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Facebook Ads Tutorial 2020 – Master Facebook Ads In Under 1 Hour!

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In this video I'm going to give you a complete tutorial of the Facebook Ads manager So you can master Facebook ads by the end of this video. So I'm going to show you guys the ins and the outs everything that you need to know whether you're running your own business and You're wanting to leverage Facebook Ads to generate more leads make more sales or if you run Facebook ads for clients You have your own Facebook Ads marketing agency or something like that I'm going to show you guys how to leverage the ads platform To take things to the next level or let's say you're completely brand new your total beginner And you're just wanting to learn about Facebook Ads Whether you're looking to start your own business or start a digital marketing agency to run stuff for clients Then we're gonna be able to break all that down for you today And if you guys stick with me here to the end of this video I'm going to show you a simple strategy that allowed me to spend just $356 on Facebook advertising and I made $4,000 back out.

Okay, so that's over a 10x ROI or as known in the Facebook marketing community it is ROAS, which is return on ad spend So with that said guys, let's jump onto my computer so we can get to the first steps to you mastering Facebook Ads alright guys So before we dive into the Facebook Ads manager There's a few key principles that I want to be able to cover with you here So if you've already got some background in Facebook ads and you kind of know some of the basic terminology key words all that stuff you can jump ahead a little bit into the video to where we actually dive into the actual Facebook ad manager and We're going to set up a Facebook ad campaign with you, right? So for everyone else that is kind of like just completely beginner and new with this stuff Let's talk about the Facebook ads campaign structure.

Right and this cheat sheet right here You guys can actually download a hundred percent for free. I've got a link down in the description As well as the top comment. I'll pin it up there So you guys can go through download this and follow along with me as we're going through this and along with this I've got a free Facebook Ads mini course We cover things like the Facebook pixel custom conversion look like audiences all these different things In more detail than we can get to you in this video but with that said So we've got our Facebook Ads campaign structure, right? If you look at this little image right here It's kind of like a little bit of like a pyramid where you've got your campaign Which will show you guys here in a second once we get into the actual ads manager? But this is where we're choosing our campaign objective so what that means is do we want to go through and promote a video that we have for our company and get a lot of video views get a lot of people seen our marketing message or Do you want to just a lot of people clicking to our website? Do we want to go through and generate leads.

Do we want to make sales? Do you want people to like and comment on our Facebook posts and share it? so that's kind of where where we go there and then at the ad set level this is where we are choosing our Targeting so who we actually want to show our ad to do we want to show it to our local community? Some with a specific interest or people just like our current customers or clients. Whoever might be Well also at this point choose our bidding or our budget so basically how much we want to spend every single day on our ads or we can choose a lifetime budget and then the actual ad this is Basically what your potential client or customer is actually gonna see on Facebook now You've seen these before they're in the right-hand column if you're on desktop during your newsfeed, this could be on Facebook It's on Instagram and people are scrolling through they see that little sponsored post and that's where we're actually gonna create that post right there Ok, so just kind of coming through here.

You can see on this cheat sheet I've got more of these details as far as all this stuff goes Now let's talk about the Facebook pixel for just a quick second before we dive in now This is absolutely key to having a successful Facebook Ads campaign. All right So basically what the Facebook pixel is is is Facebook's way of tracking Everyone that visits your website that interacts with your Facebook page that becomes a lead that makes a purchase all those different things So what it is? It's just this little piece of code and I'll show you guys how to set it up here in just a second It's actually really not that hard if you can copy and paste You could we make this happen But it's a little piece of code that you put on your website And once you get it on that website then Facebook knows, okay These people have actually visited this Person's website or you can put it down them through the sales funnel or based on how you have kind of like your lead generation or sales funnel set up Facebook can track and see who's actually become a lead or someone who's actually Purchased an item from you.

So this is super powerful The name pixel actually comes from back in the day when all of these marketers were going through and tracking people that visit their website They didn't have a way to really go through and put a tracking mechanism on the back ends So if you think about an image, it's like 1,000 by 1,000 pixels So what they would do is they would make a really tiny image on their website and it would just be one pixel by one Pixel and that was the way to go through and track everyone that has visited their website and the name kind of stuck And so now you've got the Facebook pixel and all these different tracking mechanisms that it's just called the pixel.

