Rush Block: Everything you need to know for Astros-Rays Game 1

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[Music] live from the KHOU 11 studios h-town rush starts right now excitement buzzing at Minute Maid this morning Game one of the LDS nearly seven hours away and we’re already getting a look at the energy starting to fill the park yeah but last night rains build it or at least tried to I don’t know if you saw that video the roof stuck halfway open yesterday as the Rays took the field to practice storms moved in maybe a good luck for us because they didn’t get a good test run womp womp womp alright so we want your take this morning how many games with a series last let us know by voting and our live survey this morning k slash vote now and we have a whole crew of Astros fans just waiting to come in to oh yeah we’re gonna get there too we’re getting ready and a whole crew of people taking today awesome work maybe the bosses as well go into the game so everybody wants to know is gonna be nice as they’re walking there and coming back you know it’s gonna be warm out there that’s probably gonna be our biggest concern we still do have some rain chances similar what we had yesterday afternoon but slightly lower a 20% chance of rain is what I’m calling it temperatures will be near 90 so make sure you’re staying hydrated drinking plenty of water because these temperatures are still above average as far as what we’re tracking for the rest of your Friday well a mix of Sun and clouds and I am still talking about a cold front that is expected to push through on Monday I’ll break down that coming up in the full forecast but how are the roads looking so far so easy drivin Erica nice steady stream of traffic in both directions this is just inside the loop on your Southwest Freeway so that Thiam bound side that’s aside heading towards the West Loop not an accident in sight there or anywhere else so the big story today is going to be let me step out of the way so you can see all the information here anybody going to the Astros game so the fan fest starts at 10 o’clock through one Crawford will be shut down like normal otherwise you can get there you can use any of the mobile apps to reserve a spot in advance you can take Houston B cycle just a couple of blocks away or the Metro Rail green or purple lines will get you there all that info on Twitter for us FK show you Xavier alright stuff thank you and not not a great way to start the LDS let’s just say the Tampa Bay Rays we’re not happy taking the field for practice yesterday after minute Maids roof got stuck they had to practice on a soggy field to prepare for Game one but the rain hasn’t dampened any of the excitement our Janelle for it is live in the Astros team store where you can start to feel the buzz already this morning – now oh yeah here you can definitely feel the buzz this year’s theme take it back and that’s exactly what the Astros are trying to do this postseason yesterday I talked to fans ahead of this first game and here’s what they had to say with the Astros in postseason for the fourth time in five years it was about time I picked up some new Stroh’s slack and I wasn’t the only one sifting through the racks don’t write what you looking for are you going to the game tomorrow know what you’d be watching right yeah what message do you have to Tampa tomorrow so we’re shopping for themselves I love coming in this story I was by my stuff down here rather than going elsewhere so very exciting exciting I love this team while others were giving the gift of orange to others my husband is going so he’s going through a game tomorrow so I’m gonna grab him to gear for his birthday how sweet in between the standard t-shirts and hats we also stumbled on some unusual San where a little something for the honeymoon [Music] and you guys are big Astros fans huge but hey however you want to support your orange and support the team [Music] of course the game starts first pitch is at 1:05 the speed for this afternoon excuse me so much excitement surrounding this of course we’ve got the fan fest before then it starts at 10:00 it’s running until 12:30 so definitely get ready put on your orange and let’s cheer for the team back to you guys in the studio so now for thank you so much this morning we want to hear from you how many games will this series last 3-4 or I’ll take all five head acacia slash boat now and let us know what you think now to some breaking news just into our newsroom Ukraine’s current prosecutor says his office will review up to 15 cases that involve the company Joe Biden’s son worked for the prosecutor added that he’s seen it no evidence of wrongdoing well of course stay on top of this story as it develops you can find the latest updates on our website at and at our mobile application you 11:00 news then right here is a live look at our breaking news this morning a massive fire rips through Northwest Harris County home killing a woman who was trapped inside we’re talking to investigators right now to get the very latest information that’s just ahead at 6:30 and in southwest Houston security guard shot on Fondren Road police say where it happened could be an illegal gambling room at last check the guard was released from surgery but is in critical condition officers tell us they aren’t sure how many people were involved in that shooting a new rush block at ease with the day’s other big story starting with lawmakers calling for change after the death of deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal dolly Walz accused killer Robert Solis was on parole during the shooting his ex-girlfriend says she told officials Solis skipped out on parole for two years state senator john Whitmire is demanding changes to how we monitor people on parole the problem is we don’t really have a designated task force the task force could happen before the next legislative session houston police are looking for two men that they say assaulted and carjacked a woman right here at this gas station the good news is those security cameras out there got a very good look at the two men now Crimestoppers they’re offering up to $5,000 as a reward for any information that leads to their arrest and they’re offering tips anytime you pull up to a gas station be aware of what’s going on around you and make sure you put your valuables in the back seat and lock the car many hope an ankle monitor mistake is not a widespread problem capital murder suspect Clint Walker’s GPS monitor was removed while he was out on bond turns out a private contractor removed the monitor without telling court officials first Walker was unmonitored for two weeks before he was tracked down this week he’s back in jail now as the DA demands that any loopholes get closed the department in charge of defendant supervision has already fired the contractor involved expect to see more of a police presence at the theaters this weekend the movie Joker is out and has raised fears it might spark violence Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzales says there are no specific threats in our area mayor Turner says the city is working to bring up theme park like Astroworld back to Houston he says the company is interested in creating it we’ll learn more soon and that’s your rush block today’s big headline from here in Houston and around the world let’s know what’s happening and your neighborhood just tweet us with the hashtag H town rush