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3 Facebook Marketing Tips and Trends with Mari Smith

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– In this video, I interview Mari Smith,
The Queen of Facebook and she shares her three biggest tips for crushing it on Facebook this year, her favorite Facebook video tool, and the biggest mistakes you could be making on Facebook and how to fix them. Coming up. (hip hop music) This video is brought to
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go to Hey what's up guys Sean
here with Video Influencers help you build your influence, income, and impact with online video. And I'm so excited to have Mari Smith the Facebook and social media, really one of the premiere experts, really globally in this space.

How's it going Mari? – It's going awesome,
thanks for having me. It's good to see you. – Great to see you as well,
thanks for being on the show. And we're here at Social
Media Marketing World in San Diego. It's been a great conference,
you've been speaking and sharing your tips on Facebook. Now, for the one person in our audience who doesn't know you yet, just talk a little bit
about your background and how you've been on this journey to learning about social media and sharing your answers and really building your influence into the person you are today. – Oh sure, yeah. I'd be happy to. So they call me The Queen of Facebook, I didn't give myself that name but I'm quite happy to have that moniker. And I call myself the premiere
Facebook Marketing Expert. I got on Facebook in May of 2007 and I just fell in love with the platform.

I just thought it was brilliant, I thought it was an amazing opportunity to be able to connect and build relationships in a business way. Really, of people that you might not normally have been able to reach. And so I, before that, actually
I was an internet marketer, I did information
products, email marketing, copywriting, and webinars, daily seminars and then it was just a
natural evolution of my career when Facebook just kinda fell
on my lap in 2007 like I say. And within about three short weeks, I just was so passionate, became an evangelist for the company. Everybody I met I'm like, "Are you on Facebook? Let
me show you how to get on." – That is awesome. And now today, we're
here in a brand new year, and of course the landscape of this space is always changing. So I'm curious, what
are your tips for 2018 when it comes to Facebook? There's new rules, there's new strategies, let's talk about it.

– Okay, three key points. That I actually was just speaking here at this event about that. Number one, certainly video. I love what you're doing here Sean, this is beautiful, this is, obviously you're a pro, your
walk and your talk here. You must do more video. Now then, that's gonna look like for some people recorded,
for some people live, for some people, they're
not comfortable on camera. So they wanna use a tool that has stock video, stock footage. Or photos to put together slideshows, or you know, just some way to
be able to have the footage, on the platform, Facebook and Instagram that's the movement that catches the eye.

So doing that, so focusing on video, also looking to see, have a show. So, episodic content. That means that you're going live or you schedule and you drop,
you publish your content same day, same time, each week. And that's basically what
Facebook's looking for is episodic content. So that you are more likely to have a show featured on Watch, on the Watch platform. Facebook is absolutely
determined to become a leading, digital streaming,
television destination. So they're actually a platform competing with YouTube yes, but also really Amazon,
and Hulu and Netflix. – Wow. – They're paying for much
more original content. They're getting exclusive
streaming rights, and we're gonna see more and more in the way of sports for sure. So video of course, I've talked to that, and I know you talk about video a lot. Second thing is Messenger. And this is really the year
of Messenger automation but I gotta tell you Sean, I have a slide in my deck that says, "Marketers may ruin Messenger." And what do I mean by that? Basically that if we as
marketers if we get too caught up in going for the sale and
going for the conversion and going for numbers and clicks and forgetting there's a human being looking at that Messenger inbox and you've gotta develop that more intimate, personal relationship.

You've got to respect their inbox. I should do that as a hashtag. So having the automation but for sure blending it with the human. And then the third element is Groups. And Groups have been around for a while but Facebook's putting a
huge emphasis on Groups and communities and they have
this whole fellowship program, there's tens of millions of dollars to help offline communities and online, you know to build their
online and visa versa, to really bring that together. So you have a wonderful
offline community here, that you know you can
continue that relationship online through the power
of Facebook Groups. – Now that's powerful, so I love that. So if people want to be building their influence on Facebook, definitely paying attention
to video and live video, – Yes.
– Messenger and conversation.

