A Demonstration of Effectively Resolving PTSD Symptoms – NLP Steve Andreas

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in Iraq I had my 9 mil loaded ready to go under my pillow now it's on the nightstand okay it's not just our comfortable under the pillow really but it's in the house on the nightstand next to your bed yes and an extra clip mmm kissing tied tab there's multiple people and I got to pop it out put another one in what is it good to go an extra clip of bullets right so I can pop it drop it put a new one in right okay good let you said extra people or something if there's more people that are breaking in more than one oh I see got it okay Gus sometimes they they come in groups I gotta kill them all got it and when you came back from Iraq how long was that long ago I came back did I come back they came back in December of a sex so those six cuz we left in November of oh five okay so it's about five years ago give or take mm-hmm yeah something like 2006 the year of 2006 nightmares is that something you still have her is that thing they come and go I don't remember them but I will wake up covered in sweat and the bed soaked and I haven't gone the bathroom I'm just sweating um and then sometimes I'll wake up and I'll feel like I'm in the middle of the firefight I'm a heart-racing and then I look around and I see BJ and the dogs and I'm like okay you're just crazy just chill out and then I'll get up and go watch TV or something to get my mind off of it okay those don't happen as much but I'd say every couple of weeks I soak bed soak me I was like I'm fighting in my head you're fighting in your head okay what's fighting usually there's two sides to a fight time we headed to chill out and it's time to stop what I'm doing what is it it's telling me to stop what I'm doing okay let's respect that voice I'm asking what is its concern with the objection to doing what you're doing I assumed it as a good reason for saying this what would happen if he did continue with this or what would you lose if you continued with this it would bring everything else back it would bring everything else back okay that's a good objection it's very important to respect so it's important to stop unless they want to break them all back and put it on the wall well it's another possibility talk to that voice that wanted to stop and ask would it be alright if they all went on the wall somewhere we can also adjust where in the wall is it rather than have them over there on the wall it could be around behind you on the wall or way off to the side or way off to the other side well we can make other arrangements they're going to box and if you if you take one out lid opens and they all come up okay and there's a few that are already out that can't cook I can't put them in the box with the rest of them were in the box then I don't remember okay but if I start to you they could all come back okay and if they were to come back one by one with lots of time in between and you were to take each one and put them on the wall somewhere would that be alright it would that be still a problem I couldn't bring on my one cuz when they come out they fly at me okay that's what we've been true in the past right they all come at you at once how did it come out here they come out here from the front from the side a big blindside you what it's like they're coming from the side here and when I look this way and they're coming this way okay I come from all sides I can understand that it's important to stop I just keep the rest of them in the box I can smell the dead bodies again okay okay now remember the thing we did with the movie theater do that with the dead bodies that means putting your head back right back like this going in the movie theater I'm going to grab here to seize it for me to hold tight little quite a little further yeah go back to that movie theater find the Plexiglas can you run a black-and-white movie about you then stay behind the Plexiglas feel my hand in your love it's like it's like the glass is in-between it now yeah but it's just there by the other side of the glass hmm but now it's just like a picture I'm sorry now it's just like a picture but it's not it's not floating I can't push sure it's just there okay can you run a movie of that so that it gets for the end where everything's okay again you do like a snapshot movie looks like pictures okay sliding forward okay alright my hand you can remind you you're safe here in this chair motor seeing those things from the past you might help if you put that brown color on the snapshots that are flying past felt like they're in the room with us oh I don't feel like I left anywhere it's like they came here okay there you know yeah but they're behind the glass right mm-hmm okay so when you get let me know when you get to the end of that series of snapshots okay so then I want you to do the reverse thing where you step into the end go backwards really fast whoo that makes it feel like it didn't happen okay that okay like it wasn't me yeah I'd be alright with you yeah now that I know what to do I can do it and and I feel a lot better than I did when I came in so it obviously works great oh you wonder out during break you said something I had asked you if you'd been through other treatments or other processes and you said something about that I think I saw eight or nine different trunks and all they wanted to do was give me meds and then they had all these stupid things they wanted to do like it like a tapping thing where you thought about the war and they did this tapping thing I was supposed to help make it lessen and they had this finger thing you'd follow the finger what you thought about the bag it was stupid hmm it didn't do anything it just kind of pissed me off in them on to the next drink because that was a waste of my time I just realized how lucky I've been I haven't pissed you off no is that right you smile when you open the door you totally calmed me down when I got here how agree well is there anything here's here's my here's my plan you tell me if it works is it with you I would like to keep in touch with you and you know call follow-up in a week or so how you doing and you let me know if you get in a bind somehow and there you forget one of these processes I don't think you will because you good at that and remembering but I'd like to follow up with you and take it from there okay I'd like that would you like me I like having these tools now because they didn't then give you any of this when you came back I mean they talked to you about you need to calm down and if you're angry and you're about to hate your wife or your dog you need to get in your vehicle and drive away and if you're about to run somebody off the road you pull over and park your vehicle on me and stuff like that when we came back nothing didn't tell you how to do it no nothing nothing really useful other than don't do something that breaks the law think think about it before you do it because we're not in Iraq no we're not the law that where somebody goes duh what is it cute Thank You captain obvious yeah that's my favorite Thank You captain of yes okay anything else you could share with us about this sessions again it's like a roller coaster mm-hmm baron calm now mm-hmm before I wasn't hmm I wasn't even calm yesterday when I left I was actually pretty spun up mm-hmm but now I feel like I can I have a way to cope with everything it's something to do at least to make it better right or stop it yeah and maybe if I do these positive things all the time that it'll go into my subconscious and then when I'm sleeping it'll be positive stuff and I won't wake up sweating you will so it would be nice there's something in your email you said something about the past didn't bother you as much as it has or something like that I forget exactly what for some reason it's not haunting me anymore not hunting you and how is that different than before before I just be doing stuff and then just have random thoughts that would sneak up or I'd be trying to sleep and I would just be flashing back I'm into rock yeah – what – sleeping in my car door and my sleeping bag and ever since we went through that process of putting the stuff on the screen and running it both ways and then putting it at hanging it every time those thoughts come it's just kind of like a mirage of the pictures now instead of group what's actually used to be where I would be back living through it and feeling guilty or angry or pissed off or whatever it was well that's not like I knew – it's it's a lot better mmm when it comes to that it's a lot but right I'm sleeping better I stopped taking my sleeping pills and I can still sleep great so that's nice wonderful and there was nothing about nightmares before mm-hmm any nightmares lately not lately no not since we met that's the two men great you

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