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$0 To 7-Figure Digital Marketing Agency In 2020 – Step-by-Step

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In this video I'm going to break down how you can start and grow a seven-figure social media marketing agency so if you guys are looking to start one completely from scratch from ground zero or if you already have a Digital marketing agency and you're looking to scale it up to the next level I'm gonna break down three core strategies and tips as far as client acquisition goes and then I'm also gonna break down what the team structure looks like because I think those are the two most important things when you're going through and building out a Social media marketing agency as far as running ads for clients. It's really not that difficult the tougher thing is really that team structure and how to actually acquire those clients at every stage of your business's lifecycle and if you guys stick with me here to the end of this video I'll break down exactly how I grew my marketing agency from zero to over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars per month and This year.

We actually even hit two hundred and twenty five thousand dollars in just one single month And so I'll break down the exact structure as far as client acquisition at each point in the lifecycle of your business as well as that team growth and also because at the very beginning when you start this It's gonna highly revolve around you you're gonna have to do the sales the fulfillment every single part of the business You're gonna be wearing multiple hats and then I want to show you guys how you can actually transition yourself out of the business Potentially one day now. I personally I could work literally the 4-hour workweek like Tim Ferriss says But I don't want to because one I enjoy what I'm doing And we're also building something a lot bigger than just a marketing agency We're building a full-on real estate marketing lead generation CRM software. So let me break down I've got this whiteboard out here where it's just kind of like with a white sheet of paper I guess and So we'll break down every single step.

So first and foremost guys at first you're gonna be starting out is just a solo entrepreneur Okay, so we'll draw a little stick figure here so this is just you and like we talked about guys you're going to be doing literally every piece of the business the client acquisition the sales the fulfillment and The thing is is if you're starting a digital marketing agency You have to learn to get sales nailed down. I'm one that I absolutely hate sales. I don't love it I was actually listening to a grant cardone YouTube video the other day As I was kind of doing some other things and he was talking about how he doesn't even like sales and you think of him As kind of the sales guys, but he knows that sales have to happen in order for his business to actually run. So With this whole model everything we're gonna break down you just have to kind of get that into your head where you're going to become the sales person and Down here is step three We're going to show you guys how you can actually leverage out the sales but at no point, can you start out thinking? Oh, I'm just gonna leverage out the sales You have to become the sales person or else this is all gonna crumble right before your eyes So first you're going to be this solo entrepreneur right here starting your marketing agency And the first thing we need to do before we even acquire clients is we need to pick a niche now I know this sounds like super routine and just everyone says ah, you know pick a niche and then scale from there But it's a hundred percent accurate a few years ago when I was first starting my own digital marketing agency I was basically all things to all people.