Okay, so This is gonna be super huge and this is one of Facebook ads biggest strengths compared to Google Ads in my personal opinion because they've gone through and been able to create a wave not only track but also find other Customers and clients and leads that are just like the people that have already visited your website and have already become Clients or already become leads in your database. All right, so this is huge right there now custom audiences They are tracked using the Facebook pixel or we can import custom data into the Facebook Ads manager Which I'll show you guys how to do all of this here in just a second But basically what you can do is you can go and using the Facebook pixel Trap every single person who has already visited your website and then tell Facebook Hey, I want to create this custom audience So then when you go through and tell Facebook who you want to target with your ad you can say hey I only want to target people who have already visited my website and that's pretty powerful because when we're going through and setting up different ad campaign We're looking at different types of traffic and you've got cold traffic You have warm traffic and hot traffic.

So cold traffic are people that have never heard of you. They don't know who you are They don't know about your business Warm traffic is probably somebody who's maybe visit your website So they've kind of got an idea but they don't really know you quite so well They're maybe they don't like the credibility factors not there the trust factors not there Quite yet, but they've at least heard of you.

They've got an idea of what you're all about then hot traffic Those are your customers your clients that absolutely love you Hopefully it's your friends and family that they trust you with with their business And so that those are the different types of traffic. So these custom audiences We can go through and tell Facebook Hey here's all the people who have visit my website and I only want to target these people or you can upload a Custom file of all of your past leads your all your leads database from your business and say Facebook Hey these are all of my leads and I only want to show my ads just to these leads and these ads become super profitable because these people already hopefully know like and trust you and then you can also Upload a file of all of your past clients your past customers and obviously this is a very Very hot market that you want to go through and advertise to you because if they've already bought from you in the past They're hopefully gonna be a repeat buyer if they had a good experience with you Now from these custom audiences we can create something that's called a look-alike audience now you'll see this a lot of times the LA a that is a Look-alike audience when you see that that's what they're referring to there But it's basically saying hey, I've got this audience of people who have visited my website I want you telling Facebook I want you to go through and find All these other people that look just like the people that have already visited my website or look just like my past clients or customers And guys, this is super powerful.

So I'll show you guys a little bit of how this works right here So let's say we've got Jim right here from the office my wife and I we've been watching the office on Netflix lately So I've kind of got this example here for you, but let's say Jim goes and he buys something from you He becomes a lead. He buys one of your products or services whatever it might be. Now. The thing is Facebook knows so much information about each and every one of us, okay So for example Jim, they know he's a male. They know he's 34 to 45 They know he's married college-educated makes let's say $50,000 per year.

They know that he bought these online products He watches the office likes basketball They have all this information on Jim right here all this information on me on you on every one of our potential clients and customers and so what Facebook does with this look-alike audience is we can go through and create what's called a 1% look-alike audience Now you can go through and create 2 percent 3 percent 10 percent look like audiences they get really big and broad but I like to start out with creating what's called a 1% look-alike audience Which means? Facebook goes and finds 2 million other people in the United States or in Canada or in UK or wherever you're located and they go find 2 million people that have the similar Interest may be the same age the demographic everything very similar to who your ideal clients or customers are All right, so these people because they're just like your past clients or past leads or people visit your website These are people that you definitely want to be showing your ad to okay And so then from this point we just let Facebook do all of the heavy lifting We go through we set up a Facebook ad and we say hey we want to go through and target this Look-alike audience people that look like our past clients Or our leads or people visit our website and because of that our ads you as you can see here they become much more profitable as opposed to just going through and having just open-ended targeting or Even targeting by interests.

Okay. Now Facebook recently has taken away the demographic targeting So for example a lot of times back in the past We could target people who were homeowners or people based off of their income Which they've kind of taken away with the whole Facebook data scandal that happened not too long ago But now what we can do is we can go through and say hey let's go and find these customers that look just like our Existing customers and then your ads are be able to come become that much more profitable you don't even have to mess with any of the interest targeting which I highly recommend because if you're going through just Targeting people based off their interests.

So is everyone else on Facebook? and so you're just kind of going into this bloodbath this red ocean and You're competing with a lot of other marketers a lot of other business owners Whereas creating these look-alike audiences and these custom audiences these people are very specific to you and your business and Nobody is going to be targeting these same people in the same way the same exact audience Okay, so kind of the big picture here is if you're going through and creating these look like audiences And let's say you've only got a thousand people that visit your website Well now you create this look like audience with two million people So instead of spending five dollars per day and making twenty dollars per day back out you can scale it up to a hundred dollars per day or 500 dollars per day or a thousand or 2,000 and kind of keep scaling it up from there.

