Candid Interview With NLP Master Steve Andreas & Damon Cart – Part 1

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what inspires NLP legend Steve Andreas
stay tuned hey this is Damon Cart from NLP Gym in just a moment I'm going to
get to my interview with Steve Andreas but before I do that if you haven't
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for a special announcement at the end of the video I'm here with Steve Andreas and
really happy to be here and I really appreciate you taking the time to sit
and talk with me we'll see how it goes so first of all I want to say thank you so much
for your kindness and generosity over the years since I first met you it's
been about four years and in that time you've taken to answer my questions and
help me troubleshoot things and the conversations that we've had can't tell
you how much that has touched me and I appreciate that
well good freely given.

And that actually is with my questions are being
based off here is three things that have really impressed me about you and
there's a lot more I think impresses me but I wanted to pick three things that
three things in particular and one is out of the thousands so your kindness in
your generosity your willingness to help people now I I know that I'm not the
only person that you've helped and I know there had to be many more people
emailing you and you working with them the same way that you've worked with me
what is so important to you about that that you've helped people so much and
given so much of your time to do that without asking for anything in return?
Well I think the two answers to that one is that it's just enjoyable just to
to give there's even some research out that shows that when people
give freely of their time and effort to other people it makes them feel good it
does it happens for me too the other is that I'm really committed to the
principles of NLP and I think you are carrying them off in your own way and
a creative way and I want to support that definitely appreciate it I was I
was digging up the old emails our very first emails that we exchanged and it
was it's interesting to kind of see like a story arc of I didn't really know
much about you didn't know much about your work and you were answering all my
questions so I kept coming back for more and more and you finally got to a point
where I think I was pulling in a asking for too much of your time and he said I
can't keep up with your questions here go read this book which was Transforming
Your Self and I mean almost overnight it did transform me when I started doing
the exercises I hadn't seen anything this profound.

NLP itself was
probably one the most profound things that I've ever studied or done or
engaged in and here I came across this model and I couldn't believe that I
hadn't learned it already and that it wasn't being taught in other places and
that was my big surprise when I came across it and I asked you about that I
said you know why why they're not teaching this in other places as it's
not being taught at all because you told me that no one was teaching it at the
time you had stopped teaching it because you were retired and well I guess my
question is were you surprised that I took to the model and that I was getting
so much benefit out of it and that I still working with it?
Well I wouldn't say I was surprised I was gratified as far as I know very few
people are using it very much and I think it's pretty special and not just
because I developed it's got a lot of precision and detail and so

Originally NLP was based on problem states and resource states. If
you think about it if you went to a doctor
got a problem they say here this one resource will cure it all. You would find
another doctor right but NLP does there's this idea that if you just
access a resource state unspecified and there's a problem state unspecified
that there will be a match and it's amazing how often that's good that's the
case that if you'd if you do that you anchor a resource state and you integrate it
or chain it to the problem state people feel different and behave differently
and so on it's kind of amazing to me looking back that that works at all
because there's so undefined a problem state so undefined and a resource state is so undefined and it's just unlikely that there would be any kind of match at all.

With more precision you can can match the research to the problem and then
you're really nail it. It is definitely a very precise model and I think that was
probably the point I had reached I was experiencing a lot of confusion and kind
of plateaued I had the basic NLP skills down but that model was really what was
able to give me that laser-like focus on exactly the elements that I wanted to
change but not just that is the when you're working out the identity level it
just it's so much more powerful and than just solving behavioral problems. Well it
depends on the problem you know if somebody can't spell well you don't
really need to work on the identity level you can just…

Well if I'm a bad
speller or something like that you just teach them the spelling strategy and
they're done and so one principle is to work at the lower logical level, lowest
logical level that will get the job done and identity level change does
pervade is much more pervasive but it's also a less specific so there's a
trade-off. Yeah. If someone can't ski it doesn't help them deal with their
identity. Unless they're overwhelmed with fear maybe of
skiing. That's another thing I could take off and run with for a long time, the
idea of confidence, sometimes people have the skill but they don't have the
confidence to put it into practice in that case if you anchor in some
confidence and they can actually actualize the skill that they already
have but there's plenty of times when that doesn't work because they don't
have the competence to go with it and then they have confidence without
competence and that's dangerous.

Robert Fulghum says ignorance power and pride
are a deadly combination. There are plenty of people who are confident of doing
things and they're actually incompetent to do those particular things that might
be good at something else and that's not good that's what gets people into
plane crashes and things like that. I would say that I've used NLP to
solve a lot of those lower level problems and in my life I think I was
dealing with meaning and purpose and not as much self-esteem and confidence but
overall happiness and when I took… I did a value elicitation and then looked at
those values as how do they show up as qualities in my identity and mapped those over and then realized that those qualities were ambiguous to me and
then I used the model to make them certain qualities and that was a huge
game-changer I mean my life took on a level of meaning and purpose I'd never
experienced before Great yeah. What inspires you? Curiosity really
I got a bunch of examples of that when I was in high school I read in a book
somewhere a puzzle that said if you have an inner-tube a Taurus like a big hollow
donut you cut a little hole on the side and you reach here you pull everything
through what does it look like and I couldn't couldn't visualize it and
I puzzled over it for about two weeks and then I finally went out in the
garage and got an inner tube and cut a hole in the side dragged it all through
and figured out what it was so puzzles stay with me.

