Watch Your Mouth (ft. Suzy and Ryan) – Ten Minute Power Hour

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*Introduction Music Plays* *Arin clears throat* *silence* Arin: Oh, uh… Welcome to the 10-Minute Power Hour. Dan: Hello! Welcome to the 10-Minute Power Hour! Arin: Uh… My name’s Arin. Dan: I’m Dan. Arin: Dan’s, here… Dan: Hello. Arin: You’re Dan. Dan: I do. Dan: I am. Arin: *giggles* Arin: I- I do, Dan? Dan: I’m sorry, I do take myself… Arin: Well, I do too.

Dan: … to be my lawfully wedded self. Arin: Aww. *Brief silence* Arin: Dan, do you want to know what we’re doing today? Dan: More than anything in this world! Arin: We’re having an activity. Dan: What?! Arin: Yeah… Dan: That’s crazy! Arin: Well, first of all I wanna shout-out this… Arin: You can go buy this… This is for sale, right? Suzy: Yeah, it’s for sale at! Arin:, it’s a KKG shirt! Suzy:! Arin: It’s uh, hunting clothes. Suzy: It’s a limited edition summer tanktop! Arin: What the fuuuuck? Dan: It’s so smooth… Arin: Are you touching me? Suzy: I didn’t knew you brought it today, and I’m very touched! Arin: Aww… Suzy: Thank you for wearing it! Arin: Well I love you! Suzy: I love you too! Dan: *THROWING UP NOISE* Arin: THESE ARE KKG SOCKS ALSO AVAILABLE AT SUZY’S… STORE… Suzy: That was at psychiccircleoddities! Arin: PSYCHICCIRCLEODDITIES.COM! Suzy: This is turning into a… Suzy: … commercial… I didn’t mean for this…

Arin: Look, I just fuckin’ wanted to support my god damn wife, ok? Suzy: Thank you, thank you. *giggles* Arin: Jesus… Dan: By the way, thank you for not… Uh, getting rid of this today. I really appreciate it. Arin: Yeah, no problem… … But don’t you remember a time, where they WEREN’T here? *Flashback harp sequence* Arin: They’re gone… Because this is a memory. Dan: *gasp* Oh wow! How meta! Arin: The whole episode is now a memory… … that I’m having at the beginning of the episode. Dan: This is a prequel to the next episode. Which is now. Arin: Guess what we’re doing today, Dan! Dan: What’s up, buddy? Arin: We’re doing ONE OF THESE! Dan: WATCH YA MOUTH! Arin: IT’S CALLED “WATCH YA MOUTH”, BABY! It’s what all the kids on the YouTube are doing! Dan: Are you telling me this is THE authentic “guess-what-I’m-saying-mouthguard-party-game”? *giggles* Arin: Yeah…! You ca- *laughs* You can say such phrases as “diapers full of poop”! And… “warm beef meatballs!’ Dan: And “bible cook club”! Both: “Bible book club”.

Dan: Sorry, sorry. I mean, I’d go to either one. Arin: Although, bible… cook club sounds delicious. Dan: Yeah, engh. *Dan grunting* See, this is what happens when you vaporize the scissors with memory power. Arin: I didn’t… They’re gone… I REMEMBERED THEM BACK! Dan: OH MY GOD! Thank you, Suzy. Suzy: Yeah, of course! Arin: Oh, you already… Dan: I did it. I did it. But it’s good we have those! Arin: Ok… *Dan shakes the box* Arin: Hold on! Dan! Do you remember a time where the scissors WEREN’T here? *Another flashback harp sequence* Dan: Alright, cool, that’s out of the way.

Arin: Well, so now this is a memory that was within the memory that we just had… Dan: Yeah, g-god it’s Inception-style. Just an entire stack of questions exclusively about the muppet babies. Arin: This is some BULLSHIT right here. This is… some bull- This is some… Dan: Remember when this WASN’T bullshit? *yet another harp flash-* Arin: *giggles* Dan: It didn’t work. It didn’t work… Hello! And welcome back! It’s now time! Arin: Suzy’s on my team… Suzy: That’s right.

