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Facebook Ads Split Testing – How To Split Test Facebook Ads For Beginners In 2020

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What's up you guys Jason Wardrop here this video I'm going to talk about Facebook advertising split testing Now somebody asked on one of my previous videos they asked about hey, we cover split testing so I figured I kind of cover this in today's video now if you're like Jason what the heck is split testing like what does that even mean? Basically, what it is is testing out two different variables in your marketing campaign.

Okay, so that could be your whether you're using a landing page versus a leave form that could be on your ad you're using an image versus another image or Maybe an image versus a video or maybe you've got some copy on one ad versus another copy like you're just trying to test out two different things and See which one is gonna convert better for you? All right now the key thing that I would highly stress if you're going through and especially if you're brand new to Split testing is only test one variable at a time. Now. What does that mean? So if you're going through it, you're testing out which landing page looks better or works better.

Okay Only test out change out maybe just the headline Okay, and then maybe in another test you just change out the the call-to-action button? Like what it actually says really click the call-to-action button then another time. You can test out maybe the button color or Something else but you don't want to test out too many variables at one time because if you test out let's say on one page You've got the headline and you've got kind of like your sand headlines centered called actions standard like bullet points and everything But then you change everything on the next page you don't necessarily know like you don't have like that That go to of that standard base of what you know works Versus why if something else works better or not? Okay, so you want to go through and you want to have your standard chord like okay This is what I'm gonna be working off of and then I'm gonna change the headline see which headline works better Okay, this one works better so I'm gonna go switch it in here and change that out to my standard and then I'm gonna test out the Call-to-action button see which one works better.

Okay this second one It didn't work that well, so I'm just gonna keep with my standard and so that's how you want to go through and do things so There's a lot of different software's you can go through and use as far as the landing page split testing But this we're to talk more about Facebook advertising split testing Let me show you guys how they've made it a lot simpler in the last couple of months to go through and split test so Some different things that we can split test is our campaign objective Whether we're using link clicks or website conversions, we can test off audiences So one audience versus another audience and see which one really converts better we can test different ads like different ad creative So if we want to see, okay Does this image work better than the other image or? You know like this is creative versus this other creative or this this image versus a video So we can go through and test out a lot of these different things So I just want to show you guys really quick how to set this all up inside of the Facebook Ads manager And kind of some of these new updated things here So if we come over here to this green Craig button I'll go through create a new campaign and this one let's just keep it basic and easy We're just going to say the traffic campaign case.

We want to send people to your blog to your landing page website. Whatever It might be okay now legis. This is fairly new This isn't the last couple months they've added this but it says create a split test. So it's a B test you're creative Okay, so that's the actual ad the placement. So is it gonna show up in the news feed? The right-hand column is gonna show up on Instagram or in stories or where is it gonna actually be shown the audience So are you gonna show it to people in Texas or California? Or Florida or it could be based off their interest or age groups or a lot of those other things or also delivery Optimization. Okay, so that could be like clicks on the ad versus landing page views And so we're gonna like go through and cover a lot of this stuff So all we do is just click this on and we're just gonna say traffic and we'll just name this the demo, okay So now we're gonna hit continue This is gonna take us to the ad set level.

We're actually gonna dive through and hit a lot of these different things so this is gonna kind of cover some of the different split testing strategies and things that you can Kind of learn and discover here. So this is you know, okay, you can go through and you know target different audiences Those have a little walk through we're not going to hit this right now because kind of already know what what's saying right there? But down here This is where we're gonna choose the cases variable. What do you want to test out guys? Facebook they've made this so easy and they keep making things easier and easier at least In my opinion they kind of like walk you through step by step.

So you come through and you say okay What do you want says like just really quick hitting this here. No audience overlap Your potential reach will be randomized and split amongst ad sets to ensure an accurate test Okay, because they're gonna take a random portion of our people over here random portion of people over here They kind of are similar and match but it's not like overlapping and so you're gonna get the best data possible Right, so we're gonna come over here. What do you want to test? So creative as we talked about before this is your actual app. Is it the image that you're using a video? Like are you using a carousel ad are you using what text are you using? Delivery optimization. That's more of like, okay, are you you know going for link clicks? So if they click on the ad or landing page views, okay so link clicks there could be somebody that clicks on the ad and Then let's say they've got bad cell service or just on their phone or something like that or the Wi-Fi is bad and it takes forever to load the page and So they like exit out on the page before they actually even go through and see what the pages that counts as a link click Whereas landing page views is somebody that is actually going to view the page That means a page loaded and they've actually seen your website.

Okay, so audience right here We've kind of talked about that and then placement. So for this example, let's just say We'll say well sick placement for this one came and this works for all these different ones So we come down here placement variable number one. Okay, so we could say hey automatic placements, which Automatic placements for Facebook. What they want to do is they want to be able to show your ad on every location possible, right? Because really what's happening with so many more people jumping on Facebook.

