Flat Belly

Dharma Yogi Full Movie – 2018 Telugu Full Movies – Dhanush, Trisha, Anupama Parameswaran

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Hey, man… Anyone can do the work
you go Topsy-turvy about. But, if you wish to be a politician… You need to use phrases while talking. You need to sound aggressive. You should be winning the public’s hearts. For that to happen,
you should be able to speak. Why are you so greedy
when you can’t even talk? He can’t hear a thing but he wants
the mic. Let me fix it. O’ brothers and sisters facing
difficulties with a smile… Rivers Ganga and Kaveri never dry out. My heart is one such thing. Our leader upholding the
pride of Telugu people be hailed. Hail! Hail! Hail! Hey, Murali… Your wife delivered twins.
Go look.

Twins, eh? Well done! One for the home! One for the country! ‘Prajaswamya’ party’s new blood. He shall be named ‘Yogi’. [APPLAUSE] Watch your step. Damn it! We reflect the poems of ‘Mahaprasthanam’. None of us embody being a coward. Don’t forget. We are the roaring lions. Your threats would cause us no harm. We are the roaring lions. Your threats would cause us no harm.
– Mom… Dad… We are the roaring lions. Your threats would cause us no harm.
– Hey.. What the hell are you doing, boy?
Let go of his foot. Shut up and go to sleep. Enough already. Have you gone crazy? Go to sleep. Where are we going, dad? Lord Rama fought with Ravan
and saved Goddess Sita. But, our leader, with non-violence,
won the hearts of the public.

He has saved the oppressed
class with his expertise in speech. They call themselves ‘Jananayaka Kutami’. They neither have public nor a leader. You people always get into tussles. Our leader tries to convince you
in making this land ‘Ayodhya’. The blood boiling in us is
a symbol of our chivalry. We shall announce to the
world Telugu language is our breath. With all the mercury wastage banned
before 13 years in America… A factory was built in our town. With no awareness, poor laborers working
for the factory have been abused horribly. Her husband went to work to earn a living.
She ended up as a widow. Women who saved up money for
their weddings remained to be infertile. Even if they do have kids, they are born
with physical and mental disabilities. Those scoundrels have turned
irrigative fields into barren lands. Do we provide a solution
to this or not? Tell me. Yes. We should solve it. The protest we proclaim shall make
the opposition burn to ashes.

We shall achieve it with
all our lives at stake. What do we have here? Is it a prison?
– Is it a prison? Or an abode for corpses?
– Or an abode for corpses? Fly back! Fly back! Fly back! Fly back! Fly back to America!
– Sir, please leave. We are not leaving.
– We are not leaving. Fly back! Fly back! Our protest doesn’t stop at this. All of you get into the
vehicles peacefully. ‘Our troop is an embodiment of sacrifice.’ ‘Our leader is an unparalleled force.’ ‘The protest is held to
ban the mercury factory.’ ‘His voice shall rise
above the suppression.’ ‘This is the last warning to
the lethargic Government.’ ‘To save the lives lost inhumanely…’
‘To have the innocents served justice…’ ‘To the fire of fury flaring
up in the State tomorrow…’ ‘I burn into ashes as the founding flame.’ Dad…! Dad…! Dad! Let me go. Dad…! Dad…! Dad! I shall never leave the party and Sir, dad. Up until the elections till date… Prajaswamya party and Pragatiseela party
ruled for a 5 year term each. Pragatiseela party is in reign now. Hey, David… Will my son get the
‘Youth President’ post this time? [DIALOGUE UNCLEAR] Why are you still afraid? That’s true but Yogi is in the list.

That gets me worked up. He isn’t just in the list.
He lies in everyone’s hearts. Brother, we entered
politics to earn a living. But, he was born into politics. If he is fated to get the post,
no one can stop him. How are you doing? Sir’s brother-in-law brings the
aura of Sir himself. Sir will come online at 10am sharp. Five men in the posting list should
be in front of the screen. I spoke to my sister. Your work is done. I got him into the party for you. I now have to do everything he says. Hmm? Hmm… Ask him not to expect
what’s beyond his worth. Leave…! So, your words don’t matter to him.
– Hey, brother… Come on… 4 of them skipped the
conference fearing you. Only Yogi is remaining. He wouldn’t give us a damn. Yogi should never attend the conference. I would use his absence to
get his posting canceled.

Find out where he is at. Uncle… Put the speaker on, boy.
– Hey, Yogi… Where are you at? School van is punctured.
– I will drop the kids and be there. Hey, get down. Greetings, brothers. You guys are stout like buffaloes. Why are you blocking my way? There are school kids in the jeep.
They’d be hurt if they fall down. So, what? You can admit
them in the hospital. You wouldn’t be able to
reach the party office. Oh, I shouldn’t be going
to the party office. Come on, brother… What is this? They are running late for school.
Leave now. Hey, you’d have to pass by us to leave. I don’t know how to pass by now. I can run over you if you’d like.
– Hey, messing around, eh? Hey… One minute… You sit down.

Kids, ignore what’s happening outside.
Play video games. I will be back in 5 minutes. Okay, uncle. I need to go to the party office.
I can’t have my shirt stained. Got it, everyone? I can’t have my shirt stained. Hey, didn’t I tell you not to stain it? Shirt, you see… What’s your problem? All right. Stain it. Go ahead. Don’t you know I am far sighted? A politician is always alert. It’s been a while. He is still not here.
I wonder where he is. Hey, when and how did you come? Hey, Bhagat… More than how we lead our life… What we leave behind at death is important. How is that related to what I asked? One needs to play around with
words in politics.

Sir is here. Greetings…
– Greetings, sir. Our district representative put forth 5
names for the post of ‘Youth President’. The post of ‘Youth President’
is nothing ordinary. The party’s future lies in his hands. Taking that into consideration… Though we lost in the last elections… The one to be casted 5000
votes more in his ward… The boy I named… Yogi… He is the ‘Youth
President’ hereafter. I request all the party members
to support his endeavors. I would’ve shown some mercy if you asked. You didn’t have to send goons. Yogi is powerful, man. “He is one furious chap” “He has won the battle” “He has shown vigor” “He is a 25 year old firework” “He would destroy the deceitful” “He is an epitome of kindness” “He is the public’s sweetheart” “He wins every challenge fought” “Anyone who messes around”
“He sets them straight” “He is controlled chaos” “He is slim like a matchstick” “He resembles an atom bomb” “He is one furious chap” “He has won the battle
He has shown vigor” “He is a 25 year old firework” “He would destroy the deceitful” “Always mindful of yesterday
He honors his hometown” “His heart knows no bias
He is a winning horse” “He is one smart man
He is as pure as the wind” “Irk him and he’d break your bones” “He swears by donation
He spreads love around” “Cuss him and he’d smack you down” “He has gone across the oceans
He made a name for himself” “Who’s a parallel to him?” “He is slim like a matchstick” “He resembles an atom bomb” “He is one furious chap” “He has won the battle
He has shown vigor” “He is a 25 year old firework” “He would destroy the deceitful” That’s right! We have no means of living but
he wants to be Youth President.

Postures are a waste.
– Hey.. Did you join the opposition or what? Yeah, right. Going by your words…
He is not leaving that party. What is this? Everyone is elated
treating Yogi as their son. But, I am not so joyful about my son. Since the day his dad passed away… The party office has been his home. I thought he’d realize with time. The day he quit college to
attend the party office… I stopped talking to him. Years have passed by.

he doesn’t seem to change. Aunty.. I have a doubt. What’s that? When your own son doesn’t listen to
you… Would your students give a damn? Idiot! Mom, you made lentils broth again. Why don’t you make chicken or mutton? He has lunch at home only once a day. That’s why I made his favorites. There’s two of you. I can’t
cook both your favorites. Wait on… I will serve you too. Isn’t lentils broth enough for your body? Are you out to break rocks? You are going to college after all.
Shut up and eat it. I thought you’d lead a normal
party member’s life like dad. You did good. Congrats! Explain my greatness to mom. You announce it loud in the mic.
Why don’t you speak to mom? Don’t you know we aren’t on talking terms? Mom treats you like a prince
even if you aren’t talking.

I wonder what if you conversed.
– Hey, tell her, man. Sir, I am a Professor. Not a broker. [DIALOGUE UNCLEAR] You tell her. ‘She just tore the posters.’
What can I tell her? [DIALOGUE UNCLEAR] Just tell her, man. Yogi has been posted as
the Youth President. Does that bring any wealth home? We get nothing. You get commission
by taking advantage of politics. But, in Yogi’s case, we are hopeless. You know…
– Hey! Shut up and eat, man. What do I eat? She served me nothing. Honest men like him and
his dad can’t grow in politics. Ask him to go meet rice mill Manga Raju.
– I spoke to him. He’d pay you 10k for doing the accounts. Tell her Manga Raju’s
son came to us for a job.