Arin: … and Ryan’s on your team. Dan: Correct. *high five* Arin: Uhhh, we have to put these in our mouths… Well, whoever’s playing does… And then flip this over, which is 60 seconds… I think. And then, draw a card, and… and then say the words. Suzy: It’s an earthquake Dan: Tell me when to start it. Dan: Oh… Oh. Arin: Is it supposed to be the long end or the short end? Suzy: I.. I think it goes down… Dan: Alright, just stuff it in there. Suzy: … according to the picture. Dan: Ohhh yeah. Oh, that’s sexy. Suzy: Aw, babe… Dan: So hot… Suzy: We need to get your teeth whitened. Dan: *laughs* Arin: What do ya think? Dan: *laughs more* Arin: Do yew think I look sexee? Suzy: Give Ryan a kiss! Ryan: We- we can…

*laughter* *Arin dying* Dan: 3… 2… 1… GO! Arin: Warleeleelaw. (?) *laughter* Suzy: Can you say that again? Arin: Warleeleelaw! (?) *more laughter* Suzy: I’m gonna get gone? Arin: AGH AEHGH WAAR, EOUGHAAAARGH *cough* *laughter* Suzy: Say it, don’t spray it, Jesus… Arin: AUGH *even more laughter* Arin: EYOARRRRR *laughing* Suzy: Your? Arin: NO *laughter* Arin: WAAAR… EE EEE AUGH… FHUCK IT Arin: Gray caggie grive winnega- *alot of laughter* Arin: Gray caggie grive winnagagos RAYYYYYY Suzy: Ready? Arin: RAYYYYYYYYY *stroke* lego HIXARUEY RAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY Suzy: It’s like you’re speaking another language… Arin: Hold on. Dan: Oh wait, this isn’t out, this- Suzy: BRAVE CABBIES DRIVE WINNEBAGOS… Dan: And the first one was warm beef meatballs. Arin: LAAAR GEE HEE HAW Suzy: Oh… It’s wet… Alright, good luck, good luck Dan! Arin: I used the s- I uh- this is a smaaw one. This is the big one. That’s why it kept falling out of my mouth. Dan: Ew. Suzy: It’s ok, we’ll get the next round. Dan: Alright, Arin, work that uh… Ryan: Augh. Ryan: God. Arin: This way? There we go. Dan: Perfect! Dan: So gorgeous! Ryan: Thank yo- Dan: 3, 2, 1, Go! Ryan: Da fahtenning gloree uf a zig zag and shries.

Dan: The fattening glory of a Big Mac and fries? Ryan: 100% correct! Dan: YES! Suzy: The fuck? Ryan: A fickle jar… whoo uf fars. Dan: A pickle jar… Two of fours? Say it again? Ryan: Full… of… lars. Dan: Fu- Oh, a pickle jar full of… Lars? Flies? *RETCH* Ryan: Larsh. Dan: Barf…? Ryan: Oh, yeah… Dan: YEAH! Arin: FUCKIN’… WHATEVER! THIS SUCKS! Ryan: Dere is a loss… In my chassi. Dan: There’s a loss in my chassi? Ryan: Dere’s a hwaaaspp…

Dan: There’s a wasp… Both: In… my… Ryan: Chessi. Dan: Chessi. *Ryan’s mouthguard flies off* Dan: Bessie. Ryan: FUCK. Dan: AWWWW… Ryan: SORRY! *laughter* Dan: I’m… drenched. Oh okay, it’s- we’re done. We got two points. *angry table slammy* Arin: WHAT THE FUCK YOU GOT TWO POINTS THAT’S BULLSHIT WE’RE DOING IT AGAIN GO! *wheezing* Arin: RA RA YEE YA Suzy: … la la ree la? Arin: RA RA YEE YA Suzy: MAMMA MIA! Arin: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS *clapping* Arin: GASH DA DASANI AN USTARD SHEEE Suzy: Come on Arin, work with me here… Both: Pass… The… Pastrami… Both: And… Mustard… Please… *NOT CALM* Arin: SCUBA DIVING HOR ALUININUM HEHHLES Suzy: Scuba diving, and then what? Dan: Time’s up. I’m sorry. Suzy: We got two! Danny: Yeah! Suzy: We got two! Arin: Heyw, fwe tied. Dan: What was it? Ryan: Dude, nice job. Suzy: I wouldn’t have gotten that anyway. Arin: ??? *high five* Suzy: These are so hard… Arin: Brave cabbies drive winnebagos. Far out floutists? I’d skip that one. Dan: Yeah. Dan: I’m actually gonna throw up. From listening to Ryan like, slurp. Ryan: … We’re on the same team.