Not just pushing,
– Yes. – Not trying to sell,
but engaging with people. – Yes. – And then Facebook Groups and starting your Facebook Groups, those are some power tips
and focuses for this year. Now you also mentioned like a video tool, and I was at another event
you recently spoke at. You have a favorite video tool
that's pretty easy to use, that can really get results. What's that tool?
– I do. It's Wave, and they have, actually they just
recently added MoarVideo. They partnered up with another library so they have hundreds
of millions of assets and I love being able to
just think of a concept, of have an article or
have a point I wanna make, and I can find every possible
permutation of that point to illustrate in the video,
with a professional click. And then I can output it in a
variety of different formats. I can do portrait, I
could do a story format. – [Sean] Wow. – Story ads by the way
are gonna become huge, right now with basically, marketers are kind of
like not realizing yet, the power of stories and
especially on Instagram.

And so being able to
create in the you've got the story format right there, and you can go ahead and create your ad, and pop it right in
through the ads manager, onto Instagram Stories. – That is so powerful. Now, one of, a lot of our audience is actually focusing a lot on YouTube and they're wanting to
diversify their audience, especially 'cause things are
always changing everywhere. – Yes. – But you know, one of the
things we talk about too is people make mistakes, if they just think about
trying to use Facebook to go to their YouTube
channel for example, – Yes.

– if you just link to a YouTube video, Facebook just destroys your reach right? – Yeah, totally, totally. – And so if you link out from Facebook, that's not really the strategy. You wanna keep people native in Facebook with the content you're uploading, – Yep. – So that would be a
mistake to try to link away. Is there any others you see, maybe marketers and content creators make, that you think are some fixes? The biggest mistakes they make
when it comes to Facebook. – In addition to the one
you just said about YouTube, I've had several people come up to me, at these different conferences and they're not as happy with how
things are going on YouTube, or they're just deciding to add Facebook to their YouTube marketing. And they talk about,
they'll say things like, "How do I get my YouTube
audience over to Facebook?" No, don't think about that.

Meet people where they're at, continue building your YouTube audience, they love that platform. You can let them know, by
the way I'm also on Facebook. I'm also, it's both and, you wanna be building both
platforms and not thinking you're gonna migrate your
YouTubers over to Facebook, or even the other way around. Some other mistakes I would say, I mean from an advertising standpoint, is not using Pixel, using
the boost button too much. It's amazing to me how many marketers– – Using it too much.
– Too much, 'Cause I'll tell you why. Facebook sees that there's
ad algorithms right? There's the newfeed algorithms, and there's the ad algorithms
and the ad algorithms know that you are a newbie, novice advertiser if all you ever do is
hit that boost button. It's seen as a lightweight interface. So if you can go ahead
and use the ads manager for about 90% of your budget, and the other 10%, only
10% on the boost button. – That's a power tip right there. – Yeah.
– That's awesome. Well Mari, are you ready
for the lightning round? – Okay go for it.

– Okay here we go, the lightning round. Show us what lightning looks
like, let's get that energy. Choo, choo, choo, you go for it. – Oh, choo, choo, choo.
(laughing) – Alright lightning
round, lightning round, three, two, one, coffee or tea? – Tea. – Cat or dog?
– Cat. – You have cat? – I did, I'm gonna get another one. – Okay awesome.
– She's in heaven. She's in kitty heaven. – NYC or LA? If you had to pick one, just to visit. – (laughs) Neither. – Okay.
– Okay maybe NYC. – If you could only grab,
this is interesting, one thing during a zombie
apocalypse, one item, you know to protect yourself, or it can be anything at
all, what would you go for? – One item, have to be my phone. – Your phone,
(laughing) that's right, you could call, plus you still need to be on Facebook. – Yeah.
– Let people know what's happening with the zombies. – Assuming I could have internet right? (laughing)
– Right. Last song that you had on repeat? – It's called Sound of His Insanity and it's a piano song, it's a piano tune, I don't remember the artist.