This bloody attitude is good for nothing. He can be married only if he is employed. His dad forgo of his responsibilities
and lit himself on fire. He is walking in the same path. I am worried about him. ‘Kanakadurga’s Eggs Store’ Take a good look, brother. Which egg is bigger? My ranch hen’s egg, right?
– Yeah. Wondering how my ranch hen
laid such a big egg? -Yeah. I wonder if such a wild hen exists. Hey, was I talking to you? I sacrificed my food to feed it, brother. Yeah, I can see. I shall sell at 50 paise less than him. Huh? Hmm… Okay, then. Give me 20 trays. Bro, trusting the newbie,
don’t you spoil our relation. That’s because I don’t think
that’s an original ranch hen’s egg.

Hey, how can you make that statement? Do you dare to break each egg and check? Shall we check the
originals and duplicates? Why do you start a
tussle first thing in the morning? Sell me yours. You leave, man. You drool over women.
You are just like your dad. -Hey, Show some respect. -Bloody hell!
She isn’t just selling eggs to you She is soon going to ruin your business.
– I know better. You give me those. Come on… Eggs are so fresh. This egg is free of cost for you. Hey, you are out of your mind. Damn it! A week’s business is
at stake because of her. Hey, brother… We’ve been in
business since your dad’s time.

You can’t be angry for this. I don’t even know the girl.
Just get me the load. Here I come. -Dear,
that’s the guy’s brother. Why isn’t she listening to me? Hey, you… Stop! I will get it in the evening. Hey, stop! He seems to
be dangerous than my wife. Stop! Stop! Stop! Hey, girl… Don’t you see
the ‘No Entry’ board? A guy just passed by. You let him go.
Why are you after me? I only catch those I can. You are right.

One minute… Huh? What are you doing? Damn it! Damn it! Hey, it’s not like I have thrown a tool. It’s just an egg. Shut up and leave. Thank you. Thank you very much. Such a bad day… Who are you, dear? I have to meet Ramalingam sir. Say Eggs Malathi is here. I spoke to him on phone about
supplying eggs for the canteen. He asked me to come meet him directly. Copy this. [SINGING RANDOMLY] Sir, excuse me… Yes. Eggs Malathi… You hide your face hitting an egg on mine. Sorry, sir. Your face looks…
– Like a fritter? No way!
– Is it worse? No. How dare you hit an egg on my face… And come to my college
asking for eggs order? Who else do I ask, sir?
– You see that guy walking… Oh, him? Kidding me, eh? I hate comedy. You shall get this order at no cost. Sir…
– What? You gain strength if you drink my eggs raw. Really? Is it? Mm-hmm… That’s why I hit one in your face. You can check…
– Shut up and get out.

Sir, please…
– Get out! [PERIOD BELL] Oi… Oi… Oi… Which class, baby?
What are you looking for? Baby, huh? It totals to 4500 rupees. Hey, I said it’s 4500 rupees. I am a Professor here. I have no such bad habits. Aah! I was talking about the loss you caused… And you talk dirtily of me. Hey, my phone… Keep this. Get my money and take your phone. What are you saying, boy?
A girl slapped you? You know to demand chicken
and mutton from me. Couldn’t you just slap her back? Poor girl, mom. She said I caused her loss. I spoke badly of her. Someone resembling me… He must be the guy.
– Yeah, right. She slapped you for his actions.

Go to her place, tell her your
brother did it and slap her back. Okay.
– Only then will I make dinner for you. – Hey, where are you going?
– Inside… Come here… Come on… – You know… What?
– Come on… Come… Now go! Dumb fella! Dip normal eggs in tea decoction and… People would believe they
are ranch hen’s eggs. What do you think, grandma?
– Superb! Eggs Malathi is extraordinary. You have left people in shock. No one can find out. They look exactly like wild hen eggs. You, cheater! You are selling boiler
eggs as wild hen eggs. Hey, how could you enter my factory? I entered when you dipped the eggs in tea. Is this how you are
cheating the public? -Yeah. So what? Will you go tell everyone? Go try. But, pay me my 4500 rupees
and then tell everyone. I am not here to pay you. I am here to take my phone
and slap you back. How dare you think of slapping Malathi? Hmm… Come on… Go ahead… Come on… Do it. Come on, boy.

Boy? Yeah, boy. What can you do? You didn’t just break all my eggs. You also ruined my college contract. You are responsible for all of it. I will start cussing you now. You are scared, aren’t you? Pay me my amount and take your phone. Come to my home in the morning.
I will pay you. Your home? You talk like
it’s Victoria’s palace. Give me the address. I will be there.

Did you slap her?
– Hmm… I did, mom. Did you slap her hard?
– Hmm… I gave her a tight slap. Did you slap her for real?
– Yeah, really, mom. Get lost, man. I wouldn’t believe you did.
– Mom… Mom… Mom… How can I slap a girl? It’s not right. I gave her our address
and asked her to come home. Huh? I asked you to slap her.
Why’d you give our address? You will know tomorrow.

[SINGING RANDOMLY] Mom… Mom… Wait on…
– Someone is ringing the bell. That’s her. Is brother inside? He will be going out.
– Hmm… Timing is right.
You wait here and look there. Don’t you worry, dear. I spoke to the VDO. I shall take care of everything. Why is the door closed in the morning? Oh my!! Such long beard in a day? What do you want? You know why I am here. Pay me the amount. What amount?
– Oh… Do I have to explain it every time? Don’t you remember my slap from yesterday? Slapped me?
– Yeah. What was my response? You stood still like a scarecrow.
I took your phone and… Yes! You only asked me to
come here for my amount. The guy you are looking for is inside. Inside? Does it hurt much, dear? All the havoc… You don’t have to tell me anything.
I have a clear image now. One egg and two chicks… Mom, she’s calling you an egg.
– Shut up.

Sorry. You are innocent. I shouldn’t have slapped you. It’s okay. My brother
slapped you tight, so… You can trust his brother,
but, this one’s a smarty. Why, mom? Why do you have to face
loss for his actions? Come tomorrow and collect your money.
– Okay, auntie. My phone… Yeah, phone… It’s been buzzing all night. Some guy Venu called 5
times in the morning.

Damn! He is our HOD.
– Were you rude to him? No way. I softly said, ‘Are
you senseless, idiot?’ ‘You call me on repeat. Hang up!’ That’s because I am basically soft. Here you go. Never get greedy for other’s possessions. Here’s your sim card. Use it with another phone. I can’t trust you yet, you see…
– He should’ve slapped you more. Don’t forget to pay me
tomorrow and collect your phone. Bye, auntie…
Bye, sir. Bye… Bye…
– Bye.. [SINGING RANDOMLY] She seems like a firebrand. Superb talent, right, mom? She isn’t just talented. She toiled since she was a kid
to be a woman leader today. I hereby request Agnipoola Rudra to speak. I firstly pay my greetings
to my mother tongue. To the political phenomenon
who was a part of many battles… To the district officer lustering
like an epitome of Telugu… Well educated, handsome,
sensible and guardian of women… O’ warriors roaring with aggression…
O’ women exuberating chivalry… Agnipoola Rudra conveys her
honorable greetings to you.

You see how my candidate speaks Telugu? You call her candidate yourself.
This doesn’t seem to work out. It will work out. When you can bet on an ordinary
girl, she is extraordinary. We shall place our best bet. In the opposition party meeting yesterday… Youth President Yogi words were
demeaning to me and my party. Who the hell is Yogi? Some kiddo… Who the hell are you, huh? Learn politics first. You
can later hold a mic. If you utter nonsense,
you shall be shattered. Stop blabbering crap. I am telling you. What the hell is this? -Didn’t you call me
rude and aggressive at your meeting? Does that mean you call me kiddo? Do you know how I toiled to
speak at a meeting one day? Who asked you to work hard? Marry your brother-in-law. Cook great food for him.
Do his laundry. Have some fun with him. Look after your mother-in-law. Find someone else for that. I have huge dreams. I shall achieve what I want. Oh my!! Does that dream include me?
– Hmm… To a corner… A corner? But, you are all I dream about. Do you know what we did in
my dream yesterday? What did we do? What we did is… You will know once we do it.

