Japanese Webmaster Office Hours(ウェブマスター オフィスアワー 2019 年 1 月 25 日)

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Master office hours of time cormorant by Hello google employees today have become I ’m delivering today as if I was that child I'd like to send them together as usual, thank you First of all, it is a request from google Product office hour is a webmaster office hour hashtag Yeah yeah If you have any questions about the question you can't see the video If you have any comments or requests, please Post to sns with hashtag webmaster office Please give me So next is the announcement from google, everyone Yes First of all, the news of the blog post is between the last time and this time. Probably a blog is out and I will briefly introduce it Blog post that google team investigation section was held and after that Well thank you again this year with a dough like a blog last year Last year's access Since there were the most articles, articles introducing Nanjing and ordering around the world Thank the community Last year was mainly from last October to the first half of November Introducing the product expert summit held at Sunnywell I have Forum Story And then that part and the comment function The story that abolished that comment function of this blog and finally Never forget structured data and text alternatives with mobile first index Because Introduced above And here are some of them.

Mother's blog access ranking 201 first It was 2018, but it was a result like this For more details, I hope you can read the article. Compared to that one year ago, it was quite interesting this year I can't do that. Last year there were quite a lot of articles from last year. It ’s a lot of old articles. Especially in 2017 What's the story about the quality of search results? About 2018, the latest information of last year I think it was often referred to I ’m going to introduce you one by one. I was so happy to see the google dance and Kyoto House Osaka both That 3rd and 8th place I was really happy to be there I hope I can do something this year, but I hope you can look forward to it.

More Continue saying yes Oh yeah, this is the top master help forum in the world This is a group photo of the product expert summit This is a picture of where the country is Anna was also a racer who was in Japan Find a project expert card Please feel like a dog, but it ’s Otani. There is a person in charge of google Boover is chained and my mother is charred by the forum Ogaki Well, starting from where you first ask questions, you can answer This is the prata product by answering and repeating it It will open the way to becoming an expert.

Well, Volumho is also a new leader of recent people I am very happy to have received it Thank you for your continued pair blogs for mobile path and ex Oh yes, yes It ’s almost like this The first message is the mobile first index that started around last spring Though it is the intention of Ah About when this article came out in English Oh dear About half of the search results we recognize are mobile first index Will be announced In the meantime, it ’s time to go back to the various sites. I move to the index, but after all this structured data Image note The people There are quite a few patterns that are not set to enter And even if you comment on sharing this article on twitter somehow Some people have been misunderstood, but that structured data is important I'm not talking about the precious text in the image. There are quite a lot of cases that are not set before entering It is a story So if you ’re setting it for the pc version too, check if it ’s also set for the mobile version.

please make sure Well, after all, the mobile version was actually set just because I didn't notice that day Because there was quite a lot I'd love to see people who think it'll be fine at least once. think Yes, maybe more and more from now on. That's right, I think that such sites will continue to make sounds. If there is no cherry data and text or structured data If you are going to go well, after all, there will be no traffic finally I think there is a possibility I hope you can check it out. In parallel with that, whether or not you are moving to this mobile first index Confirm that Well, I ’m introducing one focus. If your site is basically a mobile percent dx 2 o I ’m sending a message from google, Sending or imming will be sent after that time has passed for a while I often do So what if I want to check the location of the site.

I'd like to check earlier or something That strange phenomenon happened, but that's probably the mobile first index It ’s like a kana, but when the message does n’t come here If you also check that url inspection tool, the user at this crawl A professional robot for smartphones at the agent Suddenly That child is like a desktop computer If it is, it has not yet migrated and it is illegal if this is a smartphone I think that I would like you to judge that I hope you can check it think w Information on all events That's right.

First support is as a recent event. November 22nd, the 23rd of May and the Maho Pon collection, but Aichi Prefecture and Osaka I've come It ’s very important to leave a personal impression of that fun. I wrote in the story about what I was talking about even though there was no such event I don't know, but it's basically Aichi. Although it is centered on the basics of searching for Osaka House The latest information part of the amazing digest house shot I've been talking about that That's right.