I was like, you know, you're a real citizen. Yes. I'll work with you You're an insurance agent of course dead tennis the chiropractor basically because I felt like I just needed money and so I was gonna I was willing to take on any and every single client and because I served everyone I Didn't serve anyone right and that's when my business was really struggling And it wasn't until I saw some really good results in the real estate Agent the residential real estate agent market and I said, you know what? I'm just gonna focus on this and I'm gonna say no to other every other opportunity every other industry And just do residential real estate that I finally saw my business start to really grow and really scale within 90 days I went from basically zero to $25,000 in just 90 days and that's because a big part of this is going through and leveraging past Testimonials and past case studies, which we're gonna get to here in just a second But the first thing and also I know most of YouTube videos you don't really need to do this but I highly recommend getting out a pen and paper and kind of breaking this things these things down because I'm literally going to show you guys step by step everything you need to do what the business looks like from What the team looks like the client acquisition? so get out a pen and a pad of paper if you're serious about this and Take some of these notes so that you can refer back to is your kind of make making your plans or the next several months Of how to grow taking a look at where you're at in each step of this process and then going from there Okay So once you have the snitch nailed down what you want to do is you want to leverage because obviously at this point we haven't really probably made any money and so We don't really have a lot of money to go through and invest in advertising to acquire clients So what we're gonna do is we're gonna leverage Facebook We're gonna leverage LinkedIn and then also we're gonna do like let's say we'll save events And what I mean by events, that's not going to these big events and paying all this money This is more like social events Right or little networking events in your community in your area where you can go through and connect with different people That are going to be your potential clients So what I'm what I'm saying by Facebook and LinkedIn you're gonna make an initial post and you're gonna say something like hey I am helping real estate agents go through and generate more leads or whatever niche market You're going to go through and service, but I highly recommend real estate agents And the reason why is because one every single person knows a real estate agent You're either related to one or you got a friend that's one and if for some reason you're thinking well I don't know any well You definitely have a friend or a family member that know somebody so as far as working your warm market this you're definitely going to be able to find a real estate agent that that you know, and you can actually go through and start running ads for so basically you're gonna go to Facebook and LinkedIn and just make a you know post on your personal profile and say hey Look, I'm starting a digital marketing agency and I'm gonna help real estate agents generate more lead I'm looking for a few clients just to give it a trial run you don't have to pay me whatsoever So you're not going to be receiving money for probably the first 7 to 14 days I don't really want to make a trial to go for a full 30 days because that's a long time and you're gonna be Suffering from now if you're working with let's say five clients for 30 days and you're not making any money It's not going to be any fun so you only want to do it for seven to 14 days and they're gonna pay a hundred percent of the ad spend and a lot of people I've actually made a video very similar to this of How to go through and start from going from zero to ten thousand dollars per month this one I'm gonna show you guys how you can get to one hundred thousand dollars per month and beyond that but a lot of people in That video they said well, you know who pays for the ads spin and all that stuff in a trial You don't want to be paying for the ad spend There's nothing that could be taking your business worse than you paying for that ad spend So you're gonna bring them on it's a hundred percent free client They're gonna pay for the ad spend you're gonna get access to their ads account Which really isn't that hard to go through and get access to their ads account and then they have their credit card on file So you're not footing any bill here and then from these posts right here on Facebook and LinkedIn Usually you can get a few people that are reaching out to you Messaging you or at least now your friends know and so they'd be like, oh they might tag a friend that's a real estate agent or you know, even if you're in the dental market or chiropractic market Whatever market you're in They'll tag people that they know and that's why I highly recommend the real estate niche just because there's so many people That are real estate agents and so many people know real estate agents if you're watching this like well Jason Why would you say this because won't I be competing with you? Yeah You will be competing me with me.

But like the reality is there's over two million real estate agents in the United States alone So I've got the mentality guys that there's definitely enough to go around like each one of us can have a thousand real estate agents and there's still be well over a million people to go through and service so That that's a big thing right there and also a lot of times real estate agents or business owners just in general they want to work with somebody that is Local to their market somebody that they can talk to maybe they know they can meet with in person And so like obviously I can't meet with every one of my clients in person, but that's obviously not my model But that's where you know like as far as like competition and you know Oh, well, like would I be competing? And would that be bad for your business? It really doesn't matter there Okay, so we're gonna go through we're gonna post on Facebook LinkedIn and then if we're going to any like parties or networking events Or anything like that So when we're at these parties we were wanting to keep it simple a lot of times when people talk about their business They go through and they talk about it for two minutes long Sometimes I can say hey, what do you do? They talk about it for two minutes at the end of it.

The person's for sure zoned out They don't they're not listen to you at all and to their ask themselves What does that person really do? And so what we want to do is just say something like hey My name is Jason Wardrop and I help real estate agents generate leads and then if they said oh I know usually what happens when I say that is it like oh I've got a buddy That is a real stage and I should connect you to that happens almost every single time I tell people that so it's very simple.