All right so we also have custom conversions and the way custom conversions works is if we want to go through and track anyone that's become a lead in from our facebook marketing campaign or Anybody that spot a product or anything like that, we want to go through and tell Facebook Hey, if somebody hits this specific page on our website, that means they have converted So that's where the conversion comes from converted into a lead or converted into a buyer So we can go through and create all these different custom conversions and saying hey if they've gone through this point in our website They have become a lead or if they've hit this checkout page. They bought this specific product And so this comes really helpful when we're going through and trying to keep track of all of our different metrics Inside of the Facebook Ads manager and really what's going on and then audience insights right here This is more I think for people that are just getting started and just trying to go through and discover some of these different audiences of Who they should be targeting on Facebook? because like I said guys if you've already been if you've got a business an existing business that you've been Working with for a while.

Now. You probably have a list of leads You probably have a customer file and you probably have people that visit your website. So I wouldn't really mess with audience insights I don't really use this too much anymore I used it back in the day when I was first getting started and trying to identify the right people to go through and target But now that I've collected a lot of leads. I've got a lot of people visiting my website I've got a lot of customers I can just upload those into the Facebook Ads manager as Custom audiences and then create look-alike audiences off those people, but for those guys just getting started This is a great way to go and find people that Are gonna be interested in what you have to offer so it's gonna show you different Facebook pages that they might be interested in kind of the Demographic are they may or they female? How old are they? So it's got a lot of good data.

If you're just getting started out with your Facebook marketing campaigns Okay, and then last but not least before we dive into you the actual Facebook Ads platform because we have the business manager So this is a great tool if you're going through and running multiple advertising accounts like let's say you've got a Facebook marketing agency that you're running or you're looking to start the business manager is a Simple way to go through and create new ad accounts or be able to manage other people's ad accounts So if you're running, you know ads for clients This is kind of like your your platform be able to go through and get all of that done So with that said guys once again if you guys want this as a free download I'll have the link to this down in the description as well as in the top comment along with a whole bunch of other free Training videos to be able to help you guys get started with Facebook Ads, but let's jump in here and make this full screen and There's two ways basically to go through and get to the Facebook Ads manager which I highly recommend going is setting all this up on your Desktop your laptop not on your phone because it just gets a little bit crazy so if we come over here we can go over to the ads manager or You can get there from this top drop-down arrow and go to create ads or manage ads So I'm just going to click right on the ads manager now The first thing I want to do with you guys is go through and create a custom audience and create a look like audience the reason why I want to do this first is because if we don't have these custom audiences to go through and target then There's no real sense of creating a Facebook campaign because the next step after we choose like what our marketing objective is is Choosing the actual audience we want to target So if you don't have any audience, we want to target then it makes a little bit difficult.

So What we want to do is come up here to this little hamburger menu we'll just click on this and you can see the kind of the Frequently used things right here as manager custom conversions audiences, or we can click on all tools and from here This is where you can see all of the different features all the different things that you can do with the Facebook Ads platform So you can see like the pixels right here the audiences. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on audiences right here So we can create the custom audience as well as a look like audience So I'm gonna break down and show you guys this so this is a list of all the different audiences this account I've kind of used the stem hose in the past so you can see I've got several different Audiences so you can see the look-alike audience.

There's a 1% another 1% Then the custom audiences These are people that engage with my Facebook page. That means like they liked it I like to comment on a post or shared a post and then these ones are Website custom audiences. That means they visited a website. So in order to go through and create one of these custom audiences all we're gonna do is come over here to create audience and then we say hey do we want to create a custom audience Which is basically us giving Facebook the info or a look like audience one based off of an existing custom audience So you can't create a look-alike audience unless you already have a custom audience Because obviously if you don't have an audience that you're telling Facebook. Hey crate This looked like a days off based off what this custom items looks like then they can't really go through and do that So we'll click on custom audience right here And then right here it says how do you want to create this audience? Do you want to create it from a customer file? So that's gonna be like from your leads database a file of your path clients or customers Whatever kind of market you're in right and then website traffic Then you've got these app activity and offline activity this obviously if you have a mobile app and offline activity I've actually never used that the key ones that I like to use Are the customer file because at that point all we have to do is upload our customers email Addresses or we can use their phone numbers or we can use address or all three Website traffic obviously as we've talked about people that visit your website and then engagement I'll show you guys this one right here really quick You could say hey I want to create a custom audience of anyone who has already viewed this Specific video on Facebook and it's kind of cool because you can say I want to create an audience of anyone that's viewed at least 10 seconds of the video or 25% or 50% or even more so like the more obviously that they've watched the video that's a pretty targeted audience right there or you can say hey, you know anyone that's You know connecting with me on my Facebook page.