Hey, drop it. It might bite. Rudra… I am telling you.
– Will you bite me? Let me see. No! Drop it. Didn’t I tell you? Look what happened now. I will be fine. Don’t worry. 70 percent of snakes in
India aren’t venomous. We are scared for nothing. Hey, Rudra… Rudra… Rudra…! Rudra…! “I surrender to your arms” “I melt as you caress me” “I long forgot the tussles of childhood” “I drown in the ship of your dreams” “Fury of yesterday is applause of today” “You’ve won my heart with no elections” “Queen of the flowers of spring” “You’ve pulled a thread of smiles” “I’ve turned a turning top in your love” “I’ve won the world” “I’ve conquered heights” “But, I am nothing in front of you” “Let all the riches fade” “You are the jewel I need” “Just ask for it, o’ beauty” “This fiery man makes a promise” “Just ask for it, o’ beauty” “This fiery man makes a promise” “Like the world, sky and the stars” “Let me shine by your side forever” “Queen of the flowers of spring” “You’ve pulled a thread of smiles” “I’ve turned a turning top in your love” “I’ve won the world
I’ve conquered heights” “But, I am nothing in front of you” “Let all the riches fade
You are the jewel I need” “Sky falls like drops of rain” “I am wet in your pleasure” “I am young and beautiful
You fill up my dreams of desire” “Her beauty is never left unadmired” “She binds us together with love” “Queen of the flowers of spring
You’ve pulled a thread of smiles” “I’ve turned a turning top in your love” “I’ve won the world
I’ve conquered heights” “But, I am nothing in front of you” “Let all the riches fade” “You are the jewel I need” “Queen of the flowers of spring” “You’ve pulled a thread of smiles” “I’ve turned a turning top in your love” “I’ve won the world
I’ve conquered heights” “But, I am nothing in front of you” “Let all the riches fade
You are the jewel I need” She is my friend.

She was ignorant.
I know them really well. If you could please give her the contract… Damn it! What happened?
Did all the hens escape? What happened, grandma? Here’s the canteen contract advance. Malathi borrowed one lakh on
interest at Kaleswararao Market. She repaid the capital
along with the interest. They have taken the vehicle
and hens demanding for a lakh. They also used nasty words. I will get the amount ready.
You just have to come with me. Take my beard off and act like you?
Get lost, man. I have a lot of work at the party office.
Forget it. Please, bro. I feel sorry for her. She also got the amount ready. Please do this for me. Why are you so worried about
the girl who slapped you? Don’t tell me you are in love. My love will be ruined
trying to help yours.

Rudra loves my beard. Get to work now. Bro…
What is he getting into? Hey, enough… Where are the ice cubes? Come on, Rudra… Please come… He is from Revenue.
She is Rudra. Greetings…
– I know that. I heard you speak at a lot of meetings. She is rocking it at such a young age. That’s not all. She is fair, hot
and beautiful. -Come on now… She desires a post in the party.

So, I wanted to introduce the three of you. Oh… Hey, girl… Go get ice cubes. Don’t you worry, dear. Go straight, take the stairs, turn left
and you will find the bridge. Take the bridge and head home. Come on, guys… You go get it, dear. Hey, is that how you talk to a girl? Spill her money if you desire her. Why do you talk about
the party and posting? She is into politics, man.
She wouldn’t fall for money alone. Her mom would do
unpardonable things for money. What the hell are you saying? I wasn’t aware of it.
– You’d have passed 10th grade if you knew. Hey, I didn’t flunk my 10th grade. Chalapathi, MA…
– Don’t lie. You had another guy write the exam for you.

Not so loud. If the secret is passed on, someone
might file a case on me. I have everything at the ready, ma’am.
We can file the case tomorrow. A case was filed on Minister Chalapathi
for using a proxy for his exam. Mom, I have to be in college by 9. Why don’t you iron my shirt?
Why are you ironing his shirt? I earn and he spends it.
He is of no help for me. He is of no help for me. He talks low of my lover like
his lover is some princess.

He goes yelling… What? Nothing. Go…
– Okay. The numbers tally.
Take your stuff and leave. We came looking for you, sir. If you could get our stuff back home… Go arrange the stuff, man. Mr. Khadgamrugam, one minute… You broke a lot of stuff at her place. If you could compensate for that… Ugh…! Give her 5000 rupees. You used foul language
in front of everyone. If you could fall at her
feet and apologize… What the hell, bro? Hey… Are you here to fight? Do we need this now? They might smack us down. Let’s leave. She is calling you. Leave… I should solve the problem, you see… He wants to solve the problem, man.

Bloody! I can’t even look at
myself without the beard. It’s okay, bro. She just
has to like my face. Watch me now. Sit in the auto and enjoy. She believes everything I say.
Makes it easy for me after marriage… Where are your glasses?
– I dropped them. Let me go get. Trying to fool me, huh? Bro… Bro…
– What is it? Glasses…
– What? If you give the glasses… Thanks, bro. Here I come. How dare you fool me? You see how I caught you? One… Two… Three… Four… Okay? Superb! You go home. I will finish and come. Oh, no problem. Take your time. Why don’t you just go? Damn! He is smacking hard. Are you the fighter or the actor? Find out yourself.

Give me a clue. Oh my!! You are the fighter. “Hey, crazy beauty…” “Your glances are luring me in” “You had me the moment” “You caressed my moustache” “I can’t seem to fall asleep” “Like a delicious slice of butter” “Can I enjoy the feast you are?” “You are a wild beauty” “You are a hidden treasure” “You are a far off possession” “Like a sharp hot knife” “How were you born so?” “Shower me like a raindrop” “Hey, crazy beauty…” “Your glances are luring me in” “Binding me by your braid” “You have set me on fire” “You have captured my heart” “You hit me with ecstasy” “You are a wild beauty” “You are a hidden treasure” “You are a far off possession” “Like a sharp hot knife” “How were you born so?” “Shower me like a raindrop” “Hey, crazy beauty…” Don’t you think this is love? Don’t you know what my problem is? It’s a great egg, sir.

Why are you saving money? For my wedding… “Let me be your drapes” “Let me fill your dream” “Heart blooms with the roots of love” “I am lost by your side
under the moonlight” “Heart seems to have discovered a new me” “I await the night as our romance lingers” “You are a wild beauty” “You are a hidden treasure” “You are a far off possession” “Like a sharp hot knife” “How were you born so?” “Shower me like a raindrop” “Hey, crazy beauty…” Minister Chalapathi’s proxy case
will be given a verdict today. Greetings, sir. -Do you have
anything to say about this case? I am fine, sir. How are you doing? [LAUGHS] This is proof enough you passed
MA through a proxy. Sir, I was ignorant back then. Consider my age and forgive me. -You didn’t
apply for pension to consider your age. You will be imprisoned
for 3 years for forgery.

You are no more an MLA. Huh? Sir, you mean me? Yes. Thank you. I need bail by evening. Sir, what’s your opinion on the verdict?
– How could you commit such a crime? Is this the end of your political career? Why don’t you answer us? Are you being a coward?
Why are you afraid? I am scared, eh? Party High Command announces the
ban of an MLA for his uncivil behavior. Bapatla Constituency
may soon have by elections. Hail, sir! Hail, sir!
Hail, sir! Sir is coming, man. Go look. It’s common in crowded areas.
Is it something new to you? Yogi, let go. He’s one of us. You leave him. Sir is coming.
Protect him well. Give that. Who’s this comic cop? Hail, sir! Hail, sir! Hail, sir! Yogi…
– Sir? Come here. Hey, you can’t have the road jammed for CM. Get it cleared now. What’s the issue? It’s nothing, sir. A girl from our party is protesting
from a cell tower top.

Let’s take a different route. What is this? You said a girl from our party is
protesting from a cell tower top. We can change the route.
But, what if something happened to her? Muttu, follow the same route. By the way, who’s the girl? Get me the mic. What is she doing up there?
– What’s her name? Rudra… Rudra, let’s discuss
whatever your demand is. Get down. I am the State’s CM. Get down if you hold respect for me. Greetings, Mr. CM…
– What is this, dear? You hold a post in the party. How could you do this? Opposition is behind Ex-MLA
Chalapathi’s arrest.

We should prove it’s a false case. We should prove Ex-MLA is innocent. Dear, he is an illiterate idiot. He is a fool who studied
10th grade 20 times. Mr. CM, even I am aware he is a pimp. Media would keep mentioning
him until the end of elections. Instead of losing a seat due to the case…
I am trying to win it through this news. Rudra’s demand is justifiable. We shall appeal Chalapathi’s case in
High Court on behalf of our party… Proving he is not guilty. Thanks, Mr. CM…
– Sir, we have a question. Can we believe an honest leader
like Rudra will be given a seat? We shall discuss with the party
and let the media know soon.

