Should I correct the grammar of comments on my blog?

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Today's question comes
from Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Mortini asks, "Should I
correct the grammar on comments to my WordPress blog? Should I not approve
comments with poor grammar? Will approving comments
with grammar issues affect my page's
quality ratings?" So I wouldn't worry about
the grammar in your comments. As long as the grammar
on your own page is fine, there are people
on the internet, and they write things, and
it doesn't always make sense. You can see nonsense
comments on YouTube and other large
properties, and that doesn't mean the YouTube
video won't be able to rank. Just make sure that your
own content is high quality. And you might want to
make sure that people aren't leaving spam comments. If you've got a bot, then
they might leave bad grammar. But if it's a real person,
and they're leaving a comment and the grammar is
not slightly perfect, that usually reflects more on
them than it does on your site.

So I wouldn't stress
out about that.