So you've got all of these different audiences all these different options So for this one, let's just say I'm gonna go through and create a custom audience of my website traffic so I'll just click website traffic and First before you get to this point you need to go through and make sure you have the Facebook pixel installed on your website your blog your landing pages all the different pages on your Site and a lot of times I give this question a lot About how many different pixels you should have and how that all works so you're gonna have one Facebook pixel Per Facebook Ads account.

All right, and so you want to use that same exact pixel? across all of the different pages on your website your blog your landing pages your sales pages everything and Then if you have multiple businesses, like let's say you're running a business That is like let's say your real estate agent and you're trying to bring leads in and then you've got another side business Where you know maybe you're selling dog products on Shopify or something like that You want to create two separate ad accounts and have two separate pixels So one pixel for this ad account one pixel for this ad account because what Facebook does is a leverage the data that they're collecting with that pixel To optimize your ad campaigns to make them work a lot better for you in your business So if you've got the same if you've got these two businesses running under one roof on one ad account using the same pixel Really? It's just going to confuse Facebook and your ads are not going to be as well optimized So as far as installing this Facebook pixel, I've got a step-by-step video on that I'll link it up here So you guys can go through and get that and also have that in my Facebook Ads mini course and cheat sheet That I you guys can get down in the description as well as on top comment below so once we do that, then we can say hey we want to create a custom audience of All website visitors and you can even say like, hey all website visitors just in the last 30 days So if we hover over right here, you can see the maximum time is a hundred and eighty days So it really depends on how wide of a net that you want to capture So if somebody visit your site 180 days ago, and that's their only interaction with you They're probably not really gonna remember who you are what you do? So like if you're running a retargeting campaign, which we'll get to a little bit later You might want to just create an audience of people who have visited your site and maybe the last you know Four to five days.

So we'll say five days here But if you're trying to go create a large audience and get all kind of past data Then we want to maybe go through into 180 days and if we're creating a look-alike audience based off the people visiting our website We want to cast a wider net because then our data is going to be more statistically significant All right, so in statistics if you guys ever took that in high school or college, there's something called the law of large numbers Which means the more data points you have the more accurate Your data is actually going to be which totally makes sense because it's like if you're telling Facebook Hey create an audience based off of these five people Then you know it's hard to find what the similarities and the differences between these five People are versus if you say hey, here's 5,000 people find the similarities.

It's a lot easier to sort all those people So with this said what I'll do is I'll give this a name. I'll say websites Visitors and you can really name this whatever you want But I like to make it somewhat descriptive so I know you know Is this an audience of website visitors that I'm trying to cast a huge net? For just like a a massive campaign and look like I saw that or is it a retargeting? Audience where I only want to capture people in the last maybe three to five days or maybe a week's time So I'll say website visitors 180 days and then we'll go through and we'll create that audience and from here This is where now you can go through and create a look-alike audience so you can see right here website visitors 180 days That's when we just created and it says below a thousand people, but it's still populating Now this can take you know, maybe a couple hours or even up to 24 hours to go through and create but honestly It doesn't you don't have to pause or wait for anything else to go through and happen? You can right out of the gate create your look-alike audience based off this audience It'll auto update auto correct with everything that Facebook's got going on and then you can also jump in and already start creating your advertising Campaign because once this populates then it will just update throughout the whole system so now that we have this custom audience of everyone that has visited our website we want to create a look-alike audience and remember guys this same thing goes for If it's a custom audience based off of your Lee's database a file that you upload or people that have watched a video Really anything right? So we're gonna come over here we're just going to click this check box right here, and we'll come over here to actions and Create a look-alike audience.

