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what stops you from creating the change
that you want stay tuned hey this is Damon Cart from NLP gym bringing you
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this is actually a video series this is the first part of a three-part video
series and at the end of the three-part video series which will be released this
Saturday I will be making a big announcement stay tuned for that change
is hard right and lasting change is even harder right hmm I don't really think so
I used to think that way and what I'm gonna offer you now I think is a much
better way to think about change and an even lasting change change itself is not
really that hard it's the resistance to change that is difficult and that makes
us struggle and get frustrated if you think about it when you were a kid you
adapted to change pretty easily this is why you know kids learn quickly they
adapt to change very quickly the reason is they have not many expectations
because they're lacking in life experience the more life experience we
have the more we use things like expectation to give us some sense of
security so first off think about change as not the thing that's difficult it's
just your resistance to it so if you can lower your resistance to change it's not
hard and it will last is the only thing that stops changed from lasting is if
you have inner resistance that you haven't dealt with we call this ecology
and NLP so what's the best way to create lasting change and to stop resisting
change where do you start try starting with stop making any excuses you may
call them valid reasons but they're excuses and we're all guilty of it I'm
guilty of it you're guilty of it everybody's guilty
that's the first thing we do when we want to distract ourselves from
something we want or we think we should want and we don't have it or we're not
doing anything about it we make an excuse
the two biggest excuses that most of us make is I don't have the money and I
don't have the time when I used to sell insurance that was the two biggest
hurdles I had to overcome when making any sales to clients first of all I had
to explain to them why it was worth their tongue I had to really demonstrate
this I shouldn't say explain I had to demonstrate why it was important for
them to take the time to come to the office and meet with me and then I had
to demonstrate how it was worth their money to buy a policy which actually
protected their money so these were when it comes to cells this is what you're
normally going to encounter as the two biggest excuses nobody ever has the time
and nobody ever has the money and when it comes to everything else you want in
your life that's usually the reason that you use
one of those two or both as to why you don't have it why haven't you lost the
weight or started that exercise program or started making more money or why
haven't you gone back to school start that novel spend more time with family
whatever it is it's usually the excuse usually as I don't have the time and I
don't have the money what if though imagine this just imagine for a moment
you no longer made excuses for anything you you couldn't make excuses every time
you went to make an excuse something interrupted that process of making an
excuse and you suddenly stopped and didn't make the excuse so for some of
you excuses or the reason your life is exactly in the same place as it was one
year ago and for others for the rest of you the reason why you haven't
progressed as quickly and advanced into the life that you want to create for
yourself is normally excuses now as a coach I usually coach people with this I
usually get very clear with them about what it is they want and oftentimes this
is this could be another reason why you're making excuses it's not really
what you want it's what you think you want
for example I've met couples who make excuses about why they're not having
kids when it really comes would really comes down to is they don't really want
kids and there's nothing wrong with that if you don't want kids that's ok but
they were experiencing a lot of pressure from both sets of parents wanting them
to have kids so the only thing they could do they and they felt like they
should have kids the only thing they could do is make excuses but the truth
was they just really didn't want to have kids this is an important thing to know
so if you're making excuses because it's not something you really want this is so
important to know that because you can unburden yourself with that you might
realize upon stopping making the excuse and really getting clear about what you
want that you only wanted whatever that was because you were because of outside
pressure really wasn't something you wanted and why is that so great to know
because now you can finally unburden yourself from experiencing that pressure
and and and making those excuses which is just a distraction and a waste of
time and effort so let that go for everything else the things that you know
that you want the things that you actually want not because of outside
pressure but but because you really want them but you keep making excuses as to
why you don't have it or why you you shouldn't start working on it what would
it be like to just stop just stop making excuses I mean this is I know this
sounds very simple but when you interrupt that pattern when you stop
distracting yourself from what it is you want and you really own it you own that
desire you own what it is that you want without the other noise notice what
happens give that a try start becoming very well aware of your
common excuses like I said for most people it's time and money so you know
that upfront but each one of us has our own favorite excuses we like to use our
individualized excuses that we like to use get clear on what those are so that
you can watch out for them and as you go throughout your day and
you think about doing something or you think about wanting something or someone
ask you about something that you said that you wanted if you start to notice
you're about to make an excuse stop yourself don't try to replace it with
anything else just stop yourself interrupt that process of excuse making
it interrupt that distraction and just sit with that and notice what comes up
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