Dan: It’s probably comfortable. Ryan: I was like putting it in and it was like, it was just… Dan: Oh god… *laughs* Suzy: Dan, you don’t wanna try putting one on? Ryan: Dan, come on. Dan: It actually is making me super nauseous. Ryan: G- uh, you gotta try it though. Suzy: Can we try out the kid-sized- Arin: BUP BUP BUP BUP BUP BUP BUP DUT DAT DOO DOO DOO DAT DUT DAT DUT DUT Ryan: A fine ree-uh just hit my faic! Dan: A fine meatball just hit my face… A FLYING meatball just hit my face! Ryan: Correct! Arin: What the fuck…? Ryan: Ok, harro a fabulous! Dan: Uh… H-Ha-Harrold the Fabulous? Ryan: Higher, owels are fabulous. Dan: Higher laws are fabulous? Ryan: Hiyer aals! Are… fabulous- Dan: Fireballs! Fireballs are fabulous. Ryan: Yes! Dan: Ok! Ryan: I hwant a hay-hee hyack wris! Dan: I want the baby-back ribs…? Ryan: I HWANT MY HAY-HEE HYACK RIDS Dan: Oh! I want my baby ribs! Ryan: Haha, woo! Dan: *laughs* Dan: Quickly, quickly! Ryan: Uh, uh…

Hainting in hink hajamas! Dan: Paint-painting in pink pajamas! *Arin freaks out* Ryan: HUMPERNICKEL AND HICKLE SANDWICHS Dan: Pumpernickle and pickle sandwiches! Suzy: This is not- *Arin freaks out more* Dan: He’s outstanding! Arin: ???? Danny: We’re out of time, we’re out of time. We’re out of time. *clap clap* Danny: Wow. Arin: He got, like, 17 points Ryan: … Ladies. Dan: *laughs* Dan: Final round? Arin: Final round? You guys are… You’re winning. Dan: Are we done? Arin: I can’t beat that… *Arin and Ryan sing the Alphabet song beautifully* Arin: Would you still love me if I looked like this? Suzy: Yes. Arin: Aww. Ryan: That’s really nice. Ryan: I’m really happy for you two. Family Portrait! *camera noises* Dan: Sorry. Suzy: Yeah. Well I’m just gonna go. *Ryan falls off chair* Danny: Wait, aren’t you and Ryan gonna… Ryan: I can take this off now, right? Dan: Thank you guys- yeah, yeah! Or wear it out, whatever you feel comfortable with! Ryan: Do you want it? CLANK Dan: Thank you so much to our guests, The lovely Ryan, and the beautiful Suzy, as an added bonus we’re gonna watch Arin eat some stuff, uhh, while wearing the mouthguard.

Which might actually be the most disgusting thing we’ve ever done on this channel. *We’ll be right back* *struggling* Dan: *laughs* *Even more struggling* Dan: Ok, alright, uh I’ll put it further back in. Arin: ??? Dan: This is… … hard to watch… *laughs* *more laughter* Ryan: You ever tried giving a dog a pill? *laughter* Dan: Tucker’s just shaking his head.. Arin: *dying* CRONCH *laughter* *more laughter along with some crunching* Arin: UH UH UHHH SHOOOOOO GOOD Dan: Ok, Arin? Those look pretty good.

So, let’s finish it off… *crunching and laughing* Suzy: Oh no… Suzy: You’re doing great. Dan: Tilt your head back and close your throat. Arin: MMMMMM… Arin: MORE!!!!!!!!!! Dan: JESUS CHRIST ARIN, FINE FUCK! ALRIGHT! Arin: MOOOOREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *a shitload of candy falls onto the table* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *laughter* *more laughter* Arin: I think I maybe ate the equivalent of 2 M&M’s… *laughter* Suzy: Would you look at the floor? Arin: UH OHHHHH, SPAGHETTI O’S Suzy: … Who’s cleaning this up…? Dan: We all do. Suzy: No… I hope you enjoy their content and the subtitles. Again, thank you for watching the video and I love you. – Sheep (BINARY: sleeplikeapillowdownward).