Okay, so just check it crit look like and then from here you can go through and the source Obviously we check that box is the website visitors 180 days. And then what Facebook wants you to do is choose a location Do you want? To create this look like look like audience based off people in the US in Canada Mexico Brazil, where are you? Wanted to create this? So I'm in the US Based on wherever you are located in wherever you want go through and said this targeting you can put in here I'll put United States and then You choose the audience size. Okay so now you can see like you got the 1% 2% up to 10% and The higher you go. You can see the estimated reads. So 21 million people Versus a 1% is just over 2 million people So obviously that's casting a broader net when you go up to a 10% look-alike audience if we drag it up here but these people are not going to be as Probably as qualified and as narrow and niche is we want them to be so for most people that I am talking to you with Facebook Ads Until you're spending like over $2,000 a day.

You probably don't need to really mess with anything over a 1% look-alike audience. So $2,000 per day That's $60,000 in a month. Most people are never really gonna get to that point And so pretty much everything that I do I usually spend about 1,500 to 2,000 dollars per day and I use pretty much just the 1% look like audiences Sometimes I expand to a 2% but really that's all you really need to know to do if you're spending that little of money Ok So then also another option we can do just to show you guys is we can go through and create 3 Or even more custom or look like audiences all at the same time. So if we wanted to create a 1% and a 2% We can go through and do that. But for this example, we really only need to have the 1 1% custom audience. So we'll go through we'll create this audience. And once again, this is gonna say it's gonna take a second It's gonna say hey, it's populating below a thousand people This will get to that 2 million mark just like we said or just like I showed you guys a little bit earlier But it's just gonna, you know, take a few hours to go through and finish populating, right? So we've got our audiences created and we can go through and now set up an actual Facebook Ads campaign Because we have the people that we're gonna want to target right here already created.

Ok So first we're going to go through and set up Campaign that's going to be going through and reaching out more to this cold audience So this is where we're gonna be putting in more advertising dollars because it's a bigger audience obviously. So this look like 1% audience of people that visit our website this is gonna be 2 million people. So let's come back up over here and we'll go to the ads manager and Then from here you can see the different campaign.

So this one I've just got one campaign You can see, you know, kind of like some of the different results and everything, which we'll get into that here in a second But I'm gonna go and I'm gonna create a new campaign All right. So right here this this is really key when we're going through and setting up a new ad campaign So Facebook they say what's your marketing objective? now Facebook just like crating look like audiences. They have so much information on you on me on everyone That they know the actions that people are more likely to take So for example, you've got like this traffic campaign here.

So if you want to get people to your website or your blog then this is a great campaign to choose because I know Which people on Facebook in your audience that you've targeted are more likely to click off of Facebook onto a website engagement this one is to go get likes and comments or shares on your Facebook post and Facebook knows Who the people are more likely to like? comment and share a post video views they vote which people are more likely to watch a video and So on so we want to really keep this in mind as we're going through and choosing our marketing objective now to just break down really quick some of these different marketing objectives and What they involve and how they're gonna be used for your business So you've got the awareness ones over here brand awareness and reach to be completely honest.

I have never used those Those are just more I guess getting your message out there I'm gonna talk about the core campaigns that you're gonna actually want to use When setting up your ads and these are gonna be the campaign's are gonna be working for mostly pretty much anyone watching this video Okay, so brand awareness reach this obviously probably I would say that's probably for bigger brands. Like let's say is Sony or Pepsi coca-cola? Brands like that where they just want to get their message out there They have money to go spend on these random things like that now traffic This is to go through and get people to click from your Facebook ad To your website to your blog to your Shopify store Really, whatever Website you're trying to send people to ok, so they're gonna go through and charge you per click so that's where CPC cost per click and you're gonna get a number there and for every person that clicks to their website, You're gonna be charged for that certain amount Engagement.

This is gonna be for people liking your Facebook page or liking your Facebook post So if we click on this just to show you guys you can get a post engagement Page likes or event responses, which i've only ever used really pic post engagement I used to use page likes back in the day. But now it's really irrelevant You don't need a lot of page likes or really any at all app install that's if you have a mobile app video views if you're wanting to go through and get your video promoted and Get kind of make it go viral push out a message and I like to use this one Also, if you're like if you don't have any audience at all, like no website visitors no leads or anything like that I like to go through and shoot a video talking about me talking about my business and promote that on Facebook and The reason why I like to do that is because you can typically get somebody to watch your video For just one penny per video view so then from that we can create this large custom audience of people who have already watched the video and people that like have an idea of who we are and Create a look like audience based off that so that is the cheapest way to go through and create a custom audience and it look Like audience if you're starting completely from scratch from Ground Zero and then lead generation This is using something called the Facebook lead form So basically you guys have probably seen it when you click on an ad Instead of going out to like a landing page and putting their name phone and email.

