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Digital Marketing News Today| Facebook Introduces Augmented Reality Ads For Brands

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What if you could try on a pair of
sunglasses with the selfie before you ever purchase them well in this video
we're gonna talk all about how augmented reality has become a super valuable
marketing tool and how Facebook is going to start releasing it for brands just
like yours so stay tuned here we go in today's digital marketing news today and welcome back and thank you for
joining me my name is Jordan Steen also known as Cereal Entrepreneur and I am
your host at digital marketing news today Facebook is now rolling out its
first AR style ad which is augmented reality which is going to change the
game for the way marketers are marketing online but before we get in today's
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at my channel oh and make sure to stay tuned to the end of this video where
we'll tell you all about how Instagram actually recently changed some of their
story ads the first style of augmented reality ad that will be released on
Facebook is going to be with Michael Kors as always Facebook has partnered
with one of the larger brands that way they can really test the ins and outs of
the augmented reality style ad now basically this ad is going to allow you
to try on a pair of sunglasses before you even hit the Michael Kors store as a
customer you can see how this would be super beneficial and it's gonna allow
you to try on something before you even ever have to buy it this one feature
alone is going to up the engagement and experience had by people who haven't
even bought products yet from a specific brand and will definitely entice them to
consider buying that product even more quick question before we move forward
have you seen the Michael Kors ad on Facebook yet if you have leave a comment
saying yes below this video if you haven't also let me know you have not
seen that and just so you know some other brands that you'll see start using
the augmented reality style ads are Sephora, Bobby Brown, Pottery Barn.

even Wayfair actually back in 2018 Facebook released a messenger style AR version of an ad for other big brands like Asus, Kia and a couple of
other large brands out of all three of the names I just mentioned they all see
huge spikes with their campaigns from the augmented reality style ad meaning
that customers definitely engaged better with those styles of ads and if you're
wanting to learn more about AR augmented reality and you think it's the future
then you're definitely going to want to check out this video we've recently put
together on augmented reality but that's it for today's digital marketing news
today what do you guys think about augmented reality do you think it's
something that you can see local and small businesses using do you
it's only gonna be something that only large brands are gonna be able to use
let me know in the comments below this video what your thoughts are but thank
you guys for staying till the end of this video and since I told you I would
if you want to see how Instagram changed their story ads well then check out last
week's digital marketing news today update right here in the top right hand
corner of this video but that's it for me everybody I hope you all have a great
week and I will see you next week on the next digital marketing news today
I'm your host Cereal Entrepreneur until next time Cereal Entrepreneur out ready
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