Cody Simpson’s Best Tour Moments – Cody Simpson XVII Ep 5

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I love you so much this is holy rock you turn elsewhere to music but the dagger ha and I was no I missed today you know I’m said it’s starting to get back into Philippines but how really me experience a new show every not and I make and fate on the to livestock to my favorite things to do he got caught it on the drums he was such an honor to have a ninja and carry out there with me Andrew waters being my musical director my guitars about two years now so he’s like a big brother how much a musical Department to make the car he was on the new the new gallery do we learn and who happens to be a really accomplished musician and I just get to meet new fans and to me that is the reward is seeing myself being able to make people’s diets and being able to do special things for people that really rise to be able to have that kind of palliative to make someone so happy they need so much to be and she’s going crazy she’s been crying from the moment that she walked into the room so I gotta try and do something a little special for so when Andrew found out there was disco out of the main grid he left whatever he’s doing it came out to meet her and say okay we’re gonna do a breathing exercise here I’m Angela Sierra look what you and I couldn’t believe it I never I’ve never had that experience have you given any opera they they may never be another way so andrew has this thing that he does he he has his secret talent of opera singing and I’ve heard it once or twice so in Philly I called them out in front of the crowd to put on a little show for totally this is the most this is my sing really put him on the spot way that he was he was very nervous but to me I was cracking up the entire time and I got one more song that will wrap up the heaven minute every second heavy our other day I heavy armor of it every time and I’m away I’m missing you every moment that is story you never loved your place that I even look for a day how many texts do up the same that amaze you Oh baby whenever I’m gone our mission now is back home I feel your heart when we’re apart I’m on my way just a bee were to see here wait to see your bed and when I say goodbye so there isn’t no excuse started to cry promised I’ll be right back coming right back to sleep you smile look what I got it good to make you see me what I say to you to new picture but you know I miss you see me every minute every second day everything we’ll be coming on let’s go can never be replaced that yeah yeah even if it bulletin I’m a tax do to say that amiss you baby for new episodes of my web series on awesomeness TV click here