This will pop up a little forum within Facebook It can also have all the information of that customer pre-populated in the filled forms So it'll pretty populate with the name phone number email their address or whatever information. You're trying to collect With the information that Facebook has on file, so this is super beneficial When you're trying to go through and generate leads the only downfall to this is if you're not synced in or integrated with a CRM Then in order to go through and have like an email or text marketing follow up to these leads you can't do it because it all it does is you just get a downloadable CSV file that you have to download manually download import into your email marketing platform And kind of becomes a little bit of a pain in the butt then you have messages right here So this is using Facebook's messenger platform and you guys have probably seen some of the different chat bots Which I've got several videos on my channel as well on how to create a free chat bot how to get that all started So if you guys want to check those out, I'll link out those videos as well And then also conversions.

This is a key one that I really like to use a lot when it comes to generating leads This is my favorite This is a preferred over lead generation for me personally And this is going through and sending people to a landing page where you're gonna ask for their name phone email or whatever information that you're looking for and then Want somebody opts in they'll go to the next page in your lead generation or sales funnel? Whatever you want to call it. And then once that person has gone to the next page That means they have converted into a lead And that's where we choose that now we want to between traffic and conversion all this explains really quick if you're going for leads and you're only spending let's say $5 per day and you're not spending enough to get 15 to 20 to even 25 leads per week then you want to go with a traffic campaign because the conversion Campaign is best when you're spending a little bit more And getting at least 20 to 25 leads every single week or 20 to 25 conversions Then Facebook's able to optimize your campaign a lot better for this campaign objective, right? So for this example guys just because with conversions although I love that one There are some other added steps of creating custom conversions, which once again that is in the free facebook ads mini course I walk through step by step how to create basically all these different campaigns if you guys want to go through and check those out But for this one, let's just go through and create a traffic campaign.

This is the most basic of somebody's senior ad Clicking to your website your blog your landing page, whatever it might be. So we'll click on this called traffic campaign We want to give this a name that we can remember what the objective is of what we're trying to accomplish with this So let's say that you are a local business Solicit your real estate agent and we'll call this one. We're trying to get people Let's say to our blog right so we'll say real estate Traffic and then we'll say to our blog now. Obviously you can name this whatever you want but make sure it's a name that you're gonna actually remember of what's going on because Right at the beginning when you only have one or two campaigns It's obviously easy to remember but the more you go through and advertise with Facebook it's gonna be important to be able to have kind of have an idea of what is going on each one of these campaigns so Real estate traffic blog then from here. If you guys remember from our little cheat sheet.

We'll go back to that really quick We've got the hierarchy of our ads, right? So if we come up here, we've got the ad campaign which we just chose That was the campaign objective we have the ad set where we're gonna choose our targeting which that's why we created those custom audiences and look like audiences before jumping in here and We'll choose our budget whether it's a daily budget a lifetime budget and then after we choose this we will go to the ad level and if you come over here you can see We've got the campaign the ad set and the ad so we've got the the hierarchy right there Now for this we want to give this a name just because if we chose if we went through and we're like hey We're gonna send people to our real estate blog right well we want to give this a name so we know which audience we're targeting with this ad set because ideally you want to have a Separate ad set for people that are gonna be targeted with your look-alike audience as well as the custom audience Okay.

So what we're gonna do here is we're gonna call this a 1% 1% look-alike audience of website visitors so that was the 1% custom audience that we went through and created and So down here we're gonna do is we're doing and we're sending people to our website You really don't need a mess with any of these guys It's just that's a little bit more advanced stuff and most people are not gonna have an app and Messenger whatsapp That's all just I would focus on the website right here Okay, and then as far as the dynamic creative that's once again It's not gonna pertain to most of you guys as well as the offering So what I like to do is just jump down straight here to the audience level Okay, now from here what we can do is because we already created our custom audience and/or look like audience This is where we're gonna go find that information So right here on the custom audience We'll click on this and we'll go to the look like audiences and you can see they look like audience 1% website vision last 180 days.

So this is the one we just created So we're gonna choose this and you can see how the the whole audience hasn't been populated yet. That's totally fine You could just keep moving forward. It's gonna take a second for Facebook to update and review this campaign as well So you don't need to go and wait for this to be done? Now if you want to go through and target, this is a national campaign Then you'll just want to leave this at United States everyone in this location But if you are a local business you want to go through and make it specific to your area So let's say for this example We are in Denver.

