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Body Language | How To Make People Like And Trust You… FAST!

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I am about to share with you one technique which will absolutely revolutionise the way that you connect with other people. I am about to share a body language secret with you which will absolutely change the way that people connect with you especially if they are meeting you for the first time. You see we have special neurons in our brain and they are called mirror neurons and they activate when we see people doing specific things, specific actions or gestures or if we see things happening to other people, it activates our mirror neurons as a mechanism to create empathy with other people, so for example if a man sees another man, experiencing this Oooooh he will automatically grab his own crotch as a mechanism of empathy.

How many times have you seen someone get a paper cut and gout ouch, everyone just wiggles in pain because we know how sore it is. We are built to want to feel empathy with other people and our mirror neurons help us to do this. Another really great experience that we have all had when it comes to motor neurons is when we see someone yawn often people think that yawning is just to oxygenate the body, but research has shown that yawning activates mirror neurons in other people and others start to yawn as a way to create empathy. In fact I am sure that many of you wanted to yawn right now. So here is how we use this knowledge the next time you meet someone, especially if it is for the first time start to mirror them that means that you can use the same pose that they use when they start speaking to you, start to use the same gestures the same expressions, you can even mirror the way that somebody speaks, their tonality, their rate of speech, their volume.

We have kinaesthetic mirroring, peoples energy levels, so that you can start mirroring someones breathing levels to get the same kind of energy and pacing as them and before long as that person is sitting their talking to you or standing next to you and speaking to you, they are just going to subconsciously feel good vibes, they just going to think to themselves, there is something about this person. And the reason that they will be feeling that is because subconsciously they are seeing a reflection of themselves in you. So start to go out there and mirror people even if you start in small ways by mirroring peoples gestures and building up from there you will find that you will be able to connect and build a repport with people, build a connection which is stronger and quicker than you have ever been able to build with people before. Its time now for the test run I was on a mission to activate peoples mirror neurons starting with my friends first.

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