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Taekook and real couple comparison (Body language kookv analysis)

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I always say that one of the biggest reasons that makes me think that Taekook have something more than just friendship is because of their body language and when I say that people always get confused over why or what I even mean by that There are hundreds of things that you can look up to when it comes to seeing what kind of relationship two people have. Is it just friendship or is it more? Based on their body language of course! but I decided to show you five main things that you can look up for when you want to look up someone’s body language and see what kind of relationship that person has with someone else.

What do you think is the most important thing when someone makes a conversation with you and you want to understand and get their message? Albert Mehrabanian from UCLA University in 1950 said that 7% of it is Verbal. It means what kind of words you use! 38 percent of it is vocal! It means the kind of voice you use or the kind of tone you have when you make that conversation and 55 percent of it is about gesture and expressions. So it means the most important part when you want to send a message to someone. It’s actually the gestures or your body language. It’s interesting to know that a lot of the things we use in body language do not come from our experiences They actually come from our DNA and were there since we were born! we found out about it by researching on people who were blind and could not actually mirror or copy other people by watching them What I’m trying to say is that not everything is about which kind of culture you’re from and even though some gestures are universal some gestures are actually different based on different cultures.

Our bodies are actually machines that don’t do anything for no reason. The smallest things we do actually have a reason so you have to think of our behaviors as a certain language if you want to be able to read it and you have to understand that most of these things happen unconsciously. So most of the times we can’t really fake it. Unless you’re a really really good actor and you’re doing it for a really good cause. Anyway now that we mentioned what but language is and why it’s important, now let’s jump into the five things I wanted to mention and see if it fits with taekook or not. The fifth thing I want to mention is that if you are interested in someone or if you are a couple with someone your body is always hyper aware of them and wants to stay close to them or wants to do most of the things you want do with them.

It’s actually very evident when it comes to the times you’re spending time with them and when you’re not spending time with them When it comes to your body it means that every time they do something you’re aware of it even if it’s something really slight or small and your body is usually toward them. Your legs are usually toward them to pay attention to them. You’re always aware of them and it’s something that I’ve seen with taekook a lot And it’s not the only thing even their moods change extremely when it comes to the times that they’re together and when it comes to the times that they’re not. For example if yousee the times that they sit at fan signs they’re always goofing around. Just joking around and they’re always happy and smiley but there are times that they don’t and you can see that they get silent and not as hyped as before. Especially when it comes to Jungkook. Or when they are at award shows and they sit together and goof around all the time.

They are happy and they’re not even faking it but when it comes to the times that they are not together you can see that the usual hype is not there most of times. I’m not saying all the time, most of times. For example in here or here Jungkook is literally sulking In this one and not just these. They usually plan things ahead just to spend time with each other..

For example they try to spend as much time as possible with each other when they want to be in the same team or when they want to listen to the same music and tell each other about their day or about anything else The most obvious thing about this is when one of them knows about the little things that the other one does but everyone else doesn’t know because they really pay attention to them all the time There is a saying that says when you love someone and when you feel comfortable with them a lot, they feel like home! And that’s the kind of thing I see with them because it seems like when they are together they seem very relaxed, very comfortable and very very happy.

Of course this one is not just limited to people who are a couple.It can be a very very very very close friendship but just pay attention that this is something that is really necessary for couples as well. When you are with someone you want to be “us” with them not “me and you” that’s why it’s important for your body to always pay attention to them and want to do things together with them most of the times The fourth thing that I want to mention is when you are a couple with someone or when you’re just interested in someone your eyes keeps falling on some certain part of their body. You can also say that you start checking them out in certain ways. Even if you’ve lived with them for a very long time, there are times that your eyes just… y’know? Goes on some certain places! And even though Taehyung and Jungkook had been living together for a very long time, there are still times you can just see the way they check each other out. For example they look at each other up and down even though they’re not really doing it for the camera.

Or when their eyes keeo, Y’know? looking at each other’s butt or something or even groping each other. Or getting so flustered when they talk about how pretty or handsome or good-looking the other one is I mean, sure! You can acknowledge someone being good-looking and handsome without being attracted to them but at the same time when it comes to checking them out and get a really really shy or flustered when you talk about them, it gets a little bit strange to be just friendship because your body is showing signs of attraction! And this is something that I see a lot with Taehyung and Jungkook Change of voice and posture is the third thing I want to mention. I want you to imagine yourself next to your crush.

