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The Google Webmaster Tools – an important interface to Google. Welcome to the Fairrank TV Glossary The Google Webmaster Tools are a great interface to Google and offers us a large collection of tools that should be important and serious to any webmaster. What can I do with these webmaster tools or how can I get in there? So that I can register there or register my page there, I need a Google account first and then the webmaster tools are already available to me. I have to verify my website before, that's based on a meta tag, I insert on my pages or with a file that I have to upload once – I just have to prove to Google that I'm the webmaster, that means I have access to the site and am allowed to deal with the data.

The Webmaster Tools are a rudimentary communication platform with Google – unfortunately only in one direction. For example, I get news about the crawlability of my site through the webmaster tools, So how well does the bot get through my site and can capture all pages or where does it hang. Are there perhaps any server errors that appear in between times? All this is communicated to me by the webmaster tools. It continues a good way – You've probably heard of various Google updates, like the Panda or the Penguin update and penalties, so punishments – That's a word I always shy away from, but maybe in another explanatory video If Google has imposed a penalty on your site, you will receive a message through the Webmaster Tools.

That unnatural links are received or that your site distributes malware or or or various types of messages that you should take very seriously and respond to. Google also gives you hints in the Webmaster Tools, what should be done next and so on. So: The Webmaster Tools are a collection of tools that I use to index – be able to observe and improve the interaction between Google and my site I get tips and at the same time a communication platform where Google tells me how it sees my page. You should use these webmaster tools. Thank you for watching the Fairrank TV Glossary. And by the way: If you have any suggestions or hints, which topics we should treat here – Always with it – down in the comment fields. Bye! .