It ’s not a function, but it ’s a good idea. My name is local community. One who usually holds a seminar and that is participating there There was a community out there, so in the free form of visiting Osaka There is a community and there are many different types of community That will participate And it was great and maybe 9 of 9 groups I was able to talk to people who probably could n’t love I think it was very meaningful. It ’s the basics of that search. Ah, holding it down is bad I hope to make good content for users Thank you very much So it ’s a future event. Yes. There are four Next week for evaluation This is my Tuesday, so this is the basics of search and the height I'm going to talk 4 The ticket is not sold anymore but it's sold out And it ’s gone That's Yes, if there is demand again Please follow us On February 7th, we will have one session at the e-commerce fair.

This is probably in Tokyo, so I think that tickets are still available. Even if my session was going to that clerk For example, if you have a question such as a business card exchange or something like that picture I will accept it in front of you. Even if I can't really participate, after that kind of thing I caught me and talked Because it is possible at all I hope you can come here. On February 18th, Tokyo is a web gathering study group for freelancers. not This is also because tickets are no longer available. Thank you And on February 26th, this is also the basic story of google search I'm going to talk in Mie Prefecture Eiken 2 c 4 105 silver Yes I think I'm going to wear that woman dress Probably it will be a little different from that of the previous speakers of Hyakugo Bank I think that I would like to go as usual, so everyone in Mie is good too I do n’t know all of the status of these tickets yet.

I wonder if Please come by all means I'm looking forward to seeing you guys. Mouse I want to move on to the usual big question. First of all, it is a question about the right that the error continues with the url inspection tool Ghost Cancer Color Ash published Click the Request indexing button after sending the url Subsequent screen is fixed and error There was a problem sending your Invex registration request It will be displayed like this every time, but what is the cause? What do you think Yes, that's right I'm actually getting a url Well, I checked the location of this information today.

As a result of checking, that error occurred a bit at that timing There was a lot, but after all it seemed that an error occurred a little, so I That person or that Escalate for the first time engineer So I still don't know if the cause is due this year That there might be something like that bug. I'd like to find out here too.

I'm not good at being able to Maoh's Probably, I think that some kind of improvement will be done, so try it again after a while I hope you can That search console is in the lower left of that 3 I have a link to send feedback, but I hope you like it If you have any problems, please send feedback from this feedback And that search console engineer relies on that Things that will improve Well pursue the cause of the problem and I think it will improve the problem. I ’d love to hear your feedback Thank you in English if possible Let ’s move on to the next question Questions about concerns about using a second-hand domain Buy a domain and create a site I'm the person who runs it.

And main is operated with completely different contents from the site currently operated in the used domain Because of that, there are a lot of unlinked site-colored backlinks. The person who visited and visited immediately leaves, so the withdrawal rate and bounce rate are very high Has become This reasoning or high withdrawal rate has an indirect adverse effect on seo is not it Does the high rate actually have a negative effect? If there is an adverse effect, is there a way to improve it? How about this Yes, yes, that bar How are you? If you answer only the point of the question, do you need to be concerned about this situation? But I do n’t think there ’s anything to worry about.

I think that there is no such influence, especially that kind of that Something funny from that keyword It's linked from a keyword or something like that link anchor text I don't think there is anything to worry about even if you know something like that Though A simple common concern is simply sadness, so in that case After all, I basically contacted the site owner and this site It ’s strange that I ’m going to contact you so I ’m going to remove the link. I think Kana Technically, each of those things That you can check and block access from those links I think, but if you do something like that somehow, the structure of the site I want to move the site to see something more complicated because the configuration or something is more complicated When something happens, it ’s a bit of a mistake or something Because I think that it is a win, do not touch the settings of Saito as much as possible behind I wonder if it would be better to tackle the root of the problem It seems to be so.