Opposition had never won
the by elections in 25 years. Ruling party had given us
the chance to change that. Media will help us gain half the
votes by defaming Chalapathi. We need to a contest a strong candidate
who would get us rest of the votes. Who is that candidate? Sir, all of us support
Ex-Minister Bhanumurthy. He is reputed to be a good teacher. He is experienced from last time. He is from a caste with a huge vote bank. What else do we need? Forgive me, sir.
I don’t feel that’s right. Hey, trying to go against our party? What do you know, Yogi? Can you shut up?
– Don’t you care about the seniors? How could you raise your voice? I prayed for you and got the holy offering. Take it, my leader.
– Leader? He is inside. But, you are my leader. You are something, dear.
– You protest from a cell tower top. You pray for me and call me leader.

Bro, Bapatla Baburao is
insulting you inside. Let me come deal with him.
– Come on, bro… You see… Without a post in the party,
no idiot cares about us. You are right. I made this clear to sir. The person I name shall be the candidate. Would the CM listen to you? Any doubt? He is compelled to listen. I am the benami for half his property. Why don’t you have a
candidate as your benami? I found one already.

Kakinada Mohan Kumar is the right person. He does things according to us. Bro, Kakinada Mohan Kumar
is calling you a pig. I just praised that idiot.
You heard what he is saying now. Hey, is Bapatla Baburao inside? He just called you an illiterate. What can I do when all
our men turn against me? Don’t get furious and think peacefully. Goddess shall show you the right candidate. Why do I have to hesitate? You are right in front of me. Bro, Gopal says… Here I come. Watch me now. Sir, Chalapathi can’t be faulted for flunking
10th grade or being the Education Minister. Having a proxy for his
MA exams was his crime. Public or Law and Order never said an
illiterate can’t be the Education Minister. We aren’t employing for a software company
to look for the educated. Bro, Yogi is speaking.
Let me call you later. Many leaders proved that to be true. Even I am not highly qualified. Didn’t the public vote for you, sir? In an accident on the
Repalle road 2 years ago… Ramamurthy saved many lives
by transporting victims in his tractor.

He might not be educated but
he wills to help the poor. I feel he should be given the seat.
Ramamurthy brother, get up… Greetings, sir. There are many members in the party. But, the
party is upheld by good humans like him. I know Bhanumurthy brother
shall agree with me. What say, brother? Okay, son. Okay, sir. Let Ramamurthy contest. Sir… Sister-in-law… I told you I am coming. How could you keep calling me? You should know I am caught up
with something important. I called 13 times. You should know it’s something important. Okay, don’t be angry. MLA candidate selection… You know sir selects the person. When I named the right person
for it, sir was startled by me. Anyways, why’d you call? It might not be a huge thing for you.

I am the party MLA candidate
for this election. What are you saying? Really? Not just that. I am the district
representative until the end of elections. For real? How were you made the
district representative? Why? You think I am not worth it? You know there are many
seniors in the party. That happens in your party. Only the worthy are respected in my party. You see how they are using you? You don’t listen when
I ask you to come to my party. Listen… Sir knows when a person
in our party should be given something. As your Minister is involved in the case…
Your leader gave you the post out of fury. Whatever it is, I got the post. Aren’t you happy for me? Come on… I am really happy for you. Come to me. You are an MLA candidate.

You are also the district representative. You hold higher positions than me. Keep me in mind and… Forget about that. Marry me after the elections
and ask for whatever. That’s boring. It’s interesting
to do something now. What do you say? Hey… Agnipoola Rudra… Look. Your parents are toiling
hard to educate you. Students need political knowledge indeed. But, don’t gain it in class hours. Get back to class. I urgently need the money I asked for. Can you get it to the place I mention? I asked the money for this girl. She is Revathi. She draws really well. She is quite smart too. But, I don’t know how long she shall live. You asked why I was saving every penny. It’s for our villagers here.

– Sister? What happened? I paid the amount to the doctor, uncle. He said he’d perform
Revathi’s dialysis today. This is my sister. He is her father-in-law.
– Greetings, son. An entire village is deceased. Who’s responsible? It’s not God or fate. It’s the mercury factory in our village. That factory was sealed long back. Only the gates were sealed. Mercury wastage was dumped inside. Mercury looks all shiny on the outside. But, it’s the second
most poisonous chemical. Soon after mercury is buried in the soil… It turns into methane mercury
and turns poisonous.

It affects the plants, vegetables, water,
fish and the humans consuming it. The poison had spread to about
25 kilometers around the factory. Why didn’t you make the Government
aware of it yet? Why wouldn’t we try, son? You know about Pragatiseela party. It solves the issues of
the rich right away. It also solves the issues of
voters from the same caste. We are a tribe who aren’t
even recognized as minority. Who will help us out? This is injustice. Why don’t you
fight along with the opposition? Come on… Opposition is
the reason behind it. When they were in reign,
MLA Bhanumurthy was bribed 200 crores… To approve the mercury factory
being cleared of all the wastage.

It took us 5 years to
recognize the problem. After seeking various
departments for help… I have gathered enough
documents and evidence. But, whom do I approach for it? A few years ago, a man burnt
himself for the factory’s ban. This issue won’t be solved
even if all of us burn together. Doctor…! Dad…! Though the factory was sealed,
the wastage hadn’t been cleared. But, Ex-Minister Bhanumurthy claimed
the opposite and signed his letter head. Through the Right to Information Act… We were informed the
wastage hadn’t been cleared yet.

Take a look. Yogi, I understand your anger. But, politics has various shades. Understand he didn’t keep
the 200 crores to himself. It’s wrong, sir.
– Listen, Yogi… Media says we will win this election. We shall clear the wastage
the minute we win. We shall get all the villagers cured. We shall also purify the soil. Party would fund the expenses, okay? Until then, this can’t be revealed. Ask him to submit the papers.
– Yogi, give me the file. You trust me, don’t you? You trust me, don’t you, sir? Let me keep the file. It will be secured. Sir, he is going against you. What if he reveals the truth? He is the boy I named. He wouldn’t defame me. You should’ve seen all the kids. What was their fault in this? We are brutally taking their
lives for our benefit.

I went against sir too. Instead of these efforts, you
should’ve given me the evidence. I would’ve made it an issue through
our party and caused turmoil. And do what? Use it to your advantage? That’s not needed. I will deal with it. Keep trusting them. Claiming to have cleared
Repalle mercury wastage completely… Ex-Minister have cheated the
public as he was bribed to do so.

But, the wastage still remains. I shall soon reveal the
evidence regarding this. I shall fight until the victims
are served justice. You said he wouldn’t defame you. He has caused insult to you
and the party in the media. He had the opposition candidate reveal it. Party members… Tell me. Why’d you call me urgently? Listen… You said only our love
was personal between us. We always took a dig at
each other at party meetings. This was between me and my sir. How can I face sir now? Why are you feeling so bad?
It’s kind of positive for you.

Your leader will take an action
on this due to my pressure. All of us are fighting for public welfare. You didn’t do this in the public’s favor. You did it to win the election.
– Yeah. What’s wrong in it? That’s politics. You can’t remain stagnant in this field. You need to create an uproar to grow. Even if you are the future candidate…
I would have to think of ways to defeat you. [PHONE BUZZING] Brother, tell me.
– Where are you at? Come to the party office immediately.
– Okay, bro. Is there a problem, Yogi? Why’d you do it despite my order?
– Sir, I did none of it on purpose. Hey, what does it mean
when the truth is revealed? You must’ve plotted it with the opposition.
– Or, you must’ve been bribed. Brother, this isn’t just a party.
It is an abode my dad resides in. It is my abode.

My mom hasn’t been talking
to me since 10 years. She doesn’t even ask me to eat. I don’t even call her mom wholeheartedly. Despite all of it, I am still here.
It’s for sir and the party. I would never…
– Hey, don’t over act. Sir might fall for your
performance but not us. Brother, let sir speak. You have killed the trust I had in you. Sir… Don’t step into this
office unless I call you. If you respect my word, don’t stay here. Yogi… Brother, Yogi is…
– Hey, get lost! This issue has risen unexpectedly today.
We can evade it by blaming the opposition. But, if this goes to court
with evidence provided… We cannot win a single seat in the
by elections or Assembly ever.

Sorry, bro. I caused
this unnecessary issue. It’s not an unnecessary issue. It’s the issue our dad burnt
himself in front of me for. How do we solve the issue?
– The issue dies with him. What do you say, David?
This is nothing new to us. We have done it multiple times.
– Does that mean you kill people? Okay, forget it. I will tell the media
sir is involved in it. Say something, Nagaraju. No one knows he has the factory evidence. So, let’s do what brother proposed. Meaning of politics has
changed before ages, bro. Betrayal, plotting and backstabbing…
This is the politics of today. For you to survive.. You should turn
into a politician who is a better traitor. You can’t do that. Even if you do… Hey… Are you preaching me politics?
Go get to teaching.

