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Kids body language | 10 tips | Change how people see you!

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Kids body language 10 Tips Change how people see you! We all use body language to communicate. Kids do it too! The impact of your body language change how people see you We want our kids to growth confident and respectable It’s a work in progress exercise Follow me please! 1. “Let your arms aside. Free arms, like leaves when you do it you will have: hands away from pocket arms uncrossed hand away from holding the other arm hands far from wheist hands away from behind your back You look natural and confident with your free arms right? By the way, open palms (of your hands) symbolize openess and honesty.Nice!! 2.

Head facing forward You look stronger! with your head down – you look submissive with your head up – you look arrogant Facing foward you look stronger! 3. Keep your back straight You look taller! 4.keep your shoulders back you’ll breath better! 5.Open your chest! You look bigger! 6. Keep eye contact when speaking or listening to someone You will look much more confident. Strong people love that! 7. Use your real smile anytime you can. It makes wonders in most situations Not smiling with teeth all the time – plactic smile, seems forced and nervous. Your best smile will naturally come in special moments.

Try it, you’ll see! 8. Avoid repetitive small gestures with your fingers, with your feet Repetitive gestures make you look nervous. Fast moves like playing hands, scratch your nose, tap fingers, papping the feet, touching your face will not help you a lot. Just breath and relax! 9. Both feet on the floor keep your feet flat on the floor with toes pointing outwards you will realize that it will help you think better 10. Be confortable in your space. In 1 metre around you you’re the king or Queen. Remember that!.