Cody Simpson’s Broadway Debut

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(upbeat dance music) So in an earlier segment, when I was talking about Caitlyn Jenner and the makeup collection, they had his as the pronoun in the prompter so I just read that, and as I was reading it I was like oh my god, I just said his, it’s obviously a her. So I wanted to make that clear that I’m down with the right pronoun. It is live TV. Live TV ya’ll. Not your fault. Wendy makes it look easy. I love that slogan, I am down with the right pronoun.

Right? That’s why all the color blanched out of my face as I was reading the thing, I was like what? Anyway, back to the show. Our first guest has got it all, he’s a singer, actor, and he’s Australian. Oooh. I mean everybody loves an Australian. He recently made his Broadway debut in the hit show Anastasia. Please welcome the multi talented Cody Simpson. (audience applause) Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. How are you? Hello. Hi, how are you? (audience cheers) Alright, oh yeah Cody, how you going? Yeah, good how are you? Yeah great. That’s good, that’s good. Thank you, I’ve spent a lot time down under. So, in Australia, they say, how you going? Like, instead of how are you doing? And the first time I heard it, I was getting on a plane, they’re like, how you going? And I’m like, “on that plane.” Back to America. So that’s why we’re saying how you going, cause we’re both kind of Australian.

So speaking of that, Going good mate, going good. I mean you are used to the warm balmy temperatures, where are you from in Australia? Gold Coast, Queensland. Oh the Gold Coast, it’s warm, it’s sunny, it’s gorgeous. How are you dealing with our polar vortex? It’s little different, you know, I came from, I was in Gold Coast, moved to L.A. which as you know is very warm itself and grew up a surfer and stuff so this is a little different, but here for good reasons. Okay, oh I could just listen to you talk all day long. Just have him read the cards. So wait, Carson you did an Australian accent, I’ll do one. Okay so, so you know just about. Is it good? Is it good? I thought it was actually quite nice. Alright, so you’re friends with Justin Bieber, yah? Yeah, yeah. So what do you think about his new clothing line? I saw it before I walked on the thing, yeah.

Personally, he’s a great guy but not my thing myself. Oh. It’s alright, I support you. Yeah yeah yeah. It is a bit paper sack-isk. There might be a lot of well dressed janitors around. He’s a good dude though, it’s cool. He is, you know, you can love the artist and not love the label, so to speak. Alright A.J. you have a question? Yeah, so first of all, I love the look. Thank you. The layers, it’s cool. The first time being here get to wear more than just a T-shirt, board shorts and all that. Just like the panel. Right, you get to layer, right? You made the panel way cooler just by walking out here. No, congrats on Anastasia, just extended eight more weeks on Broadway. Congrats. Are you enjoying the Broadway experience? Absolutely yeah, I’ve been on for about two months now and as you know I extended another two months so it’s a new thing for me, it’s a challenge but something I was ready to do and I’m having a ball so it’s fun yeah.

Great, is it a lot different than your regular work. You’re a rock star, you’re a singer, you’re a pop star. How is it different when you’re doing Broadway? It’s a little bit– a lot of the experience and the expertise carry over from being able to be onstage, how you carry yourself and all that stuff, but in terms of incorporating stage acting and music and staging and dancing and all that stuff, it’s a whole new experience, but something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. And just to clarify, your Broadway hair and makeup team also is not able to find extra strong hairspray? It’s the look, it looks like the look, you got the little, the rocker. It’s tousled. The rocker tousle look, I can’t pull it off. When I came in to start the character, I wanted to have hair quite similar to the character in the cartoon, the film. How he kinda has the Backstreet Boy thing going on. Yeah, it’s good.

I was like you know what, I kinda wanna do that, I wanna stay true to what people are coming to see. To the cartoon. How you draw it. I love that, now you have legions of fans. What do your fans call themselves? They’ve called themselves many things over the years. They were angels at first, I think maybe Simponizers, now– Simpsonizers, I kinda like that one. My band’s called Cody and the Tide, so we call them the tide team now. The tide team, now I imagine that when you leave the stage at night, there are girls just swarming that door. Have you had any crazy fan encounters? Because the thing about Broadway is, it just lets you out right into like 42nd Street. Like right into the masses. That’s what it looks like most nights there. Wow. At the Broadhurst, but no it’s fun like it makes it worthwhile if you’ve finished a show and you come out and the show means a lot to people like being able to portray this story on the stage, just like people love it and so to come out and see the reaction first hand right away, it’s awesome.