I have men to kill him
and also surrender for it. I’ve been talking since long.
Why don’t you say something? Tell me if you can’t do it. I will
take care. Come on, man… Wait, Bhanumurthy… Tell me, mom.
– Hey, Dharma… I just crossed
Pittalavaripalem railway gate. You can reach if you start now.
– Okay, mom. I am coming. I will go get mom.
– Hey, You stay. I will go get her. You?
– Why? She doesn’t talk to me. Let me talk to her and pick her up.
Keep watching. She will call me ‘Hey, Yogi’ soon.
I will make her say that. He is teaching me politics. Sir is calling you immediately. What are you saying? Really? I feel bad for being aggressive with him. Where is sir right now?
– He asked to get you immediately. He said he’d name the place on the way.

You go pick up mom.
– Okay, bro. [BUS HONKING] Bro, he started.
He just turned into the right lane. No one can know you are meeting sir. Tell me.
– Where are you? I am outside. Tell me.
– Where exactly? Tell me what the matter is.
– Is there anyone around you? Hmm… Tell me. They are plotting against
you in the party office. Be careful. Tell me if you have to
go anywhere. I will come with you. Ramamurthy brother is on the line.
I will call you back. -Okay. Hey, where are you?
– I am coming, mom. Please be fast.
– Okay, I am coming. Hang up. She calls way too many times. I am already scared of ghosts in the dark. Go fast. [PHONE BUZZING] Brother… Hey… Go to Srinu’s bungalow.
– Okay. Guys, surround him. Drive fast. Come on… Stop him, guys. Stop him! Guys, catch him. Hit him hard! Don’t leave him. Hit him! Sir, please forgive me. I shall never hurt you again. This secret shouldn’t have been revealed.
I let you keep the file with trust in you. You see the stir it has created now.
– Sir, I didn’t leak it.

– Nothing, sir. Go that way. Drive fast, man. Come on… Don’t let him go. Drive fast. Come on… Keep going… Hit him, man. Greetings… Our party candidate for this election is… Come on, man… Come forward. Yogi… Son of a party member
who sacrificed his life for the party… Greet them, man. Go ahead. No matter who is my opposition,
I shall win over them. If that doesn’t happen,
I shall quit politics. What are you going to do now? Will you use this opportunity
for our party’s triumph? Or will you leak the evidence
and ruin both my trust and the party? INTERVAL [CHEERING] Brother…
– Huh? Is the district representative a big post? You think it’s an ordinary position? 6 MLAs and 2 MPs are under them.

The district politics are in their hands. Due to Chalapathi’s foolishness,
she became the ruler. We’ve been struggling since
40 years to be an MLA. In 1998, I got Rudra on
to the stage to speak for our party. Do you know the respect she has for me? Watch her fall at my feet now. Greetings. Rudra dear… Bless me. It’s okay. Get up. An epitome of elegance,
the guiding lamp for women… Present district representative,
future Minister… May you hail! May you hail!
May you hail! He seems to be stealing the show. He must be targeting my post. Party is under our control in the district. What we say is the Law. I was kind enough to give
Rudra the seat. Hang up. Come on, Rudra… Can you please get up? What is this, dear? Falling at my feet… Didn’t I tell you Rudra is respectable? Learn from her.

Come on, dear… All right. District representative
sits in that chair. The chair shines in your presence. She is Jaya Lakshmi. She holds an important
post in the 15th ward. Make your first signature
auspicious with her file. I need to speak to him.
Please wait outside. Rudra and I have a lot to talk about.
You go… Don’t give excuses to
stay around me anymore. You are a fraud, forgery and a fool. I won’t have a single vote
if public sees you with me. Go hiding until the elections end. This is my first order as
the district representative. Hey, didn’t I give you that post? You are insulting me let alone be grateful.

If I am determined… You are good for nothing. If you create any trouble… I will change your forgery
image to a rapist. Leave… Er… You know…
– Get lost, man! Are you guys happy now? His politics and tussles
have gotten us here. What if his life was in danger? [PHONE BUZZING] Hello… -Yogi, I saw the guy
who beat up Dharma. Come fast. Where is he? Leave him, man.

He didn’t know about you. You are all over the news since yesterday. He realized that and came
here to pull some money. Your brother is no less. He smacked him and his men.
– Hey, I smacked him for demeaning a girl
who borrowed money from him. If I was at fault, he would have
complained that day itself. All right, man. Forget it. It’s better if you two compromise. Come on… Shake hands both of you. Putting your bribed money to work? Instead of filing a case and locking him
up… Why are you asking for compromise? Hmm… Let me file a case. You beat him up first, didn’t you? Case shall be filed on that. Yogi, you are an MLA candidate now. Shall I file the case on you? Go ahead. But, don’t do
it for smacking him. I detest that. I shall smack you down.

File a case on that. Will you do that? If Dharma was in danger,
you wouldn’t have lived. Sorry, auntie. Forgive me.
He is injured because of me. My sister’s treatment I borrowed money from a guy for and got
into trouble. -Hey, don’t tell her. I told him and he mortgaged your jewelry,
brought the money, hit a few men… It’s okay. Forget it.
You don’t have to tell mom about it. You said brother took my jewelry.
You did, eh? Hmm… Give me the fruits. Hey, those aren’t fruits. They are ranch hen eggs.
– Hmm? Hey, it’s not what you think.

This one’s a real ranch hen. I bought them at a store. I was angry on you as sir
would misunderstand me. Even you shouldn’t have done that.
Okay, forget it. I never in my life imagined
we would contest as opposition. I am beginning to realize
the situations around us. MLA seat was given for
you to conceal the evidence. An elections where it is
definite you wouldn’t win. Don’t be silly, Rudra. Media claims your party wouldn’t win. And public determines the election results. Nothing is in our hands. What the hell are you saying? -We have
50-50 chances in the public as of now. I agree. But, I have Government and money behind me. I don’t want you to lose unnecessarily. Sir has his trust in me. I will gift him my victory.

Don’t think I will back out. Who is asking you to? You plan for your victory
and I will plan for mine. And politics and personal life
are two variants in our life. We shouldn’t mix the two. Got it? By the way, what do you
have to win over me? I have the truth. Who’s being silly now? Truth in politics? Uh-huh… We can follow truthful politics. Greetings, everyone. Opposition accused Ex-Minister Bhanumurthy
of a scam involving the mercury factory. You say that’s not the truth. Am I right? I am saying it’s definitely true. You must be the first person to
accept his own party’s flaws.

I don’t just accept it. This is the fake certificate stating the
wastage had been dumped. This is the FIR I filed for the
police to take an action on him. There’s no person who isn’t mistaken. We can prove our worth
only by facing the truth. I was willed to reveal the truth. Our leader still announced me as the
candidate and proves our party’s honesty.

If I am selected as the MLA… I shall get the wastage cleared and provide
treatment for the public affected. Thank you. As Bapatla Constituency candidate Yogi
complained on his party member… Ex-Minister Bhanumurthy had been locked up. Stay calm until I return. Okay? Okay. Just get me the certificate
Yogi had shown the press. I will get you whatever you wish. Hey, man… You thought I’d
betray Yogi for liquor? I would never do that even if I had to die.

I boozed for you to know this, you pimp. You orphan…
I am at fault for offering you liquor. I am not an orphan. I have Yogi’s support. If Yogi realizes you slapped me… He would chop it off. Don’t be scared. I will not tell him. He shall win. Yogi should be an MLA. He will only win, man.

When you are out on bail… Anything you do will be a crime. We are in trouble if he wins the election. What if he doesn’t win? Listen… If the ruling party loses the
by elections.. We’d be embarrassed. High Command would spit on your faces. Yuck! Forget that. Stop
spitting on me, you. Why are you being silly when I am serious? Tell me if you have an idea to win.
– Spill some money and you will have votes. Our candidate is quite weak.
It will not work out. How can you say I am weak? Hey, man… Rudra looks
weak as she is on a diet. You wait on… I myself revealed the opposition’s factory
secret, strengthening our victory. How’d you strengthen it in any way? You said you would leak the evidence. But, Yogi got his own party member
locked up, garnering fame. How did all of this happen? What are you saying now?
– Listen… You and Yogi have a connection.
– You two are in love. Don’t you dare speak low of Rudra. What evidence do you have?
I shall kill you.

