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can NLP help determine the right career for you stay tuned hey this is Damon Cart from NLP Gym neuro-linguistic programming is the study and the technology of creating the life that you desire and for the past several years I've been studying and mastering NLP in order to create the life that I desire and now they help you create the life that you desire so if that sounds good please click subscribe to this YouTube channel so you can get these videos on a regular basis this question actually comes from one of my subscribers Mila who sent me an email asking if NLP can help her determine what is the right career for her because she's 29 years old and she's been trying a lot of different things she's gotten into various interest are various types of careers or started to learn in only to find that something really wasn't working for her or something there was a part about it that she really didn't enjoy or maybe she got into it and suddenly she lost interest and she's feeling this pressure then she must figure something out soon she's 29 people are also pressuring her from the outside saying you know she needs to find something and stick with it and create a career that way so she's looking to NLP to help her determine what that is so the short answer to this is that no NLP is not really a tool that can help determine what's the right career for you what NLP can help you do is it can help you get very clear about what it is that you want and what will fulfill you and it can also help you create a strategy in order to get there the difference here is more about mindset and framing one of the things that Mila put in her email was the four letters of her Myers Brigg determined personality type and these are very popular right now I noticed them even on dating apps whenever people are putting in their profile what would four-digit myers-briggs personality type is and these personality type questions or quizzes are very popular on social media what's interesting to me about this is how obsessed we are about finding out who we are what is our personality type and where do we fit best we're looking for where do we belong where do we belong in a career where do we belong in life itself and actually I think this is a problem where this creates a problem because what it does is it boxes you in now another word for box I'm going to use is category we're looking for our category who are we where do we belong where do we fit what is our category in this case the category is a career but within that career within that category where do I fit so you might look at it like this here's me here's the category or the box called career and then the greater box called life here's the thing you as a person or far too big to fit into a box category is very important the category is how we organize meaning in our lives the problem is is that if we're able to come up with a category which is conceptual categories aren't real we make them up if I'm able to come up with a category how then am I able to fit myself into that category that's the problem and that's what creates a lot of suffering and so when people are looking for a career basically they're looking for a box to fit themselves into but you can't fit yourself into that box it's way too small because this is just a concept that you've come up with a category that you've come up with a thing to say well no there's careers out there yes there's careers out there and there's this thing we call career but how am I making that up in my mind how am i perceiving that so anytime you've tried to fit yourself into a category fit yourself into a box you're always going to find that it never fully meets your needs it's always going to cause some at all when people especially when they're right out of high school they're pressured to go into college find a major and stick with that and then finish in four years or five years come out with a degree go straight into a job that is your career for the rest of your life and who does this anymore not many people in fact as the generations go on from the baby boomers fewer and fewer people are actually sticking with one career and that really supports what I'm saying here you're not going to get all your needs met by fitting yourself into a career trying to find where do I belong you don't belong in a concept in your mind so stop looking for the box that you're going to fit in and I would take this even further and say stop looking for the place that you fit in the world stop looking for where you belong in the world now that doesn't mean that you don't belong anywhere and it doesn't mean that there isn't a good career for you it just means that looking at it that way is going to cause problems more problems than it solves my best career advice to year is to let go of this idea that there is a right career for you or that there is a right place for you certain careers will satisfy you more than others certain careers will meet more or less of your needs but when you're approaching career as if you're looking for the right one the right place the right fit you're probably going to be disappointed every time so what do I suggest in a situation like this because we need to have a career right we need to make money we need to do something that gives us some sense of meaning what I suggest that you do is create the life that you want to live create the life that you desire create the life that fulfills your values and along the way create a career or get a career or make up a career that's going to serve that now this doesn't mean that you have to go out and start your own business but along the way of creating the life you desire the career becomes a part of that rather than you trying to fit yourself into the career so it might look something more like this these are just some categories they don't have to be your categories but something like this where here's your career here's life and here's your vision of your life and you're these are stairs and you're walking up these so each one supports what it is you one each one supports the life you're wanting to create now this is a ongoing process this is something you can do for the rest of your life so it's about discovering what it is you value and it's creating value and sharing that value with people and moving through