Another example is you know
in a car at night you tilt, you have, have a tilt up rearview mirror so you tilt it
like that I couldn't figure out how that worked,
this is much more recently, and finally I took one apart now you can go online and
find out how they work without taking one apart. It can be as simple as seeing a reflection of
light in the ceiling and wondering you know where does that coming from how is
that what's bouncing off of what to put a light on the ceiling it's an attitude
of curiosity and how does something work.

I think Francis Bacon said
wonder is the seed of knowledge. See something and wonder how it works if you're
really interested in it. Would you say that you basically applied that to
people and psychology and… Yeah. And would you say you got that start when you went
in the program that you had told me about with Abraham Maslow or was it, did it
predate that? Well it didn't have anything to do with Maslow. Maslow was a nice guy but but he was all talk and no walk. I'm forever
grateful that he had admitted me into grad school without a
psychology degree as an entry point but he was a disappointment personally.
Where would you say that came from that curiosity applying it to psychology and
and people? Oh well I had that all the way through high school at least and
in college.

Your mother was a Gestalt therapist is that correct. Well sort of
she hung out with Fritz Perls a bunch did Gestalt groups, well her own version of them.
With the inspiration, going back to the inspiration I noticed that I mean you're
you're pretty active still.You respond to my emails pretty quickly I
see lots of books around here. I know that you're working on some stuff right
now reorganizing the scope and category reframing patterns. What's inspiring you
now? Well precious little actually I'm less
and less able to read if I, my eyes are watering you may notice oh yeah
my eyes periodically because my eyes water and then I can't see very well
makes it hard to read more than a few pages at a time
and I'm hoping to get that reorganization of the reframing patterns
done but at this point it's a little less than inspiring it's more like
something I want to finish and get done but I may not have the wherewithal
to get it done I just have a lot less energy now.

Things that used to be very
very simple like just picking a piece of paper up off the floor now it's like
do I really have the energy to do that? Is it worth it? Do I wanna bother?
I had commented, it was probably a few months ago, your comfort level with death
and dying and you were you seem to comment on it with without any fear or
hesitance and I was a really impressed by that and I told you that people have
told me the same thing that I seem to be extremely comfortable with it at the
same time they've also commented well you're not
also not experiencing it right now.

Not in the process of it. Are experiencing the threat of it.
Well it's a big big difference between death and dying. Death doesn't scare me
because as far as I know it's like a big sleep. Remember I mentioned yesterday Mark
Twain said I'm not afraid of death I was dead for billions and billions of
years before I was born, it gave me not the slightest trouble.

Dying is another thing
dying is uncomfortable and there are various ways of dying and one thing of getting
close close to that myself was it gives me an empathy, I'm having a lot
more empathy with other people who are handicapped in some way or injured, or have various illnesses. I have empathy for them in a way that I never did
before. If I had a lot of energy I'd write about the limits of empathy is
that you know we, it's a nice thing and I wish more people had it but even the even
the best of us empathy is a fairly shallow thing. I remember one of the
first things that brought… we had a flood about four years ago here on the bottom
bottom floor of the house got all messed up and soggy and we filled a dumpster
with with trash with soggy trash 20-foot dumpster and I had read about floods in
the Mississippi and valley and things like that and other places and thought you know that would be hard but I had no idea how hard it was no idea until it was us doing it
and me ripping up soggy carpet off the floor and hauling it out to the dumpster
and not having clean water to clean up with I really realized how a little
empathy I really had and that's true of a lot of things I can see someone else is
in pain or discomfort and my empathy is inadequate for the job let's put it that way yeah I agree it's always fascinating to
me like you'll have these really hardlined politicians who are pushing
these policies that are to me seem very inconsiderate unempathetic and then suddenly
they have an experience of where someone they know or they have to experience
something that has to do with their policy and they completely do a 180 and
change their mind so there's something to- I wish there were more like that.

I know there's
something to that experience of a… When it happens to me then oh yeah
now I understand now I have that perspective so it changes everything. Right.
I do talk to a lot of people who have a fear of dying not not so much the
process like you were just discussing but like I guess what's on the other
side. Was there, were you always like that are you just didn't have a… it didn't bother you or did you have a kind of coming to terms with it at some point. I
think you're probably always had it. I was kind of a born atheist. When I
was very small I would, as my mother tells me this I don't remember it, but when I
was very small I would ask her to tell me there were no angels.

She said she would
tell me well I don't know I don't know if that's the case. So I've never seen an angel and I
don't think there are angels but I don't know. I kept insisting on it that she
tell me there were no such thing as angels so seemed to start pretty early.
My father was an atheist too probably had something to do with it.
Now your grandfather was actually a preacher right? My grandfather and his
father and his father all Baptist preachers in Burma. And then your father
decides to. He went the other way yeah went the other direction. Similar to
my experience my family is very religious and I went the other way and
what I've heard before is there's no atheists in a foxhole. They'd to say-
Well that's a lie yeah and even if it were true it would mean that
fear was the motivation and if there is a God I don't not think he'd be that
respectful of fear as a main motivation to believe in him.

That's a
pretty shallow kind of God who would scare the shit out of somebody in
order for them to believe. That was my upbringing… using that fear perspective and it was
funny too because as I got older and I met other Catholics and I told them
about my experience of Catholicism with the fear they were surprised and that
was when it opened my perspective to realize that not everybody was brought
up that way. Yeah some people have different reasons for believing in
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take care

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