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How to Have Attractive Body Language – 6 Body Language Tips to Being More Confident

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hey guys it’s practical psychology and this video is going to be a collaboration with insight junkie on body language body language is one of the most fundamental techniques you have to know about if you want to attract someone into your life most people think a body language is something that you do subconsciously but a lot of times you can consciously change your body language to communicate what you want it can be used to convey that you’re important that you have a purpose that you might be interesting all of which makes you more attractive now there is a hidden benefit of knowing about body language that most people overlook social norms don’t allow us to say everything we want to in an overt manner for example in a situation where you’re not sure if it’s acceptable for you to directly tell someone that you like them you can show that through your body language engage someone’s reaction to see if the feelings are mutual you can create communication and a covert manner so let’s move on to the first step number one keeping an open body language when you first meet a stranger especially a cute girl it is very important for you to convey that you’re not a threat if you walk up to her with a serious face with your hands in your pockets and she’s probably going to be scared so make sure you have a smile on your face the other thing is to have open palms people instinctively put their hands up with their palms out when they want to show that they have surrendered and this is because of a reason when we show our palms subconsciously we are telling people that we have nothing to hide we have no weapons and we aren’t a threat this puts people at ease and it’ll allow you to get your foot in the door with a girl that you’ve been talking to while talking to her just keep your palms open in fact here’s a bonus tip for you if you’re going to shake her hand slightly tilt your hand upwards in normal circumstances this can be a bit submissive but if you’re meeting a girl for the first time it can be helpful in making sure that she realizes that you’re not a threat the next point is also very fundamental and all that inside junki explain this one hey guys insight junkie here and the second my voice hits your ears you’ve probably already made a few judgments maybe you like the sound of my voice or maybe you don’t like the way I talk whatever the case may be your brain has made a split decision and now you’re going to be hearing my words through that filter and this is basically what a first impression is and in most situations your first impression on a girl will be how you walk up to her having a masculine gait shows her that you’re in control of your environment and are not afraid of anyone and that is very attractive you need to walk in a slow and controlled way have you ever seen a movie or a music video where the hero of the story is walking through a crowd and he’s have to be going slower than everyone else that’s because he is in control and he’s not afraid to be in public he doesn’t want to hide himself behind anyone or anything that is very attractive so walk slowly and make sure that you look ahead don’t look down on your phone look into people’s eyes now I know this can be intimidating at first but really think about it if you get into the habit of making slight eye contact with everyone you walk by maybe even give them a little head nod and smile when that cute girl walks by it will come naturally to you you would even have to fake it and you already have shown her that you’re an attractive man the next tip is to have great posture number three posture nothing is more unattractive than a guy who’s slouched over all the time pull your shoulders back keep your chin up and have your back straight a really helpful way of having great posture is to imagine that you have a string above your head and somebody was pulling on it keeping your spine and neck straight also you need to get rid of your bad posture habits this means not using your laptop while you’re in your bed on your back eating Cheetos if you’re using a computer lot make sure to take breaks every hour or so just to do some stretches and realign your posture I actually recently went to a chiropractor and he told me the same thing a great exercise that I would recommend for getting a great posture our deadlifts deadlifts just make your back muscles stronger and these muscles will pull your shoulders back and give you the body language of an alpha while also making you stronger another exercise that you can try is to stand up against a wall with your body touching the wall and put your hands back on the wall make sure that your elbows are connected on the wall and then move your arms up and down while making sure that your elbows stay connected make sure to really squeeze your back muscles while you’re doing this I suggest 10 reps of these for 3 sets every day until your posture improves the next point is to pay attention to your feet your feet while you’re talking to someone can weigh a lot about your intentions if you’re talking to a girl you just met and both your feet are pointed directly at her this can also make her feel like you’re coming on too strong so be strategic with how you position your feet if you’re meeting someone for the first time then it’s best that you keep a 45 degree angle with your feet as if you were ready to leave at any moment later as you get to know someone you could also try squaring up to earth with your feet directly and see how she responds back if she backs up a little like she’s getting intimidated you know you should back off a bit but if she seems comfortable or maybe even comes closer to you and you know that she’s interested tip number five is to don’t be a spaz this is more of a general tip on how you should conduct yourself if you’re all over the place moving your arms everywhere running to everything and in general just being a clown then you’re not going to be perceived as being very attractive funny maybe attractive nope don’t be in a rush breathe deeply meditation helps a lot with this as it will ground you and help you be more present in the present moment here’s a mindset that you really need to have you are enough you don’t need to impress anyone you are here to have fun you are confident and secure about who you are just say this in your head again and again until you actually believe it it’s called an affirmation fake it until you make it when you keep this mindset your body language is automatically going to reflect your thoughts if you’re thinking about your mortgage or your work problems or you seem to be very distracted then your body language is obviously going to reflect that and it’s not very attractive so be present and breathe in the moment and then your body will relax and be at ease and that will show confidence and just to wrap up this video I want to tell you about a concept that I got from a great TED talk by Mark Bowden and he’s an expert on body language a lot of you might be thinking that why should we have to put in all of this effort to understand body language I mean shouldn’t we just be who we are what’s the point of learning attractive body language anyway so I want to tell you about why you need to learn to be inauthentic with your body language sometimes if you want to convey something important imagine that you have the most important message in the world that everyone needs to hear but you go onstage and your voice is very low and you’re all nervous and the words don’t come out right and you stood all hunched up with your hands in your pocket and nobody paid attention to you its spite of having a strong message you failed because you didn’t know about body language in the same way imagine that the cute girl you’re going to approach is going to be the girl you’re meant to be with not only that imagine that you’re the best guy for her wouldn’t it be a shame if you don’t want able to get together just because you wouldn’t know how to present yourself properly and attractive body language is like a huge billboard that says that you’re attractive and trustworthy just changing this alone will do wonders for your social and love now keep in mind I’m not telling you to be inauthentic in your interaction be who you are but learn to present yourself in an attractive way if you do it for long enough what was once in authentic but become very authentic and a part of who you are and you will be infinitely more attractive I really hope you guys enjoyed watching this video and I know that if you’re watching practical psychology then you know the importance of having insight the right insight can change your life so if you want more be sure to head over to my channel inside junkie and subscribe I hope you guys enjoyed this video this was a collaboration with insight junkie if you guys don’t know he’s actually the guy who animates most of these videos so it would be really helpful if you checked out his 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