I have all the evidence, man.
I wouldn’t speak otherwise. I hesitate as there are women there.
I wouldn’t have spared you. Leave me.. -What are you talking. You were asked for a way to win the
elections and you are being comic. Sit down, brother. Take your seat. He said Rudra was…
– Sit down, brother… Come on… Like he said, look for an evidence
and stick posters by morning. Bro, shall I mention
your name on the poster? Shall I print a poster for your funeral? Men like you never grow up in life. Do as told. Opposition party candidate
Yogi in the poster bedside me… We have never met in real life. I didn’t even know who he was earlier. Printing my picture with a worthless guy… What the hell is she saying, boy? Yogi said he’d marry her soon. It’s politics, mom. You wouldn’t get it.
Feed me that. Damn! We are struggling to meet now.

When you said you didn’t know me… I knew it was a lie. But, I was torn when I watched it. You must be feeling
really bad for saying it. I do feel bad. But, it’s nothing compared to what you did. I didn’t get you. I said you understood politics. You told me party and we are not related. But, you got our posters
printed all over the town.

Hey, you think I did it? When we realized only one of us can win… You couldn’t stand up to your word, eh? You steeped down to such a level to win. Hey… Stop demeaning me. We clicked that picture in
Kerala before 2 years. Don’t you remember? Some guy found it to expose us.
Don’t get suspicious about me. You got your own party member
arrested to be an MLA. What’s wrong in suspecting you? Do you know who you are talking to?
I will break your teeth. Is that what you understood about me? Don’t you feel ashamed? You are… Damn! We are fighting to make you win. But, you are late. Posters are proof enough why you are late. Yes. We are in love.

How is that an issue to you?
I don’t get it. Don’t you get it? When two lovers are opposing candidates,
how will the public vote? You shall leave as an MLA’s wife in future. Do the ruling party have to be
embarrassed losing the election? Why do you guys link her
personal life with the party? Don’t brothers and sisters
work for different parties? The words wife and
husband do sound new. That doesn’t mean you insult her. Looks like you are
planning to change the candidate. This idea sounds good. We can
win if we change the candidate. Is that going to happen? Why are you cutting his call? It is Yogi calling. He must have called to know
what we are discussing. Go… Go talk to him personally. Go now… Everyone is afraid with a few posters eh? No one here is afraid. Party or love? You decide.

Leave the party otherwise. Let’s leave, guys. You know the importance of ruling
party’s victory in the by elections. High Command doesn’t consider
love, affection and gratitude. Mr. CM, I will win for sure. Your statement alone wouldn’t work. Even the intelligence should claim so. Their report is against you. What you have done until
now is not important. Your future depends on
what you do hereafter. I give you two days’ time. Situations should be in your favor by then. If not, I would have to
change the candidate. Mom, I am lying injured on the bed.
And you are still worried about his food. You stay right there. [PHONE BUZZING] Hello… I’ve been calling you.
Why don’t you answer? I need to talk about something important. Come to the forest. Enough problem had been caused already. Hey, I have to see you.

Be there. Mom… You think dad died because
of entering politics. But, I believed dad sacrificed
his life for me to be in politics. Nothing is more important to me than you. But, let me do this for dad. Rudra and I wanted to be
married right after the election. You should go talk to her. Hey, I slapped you out of anger.
Don’t take it to heart. Come here. Look at me. I spoke to mom. I told her we’d married
right after the election.

Everything will settle down, okay? No way. You will win. I will lose. My party knows that we met today. I don’t know how. I underestimated you a lot, huh? What are you even saying? You think I did this too? Do you know what happened
in the party office today? Do you know what they said to me? They said I am a disgrace
to the party, asking me to leave. I must have taken part in many
meetings since I was a kid. I must have had sleepless nights
worried about the party.

And this happens when I am almost there. I don’t know what to do. I remain like a dead body now. Hey, why are you saying all this? I did nothing. There’s a guy with her. Kill them both! She turned out to be a pain for me. She shouldn’t be alive.
– Okay. Kill her, guys! You leave… Just leave… I will take care. I had no other way to defeat you. I didn’t come here planning to kill you. But, I wished for one of the
goons to kill you so that I would win. I had to stab you myself
for my dream and post.

The seed you have sown had got me provoked. I don’t know if I can
live happily without you. But, I can’t live without
the party and power. Die! Just die! Yogi…! Have you passed away already? Yogi…! Yogi…! I didn’t talk to you hoping
you’d quit politics one day. Yogi…! Give way. Move… Hey, he is dead because of you. You guys killed him. We want no condolences.
Leave…! Just leave…! Hold him, guys. Yogi…! “Sleep on… Sleep on… O’ rays of luster” “Sleep on… Sleep on… O’ flight of dreams” “I shall hold on to the path you walked on” “Your thoughts and smiles
shall last with me” “I shall be waiting for you to wake up” “O’ mischievous chap, rise like the dawn” “Be the flower blooming for my prosperity” “My blood seems to flow like milk for you” Drive fast… Get out, man.

Someone killed your brother. Would you go killing everyone for it? What are we here for? We have registered the case.
We shall find out and tell you. Get out! What are you staring at, huh? Alas! Dharma…!
– Dharma…! Guys like you should be…
– Sir! Sir! Please leave him, sir. Get lost, man!
– He is raging with Yogi’s death. The guy who attacked his brother… Yogi smacked him in the station itself. It must be some old enmity. Police are inquiring. But, to eliminate the
insult party garnered… We need to announce his look-alike,
the brother as our candidate. No weapon is powerful than
sympathy in politics. Yogi’s mom will agree if
you talk to her, sir. We want Dharma to contest
on behalf of our party. No! I’ve lost two lives
for politics already.

I need to save the remaining life. I don’t want to get into politics. I am asking you as a member of this family. Wouldn’t you agree? Isn’t it our responsibility to
fulfill Yogi’s dream? Where’s the point in fulfilling
his dream after he passed away? No, dear. Forget it. Mom…
– Huh? I will contest, mom.
– Dharma, You don’t know anything. Don’t say a thing. I know it all, mom. I will contest. Hey, won’t you listen to me? Tell me. Do I end up an orphan losing you too? Get inside. I will contest, mom. Your dad and brother turned a blind
eye to me and abandoned us. I want you to listen to me. I have no one except you. No, Dharma… Let’s not get into politics.

I will contest. Dharma! Bapatla Constituency MLA candidate
Late Yogi’s brother Dharma… He had been announced as the
candidate for Pragatiseela party. May you live long! – Sir, aren’t
we contesting in this election? We wouldn’t win even if we did. Don’t forget to vote for ‘Candle’. I swear by the milk can.
I shall vote for Dharma. Greetings, ma’am. I will leave. Greetings, bro. Don’t forget to vote for our symbol. Bro, Yogi helped us get this auto stand. Now tell me. Whom do I vote for? Hey… Come here. I already told him to back out. He will win. Why do we waste
our deposit unnecessarily? Sir, there are 23 independent candidates. 22 of them have backed
out to sustain the deposit. Only one candidate remains.
– Sir… I am an independent
candidate here to back out. For the second time the history
of Telugu State politics… Bapatla Constituency candidate
Dharma had won by default.

Pragatiseela party had
a tremendous victory. I convey my heartfelt congratulations
to Rudra on behalf of the party. [APPLAUSE] Your applause alone wouldn’t be enough for
such a humongous victory, Mr. CM. Tell us what you want. Amongst the five MPs elected
by the High Command… I would wish for my presence
to serve people better. If you opine I don’t hold the worth,
forgive me, Mr. CM. She hit him right on target. One needs intelligence
and spontaneity in politics. You are more than worth it in that context. Add Rudra’s name to the list.
– Okay, sir. For being elected as an MP
and returning to Bapatla today… We hereby welcome Ms. Rudra with honor. Stop the car over there.
– Okay, ma’am.

What’s the matter? You
called saying it’s urgent. I am not contently happy for Dharma
being an MLA and you an MP. Why is that? Since Yogi died, there have been
many changes in Dharma’s conduct. I don’t get what his problem is. I met a doctor regarding this. The condition is called twin less twin. When one of the twins die… The other twin portrays qualities of both. Once a twin, always a twin. They’ve been together since
they were in the womb.