I think it's important to maintain a domain name as a medium domain name. I have been informed of the url of the site itself I bought the marsh site window main history without checking it I'm talking about using it, In fact, this domain for the current site theme I wonder if it will match when viewed from the user's perspective I'm not sure So well After all, when you choose a domain, you ’re really careful. Anyone who has been introduced from a domain name will definitely remember what kind of site it is It's easy Such Maoh's The domain name rabbi I think there is probably a lot of know-how, so be careful I think it would be nice if you could It's not so much in Japan, but it's quite a domain hosting event overseas. It ’s a good relationship like that, and my colleague in India Maric Test 1 Wind That person's event is such a domain & It ’s a posting event, and it ’s a pretty event. Is it easy? Depending on the country, I think it's really different from the difficulty of the garden.

So, Japan is still relatively weak in recognition of a per domain. Or I can't do it, so everyone I'm consciously getting a jump, but I hope the machine can confirm that Thank you both times This is a question about notification after mfi in search console mfi notifications will no longer be sent to 9 search console messages Is it The other day google official blog whether mfi To check url I was recommended to use the prefectural bond function, but my wife and many Since there are many, it is a passbook with messages rather than checking by url inspection one by one I'm grateful if you can help me.

Yes, this is your question last year I think it was like this office hour noat Actually already I'm sure you already know that a new notification has been sent to you. Though I think the message has changed a bit since then and there was content How to send in the first place Now until now That url thing that was sent for each property At that time, in that property in the url that is in this account On the other hand, it ’s like sending it all together. So basically the same timing is used, but for example It is the feeling that the tree site acquires as a later person like a Ritz I don't know the upper limit because I think it feels like sending it. but It ’s okay because we ’ll continue to do more. Thank you, thank you so let ’s move on to the next question HEAVALL CONTENT CLASS A Questions about using with monkeys The Lexville Sampling Pageball content is used in conjunction with the structured data from the Chinese and English pages. Is there any problem qa Structured data of page is mapped up 9 a Content is phew Theoretically there is no problem trying to do Schema Doutor behind the ball Back up structured data for visible content I think that there seems to be a problem from the google guidelines Can Can it not be displayed as Naruto? Thank you Terrible That ’s a very good question That's right.

I think that there are people who like history group sampling pole content etc. I will only explain it later Pair-going flexible sampling or pegor content is that After all That look well in the search results that other look thin Some text on the repetto I want to post articles, but the fabric itself is a paid content, so it is charged monthly Such as news sites that are doing After all, if it is paid content, it will not be displayed in the search results after all There is a place where users can not come from the original because they do not know what is in the first place But I don't think so, but I think it's common now when there is such a situation. Search engine From the standpoint After all, there's a lot of paying in this case up to the foot of good content Has film content Actually, it will also gather in the paid paywall and it will cost the next paid toolbar But do n’t throw it away.

There's good content in Kobe So that kind of thing can be used in search results Even if the user visits at, you have to pay when the user visits It doesn't mean And it ’s very disappointing for the user. It becomes Since there is no usability, balance there For example, 3 page It ’s good content that only 3 pages are good in a month. For example, only 3 pages can be shown to people who came from the search. Is possible And that's what this means to set it as a zero page At that time, well this Kuyasu q & emma It is not that so-called article, but there is such a question and there is an answer Forum type match Well when set with anyone If you steal, the answer is only shown to that member But in search results, it ’s displayed as this ridge result.