How would you behave around them? One of the things people usually do is trying to show their best sides to their significant other. Boys usually deepen their voices to sound more muscular They stand in a very straight way and try to look sexy and desirable by pushing out their chests and showing off their arms etc. Some people get very competitive and try to do the best in everything in front of the people they like This is something I see in taekook a lot The second thing I want to mention is something that I’ve already mentioned before but it’s very very important when it comes to couples. When a couples are in their early stage of courtship, it’s common to see them behave with synchronous movements, almost as if there are dancing! For example when one of them takes a mouthful of food and something like this happens or he begins a sentence and the other one finishes it for him. Or subconsciously they end up copying each other or mirroring each other or doing things that the other one is thinking about doing.

It’s very strange but it actually happens with couples or family members and it’s not just that! Some couples even start looking like each other. When you live with someone for a very very long time and you’re very close to them, you start looking like them because you keep mirroring each other’s expressions and that’s why over time your muscle starts forming the same way as your significant other.

You could say that could be the reason why lately Taehyung and Jungkook look really similar because over time they kept trying to mirror each other’s expressions they just ended up looking like each other. Or why sometimes they don’t even need to talk for the other one to understand them or why they keep finishing each other sentences or why they have the same habits or why every time something happens they end up reacting the same way. The first thing I want to mention and in my opinion the most important one is personal space. Everyone have a bubble zone that determines how close people can get to them based on where they grow up People who grow up in populated places like Japan and Korea usually need smaller bubble zones.

We actually have four different zones in this bubble The furthest one is our public or out audience zone which is usually 3.6 meters or even more. But when we get closer then we get to our social zone Which is for strangers or people we just walk pass. It’s usually 1.2 to 3.6M Then when we get closer we get to our friend or personal zone which is where our friends or family or other people can get close to us and it’s usually around 46 centimeters to 1.2 meters but when it gets even closer than that it goes to or intimate zone. It’s usually the zone we share with people we are very very very close to or we are actually intimate with.

People like our family or pets or someone who is really extremely close to us and we don’t even mind getting intimate with them. Korean people tend to let some people who are very close to them inside their intimate zone but even they have some limits. First thing about limits is that they might let them get in but they don’t stay for long and it doesn’t happen all the time and if they can they actually try to avoid and still take some distance y’know? And there are few things that can determine what kind of relationship some people have. One of those things is the distance between hips When two people embrace each other That’s what I mean when I say that skinship is normal in Korea but everything has a limits because even though you see people embracing each other all the time, you usually don’t see their hips pressed against each other.

And you don’t see them kissing each other. Actually, do you remember this? Do you remember when Hoseok was trying to kiss jungkook’s neck. I want you to pay attention to his body language. As you can see he tried to just get away from the hold. That’s what I’m saying, even though this kind of things happens but when it comes to normal interactions there are always limits. Taehyung is actually one of the people who talks about the limits, for example do you remember when he told Jimin that he’s a pervert because he kept touching hips without even noticing and then right after that Jungkook kept pressing his hand on his hips and keeping it there and Taehyung didn’t care about that even though before that he already said that, that was kind of a limit. Or the other time when he said that two people holding hands is kind of strange for just two friends and then you can see him holding Jungkook’s hand all the time or when he was asked to kiss jin on his cheek and he refused, he said he really doesn’t want to do it.

But only a few months before it he kissed jungkook’s scar on his cheek and no one even told him to do it, actually all the members were like yeah are you sure you want to do that? When it comes toJungkook he is not really the one who initiate it that much compared to all the members but when it comes to it actually happening he’s the one who permits it most of times. For example do you remember this scene? At first when he felt someone right at the back of his neck he looked really shocked and everything and then he looked at his side and he relaxed when he saw Taehyung behind him. That’s what I mean when I say personal space Even though Korean people tend to be very touchy and everything which is cool and it’s totally oka, when Taehyung and JungKook are like that with others, but even they have limits and you just have to see their limits Personally and when you look it up, you can see that those limits don’t exist between Taehyung and Jong Kook.

It just only exists between them and other people. As I mentioned there are hundreds of other ways you can just guess if two people are together or not based on their body language or behavior but to me these five things were very interesting, so I wanted to share it with you because it was fun! What I told you are based on different researchers on different universities but also my personal observations on body language so just remember that this is just another analysis and theory video It’s just I always try to pay attention to their bodies and how they react and they seem to speak volume to me They don’t seem to speak the same language they speak with other members It sounds more intimate!.