Hey, my name is Jason Wardrop Okay, so state your name they say I help so I helped blank. So if it's real estate agents dentists chiropractors Whatever business it is I help real estate agents. And then what do you help them do? Generate leads grow their business, you know set more appointments. So I say generate and qualify leads Because a lot of times especially when I'm talking to a real estate agent like, okay Well anyone can generate leads, but I want qualified leads. So I kind of like throw that in there so very Simply put you talk to people at events. Maybe they're not a real estate agent But usually they know a real estate agent and guys I'm just using real estate agents as an example of starting your marketing agency You don't have to go through and start in this specific industry, but that's where that's the industry. I'm in I love it, and it's very profitable But obviously there's other markets you can go through and maybe if you've already started your marketing agency You can continue in that niche as well.

Okay? So once we go through and we're all by yourself, we're posting on these different networks, and we're attending events We're getting some of our first clients at this point. We want to get to about five to ten paying customers Okay. So after the 7 to 14 day trial you should be getting some decent results and from those results These people are turning into actual paying customers Now, what do we charge these people at first? Okay Well after the first 7 to 14 days, you can charge what you feel comfortable with But I want to charge anything less than $500 per month I would shoot for more than 1000 to 1500 dollars per month, but sometimes if your skills not fully there and you don't feel confident charging your friends or family or anything like that a thousand of $1500 per month then maybe you're in the 500 to $750 range for these first couple of clients But then as we move on and when you gain more skills we're gonna increase the amount that we're actually charging people to a thousand of 1,500 because if you think about it, if You're working.

Let's say with real estate agents or with dentists or whatever it is You got to think about how much they're gonna make once a closed deal goes through Okay So a dentist when they acquire a new patient, how much can they potentially make over the lifespan of that patient? And so based off of that how much are they willing to go through? And invest into marketing advertising to acquire that new client the same thing with real stages The average real estate agent makes five to fifteen thousand dollars per closed transaction And so if they're making five to fifteen thousand dollars and they're paying you 1,000 to 1,500 a month plus ad spend You know If you're getting one new closed deal for them every single month and you're if they're paying you let's say fifteen hundred bucks And you're bringing in $5,000 or $10,000 or even more? It's totally worth it for them and they're gonna be totally wanted to stick with you and continue doing business.

Okay? So for these first couple maybe it's a little bit lower in that five hundred seven hundred fifty dollar range but once we go through and get our first couple of clients you want to obviously continue posting on Facebook and LinkedIn and Talking to people at events So we don't want to stop this because that's a great organic way to grow our business And once we actually start seeing results Those are some of the posts I loved making on Facebook and LinkedIn about a case study or success story and that can easily bring in a lot more business and if we're doing these like let's say Once a month you're able to just organically naturally have that growth there Okay, so step number two. Once you have these first couple of clients, we're gonna go to What is called a case study so we'll just put CS video All right So what this is is we're gonna start running a little bit of advertising Dollars because the idea is we've we've got some clients who are making some money But we're gonna invest that money back into the business in to advertise to acquire new clients now We don't have to spend a lot of money could be five to ten dollars per day But the way this looks right here is we're gonna have a lead magnet That we're gonna say hey get this case study of how this real estate agent Did whatever right so it could be a real stage It could be a dentist could be whatever but they're gonna opt in to go through and see this case study this value video if you want to call it and Then on this next page you are going to have let me just draw this out really quick You're gonna have this video talking about what you've done for these real estate agents But we're just going to continue with the real estate example just to make it simpler So now I have to talk about all the different industries here But what you've done for them and then down here, you're gonna have a button That is going to pop up after probably about five minutes into the video So they actually have to watch a certain amount of the video.

So pop up five minutes after the video Inviting them to schedule a phone call with you. Okay, so now they're gonna click on this and this is gonna take them to a page where they go through and they can schedule a Call with you. Okay, so they could go like there's a lot of software's out there their schedule wants there's calendly I like to use calendly a lot of people like scheduled wants there's a lot of other ones out there where it can go through syncing with your calendar and Syncing with their calendar and they can choose a date and time that you're available they're available and all that So it's all great and then after they choose a date and time what we're gonna do is Take them to an application right here Because the worst thing that you want you can do is go through and have a lot of people opt-in a lot of people sending appointments with you and then them not showing up or You get on a phone call and there are a hundred percent not qualified.