It ’s true that these two markups can be used together today. I thought it was a theme that I had never thought about before. author With the person in charge of structured data And for the structured data kindergarten, the three people in charge of the world are a little lighter I just got that confirmation. There are a lot of discussions so If you just say that final conclusion If you feel a problem when asked if there is a problem That's why Well, I feel a problem, but this is the answer So If it can be implemented, it may not be displayed as a Rittichi Salt. Because Well, maybe it ’s possible that it ’s not displayed. Since it can be said to all of the structure or data Well, as is the general theory of Oh, but when it comes to masturbation, it is sometimes displayed I think it's kana, but just how much As a stance, I should not recommend that much So the area is a little vague so far, so what's the situation What should n’t be done in what situations Let me clarify a little more I want to make sure that it is properly written on the help page Because the page content doesn't mean you can't use structured data.

It ’s a little bit about what the boundary is like I want to discuss It may have been difficult to imagine the meaning of the first half of the magic battle Closed school reaction is not written Thank you, thank you I have a question about an issue where I can't check the index search A page where you can't check the index in the amplifier report of the console There are multiple up pages, and they are also marked with an amp mark in the search results. Say Amp Report that will appear This way the target url is filtered and not displayed in the details list How can I check the index status? Or By the way, you can confirm about another up page in the same site How about this Yes.

come It ’s a little expressive, so it ’s an expressive story. Basically, there are pages that cannot check the index in the report, but basically The amp page itself is probably except for sites where all canonical amplifiers are amplifiers Ah The indexed page is a canonical page regular The page of the amplifier is distributed when it is indexed and is actually distributed. Because it looks like a dark cloud It's not that much as an expression that the page can't confirm in pix I don't think it's right, but so that some misunderstandings don't spread. A little to do Commented on The problem of air is not there but it is displayed when you actually try with the actual machine That search url confirmed in friendship of amplifier report in console It is a problem that I can not do, and I will check it with url this time After all that It is a confirmation date that the vein that is incense is not displayed That's correct This isn't something wrong with that child In this case, there is an upper limit of the display on the console, and the number is still the number of urls far If there are many, the upper limit will not display elections Therefore, the thing beyond that is positive I can't confirm it, but this is very much about this amp report Rather than choosing 1000 in the form of random sampling, it really is a certain specific The directory is filled with something That particular directory is not sampled at all.

I think Tanden has become a little anxious, That url is probably okay And you can check it from another part of the search console and introduce it etc. Then If you use this url url inspection tool, With indexed canonical page If you use this url inspection tool, it will be extended downward in this way The amplifier version linked with the item "Amplifier" appears below the item is valid. Can be confirmed If you can confirm cocco There is actually no problem, and if this is not confirmed, it is probably an amplifier. For records I have to have an older brother I think it's displayed I think I'm doing it If it exceeds 1000, it may not come out either. It ’s good to check here I think that you can eliminate that anxiety so check here I hope you can Thank you So the next question is the identity fire of steam structured data Questions about the property What about Job Posting Structured Data Identity Fire Properties Is it appropriate to specify such a value? I understood whether any value that I can recognize was OK, but it was decided or recommended Is there a house? In Japan, a 13-digit identification specified by the National Tax Agency for business organizations There seems to be an idea that it may be better to specify the number of the rare board Identify and prohaggy are recommended because they don't suck in the sun.

Any treatment Please tell me if it is appropriate Here's the reference for the Libero's Guide to google search There is explanation Identify brother is hiring about the middle man and please put a unique identifier for the organization It is written This is for example the recruiter Acer is b 3 bc profitable If you want to describe structured data, a a corporate bond system or 2 minutes b I think there is a sound idc's favorite id, so put that id I wonder if it should be Then I will continue to continue It ’s an introduction in the story. I'm looking forward to the excitement Hmm Then, the next question is about the next play 2 minutes Question Burn in articles that are not opened and opened with default settings in wordpress next Play It will be thick You can also divide it again-Next play Part There are articles before and after For example, it was written about the car at the bottom above for fishing articles The previous article may be included as well.