that and developing that and then becoming good at something this takes time you can't just suddenly know it exactly what it is and just snap your fingers and it's all there this is a process and so she's 29 trying to discover this and figure this out and at 29 I certainly didn't have it all figured out at 35 I finally had an epiphany I finally after lots of NLP training got very clear about what it is that I wanted and I got very clear that the career that I was currently and was making me miserable and it wasn't working so from that I was able to create a strategy and keep moving through this keep discovering more and more what I wanted what I was interested in and then strategizing how they create that how to bring that into my life so I looked at it from an approach of what was of life that I wanted to create and within that life what career would I have now I held this loosely I didn't I didn't know it all right away and I knew to hold it loosely because you can have a lot of ideas about what it is you want to do and then you start trying them and then it'll work for you they're not interesting you lose interest you get bored whatever it is so have a bigger vision of the overall life that you want and what are the components of it that support that life and careers go it's inevitable that your career will be a part of that so as you're going through that process of learning of figuring this out you will gain an expertise you will get good at something and right now we live in the most amazing time where we have something called the internet and if you watched any of gain Gary Vaynerchuk who goes on and on about this and this is the best time ever to start a business because finally the little guy the the person who didn't have the Ivy League school who didn't have all the the brakes can learn online how to create an online business or how to take the value that they offer and present it to the world because we have all these platforms all these social media platforms and platforms on the web where we can put our content out there so like I said you don't have to do that I'm just saying that this is an enormous opportunity to follow your passion follow what inspires you follow wood drives you that you're interested in and that's those are all good clues as to what your career could be in is what inspires you what are you passionate about now here's the thing your career doesn't have to be your level 10 passion that's something that I've left myself off the hook a few years ago I realized my greatest passion in life doesn't have to be my career what does have to be my career is something I'm interested in something I'm inspired to do something I enjoy doing doesn't have to be the top doesn't have to be 10 but it has to be pretty high up there because otherwise I'm not going to be very good at it or I'm not going to put too much into it I'm not going to provide very much value if I'm not really into what it is I'm doing the same goes for you if you just try to fit yourself into a career you're fine trying to find that right place and it serves you 50 percent or it fulfills you only 50 percent or even worse it's just it's just paying you money and it's just a paycheck and so you feel like you're stuck doing it that you have to do it and people keep telling you you need to stick with something so you feel bad if you if you leave that job or you leave that career so you just stick with it like it's not worth doing that your life is too short to do that this idea that you make enough money so that you can someday have enough money to then enjoy it no I'm telling you right now that is not the way to go you should be enjoying your life along the way and it won't always be fun if some knows it'll be hard especially if you have high expectations or you have any expectations that something's going to work and that never feels good but it's just part of the process when you try something out and it doesn't work out it doesn't meet your expectations that's a good learning now you know this this thing doesn't work for you and it's time to move on with NOP this discovery process is a lot easier you have an entire technology devoted to you creating the life that you desire creating what it is that you want there's a lot of unknowns there's a lot of darkness when it comes to trying to figure it all out trying to figure out what makes you happy try to figure out what career is going to be best for you so NLP is a technology that you can use it gives you a methodology a way to figure this stuff out much faster and also to make to enjoy along the way to feel good as you do it apply NLP to career but do it in the way that you're looking at your entire life what do I want as a whole in my life and how does my career support that and again go for the things that interest you that inspire you that you're passionate about that you could do over and over and over and still enjoy and something that helps you to learn and grow as you do it this is these are the clues to what is your ultimate career and here's the thing it doesn't matter at what age you're doing this just because you're 29 years old doesn't mean that anything is closing in on you as you're figuring this out as you're creating and expertise you will be able to then create value for people and along the way you can sell that you can put that value out on the internet for nothing else and people will pay for it so stop trying to figure out what kind of personality type you are where do you fit what's the right career for you or where do you belong because you belong right where you are and you're fine just like you are just follow that passion follow that Drive see where it takes you and along the way cultivate those skills so that you can then offer value check out my website there you will find some free NLP training as well as some free hypnotic inductions you can download those right to your phone to your computer your tablet and get to work on those instantly also check out my Facebook page like and follow so you can know what it is that I'm up to at any given time what online trainings I'm putting out there what talks I might be getting possibly in your area last but not least if you like this video please click like right down here and subscribe if you haven't already take care

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