They don't have money. They're really just getting started They don't they don't know how to go through a new business. So you're just wasting a ton of your time So that's why I want to take them through a little bit of an application process here about you know How many deals do they do every single month? How long have they been in business? Okay, few these key things to find out if it's actually worth your time to go through and talk with them on the phone Okay.

So this is the second step right here is Facebook ads so we'll just put this right here. We'll put Facebook Facebook app – a case study value video opt-in so this is gonna be a lead magnet But they're just gonna put in their name and their email. We don't need their phone number quite yet Okay, and then we're gonna send them to the value video We're gonna explain about what we do for them and guys, we're not selling Facebook ads Even though we might be starting a Facebook marketing agency Nobody cares about Facebook Ads all they care about our leads and close deals Okay, the best thing for any business the the end goal is sales is to make money And so if they don't care about the way that they make money They just want to make money and so kind of taking a step back from the sales part is lead generation.

They need leads They need appointments. So this is the same thing that you need you need bleeds right here You need appointments and then after the appointment, that's when you make the sales we kind of look at this from your business point of view and we look at their business and You don't care about Facebook ads, but you care about them because you know, it can generate you leads, but you have a deeper understanding Then the average business owner, right? So they're like, okay. I just need leads. I need appointments on any sales I need sales and the way that I'm going to get sales Appointments and the way I'm going to get appointments is leads and I don't care how I get those leads I just need them if I'm gonna buy them from like a Trulia Zillow realtor com doesn't matter But obviously we know that we're gonna be starting a Facebook marketing agency to be able to generate those leads.

Okay? so now the thing is the reason we want to start with a case study value video like this is because our lead cost is going to be Significantly less than the next step that we're gonna take. Okay And as far as what the team looks like here, we're still going to be just a solo entrepreneur here Okay so we can go through and set this up like with the click funnels or anything like that and then once we get to about 15 to 20 clients once we get to a point where We literally are just like overload and we don't have time to do the sales.

We don't have time to do the fulfillment We don't have time to do all these different key pieces That is when you're gonna hire your first person and you're gonna have that person to be outsourced can work virtually Wherever they want to work. It doesn't matter. Most people on my team. I've actually never even met in person But I feel like I know that because we leverage zoom. We actually talk every single day We're kind of going back and forth. And so I feel like I know them all though, pretty much everyone I actually haven't even met in person. Okay, so That's what we want to do that next step. So we want to hire someone to help us with fulfillment And so at this point what we can do is we can make little short training videos showing them Exactly what we do on the fulfillment side as far as setting up the Facebook ad setting up the landing page set up the email a text marketing follow up and guys this Training is going to be used in two different ways it's going to be used to train new staff members and then second you're gonna get leads coming in here that maybe don't have the Budget to go through and work with you or they don't want somebody else to do it out themselves They want to learn how to do it themselves So now this training we can use it to train new people coming on that we're gonna be hiring Because as we grow this, we're not gonna just hire one person We're gonna keep hiring fulfillment people so that you can focus on sales And then also we can sell this training for fifty to a hundred to five hundred Dollars to these real estate agents that maybe don't want to pay us to do it But they want to still learn it or they might not have the budget.

Okay so now that's another way that we can go through and maximize our revenues from these leads that are being generated and Increase our profit margins there, okay So now we've gone through We've got this case study value video funnel setup to not only have the book appointments with us but to fill out that application So we're kind of sifting and sorting through all of these leads that are coming in all these people booking Appointments and if they're not a quality lead guys cancel the call just don't show up. Okay, so all right So at this point we've got maybe one person that's working for us and now we can go through and we can even scale up to two to three to four people now the time that we moved to this third client acquisition Model is when we have so many calls that we just can't handle all the calls that are coming in. Okay, so that that's what So we don't move to this until we get to that point.