They can’t digest the fact the
other one is no more. They try to balance the situation. Some of them wish to die
like the other twin. Some of them wish to lead
the other twin’s life. Your son belongs to the second category. That is why Dharma is mirroring
Yogi’s conduct and lifestyle. There’s nothing for you
to be worried about. This is quite common in twins. Facebook pages and blogs discussing
the condition are all over the internet. So, your son Dharma is not one man.
He is two people in one. Yogi is a furious guy trusting everyone
and praying for public welfare. Dharma is a sensible guy who achieves
his dreams through determination. Dharma is now a man with
both sensibility and fury. Hail, MP Rudra! Hail, MP Rudra! Hail, MP Rudra!
Hail, MP Rudra! Hail, MP Rudra! Hail, MP Rudra! Hail, MP Rudra! Congrats! “Two bodies… One life” “Fury is filled in both” “He is an incarnation of ordinance” “He makes the earth stand still” “As he tightens his fist” “As his nerves explode” “As his breathe enrages” “His attitude is ablaze” “There’s an issue due to be settled” “The issue demands cutthroat violence” “You would lose yourself once it’s settled” “Live up to an extent before it occurrence” “Yogi…!” “Yogi…!” “Yogi…!” “Yogi…!” “Yogi…!” “I came looking for you” “Yogi…! You can’t go hiding from me” What’s with the formalities, Dharma? You are an MP.

I am an MLA. I shall give the respect you deserve. Politics and personal life are
two variants in our life. We shouldn’t mix the two. Hmm… Thank you. Sir, I shall immediately
find brother’s killer. Huh? My brother is dead.
I shall only find out. Sir, you look exactly like Yogi. You don’t look like Dharma at all. I am Dharma. I am Yogi. “Shall I look for an opportunity?” “Shall I charge on?” “Shall I look for an opportunity?” “Shall I charge on?” “Shall I look for an opportunity?” “Shall I charge on?”
– Hello, sir. We three will look after
everything for you. I am the official. They are
for personal works. -Hello Sir. Eat, sleep and sign where you ask me to. That’s all I have to do, right? Not at all.

You are new to politics. I was born and raised in politics. I know politics and also how to use it. Firstly, I want my share from the business men,
contractors and exporters in my Constituency. To be precise, I am asking for the bribe. We were used to bribing the
district representative. How can we bribe the MLAs too? He asked for money to stay away from
our issues. Go ahead and bribe him. “Yogi…!” “Yogi…!” “Yogi…!” Names and details of the men who paid you. “I came looking for you” “Yogi…! You can’t go hiding from me” “Yogi…! My eye of fury is flaring” “ Yogi…! You shall be burnt to ashes” Greetings, sir… Sorry, sir. I am late by 10 minutes. Justice for them had been
delayed for 15 years. We shall bear the expenses of the patients
affected by the mercury factory. We don’t have enough fund, sir. I have got 75 lakhs as donation. Put that to use. It’s all black money. What would you say? Are they fake notes? No, sir.

But the men who paid them… They aren’t good men. According to your list, I got a receipt
ready in everyone’s name. Give them to the collector. They will have income tax issues, sir. That’s my plan. They don’t spare a penny for the public. But, they spill lakhs for pleasing an MLA. Let the IT department enquire
their source of money. “Yogi…!” “Yogi…! I came looking for you” “Yogi…! You can’t go hiding from me” You said he knows no politics. But, he is giving us hard time. He isn’t Dharma. He is our karma. Make sure he doesn’t mess with you. How’d the MLA get to know? Sir… What are you staring at?
Do you know the value of a life? We called the ambulance, sir.

Keep waiting for it. Get him into my vehicle, man.
– Lift him up, guys. [AMBULANCE SIREN] Bhagat, go along. This wouldn’t happen if you
caught the cheetah. Have you thought about his family?
– Sorry, sir. We fixed 6 cameras to track the 6 cheetahs. The cameras are being sold for cash, sir. Does that mean you give no damn?
– No, sir. We found 5 cameras of the
6 that went missing. But, we couldn’t find the
camera lost in the forest. It’s true the camera went missing. But, we are yet to find the
camera from those forest. We will inform you first once we find it. Okay. I will get it ready. Who was it? Dharma? Yeah. Shall I ask brother-in-law to speak to him? There’s nothing between us, sister. I can read your love from your eyes. But, he is not in a situation
to comprehend my heart. He is not the Dharma that once followed me. He is MLA Dharma. I am happy helping him fulfill
his responsibilities.

Malathi, many people are around an MLA. Make sure they don’t cross you over. Ma’am, I heard the new MLA earned fame
through money regarding the factory issue. You said he doesn’t know politics. And that he wouldn’t go against your word. Careful, eh! Don’t depend on Delhi
politics and ignore district politics. You are respected as long
as you are under control. I warned you as a well-wisher. Don’t let go of what’s in your hands. Come on, sister-in-law. Please come.
– Er… Dharma… Why don’t you take the glasses off? You cannot proceed regarding the
mercury factory without my consent. It was my brother’s last wish. You want me to forget it? I am saying no for now.
– When else would it be okay? After all the patients turn up dead? I’ve visited the victims myself. You wouldn’t say this if you met them. If we act on this issue now, public
would forget about it in a while.

I spoke to the party Ministry for you. Not just that. If you listen to me… You
shall have the seat in the next election. I didn’t enter politics
for your seat or posting. I have two reasons to be here. One… I should resolve the
factory issue brother took up. Two… I shall take the life of
my brother’s killer brutally. Not just you… Even the High
Command can’t stop me. “I don’t reopen closed chapters
Almighty asks me to kill you” “I don’t reopen closed chapters
Almighty asks me to kill you” The departments we need to answer
and question regarding the Government… I need the complete details.

I need to meet everyone related to this. Sir, hello…MLA wants to meet with
you regarding the mercury factory. [INDISTINCT VOICES] All of them are scared to death. We cannot and shouldn’t take an action
without the High Command’s permit. Let’s not argue with sister-in-law
and do as she says. What, Dharma? Did none of them turn up? That is why I asked you not to
quarrel with the High Command.

Politics is not as small as laying
down chairs under tents. It is humungous. Without the power called a post,
you are like a bulb without a fuse. Try to understand, Dharma. Without the party, you
are just a single man. Just a single man… Everyone is born single, ma’am. But, I was born double. I wanted to solve the issue legally. But, you wish to make it
a people’s revolution. Let’s do as you please. Dharma, no one is going to stand by you. Attracting people is an art.

You aren’t aware of that. People aren’t attracted. They are provoked. Watch them come rushing. Mercury looks all shiny on the outside. But, it’s the second
most poisonous chemical. Soon after it is buried in the soil… It becomes methane mercury
and turns poisonous. I don’t know how many of
you know the victims. Forwarding, liking, sharing and commenting
on the video isn’t enough. We need to enter the battlefield.
We need to rebel. If we all come together… If we all join our hands…
We can still make a difference. If anyone of you feels socially
responsible or interested… Just give me a ping. [INDISTINCT VOICES] You must have seen circus feats and
government meetings in exhibition grounds. For the first time, you shall
witness students’ power. All of them are going to protest
for the removal of mercury wastage.

Under my leadership… Ma’am… Who printed my photo in the notice? You can’t be shocked just with this. Take a look over there. Our party MLA seems to be rocking it alone. You are an MP and also a chief member. You should be leading it. Tell the media our Government
shall solve the mercury case. Everyone shall applaud our party
in the evening news. Got it? Okay, Mr. CM. ‘Ban it! Ban it!’
‘Ban it! Ban it!’ ‘Ban the mercury factory.’
‘Ban the mercury factory.’ Give way… Move aside… We started this as a small protest. But, she turned it into a mega revolution.

I take pride in welcoming honorable
and respected MP Ms. Rudra. You said no one would stand by me. Not only is the crowd here but
even you were compelled to attend. Take the mic. Any revolution risen
by students had never failed. This revolution shall be fruitful. I declare the mercury wastage
shall be cleared And the culprits shall be punished. The victims shall be… [APPLAUSE] You spoke well.

This issue had been unsolved for years. If you could tell us when
it would be resolved… In three months… Ms. Rudra promised our Government
shall resolve the issue in a week. Let us hear it in her words. I promise our Government
shall resolve the issue in a week. Hello, ma’am… This is Yogi’s power! How many times do I ask you
to take your medicine? You are too forgetful. Damn! We are drowning in issues. And you are worried about the medicine. Bro, why are you getting furious? What do you expect? Case shall be resolved in a week, you know. What will the party do? I told you already, Raju. I won’t be going to jail alone this time. You and sir should be
ready to accompany me. Bro, I know how to shut them down.
Trust me. You shall see what I will do.

The place you are familiar with… That’s why you found it easily. The surveillance cameras
Forest officer placed for the cheetahs… They have been robbed by random thieves. But, Inspector from my caste
gave it to me to secure it. How much money do you want? You just got the post. You just started saving money. You already got to bargaining, eh? What are you looking for? We wanted to kill Yogi. You were of help by doing it. But, what you are doing now isn’t right. Dharma is trying to resolve
the mercury factory issue.