– No miss morning ritual
that you do everyday? – Exercise, I workout. – Everyday?
– No. – Oh.
(laughing) Book every influencer
watching should read? – I love Story Brand by Donald Miller. – Such a great book, we've
just been diving into that one. It is amazing. For you, I'm not sure
if you watch Netflix, or any kind of streaming service, but what's one of your
bingable favorite shows? – (laughs) I am watching
right now is Schitt's Creek. It's a Canadian one and it's S-c-h-i-t-t and it's name of a little town. – [Sean] Yeah. – I forget their names right now, but it's a father and son that wrote it and a father and son
that are starring in it. It is so funny, so funny. Binge watch.
– I love that. Now we've all heard the phrase, if I knew then what I know now, I probably would've
done things differently. What advice would you like to go back and give to your 20 year old self? – I would say, to never be
afraid, to just you know, that there's a greater power,
God, universe, great spirit, has your back and things
always happen for a reason.

You never realize that in the moment but they always really truly do. And things work out in a
beautiful way, they always do. – I love it. And finally, what is like
a quote or maybe a phase that you like to think about often? Or kind of a favorite quote? – What is my deepest intent? I find when I ask myself that, especially when it comes to social media, before you hit the send, or the publish, or the tweet, or the
update, you say to yourself, "What is my deepest intent?" is a wonderful way to
keep your ego in check.

– Yeah. – 'Cause if you're like
well I wanna show them or oh wait a minute, this is about me, no, let's reword this, let's get back to how I can serve and be
humble and add value and put the spotlight on others. – So powerful.
– Yeah. – I love it. Well that was the lightning round. Choo, choo, choo, choo, choo, choo. Alright. (laughs) So finally, of course, we'll link everything up
in the description below but for people who wanna check out more about what you're doing, what kind of resources
do you have available? And where should everybody
go to connect with you? – I have a wonderful chatbot, they can go to Mari Smith
Facebook, or Facebook.MariSmith and
the one with the blue check, and then can just get started
with my little bot in there.

I have a free video gear
list, I have courses, I have all kinds of wonderful goodies that they can download and
great tools that I love, and crowd source information that will really help
them with their business. – Excellent, awesome and finally, for the influencers watching, you have not just built such
a you know, a great influence, but you've also done
business with integrity. You have this great reputation, but you've been through every season, as an entrepreneur, I'm sure
you've had ups and downs and you know how hard
it is to get through, building your influence,
trying to get followers, trying to figure out how
all this stuff works. – Right. – Can you just share a
few words of encouragement for those in the Video
Influencers community for whatever they're
building to just keep going, and maybe some wisdom for the journey? – Oh sure. There's absolutely, there
are days, I'll confess, I haven't ever said this but
there are days when I'm like, oh my God, I've been an entrepreneur, been my own boss for 20 years, and was an employee before
that when I lived in Scotland.

But there's days where I'm, darn it, I wish I just had a job at Starbucks, I just gonna go and make coffee and I'll just punch a clock right? 'Cause it's just like this is too hard. And then I'm like, I get a hold of myself and, or my partner gives
me some encouraging words.

I'm like c'mon Mari, you can do this. And so, self talk is key, but so important, 'cause
environment is stronger than will, you can't will yourself, you can if you're super
disciplined but most people, environment is gonna draw them back down into where they were with those thinkings. So surround yourself, you have your wonderful community here. Reach out, be willing to be vulnerable, go and watch Brene Brown's
Ted Talk on vulnerability and be willing to open up a bit and say "Hey folks, I'm going
through something right now, "I could use some help." and it's absolutely amazing what happens. I really, it actually just
touches me when I think about it, that human beings want
to help others, you know? And so but I think we're often
afraid to ask for that help. So if you know, I would say that God, great power, great source, never put a dream in your
heart that you can't manifest.

If you have a dream in there,
it's meant to come forward. So if you need to get
help, if you're stuck, don't allow that to stop you, go ahead and get the help you need. – Thank you so much Mari,
that's such great advice. And influencers,
definitely check out links in the show notes below. If you're new here, subscribe
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Keep crushing it and we will talk soon..

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