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Best Ideas For Curiosity Posts On Facebook To Promote Your Network Marketing Business

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are you struggling with what to post on social media to generate more customers to create curiosity around your business well in today's episode we're gonna talk about the five best most effective curiosity post strategies [Music] we've been training and mentoring some of the best social media network marketers on the planet we help network marketers just like you have more success on line because look here's the deal in today's day and age you have to master online strategies not just for you yeah but all the people you're gonna be training and coaching on your team it's all about duplication and we have found that these five strategies are the easiest to duplicate and when you hear these five strategies you're gonna get excited because you can implement them today hey John and Nadia Melton and welcome to our channel if you're watching this on our blog oh my gosh we're so psyched to see you now this is your very first video with us we would encourage you to subscribe because once a week we bring forward to you our best tips nuggets and strategies to help you elevate yourself to that next level and in case we've never met John and Nadia here both we've been inside this industry for over 17 years and over the last couple years we really have mastered this social media game and this is why we obsess about sharing our best answers with you yes and here's the thing just last month alone we did three point nine million dollars in sales as a team our organization enrolled one thousand new distributors and brought in eleven thousand new customers in 30 days and a lot of what we do a lot of what we teach revolves around creating curiosity on social media whether it's an Instagram story it's a Facebook post we don't want you to be a spammy Stanley yeah and we want you to strategically generate leads we want you to have some fun we want you to enjoy the process because you know what on social media especially in today's day and age with algorithm changes and us all getting less engagement and you know what it's just very noisy okay so before we give you these five awesome ideas let's just remind you that it is all about balance right so 8020 roll is alive well 80% at the time you want to show up and showcase lifestyle and value something entertaining something empowering right so nothing with the business or the product really really important and then 20% of the time you can pepper in this beautiful post ideas because they're going to raise eyebrows in the eyes of your audience okay so let's go ahead and talk about it number one best idea to create curiosity is what we call business light right post its business light post okay what does it mean let's say you are at your company event it's a really good idea to showcase the fact that you're growing that you're developing and taking a photo with either a leader or let's say maybe you got recognized on stage it's always a really cool way to showcase the fact that yes you got a promotion oh yes you're growing oh yes you invested in yourself but it's important that you don't include the branding of the company right it's we're raising eyebrows and we're telling them what's going on but not everything that's going on and we don't want to showcase exactly the name of the product in the name of the company so business like posts that are generating curiosity are your number one goal is just to let people know you're in a business right you're working with amazing people you're having fun things are exploding business is good even if you say well it's not that good for me I just got started or I'm kind of riding the struggle bus a little bit doesn't matter you can promote what's happening in the company you just have to play with this but at events probably the best time to really take this into effect because you could be recording stories the whole time you're there and in taking like some really good pictures with the team with your upline whomever and then post it on social media and talk a little bit about what's going on and how pumped you are again without saying the name of the company number two gratitude results posts now what does that mean gratitude and results okay question for you what are you grateful for at the moment and what results have you or your customer or your team or your upline has achieved depending on where you are right now it doesn't matter what point of the business you're in we can always be so really good at looking to identify those good stories and sharing them people love stories this is why that feature on Instagram and Facebook and now also YouTube for verified accounts to tell stories because that's what we love how can we tell those stories in our business right like a great example would be okay huge congratulations to Sarah I'm so proud of her she stuck to her commitment over the last 90 days and created phenomenal results I'm so proud of her you could do the same thing in your business like I'm just so thankful that my friend Susan shared this business with me it's changed my life in more ways than one I didn't expect this promotion or I didn't expect it to be so much fun I didn't expect to meet so many incredible people you know just find ways to share gratitude and how appreciative you are for what you have or you know the results a customer was able to get or someone in your business right there's there's ways for you to give acknowledgement tell a story and show your gratitude without good number three is a recognition post recognition type of post is what you can create so let's think about taking an opportunity publicly to give somebody a shout out so you can go let's call it on Facebook and