Technique de vente – Les 10 qualités pour devenir un excellent commercial et réussir dans la vente

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Wondering how to sell more and better, and how do best sellers to be as successful. What are the secrets and techniques of sales of these salespeople arriving to sell 2 times, 5 times, 10 times more than the others. In this video, you will discover the 10 qualities of the best sellers … and I have a surprise for you: I will tell you how, you too, you can work these 10 qualities to put them to good use in your own business. Hello, I am Jean-Pierre Giraud, founder of New Cape and the successful blog In this video I will present the 10 qualities to succeed in the sale and become an excellent salesperson.

To structure my presentation, I have them grouped into 3 levels. This will allow you to observe that these qualities are superimposed to each other, and in fact they form a real DNA chain. The first level, these are three truly driving qualities, which lead to open all doors, especially to win prospecting! Among them, the very first quality of the commercial relies on their “engine” inside ; and in this engine there is a chromosome called ambition! That is to say, a strong desire for success, success, recognition and achievement. So that mixes to both the quest for a certain level of economic comfort and the quest for a certain level of personal fulfillment. Top sellers here have a motor with a couple particularly powerful, and which especially never breaks down. The second quality is indispensable, it is: to love the human relations and especially to love going to meet people. A good sales person is a person who likes people and applies to be loved by them. The good commercial is truly inhabited by a relational enthusiasm that propels it towards the clientele. He is totally aware that it is in the human relationship that the buyer’s trust takes root.

The third quality, again indispensable, is the one that leads to the meeting, then let the other begin by saying no to you! It is called pugnacity. But it’s called also perseverance or determination … It is made of capacity to expand of adversity, of positive vision, sometimes of humility, sometimes of strength of conviction, but above all, the ability to always fall back on one’s feet. The second level, these are four qualities that sell, and that really explode everything … They dramatically increase all processing rates. It’s for that the very good salesmen, the very good sellers can do X times the figure business of others! The first of these qualities is to be centered on the other.

The good salesman is attentive, attentive, open. And being focused on his client, it makes him want to indulge. The good commercial forgets here his products and his proposals, to give a real space to his client. This one feels then caught, he lets go and he likes that. It is with this harvest of information that the good salesmen will make feats! The second quality is that which illuminates the customer’s path. There it is a question the right questions. In fact, the questions, added to the listening, allow to make a perfect discovery of the customer’s needs. This allows to go to meet his explicit, implicit or even non-conscious needs. Skilled use of questions allows to clarify the context, the key actors, the choice criteria and to identify the real decisional issues. Mastery of discovery is one of the biggest top commercial strengths.

The third quality is to be fast ! Fast in both reflection and action. Fast in the reflection, it is for example visualize and propose very quickly a solution track that will make fly in front of the stakes to satisfy. Fast in action, it’s obviously responsive and deal hot business. For a prospect or a customer, responsiveness is synonymous with professionalism, respect and efficiency.

This is because top salespeople are quick and responsive, and they are largely ahead of others. The fourth quality is really consecutive to the previous 3, it’s the fact of being relevant. Relevance is about getting things right from the start. This is the ability to make a judicious link between the first information collected and the proposed solution track. It combines a good global vision, analysis, and logic.

It’s actually this degree of finesse that will seduce the customer because he will immediately measure the profitability for him. Result: he no longer commits to an expense, but to an investment with a real return on investment. Now, let’s move on to the third and last level. The third and last level are 3 qualities that make it effective. They increase both working comfort and performance. Basically they allow by working less … to earn more! The best sellers apply on a daily basis. This is what allows them to optimize each of their movement, and produce great effects, with little effort. The first of these qualities is to be organized because the trade is extremely rich.

He understands the knowledge of his products, the market, the competition, as well as many operations such as prospecting, qualifying, taking appointments, to move in clientele, to discover its customers, to establish proposals, to revive, negotiate, conclude, exploit his portfolio, manage the after-sales service, follow his mails, carry out his reporting, lots of things! And here, a key word: the organization! In fact it is the rigor and method that will save time, be effective, be powerful, and of course to climb the markets of success. The second quality is to train daily. Those who reach the podium top sellers are people who train a lot. I compare them regularly to athletic athletes, virtuosos who play a musical instrument. Athletes are constantly training to progress. The musicians make their scales every day. I, believe me, met tens of thousands of commercials and I’m sure that the best are people who keep on perfecting their skills, then their talents. Moral: Do you want to become a sales champion? So do you train everyday ! The third quality is not to work alone. It’s knowing how to exploit all the resources that are around we.

The top salesman knows how to solicit his Sales Manager, his secretary, his colleagues, marketing, support functions, its prescribers, its former customers and its former colleagues, his personal relationships, that is, his whole network of relationships. One can easily understand that whoever uses all these leverage arms runs a lot faster than the one who works alone! In conclusion, I invite you to self-evaluate on these ten essential qualities … download for free below your evaluation grid. It will allow you to identify where your priorities are; you will know what to work on first to increase your commercial efficiency. If you know a colleague or friend who might be interested in this video, send him or her the link, it will please him … and it will please me too! And especially, remember to click on the button I like and subscribe to my channel youtube, to receive all my next videos. I wish you good luck and I tell you see you soon ! .

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