I think it's different Is this confusing for the google side or content evaluation Will it be affected? just wordpress The 9 cm diving type enters in the same way with the initial setting, so a large share of cms is like this I feel that it is being processed well on the google side Lou next I asked the question because I was worried about the resources poured into the pre-part How about this? Yes. To be honest that day is not that much I didn't know it was awow I didn't know if I could go with the default settings a It's right, I tried to check lightly, but google is Wrong it or the case of recognizing it in a form like pagination I haven't seen it before.

This is a little so How it affects I'm still honest about what might have a bad effect I can clearly tell you that I'm okay right now. But there aren't many The details of Dare are still being confirmed, but I will tell you if I can understand anything. I would like to do it, but most of the cases so far have moved at least in such cases Never seen Not I've debugged and seen a lot of wordpress sites. I've also seen things like this because it contains pagination. Not I think I probably knew it soon 7 bullets so good that it does not know the economy, probably that well processed I think it's done It ’s Namiki, and I ’m wondering what you ’re talking about. I think some people will be That questioner is an employee who puts it in a very easy-to-understand diagram. If you're wondering what you're saying, stop here Should i look Thank you for the next 10 I want to move on to the next question.

I have a question about how to resolve crawl errors Sent from October 2018 on google search console How to fix the url crawling error is constantly increasing I want you to tell me Linked here as a description of the item on the Eva 3 Master help page An unknown page that does not fall into any of the organs sent to index A crawl error has occurred Is there a way to clarify and resolve this unknown cause? Also Investigate the url that is displayed as there is a problem with crawling the sent url By the way Looking at the server log at the crawl date and time, there was no evidence of crawling Can I get a crawl error without leaving a tarbar log? Rendering also about Fethia's google chubby test in brass coin store I checked the red pin in in the pepper but there was no problem was Please tell me how to solve the problem that can be considered based on the long term So here are some of the things that have been confirmed With background If you want to see it, please stop here and read This is a good question And Well history of that crawl in the past even with our stick I also looked at things like So if you answer that there are already many questions, there will be no server logs left and you will Is that it can be I found out that there was no server path and I found a pro-rainer I wonder if it was possible because it was a situation I think that And it ’s honest to know how to deal with it There are some typologies in the help that you don't find anywhere I don't know anything more than this because it's a black radar.

So what I can think of is probably going to be a sting company It ’s probably best to ask eh It ’s a little bit the other day at an event in Osaka that happened to be a familiar posting company. There are also customers of the posting company, and there is a customer site at the bottom. A story like a hard radar It ’s a little different story, but that mystery is happening for some reason. That mystery It seems that this is the reason why I looked closely at things like errors There are so many different stories By consulting with your hosting company I thought there were quite a few things that I could only understand. I think you should look at it Perhaps it doesn't seem to provide that much support depending on the contract I think that there are also things, so that complete answer can be obtained there I'm not sure if I can get it I think if there is something like that Just ask the hosting company as a resolution method. That's right Well that's pretty much the error 6 More people than you think Server, for example, your site has 1,000 pages Well, for example, if crawl access is the best or 20,000 That struggling radar is 0.

No matter how wrong the setting is, how good the state is After all Because it can happen in error Oh dear I don't think so much depending on the amount However, if the frequency is high or the amount is very large, it will be more serious after all. I think it's better to work on it Yes, thank you so let ’s move on to the next question A question about a screenshot of the local console search console The screen shot function newly introduced by the inspection tool to url of The google bot actually breaks in the middle of the page Can render I'd like to know if it's up to that point or for some other reason How about this? Yes, this is right If you received url, I checked the situation, but basically 8 Well, I'm probably appealing from the impression of this word.

I could n’t confirm much like Some of those eye frames are not loaded When there are a lot of images, depending on the image, it probably won't load in time In the rendering Ah There were some things that didn't seem to show the image, but basically Is it displayed? so I was studying a lot of things like that. I asked questions and asked the owners about the situation. I tried to check it, but it's certainly some. That ’s the only question you ’ll lick I agree There was something that was a bit interrupted, so I tried a lot of things, Also a Well then, it seems that you will enter next, where in this screenshot It ’s a recently implemented feature. But this is for those who performed live tests in the url inspection tool Please take this s and finished page through this html screen You can refer to the shots and other information you want to see.