you can post on your customers timeline or your new teammate that just got a rank advancement and you can publicly congratulate them and and essentially what you're doing here is you're in fear using curiosity into that person's Network because now you're recognizing them I love this strategy there's so much value in you going on their wall to give them a shout-out it's different than them acknowledging themselves so when you do this their friends will see your post and they might not see it right away they might see it the next time they visit that person's page but it's on there right and then that person is now feeling good they're responding to the comments everybody's congratulating them but some people might be curious and say well what's this business what would promotion doing what like what is it do tell how very few times that people actually recognized for their efforts and so if we can just find really cool ways let's say you put it into your workflow that once a month you're gonna go in and you're gonna recognize new promotions you're gonna recognize maybe your top five customer getters so your top five recruiters find ways to make them feel like a million dollars share it publicly recognize more of what you want to see repeat it oh yeah number four nonchalantly mentioning your product or business inside of your Facebook live videos maybe nonchalantly mentioning them in your Instagram story or Facebook story like let's give you a fun example I I don't know if you can tell but I'm a huge fan of makeup and here's what let's say I could do is I could do a makeup tutorial and share let's say my three tips to gorgeous eye makeup and as I'm teaching those three generic tips I can say hey by the way if you really want your skin to glow and you really want to look your very very best it's actually what you put on the inside that shows up and I've been in the nutrition industry since I was 19 years old and if you want to know my very favorite nutritional recommendations just send me a message so see how you're doing generic education and maybe has nothing to do with your business but you just find a way to say that hey my side business da da da I da da da or my recommendations that I really really love if you want to know what that is so you're just gonna like drop it like it's hot you're pepper in its kind of like when you make that gorgeous dish and you go it needs a little something right and you put a little bit of salt on it that is what you're doing when you're showing up to do a video and you nonchalant the leave squeezing the good if you're gonna go out there and over the next seven days you're going to post 15 times do 10 of those posts at a lifestyle value posts right we talked about that four of those posts could be 1-4 okay those are the nonchalant post or telling the story or gratitude or recognition or whatever and then get this once a week you can do one what we call power posts that is the direct promotion of your product or your business right let's see you have a team of five people you've got this like phenomenal weight loss product you can go live and have you and your five teammates all heavily promote a Facebook live where you're gonna do a giveaway you're gonna give away samples or a month supply of one of your top products and everybody's promoting it to their entire network it's a little more promotional okay but it's okay because you're only doing a once a week maybe you only do it once every two weeks it's up to you it's your prerogative it's your business right but that video is very promotional you're doing before-and-afters you're talking about the benefits you're talking about why you love the product but you don't say the name of the company right you tell them just enough so they know the product they're seeing the value in the product and then you got to tell them to stay on till the very end if they want to you know take advantage of this free product or you know win prize the giveaway I think this is a really powerful way for you to generate business for you know create the customer angle for your business where you're generating more customers from that video I wouldn't do this necessarily as a business promotional type video I think those should be done inside of your ATM groups inside of your private groups or on private zooms but this is a great video you could do publicly on your wall maybe you do it every Monday at 8 o'clock maybe you do it once a month the first like Thursday of the month you figure out what works for you but it can be very promotional it can be very effective and you know what it's something that your entire team can promote you also want to mention inside the video for them to get back with the person that invited them that's so good and one with it for you when you're showing your products you want to skillfully watch the skill set that the work ah you want to skillfully hide the name of your product we're gonna give it a fun name and we're going to hide the name of this product so that way the person that's watching has to reach out to the person that invited them onto the broadcast yes anytime it's a public video it's important that we hold on to the answer to the puzzle right it's like you're showing this movie publicly it's a preview right and then of course if you have ATM groups this is where you're going to showcase the direct promotion of product business whatever right alright so those were our five best business curiosity posts did you love it look if this helped you if this provided some value for you feel free to share it feel free to tag your teammates and we love you out we respect you we want you to go out and crush it and I want you to do it the right way without being spanning the Stanley I love it see you next time you you

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