All right, so this third one this is call all a Just in time. So JIT Webinar Okay, so we'll just say Wed right there JIT webinar so what this is is instead of them going through and opting in right here and Going to a value video which this little button that pops up to go through and schedule a call with us Doesn't show up for about five minutes. This is about a 30 to 45 minute webinar It could be 45 to 60 minutes My mind currently is about 60 minutes long, but it's an automated webinar where these people are gonna have to go through They're going to register for this webinar Okay Then they're gonna have to go through and actually watch the webinar and then instead of after five minutes this showing up This is after about 45 minutes that this call to action is showing up So they've actually gone through this entire process they've seen this whole video and at this point we go through and have them schedule a call and Then fill out the application Okay, so it's literally the same exact process the only thing is different are these first two steps and the reason why we want to go through and move to this model is Because if they have to watch like 45 minutes of our presentation before they actually schedule an appointment This is a lot higher quality lead.

They've already seen the process of what you do how you can help them They've seen some case studies. They've broken it down. And at this point this person is a highly qualified Prospect and it's going to decrease the number of phone calls and appointments that you're getting But these are going to be a lot higher quality appointments and the reason why we don't want to move Straight to this part right here is because leads are typically three to four times more expensive When you're having them opt into a webinar as opposed to just a case study or a value video So if we don't have a lot of money to go through and put in advertising We want to go through in our first Advertising dollars be sending people to this case study or this value video because we can get leads there For about two to three dollars per lead versus a webinar.

They're gonna be about eight to ten dollars per lead So they're gonna be significantly more but at this point as we're going through we're getting so many calls and even if we're going through and filtering out the Applications of like okay this person's good This person's not and we just saw like overloaded and you at this point are a hundred percent focused on sales You're not doing any of the fulfillment you have your people doing all the fulfillment You're just doing sales and then once you just can't take anymore because you're just getting so many calls.

We move to this model We make this video This video right here is about 12 to 15 minutes long versus this one's gonna be about 45 to 60 minutes long It's gonna dive a little bit deeper. Okay, and Then from this automated webinar, we're gonna have them scheduled an appointment with us and then fill out this application And these people that fill out that application are gonna be a lot more Qualified for you as you're going through and growing your business And so now at this point we can go through and we could just have your day a hundred percent booked with phone calls so you don't have to go through and be like prospecting people the prospecting is being done by the Facebook ad and Then we're filtering people out through this webinar right here.

And then we're filtering people out even more by they just attend the webinar They had to attend the whole thing schedule a call with you and then not only scheduled call with you But they have to fill out this application We have to look at that application. Make sure they're a good fit And then at that point we decide if we're even going to spend our time because these calls are going to probably be 30 to 45 minutes and You don't have 30 45 minutes to waste on somebody at this point. That is not a potential prospect up here You have the 30 to 45 minutes because time is not as valuable as money money is way more valuable at this point Whereas down here it gets the point where you have a lot more money than time And so that's where you want to leverage your time And then the fourth step after this and this is kind of where we've got to with our business is you have the Facebook Ads Going to these webinars this just-in-time webinar They're signing up for an appointment a call with you and they're going through an application But then instead of you doing the phone calls you get a first sales guy Okay And you go train them on how to actually handle those sales calls and how to go through and sign people up acquire those clients and so then if you do need to go and take a Vacation or take a break or whatever your business doesn't all go to crap Okay, so your first team members up here? Once we get our first team member, it's all about fulfillment And then you are a hundred percent sales until I would say you are a hundred percent The only sales guy until you're doing at least 100 grand a month And once you're doing 100 grand a month Then you can think About hiring a second sales guy and then potentially a third sales guy and then a fourth and then go through and really scale this thing up But I wouldn't really go through and do that Until you've got that process I 100% refined and you're mapping out that whole process of what you do and so a new sales guy can come on and see exactly what You do and replicate you maybe they won't have as good as a close-ratio but it's still gonna be beneficial is still gonna be profitable to you because you can finally Free up some of your time and one last quick note guys before we finish up this video I know this has been a little bit longer one But I wanted to really provide you with some of this value As far as going through and starting your own Facebook marketing agency digital mark agency, whatever you want to call it That is when you get on a phone call to sell these you want to pre sell three months in advance Because if you're doing all this work just acquire a month-by-month customer.