This is actually the result of this live show that chromer test Well as a result of crawl google ipod html I got the html again and render it with a screenshot When this screen appears, other information ad http As a result of the quest well 20 It ’s a javascript book funeral It ’s after reading the actual file. That css of the content in that page or javascript Check if there was anything that failed to load I can, but here's a screenshot of that girl Well, it ’s a story that you ’ve seen. It looks like this when you look at the official blog for masters, but this screen Actually, if you look at this screen just now, it looks like it's cut You can sprawl But if you're out of here, it feels like you won't go down from here I want you to check in that case, how was html actually? That's important and that html in that html If you look at it, is the area that was not actually displayed properly read? How Please take a look at Well, for example, there is a text If something like the source code is loaded properly I think there is no problem However, the fact that such information is occurring is still that As I said earlier, I highly praised feedback on the search console.

Because it is recruiting Send this feedback from this page Even if the screen shot is only partially rendered, it will enter html If you report something like that, the engineer If you wait, you can improve it to fix it. If it wasn't done with that problem on that side Hmm I think I'll try to fix it, so please send me I can say it in English if possible Written in Japanese If you write details like zelkova that came tomorrow Maybe some search engineer is going to send If you ask I just opened it and got an inquiry like this. I think you will hear By all means, I would like to ask the people below to join the zelkova that came tomorrow.

Thank you for your cooperation, thank you for the integration The last question is the question about the impact of the amplifier amount 8 pages. There are pages that are not compatible with amplifiers even on a single page. If so, will the other pages be considered the sun? In addition, it is said that the page of the amplifier aspect is not indexed because it is not indexed Is true But this is the first point where both are urban legends. Whether it ’s an amplifier or not a Whether the page is correctly implemented as an amplifier is for each page page You can see Also, even if it's a safety sun page, it smells like that just an amplifier The Mariah mark says that the cache can no longer be used.

I wonder if there is such a place Sue It ’s Morse who ’s inhabited. That ’s probably Anna ’s answer. It ’s covered in front, but that ’s the story I ’ve just said, but after all. In relation to amps and indices, the second question is in a sense the date of amps 8 The page is rare because I think it can be indexed This is a bit tricky I'm sorry, but soon it's pure, so I amped it pager I thought it was an interesting amp that wouldn't be indexed. I will Rexroth What is the page for Amp 2 that you asked about? It seems that the question is that the dark wind amount will not be delivered as a page amplifier No castle species I'm a site that makes my power on the day of amps, maybe I don't know the meaning of thought The premise is that the top is written with a Karoo amp And that Umpage is for example Aso Tabasco Putting a lift or standing or putting a tag or standing Well amp expectation not amp byte ap And I made it but I wonder if this page will be destroyed in that house I think this is a question Maybe up canonical Oh well if it ’s made of lamps The page Even if it's not crisp, the amp will be invexed.

a cash That boo Patty like this It ’s okay if you can come to the background behind this I wondered why I thought this, something that happened after all, I think I got to the information Actually there is such a side effect in the situation of the site you are making, here is the kind of here If you can see if the blur is true or not, Do you think I could say more things? If there is anything, there are often sources you can write. From here on, I won't introduce you to that Ahi Sawada. That thin key was written. So that ’s why we ’re using nails and nails And also put Well, if you write it, you can say more things is I hope you will enjoy it Thank you, thank you! It is a luxury and it is a technical story such as a light in a store or a call to implement a solid drawing sound Oh ah, it seems that it's also for the junior who lives in the propen storm It ’s quite a bit catered, but it ’s actually an amp.

