal fortitude to leg out that double on a very very sore foot on a classier different star in all the professional sports in Tony Gwynn many many times when could have elected free agency gone to another team who had a better chance to win that would be more competitive and there were some lean years here in San Diego eight with a purge and a light 1988 nationally batting titles 14 time all-star he is the most proud of that last bullet point five-time Gold Glove winner when Gwynn got to the major leagues he was considered to be a defensive liability he’s been Thursdays redbone at second in two away infield in and a pitch from Kyle thinks it will be able to get back to cover second runner going first to second driving the right then we scored a mandate on the third is Bandar truffle the batter is in fields flyball tea pricey of drifting back for money has electrified the nearly 65,000 at Qualcomm Stadium for the 66 230 advantage over the Padres one of us fires people in brown come back again on three days rest percent certainly indicate that he’ll be ready to start Game one of the NLCS 2-1 the bills fire force won the World Series bring em to on the ground there well raise the March to Atlanta for games against the Padres score a total of 8 1 a 22news these messages from your local Nation congratulation to the San Diego Padres