Cody Simpson’s Favorite Breakfast! – Cody Simpson XVII Ep 3

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dan why 30 I am Delhi New York City all right you know I’m bag right in with many tomato sauce real bacon oops jestro Prime I stopped at a little a live interview man that boy sees your ex bar sis remember the next boy just remember I know better than the rest so a bit it in got worker your advisory north and west because that’s a little lesson ways I’m wearing that I’m wearing this because it keeps me healthy is I have to sing tonight and I don’t want to get a sore throat so I have to add it to protect myself from winter storm Janice if you can even hear me it’s definitely not as warm as I would like it to be swimming stock in traffic in the snow for a little bit now it’s know something’s really sketchy it’s nice on Janus not trading this very well today I’m not sure when we’re gonna make it to the next thing dude but I hope the schedule stays on track right here called children of the ocean the children of the ocean get the positive emotion ASAP just throughout the music choice after a bit of a car ride actually and now we’re here now we got another interview a couple interviews to do and then we’ll be on our way to the venue to get the whole show scheduled started I’m a little worried about the storm only worried for the fans because I really want everyone to come and see the show cuz I’m really proud of the choice I want to make sure everyone gets out as much as possible and I don’t want to have the fans waiting outside so much the cold not very comfortable think I’m gonna run into thousands of other well if this ends up online my daughter Nicole will be so annoyed she wants to marry him she and all these fans gone crazy we’ve let them metic some of them inside burning already days almost to a finish we just finished up the last interviews making grades all that stuff and I’m about to start warming up for the show but one of the most important trust to us here in New York City we’ll be able to make you know a couple friends couldn’t make it to no I had to but um you know at the end of the day it’s still a great crowd Kody’s gonna be here – I’ll do anything that my grandmother would not be proud of New York City I love you guys it’ll make you do some crazy things but this shower that is a big step up for me it’s definitely something that I’ve been wanting to do for other