30 Ngày Phát Triển Bản Thân bằng NLP – Tập 2 – Khai Phá Tiềm Thức P2 | Học NLP online Lê Chí Linh

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EXPLORING YOUR POTENTIAL WITH NNP Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel after you have practiced the first lesson We have applied to say in the previous night that “Tomorrow morning, I want to get up at 4:30am with a full energy and vitality body” So, you have got up on time, right? If you can wake up at 3am, 4am, your body will feel full energy Today I will explain how we has be able to do it Because we have used the conscious mind to make the decision The conscious mind has a function to analyze what is wrong, and what is right We use the conscious mind to think and deductive before coming up with a decision After that, the subconscious mind will accept and give us more Maybe we have tried it when we was still a college student At the end of the month, we no longer have money At that time, we use the conscious mind to think that “Where can I find money, I want to have one million dong (VND)” We have used the conscious mind talking to ourselves “I want to have 1 million dong, 1 million dong, 1 million dong …” After that, we might have money in the afternoon The subconscious mind helped us to have one million dong from somewhere Maybe we got a part-time job, or we was able to sale something, or borrowed or someone give money to us That what we have tried in our student life And then, when we already had that one million dong, we was not able to get more Because we stop talking to ourselves and just remember it when we almost run out of money We realize that we need money now, we use again the conscious mind to say that “Today I really need 5 hundreds, or 1 million, 2 million…” Then, the subconscious mind will help us find the way to have that amount of money That how we use the conscious mind to decide, and the subconscious mind accept and give us more I would like to share to you my love story that how I could marry my wife At that time, I was staying in Singapore For my first days there, I had no any relationship, money, job, I had nothing at all When I met her, I noticed that she is really beautiful and lovely Just at the first glance, I had feelings for her and desired that she would become my wife I approached her and asked for her phone number When I asked, she just declined, but no problem At that time I already knew about NLP technique and applied it into my life I decided to myself that this girl will be my wife So I still tried approaching her to confess my feelings for her But she just gave me a straight response that “I do not like you, I already have my boyfriend” I told her “Yep, having a boyfriend, that is your matter, but loving you, that is my matter” She was angry at me, saying: “Are you crazy! Please stop following me, there will be no any result, I already have my boyfriend” I just ignored what she said and focused on using my conscious mind to remind myself “I need a wife like her, I want her to be my wife” After many, many time confessing my love to her, she still refused I told her: “Don’t ignore me, sooner or later, you will be my wife!” She continued: “You are really crazy” Me: “Yeah, because I’m crazy, that why I love you!” She could not say anything else Since I always call and text her, she blocked my phone number I used another app named Zalo to chat her, be blocked again Then, I used app Wechat, Line, Viber, she just blocked everything But I did not give up, I bought a new phone number, continue calling and texting her consecutively in one month Every time she opens her phone, all my messages rush into her phone She realized that she cannot do anything to ignore me, so she decided to have a talk So I told her: “Alright, we will just keep this like a brotherhood” Coz I know the brotherhood is just a postpone tactic I want to install my image into her subconscious mind Because, when her subconscious mind has my image, one day, she will love me naturally but cannot understand why she loves me Until now, sometimes, she talks to me: “I don’t know why before I really hate you, but now I love you so much like this” I answer her: “You don’t know, but I know” After that, I taught her about NLP, then she now understand, but it’s too late Because she already belongs with me That how I applied the power of the subconscious mind in science NLP I will explain in more detail At the first, her conscious mind analyzed and said that: “How I can fall in love with this kind of person” But every day, I call her and appear in front of her workplace with a high frequency The distance is the most important, yes, the distance, next is the speed We have a proverb like this: “First make friend, then make love” Right? “First make friend, then make love” The more we are close, the more it’s easy for me to set up my portrait into her mind When my image is already in her subconscious mind, she will fall in love and do not know why and how The more she hates, the more she thinks of me and marks my image into her subconscious mind Another proverb like this: “God gives him what he hates” I don’t mind her negative impression on me, just keep calling, texting and be kind to her After one month, I think it’s enough time to set the deep impression into her mind Suddenly, one day I came back to Viet Nam, turn of my phone and stop texting and calling her After 3 days, she proactively texted me, asked me “It seems long time already, how are you? Where are you now?” I knew that the fish is hooked, my image is already in her subconscious mind After we got married, I mentioned again this story to her On that day, you felt miss me, right? She said: “Yeah, because you used to text me every day, but then when you disappeared, I felt something, like I miss you” Continue with my love story, the problem is, at that time, she still in relationship with her boyfriend I have to make second strategy to how she will leave her boyfriend Because, now, she already has feelings on me and start to like me but because her boyfriend is still there I have to do something so that they will break up During the times I texted her, she replied me: “Don’t text me, coz I’m going out with my boyfriend” And she still treat me like a brother only, but I know, she just shows like that but deep inside, she loves me So, I texted her: “Fine, just go out with him” I know that she has a habit that always put her phone on the table when having dinner And I also know that her boyfriend can read Vietnamese That night, I texted her a message that: “Hey, I’m so sorry but please stop following me because I already have my girlfriend.