You better shut him down. You are shutting him down and that’s all. He is a player, man. I haven’t seen a guy like him in the
40 years of my political career. Come here, man. I’ve been watching you in this area
for 4 months now. Yes, bro.
– Why do you say 40 years? Is it funny to you?
– No, bro.

I read the recent news, so…
– Recent news? What does the 3rd page say? I am reading the 1st page. You’ve been reading the 1st page
for 3 hours now. You are here to drink tea, aren’t you?
– Yes, bro. Why don’t you have it and leave? You come to the party office. You have free tea for around 6 months. But, you vote for the opposition. Tell me, ma’am. Why’d you call me? You should’ve given me the camera. I am the ruling party MP now. I will be a Minister in the future. I can reward you with anything I wish. You missed a great opportunity. Everyone is given only chance in life. I am giving you a second chance now.

Think about it. You are an Inspector. You can grow to be a DSP and an SP. Only if you do as I say… Tell me what I have to do. Nagaraju shall die. Such a small thing sends shivers down
your spine. Who made you an Inspector, man? Come on, ma’am… When he was a nobody,
he would bow down to me.

Since he grew as a politician,
he considers me a nobody. Both of us are from the same caste. I thought he would be of some help. But, you want to help
me without my request. What else can I ask for? I shall kill him. Just tell me when and where. You don’t have to go looking for him. He is waiting for us. Don’t use that gun. It’s
from the Department. Use this. [PHONE BUZZING] Hello…
– Sir, the MLA came today. He was angry for not
finding the lost camera. What the hell is this? Couldn’t you manage an MLA? Ask him to call me about
the camera hereafter.

[PHONE BUZZING] MLA is calling. Put it on speaker. Hello, sir. Where are you? I am outside on some work. I am asking where. I am coming to Bapatla
from Chilakaluripeta. I will reach by 5pm, sir. Meet me as soon as you do.
– Okay, sir. He says he is coming to
Bapatla from Chilakaluripeta. But, I heard a train pass by. There’s no train from
Chilakaluripeta to Bapatla. Yeah. He is definitely on the route
from Vijayawada to Bapatla.

He said he’d meet me at 5. Going by the time,
he is definitely in Vijayawada. Why was he lying to me? He is hiding something. Go to the Inspector’s place. I will catch him on the way.
– Okay, Dharma. I asked you to resolve the matter. But, you got a man along to debate. How long do I have to wait for you? You don’t know the power
of the evidence I hold. Let me show you what I am. Don’t rush it, Nagaraju. I know when to begin
and when to end things. Everyone knows that. I don’t have to wait for
you with the video. Let me show everyone what you are. You are dreaming of being
a Central Minister, eh? Let me send you to Central Jail. Hey… What the hell are you doing? I have done a lot for you. We belong to the same caste. Listen to me. Put the gun down. Rudra… Rudra… Stop him! I will listen to you.
Please ask him to stop. Burn the memory card then. Make it fast. I burnt it. I burnt it. Shoot him now. Hey, I burnt the memory card like you said.

Hey… Hey… ‘Come on, ma’am…’ ‘When he was a nobody,
he would bow down to me.’ ‘Since he grew as a politician,
he considers me a nobody.’ ‘I shall kill him.’ ‘Just tell me when and where.’ If I hadn’t removed the bullets… He would’ve killed you by now. This is why a third person
can never be trusted. We are politicians. We should solve our
problems amongst ourselves. You have no other hope except me
to save you and your party now. Don’t play these games with me anymore. You are stronger by
my side than in front of me. Wipe off your fingerprints on the gun. Write a suicide note stating he died from
work pressure and place it in his pocket. Pull the dead body to a side. I better keep all this stuff. I am on my way. I am coming there. You made the last call to his phone. You threatened the SI and
asked him where he was going. He wrote a suicide note
saying he died from work pressure. So, we suspect you must have pressured him
regarding your brother’s murder case.

Sir… What are you doing? Nothing, ma’am. We are here to enquire
if he is the reason behind SI’s suicide. How can you say he’s the reason? All evidences found are against him. So what? How can you
enquire a ruling party MLA? Ask your higher authorities to talk to me. You can leave now. Please…
– No, ma’am. We are… Let’s go. What, Dharma? Why do you rush everything? If Yogi is your brother… He is everything to me. Can’t I find his killer? I am being announced
a Central Minister tomorrow. We can do anything once that happens. You are an MLA now. Your mistakes shall defame the party. Where were you when Yogi died? When our posters were
printed all over the town… I met him and out of anger…
I… Where were you when Yogi died? He slapped me for
doubting him and left.

Where were you when Yogi died? Yogi, are you suspecting sister-in-law?
– Hey, is he Yogi? Is he Yogi? Would Yogi suspect me? Yogi called me that day saying we’d meet. I didn’t go as I was in enough trouble. If I would’ve gone, he
would’ve been alive today. You wouldn’t be saying this. Sister-in-law… This is too much. Why’d you pose
an irrelevant question and hurt her? There is relevance. When I went looking for the
Inspector, he was lying dead. When I checked his phone,
I found him calling a person often.

I am not related to this murder. Trust me. When I was in Goa to get over the loss
of my post, Inspector called me. Saying I killed Yogi and that
he has phone call evidence… He threatened and blackmailed
me, looting lakhs. I promise. I am not involved
in your brother’s murder. It’s true that I sent goons.
But, your brother smacked them down. If you are suspicious, question Rudra
who was with Yogi that day. You know the kind of a man he is. But, you
believed him and suspected sister-in-law. We shall know tomorrow if
we can believe him or not. Greetings, everyone. Respected Ms. Rudra
shall be a Minister in two days. In the congratulatory meeting… To increase the party members
under my leadership… I have appointed 7 men from each district.

I kindly request her to bless them
with the membership certificate. What is it? I introduced 7 men
and you look gloomy. You are sweating. You look afraid.
Your hands are shivering. Does this happen every time
a new member joins? I don’t know who killed my brother. I don’t even know how you
are related to the 7 men. But, I very well notice you
are hiding something. Truth is like a baby. It is afraid of the dark. It shall come out for light. When it does, think about the
punishment for my brother’s killer. You look like a reflection of Yogi. I have lost so much in politics. But, losing Yogi was an unpardonable error. I shall help you in finding Yogi’s killer. Do whatever you have to.
I am behind you. He is looking for his brother’s killer.
He is targeting me now. Why do you talk about your issue alone? You know tomorrow is
the final hearing at court, right? National Environment Organization’s evidence
proving the factory wastage hadn’t been cleared.

Dharma cannot submit the evidence in court. They will do anything to stop us. We need to submit this
in court at any cost. Let’s make him vanish
along with the evidence. Hey, squeeze in… Bro, he isn’t going to court but
elsewhere. I am following him. Is it? Don’t lose her. Keep watching. Bro, she is in town. So, Dharma is going to the court.
He is having the file. Rudra said she’d take care of everything.
What is she even up to? If you suspect sister-in-law one
more time… I will not talk to you. I will come have lunch and leave.
– All right. Forget it. It’s him. Tell me, Yogi.
– I am going to Guntur to the court. Listen to me carefully. You and mom don’t step out of the house. No matter who calls…
Especially if Rudra does… All right. He doesn’t want us to go
even if sister-in-law calls. He is doing a bit much. I am going to be a Central
Minister tomorrow. I’d be happy if you
attend the oath ceremony. Where’s Bhagat Singh at? Yogi said he’d marry her soon.

What happened? Are they hurt? Take them aside and look what happened. If you want your mom alive…
Come to the place I name with the file. Raju, why isn’t be bringing the file? Where’s the file, man? I asked you to get the file. Show mom and I will tell you where
the file is. – Kill him, Raju. You’ve been looking for your
brother’s killer all this while.

It’s me. I stabbed him myself. He died for going against me. It’s your turn now. Dharma is now a man with
both sensibility and fury. I thought you knew
who killed Yogi all this time. But, I didn’t expect you to kill him. Dharma, no! Yogi wouldn’t have died with her stabbing He must have sacrificed his life
for her to serve a purpose. Don’t take away the meaning
of his death by killing her. When your hopeful power leaves
you unhappy and lonely… You will then realize the value of Yogi.

Let’s go, Dharma. How could you do this, sister-in-law? Yogi is everything to me. My father, mother… More than anything, he is my friend. I wished to see you two happily married. But, you ruined everything. You don’t deserve to live.
– Go to Yogi. “Queen of the flowers of spring” “You’ve pulled a thread of smiles” “I’ve turned a turning top in your love” “I’ve won the world” “I’ve conquered heights”
“But, I am nothing in front of you” ‘An animal hunts another. Man hunts an
animal. Greed for power hunts man.’ [SUBTITLES BY TITLES MEDIA].

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