Aso, let ’s change today, is there today? It will be over That's it for the second floor web–the day sour is February 18th contact February 28th Thursday I'm planning this Princess Tsukino I'm a little runner Why are n’t you super moe? Because The people who played the instrument will be here Looking for lava for a while ago English version a The taste is n’t well separated, but that ’s the case at that rock amp. It's really a bit more and more in the 4th tier When you remember, that really Nyan It ’s a cold wave this year. That's right at Hemp Kamsimi. I know I'm going to leave it like a localized version of Farfalle I'm sorry but the amplifier official It ’s this event because it ’s the main body. It ’s also the first time in Asia Of course that sound It ’s the first time that it ’s the first time it ’s been held in the public. I think it ’s going to be exciting Boo boo Booby all over the world This year in the skiing ski series That ’s the case in Japan, but it ’s also down from where amp developers gather.

I really want that so If you are an engineer who is interested in amplifiers and you are not in the form of an older sister, please come by all means. I hope you can It ’s true that you ’re going to push in. That race There is a page, so there are both English and Japanese versions. There is a link like If you can register I think Kanako will be a lottery, but if you are lucky I was able to participate and now I have something to do I ’m sure there ’s 5 underers. Say someone who will be in the booth Something of me When it becomes a team of that amplifier body completely, then Well, it ’s a digression, but basically I ’m a different team. I'd like to be able to enter the venue as much as possible. After all, I wo n’t be able to meet anyone because I ’m alone. I think I ca n’t sit in the seat It ’s dark because I think it ’s probably built on the edge of Kuah. I think it ’s like it ’s really hard to wear it.

think After all this time It's been quite a while since I hadn't had 3 years since I had a fight, After all it's a little wide in Tokyo, but it ’s a really big wide I'm already aware of the site owner If it is introduced or must be introduced I feel like I'm doing something, but that house If you go to a local event and introduce an amplifier, everyone will still be that news Show me a carousel and this is not a side scroll If you flick, you can go to the next article next to it.

yet Quite elaborate yet I do n’t know it, but it ’s honest that it ’s not known to general users. I still need to know if it ’s okay Of course it would be nice to have someone who knows and chooses a fast page I think The person who made it after all, other than that it was in a situation that I did not do I think it's okay Neizui Ai knows that the components themselves and the new ones are decks That's also the case for the number of expressive powers. Well, for example, I was worried about what to do a year ago, but this function seems to be impossible Gave up There may be some people who are now able to devise a lot. The latest information I wonder if I couldn't really do it that I think it would be a good time to think about such a place. I wish that kind of thing Yes April April 17 value 8078 I'm looking forward to seeing you six, but I don't know this time Roppongi Yes, I feel like that What is it again? I ’ll tell you what ’s more Something else was like that I didn't fall What What's the relationship It ’s about search.

It ’s about inspection. I can't remember at all. It ’s kind of a little bit. A little bit I ’m a little older sister. I sometimes regret that I had a hunting team in the first half. As much as possible in the first semitone as much as possible seriously serious search after all I think it ’ll hurt qa knows I don't think it's good to slow down the flower that I want to see now I'm thinking about doing something like a little a little bit in the second half, so this is a little I ’m just thinking about it now.

If there's something like a digressive question I'd like you to talk about these topics on the 4th floor, but I can't say that on the 4th floor Because there is no a yes I don't know how to go so much, but like by That ’s what Amp Mother said about the news. It might have been better to advertise more properly Oh dear It's not the subject of the current subject, but the amp itself is not a Google service What So the stance you hit a little is a bit subtle. 5 Open Hmm Because yes I do n’t know what it ’s like today. I ca n’t remember. This is a long hit and now 52 minutes If you've just finished eating at lunch time and have seen it for a long time, you're saying hand washing It will be 1 hour and again Have a great preparation for the game [musics] Please do your best yesterday I will do my best to start a long day Thank you very much for coming in. See you again next February 28th Thank you Thank you for watching what you came in.

Thank you for watching There was Have Huh .