It’s not good if you keep on flirting me.” Her boyfriend read that message, then they have a very big argument because of misunderstanding After that, she called me, rebuked me that: “What happened to you, are you mad, are you crazy” I pretend to be surprised, answered her: “Oh! I’m so sorry, I sent wrong number, there is a girl who is flirting me, but I mistakenly sent you” She was really angry with me, and told me that her boyfriend misunderstood, and did not listen to her I appeased her: “No worry, if you are broken up, come to me, I will listen to you” I already broke the wall between her, and build new relationship When she was hurt, I treat her so well and kind She realized that after all, I’m the one who love her most, she accepted my love and become my wife now Even we already married, she still wonders how come before she really hated me, but now loves me so much It’s just simple because I set up my image into her subconscious mind This also can explain the reason why at the beginning of love, we feel very joyful and happy But after few years, we cannot have that feeling anymore It is because at the beginning, we always chat, say the words of love, and care to each other We felt very happy and beloved But when we already belong with each other, we forget to say the words of love The subconscious no longer receive these words, we will feel apart and don’t feel love your partner anymore But for us, it’s different, when my mom came to HCM CIty and stayed with us for a while, she also be surprised Because every day I keep treating my wife as our first days of love Every day, we have to say the words of love and care And show your partner your loving gestures, acts like what we did on our first day of love Every day like that, you can be happy I think in our life, not so many men can do that The important is I’m doing it for my wife So she is always happy and cannot think about any other guys except me That is the way I build and maintain a happy family through the words of love Remember, we use the conscious mind to decide, and the subconscious accepts and gives more Accepts and gives more When the subconscious mind receive love affection, it will make us be happy That how I have applied into my life Now, I have the wife that my heart desires Even though, in the past, many people thought it’s impossible for me But in my life, what I really want, I will find the way to achieve it I always use the conscious mind to make a decision, and the subconscious accepts and gives more After that, the energy field will attract the people you like to come to you I applied it into my business as well I wanted to have a job that I can spend my time to my family, free time, and financial independence I want to bring my wife to wherever I go, and have a job that allow me travel abroad monthly 10 years ago, when I started learning NLP, I already set that goal even I did not know how to achieve it But in NLP technique, we just visualize and imagine about what our hearts are desiring continuously Then the results will come up like what you have imagined Before, I also wished that I can stay in a high floor, have an office with a beautiful view and airy wide space Now I can already stay here, I will show you my place later in another video This is my home office, where I can work at home, and spend my time to my family, my kid and my wife everyday I achieved both the goals in career and in family love Because what I have now is what I imagined in the past, now everything has become my reality Again, when the conscious mind makes a decision, and the subconscious accepts and gives us more and spreads out to the energy field So that it will gives us more and more Therefore, if you desire something, use your conscious mind to make the decision For more details on how we can do that through 5 steps I will guide you on the next video Goodbye and see you soon! THANK YOU FOR YOUR WATCHING!

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