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5 Minutes With Billy Gene: 5 Facebook Marketing Sales Call Tips – Episode 25

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Billy Gene >> Hi everybody welcome to Five
Minutes With Billy Gene and Justin * Johnson! Justin >> In the building baby Billy Gene
>> So, today Justin is VP of business development here at Billy Gene is Marketing so he handles
a lot of calls from dealing with big corporations from dealing with clients and dealing with
students so right now we wanted to just switch things up as opposed to being in one spot
in the office I decided to kinda give you guys inside into each role in the company
so were going to start with Sales we gotta know how to sale, I dont give a * what kind
of business youre in, if you are an entrepreneur, then your job is to sell. Maybe youre selling your team on the vision
of where you want to take the company, maybe its selling the customer, maybe is selling
yourself on why youre making the sacrifices you are, regardless you gotta have to sell
some *.

So we just want to give you some tips how to sell so right now were gonna have a
narrow focus on selling one to one on the phone. Listen, if youre only collecting e-mails,
and you hope to just automate your entire sales prospect, shut up youre leaving money
on the table, you should definitely using the phone. So, right now, Justin and I are gonna just
go over some sales best practices for you, were gonna teach you how to sell one on one
with somebody on the phone, which is the best way to close high tech-ed items, thats what
were gonna do, five great steps, and get this * started right now anything you want to say
to the camera! Justin >> I just want to shout out to all
the students I help get in role.

Whats up guys Billy Gene>> Double shout out
to them, whats up? So, Justin, when someones on the phone, step
one, when you first get on the phone with someone, when you call them, is to gauge awareness. So what does that exactly mean? Can you elaborate on what it takes to really
check out the scope of a potential phone call? Justin >> So first you gotta see if they are
available to talk, hey you got some time to talk right now, or see if they are at lunch,
they might be in a meeting, Billy Gene >> Yeah, exactly. So if you start going on with your spill,
you come up all salesy and they are not even in a position to take the time to have a conversation,
and pull out their credit card, then you should abort mission! Abort! Titanic its going down! Justin>> You have to see how much they actually
know about our company also, so Billy Gene >> Check their education level, are they even
familiar with our brand or is it a really cold, is it a really hot lead, now where are
they at, thats a great point.

Justin >> So then Ill ask them about their
business, how they make money, learn a little bit about them Billy Gene >> Because at the
end of the day, if you start selling to somebody and you dont understand what their needs are
in particular, you may be wasting your time. For example, if most of us go to a car lot
right now, and someone pops open the hood and they start to tell us about the engine
and how fast and the rpms and all that *, when all you really want is a good recline and
a good air conditioner, and an FM1 and FM2, well *, you may be spending yourself in circles,
right? So you need to understand what Justin says,
investigate and find out Justin >> Know their pain points Billy Gene>> Know their pain points,
right? What challenges are they actually facing,
Justin >> Why do they reach out to us Billy Gene >> Why did they call in the first place? You became the for some…Why the * did you
call? Cause you obviously have a problem that you
need to get solved.

Justin >> Exactly. What he said. Billy Gene>> Bam. Next step, Justin >> lets see what else we
got on here Billy Gene >> I think we can even go into like objections, when someone tells
you, you know what Justin, I think its just too expensive, what are they really saying
to you? Justin >> If it is too expensive, first of
all, I didnt do my job because they are not really seeing the value in the product so,
Billy Gene >> Exactly, the price exceeded the value of what it was, and we always give
the Ferrari example but, if I told someone and they believe me right, lets assume there
is 100% trust here, that I will sell them a Ferrari, for 10 000 dollars, and everybody
knows the real value of it, its 250 000 dollars, Justin >> Youre gonna find that 10 000 dollars
Billy Gene>> Youre gonna find that 10 000 dollars, friends, babysitters, rob a bank,
youre gonna do whatever you have to do because the value Justin >> You know youre gonna make
so much more Billy Gene >> Exactly.

You can turn that take that 10 000 dollars
Ferrari resell it for or just own a Ferrari for 10 000 dollars. Bam Justin >> Im selling mine, I dont know
about you Billy Gene >> Im gonna keep it. So, next! Justin >> Getting payment on the phone. Billy Gene>> Getting payment on the phone. I think this one is giganderous. Too many times will you Listen, Ill start
with this. Remember this, remember this, I want you to
flash it across the top and do whatever we have to do.

Buyers are liars, and Justin >> liars are
buyers. Billy Gene >> In other words, people who come
on the phone and say look, I just want to talk, I have some questions, there is no way
Im gonna enroll today, *, those people enroll all the time, and those people who come on
the phone and theyre like Im ready to go, Im ready to do this, they dont buy a lot of
the time. Justin >>Save me some time, man. Billy Gene>> You hear it all the time. You need to essentially especially in the
beginning of the conversation, put up your blinders to whatever they are giving you. Dont get overly excited because you think
you got one and dont get under excited if you dont think you do. You bring them through the same process again
and again you dig into the pin points, and explain how this, you know course in this
case whatever is going to solve their problems. Justin >> and 9 out of 10 times when they
say they are gonna call you back youll never ever ever gonna hear from them Billy Gene
>> They will be gone, right Justin>> Houdini is what we call those people Billy Gene >> you
got it.

So we walk into this office and did you get
Houdini, cause can just disappear, and theyre not coming back. Now every blue moon, sometimes they do. And in some cases well use a two-step approach
when is that case Justin when do we actually say were gonna have another call and we schedule
another call Justin >> If they havent seen our webinar, or if they hadnt seen 5 Minutes,
they are not educated. If theyre not educated, we actually have to
extend them an e-mail, all our product and them we follow up on them, we set a the time,
a firm date, hey if I dont hear back from you at this time, what time can I call you
Billy Gene>> thats a that little question is huge, so ok Justin, I know you really want
to talk, after you watch our training videos, and so if I dont hear from you, at 3 oclock
which is the time we have scheduled, what do you want me to do? Justin >> Unless your payment comes through
Billy Gene >> If I dont see your payment, what do I do? What do you want me to do at that point? Listen if you dont hear from me just keep

Now you got permission! Jason, you told me to keep calling. So Im sorry I called you 12 times Im just
doing what youve asked me to do, dammit. Justin >> gonna give him the opportunity Billy
Gene >> In addition, to that, something thats really effective for us cause all the time
people dont answer the phone, is, we use what instead of phone Justin >> text messages. Its huge. Hey its Justin, this is the time you told
me to call you, I know you dont recognize the number, I have a state number, so Its
me calling. And then call right back after that. Billy Gene >> And they answer? Justin >> And then they answer Hey, whats
going on? Billy Gene >> Where in the land and time of
people screening their phones, right? Even when I see some shit, I dont know the
number, even if I answer Im in a bad mood, hello, Justin >> I got a business phone, Billy
Gene >> How did you get this number? So, its very important to simply identify

So what is maybe helpful for you is whatever
their lead page is that theyre coming through whatever the traffic sources theyre coming
through let them know hey Im gonna be calling you from this number and maybe a cool picture
of yourself, just to break that wall cause nobody wants to talk to a * stranger. So I think that was a lot of insight for a
jam packed episode of Five minutes Billy Gene anything more than that and Justins gonna
have to charge you for some * consulting so, yeah. You just had Five Minutes With Billy Gene,
and Justin Jake Johnson were out of here drops mike..

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