It's gonna be very difficult you're not we're gonna be very profitable and Typically as you guys probably know it usually takes about 90 days to really see the balls start to roll With the lead generation with the points being said if they're just getting a 30 day trial to you a lot of times the 7 To 14 day trial up here. It's great because you can usually get some leads But as far as like actually setting appointments and really seeing the needle move it usually takes about 60 to 90 days And so we want to pre-sell 90 days a three month initial contract. And then after that is just month-to-month Ok, then at that point you can maybe say hey It's a three month contract and it's 1,500 bucks a month or if you pay it all up front Maybe you get a little discount maybe instead of you know $4,500 over the three months because it's $1,500 a month Maybe you say hey, it's $4,000 a month If you pay upfront or 3,500 if you pay upfront because and that'll be more at this point because cash is gonna be super valuable But as cash becomes less and less relevant, which obviously cash is always extremely valuable Right, but as your time becomes more value, well, then you could play around with some of these different aspects here, right? So anyway guys, I hope this video helped you guys as far as going through and starting your own Digital marketing agency you guys found this video helpful.

Go ahead. Give it a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate that also drop a comment down below Let me know what you guys thought and if you guys are brand new here to my channel Make sure you guys subscribe And hit that notification bell because we launch new videos every single week how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business whether that's a digital marketing agency business a real estate business Whatever business you're in we go through and breakdown a lot of different Facebook Ads concepts and strategies So you guys can go through check out the other videos on my channel and see I've got a lot of content Breaking down a lot of this stuff step-by-step whether it's starting your own marketing agency or just Facebook Ads in general or whatever It might be so also one last thing I have a Digital marketing agency a checklist kind of the cheat sheet of how to go from zero to your first $10,000 per month and I will add a link to that cheat sheet down in the description as well as in the top comment So you guys can have that It just kind of breaks down the core concepts and strategies that you need to focus on a lot of that what we cover today But you guys gonna kind of have that as a cheat sheet as a download So with that said guys, I hope this video was helpful.

Remember first go through organically. It's all gonna be about you Okay, you're gonna be doing everything post on Facebook LinkedIn events. Remember this simple, my name is Jason Wardrop I help real estate agents. What do you helping to generate leads? My name is Jason Wardrop help real stages generate leads very simple Okay then you're starting to get your first clients seven to 14 day trial and then once you get some money in that you can actually start Advertising this is the way you want advertise. Send people from a Facebook ad to a case study Opt-in have a value video this this button is scheduled call with you pops up after about five minutes Okay This is about a 12 to 15 minute value video talking about what you do case studies showing Telling a story about a real estate agent that you helped or whatever market you're in having them 7:00 appointment Application then once you get to a point where you're getting way too many phone calls that you can't even handle them Now we're gonna move down to the just-in-time webinar We're instead of a 12 to 15 minute video.

We're going to 45 minute webinar having them sign up for a phone call Application that's going to decrease the number of phone calls that we have but increase the quality Dramatically, so it's gonna be a little bit higher cost per appointment cost per lead here But it's gonna be a lot higher quality And then at this point once we've got all you're just focusing 100% on sales You've got a whole team of fulfillment people and then once you hit 100k a month or even more than that Then at that point you can think about hiring another sales rep and going through and train them up So anyway guys hopefully this video was helpful. Once again, give it a thumbs up comment down below Let me know what you guys thought. Thanks so much for watching today, and I will see you all in the next video.

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