Is that newsfeed? Like the amount of people that are trying to go market on the newsfeed it's going up and so, you know It's supply and demand right? There's only so much space on that newsfeed so many users and so it gets filled up So they want you to advertise on Instagram on the right-hand column on the Marketplace on all these different locations So maybe for this one we'll say add say a we're just going to leave it automatic placements and ad set B We're gonna actually test out something else. We're going to come down here. We're just going to do News feeds right here the Facebook news feeds. All right, so we're gonna test out Everything versus just the news feeds and then we can even add a testing here So like maybe want to go through and test the Instagram newsfeed versus the Facebook newsfeed versus everywhere So all we're going to do is just click on test another ad set right here We come down here and instead of doing Facebook.

We'll just click on Instagram So uncheck the stories and we'll say the Instagram you see so now we've got we're gonna measure out the histogram newsfeed versus the Facebook newsfeed versus on all Placements right and so you can come over here and see like where our budget is gonna be going Okay 33% the budget is going to go towards ad set a 33 percent towards ad set B and 33 percent towards ad set C then we come down here and we're just choosing our audience. Okay Now the same thing works guys if we were to come back over here and shit test out instead of placements We want to test out audience, right? we're gonna go through and we've got okay audience a who do you want to do maybe want to do a custom saved audience like Dallas, Texas Fitness, right Versus ad set B we want to do maybe real estate Okay, so and obviously you want to probably split test those because we're not really related but you can see how you can easily go through and choose these different audiences where Facebook the nice thing is they'll they'll give a specific amount of the budget to each one of these different audiences cuz so back in the day guys how this all worked is if you create an ad set and you would go through and You have like three ads in the ad set ok, Facebook and they're like first 24 hours They would kind of just pick whatever ad was performing the best and they would just run with it Okay So you didn't even know if like maybe one of the two other ones actually perform better than the one they picked But they just didn't really give you enough to run with so what I did back in the day is I only have one AD Per ad set.

So if we're come over here choosing more creative right here Okay, I would just have one AD per ad set But now it's nice because they split it evenly Cuz then after you you can go through and you're running your split test you're seeing which one actually works better you're able to get a lot better idea of which one works the best and why it worked the best and they go through and Improve your advertising from there now the reason why guys at today we're doing all the split testing is the lower our cost per lead lower our cost per click or cost per Engagement or cost per sale or conversion? Whatever it is that we're going for Alright, so the creative same thing if you're doing this, we're gonna be actually hitting this later in the add section Alright, so you go through you create your normal audience.

Okay, you set like, okay Where do you want to be placed and all this different stuff? And then you can say, you know, you want link clicks landing page views What do you want and then you would go and set a budget we hit continue And this is actually where we would set up the split test. Ok, so add name Ok, so a day right here. We could even run it from different Facebook pages, right? it's like we wanted one from your Personal brand versus one from your company's brand and then we can say hey maybe this one we want to do an image Whereas down here or we got to go over here to add B.

Okay, we would maybe want to try out a video Okay So we can see like which one works better? Which one gets us the best? Bang for our buck because it's all obviously all about return on our ad spend So some people will go and spell that out roas return on adspend. So ROI return on investment, right? and so That's kind of the key goal of why I want to go through and set all this up. Okay? So anyway guys if you have any other questions drop down a comment below if you guys found this video helpful is pretty self-explanatory From here as far as going through and setting up your ad like if you want to go through and choose an Instagram account Okay, this is the one I have Integrating here you upload a video you go through throwing it URL to your website some text all that stuff But keep in mind guys only change out one thing.

So if on add B, you're doing a video versus add a you're doing An image you want to make sure that this text is all exactly the same Okay You want to make sure your call-to-action bowl says learn more you want to make sure that is all Exactly the same as well You want to make sure it's setting to the same exact landing page? Because you really want to get a good idea of is it the ad that we're testing out right here? Or maybe you found an ad that works really well And so you want to test out the landing page like is it the headline of a landing page the call-to-action the colors the aim? Like the background like what is it that really we want to go through and test. Okay now in my personal experience The simpler the landing pages the better just like playing back background of white Very clear text just very simple page that loads quick and I'll get you the right information That's what's I've seen his work best.

So anyway guys and also if you guys want my facebook ads mini course I'm gonna add a link down in the description as well to that Facebook guys mini course and walk you through the Facebook guys manager How does have the Facebook pixels? Obviously you got this video right here, which helps you with split testing but will give you a whole rundown of how to set up these ads like the pros cons of doing different things and just kind of give you a little behind-the-scenes look of my business of what I do and Anyway, so hopefully that's helpful you guys found this video helpful.

Go ahead and give it a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate that also drop a comment down below Let me know what you think. And if you guys are brand here brand new here make sure you guys subscribe to channel cuz we try to launch the new videos every single week and help you generate more leads make More money and grow your business. So make sure you guys subscribe And with that said guys, I will see you all in the next video.

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