They’re diehards, it’s great for the show. I mean it brings a whole new audience to Broadway, so it’s wonderful. Okay, Harry Styles, one of his fans recently got a tattoo of his face on her face, I saw that. which is wild. Look at that, it’s not good, it’s bad. Yeah that’s also not a good hair swoop either. No, it’s all. She’s cute too. She was cute, rest in peace her face.

Have any of your fans ever done anything like that? Definitely not my face on their own. I’ve had fans get tattoos, but luckily enough it’d be on an like arm or a, you know — Of your face? Not of my face, no, of my name or like a song lyric or something but never anything like this. I just have a tattoo of your arm on my arm. Yeah? Yeah I’ll show you later, it’s a little weird. Well that’s logical. Yeah, I’m a fan. Now we obviously know you as you are today, but is it true you were completely discovered on Youtube? How did that happen, you just uploaded a song and all of a sudden you had millions of views? I was actually discovered on MySpace. Whoa! Wow! Now we’re taking it way back! That is old school. I’m very young, I don’t even know what MySpace is. What are you talking about, MySpace? Everyone nowadays is like, “Oh I wish you could go on your Instagram page and a song would automatically play.” I’m like, that was MySpace.

Right. But yeah I was discovered, I was posting original songs, covers and just me playing the guitar and singing. I was probably 12, 13 at the time, and actually my first trip out of Australia was coming here to New York City to meet with record labels and stuff. I was a baby, I was turning 13 at that time. Wow. My family was supportive enough to make the jump with me for a couple of years and get me set up and I couldn’t be more– They actually moved here with you? Yeah. Yeah, to– Wow. I feel like your story is becoming the new story though. That’s more and more common that people are being found out on social media now and making an entire career of it. Yeah it’s kind of like the way to do it nowadays.

Where before it’s like you’d be lucky to walk into a building and maybe someone would appreciate or recognize you but now it’s like you can build your own thing from the ground up and it’s kinda like democratizing. Right right. I was just gonna say how do you feel– The whole experience, As someone– Anyone can do it. But not everybody’s had quite your experience. Not everybody moved to America. Well you still have to have talent. I mean you’ve toured with Justin Bieber, you’ve dated Gigi Hadid, I mean that’s quite an introduction.

That’s not Gigi Hadid. No that’s not Gigi no. That’s not? I prefer him to Gigi Hadid, myself. Well no, yeah. I will say this though, Gigi Hadid could make Justin Bieber’s new clothing line look dope, so just she’s stunning. Mmmmmm. I think you’re wrong. Oh, come on, come on, don’t hate. No but what has this experience been like? It’s been quite a whirlwind for you, do you ever get a moment to just sit and kinda take it all in? I do yeah, I do. It’s been a whirlwind as you said, from traveling the world touring and all that stuff to being in the spotlight, it can be difficult you know what I mean, but you gotta have your outlets. I, not here, but I usually surf and swim laps and do all those things, and people have their ways of dealing with it and you kinda just gotta take it in stride. There’s no other way to do it, you gotta be okay with people caring about things outside of your work and your music.

And if you’re not you– I have a question. So you were effectively a child star, right? And we read all of these headlines and all of these stories about children getting into this business way too young. How did you avoid all of those pitfalls? Because I feel like everyday we’re reading another story. How did you, personally, was it because of your family? Family, family yeah. You know a lot of times you hear the stories and it’s usually because people don’t have good support group, or support base around them, and I was lucky enough to have very normal family, I grew up in a family of Olympic swimmers basically.

Super normal. Totally normal. Well people that weren’t necessarily– were very different to the– Right but it was solid. Not Hollywood. And it was solid, and they were there with me until I was, they didn’t move back home until I was– A structure, a work ethic. And your family checks you. How many Olympic swimmers are in your family? That’s weird, and you just breezed past that. My mom and dad. Really? Oh, okay. Well that’s how they met, so I was destined. I was like I’m gonna be a musician after I swim, after I do all this. Have you swam in the pool on Bondai Beach on the ocean? The Icebergs. The Icebergs. Icebergs. Now I know the whole water connection and I know you’re working with the United Nations on climate change. What’s that all about? Yeah, so last year, or two years ago now, I started working with the UN, I was their first oceans advocate.

So we’ve been doing fair bit of environmental work with them and making a few documentaries, urging young people to reduce their use of single use plastics, meat consumption, things like that that are heavily affecting the world today. Yeah, awareness, that’s the key. Awareness is the main thing. Exactly, alright well thanks for being here. We loved having you, now you must go check out Cody. He’s starring in Anastasia at the Broadhurst Theater Come see us, come see us. on Broadway until April 14th, right? April 14th, yeah.

Alright and check out Cody Simpson and the Tide at the Mercury Lounge on March 24th. You can be a groupie live and in person. (upbeat dance music).