Okay, so we're in Denver, Colorado and that's where you're you know, real estate businesses or if you're chiropractor or dentist or you've got like a Restaurant or whatever it might be and then from here You can choose a radius of how wide you want that radius to be Okay So it's gonna pull people that are in this 1% look-alike audience And then also people that are in Denver and then if you've got a restaurant or something like that You might want to go to a little bit smaller radius Or you could even say I just want people in the city of Denver okay, so you can see this is already starting to update and our potential reach here is nine thousand three hundred people and so But if we are a real estate agent, maybe we want to go through here and do the radius and we're willing to drive Let's say we're looking to drive 25 miles.

Okay. So we've got about 23,000 people in this audience Now another thing I like to do with audiences as far as tarting goes especially if you're like You know a real estate agent or a chiropractor or a dentist or something like that I don't like to do this everyone in this location, although that's by default But for example, if you're a restaurant or a business that doesn't matter if people actually live in location, and that's totally fine Right, so you would want to do everyone this location? But if you are a local business that would only serve people that are actually living in that spot I like to do people who live in this location, okay? So we'll click there people who live in this location. So we're now at 23,000 people and then coming down here Usually because I did the one percent look-alike audience I don't need a mess with the age the gender or even the language because what Facebook's gonna do is they're gonna find people that already are similar to or look just like The people that have visited my website and so if all the people visit my website are you know? 30 and older we don't have to tell Facebook this because it's already told to Facebook when we select this custom audience and Another reason why I don't like to go through and add a bunch more Targeting here or age or anything like that his Facebook tends to perform a lot better when you have a larger audience And so if you go through and try to get as narrow as possible and get this number down as much as possible And you're like well, it's super specific Facebook Typically doesn't perform as well when you go through and get that narrow and that specific so a lot of times I like to just do the 1% look-alike and if you are targeting nationwide I just don't touch any more of this targeting and then if you are targeting a specific location in you know Your state or your country or whatever then you'll want to go through and put that city With a specific radius, right? So then all this stuff Really you don't need to go through and use and I've just found it better to not do that.

All right Now when it comes to placements guys They will say the automatic placements which is they say is recommended. However, I Don't recommend that and I don't recommend that for a number of different reasons one I have found the best placements to be the Facebook mobile and desktop newsfeed when you're going through and showing your ad and Another thing. Is that like if you're going through and placing so if we come down here We can see all the different placements You have the newsfeed instant articles interesting videos the right column new Instagram feed Instagram stories audience Network messenger So the thing is is if we're going through and we're creating one ad to be shown on all of these different placements then that one ad isn't really gonna be the best fit for all those different placements because if you think about it an Instagram story video they can only be like 15 seconds long and so if you've got a 30 second video and you're trying to show it on the Facebook newsfeed and the Instagram newsfeed and the stories It's just it's not gonna fit it's not going to be the best way to go through and spend your advertising dollars so what I like to do is go down, especially when I'm going and setting up a one percent look like audience is just focus on the news feeds and uncheck all these other boxes and So we're just focusing on this This is just where I've seen the best cost per lead the best return on my ad spend With the money that I have put into Facebook now, you can see that this is dropped down to 18,000 people But that's totally fine because maybe you know 5,000 people are on Instagram or on some of these other places Now when it comes to creating a retarding campaign, which we'll get to here in a second I Typically will use the automatic placements because it's a lot small audience and so because it's a lot smaller audience.

I Want to go through and hit people every single place. They could possibly be alright, so going down here We've got the placements and then we set up a budget Now as far as your budget goes this obviously really depends on how much money you can set aside for marketing for lead generation But one thing that I really want to stress and have you keep in mind Is that if it costs you if you're going for leads, for example? And it costs you $5.00 to generate a lead and you're only spending $10 per day the most you could ever really get with leads is two leads in a day So if you're wanting to scale up to five or even ten leads in a day you're gonna have to spend more money to get that or Optimize your ad optimize your targeting better to get your cost per lead down That's a key thing where a lot of people that I talk with They have kind of this misconception that you know, if they're gonna spend $10 a day somehow They're gonna magically get 10 leads per day, which you can if you're getting $1 per lead But you just got to keep that in mind.

All right So another thing with the budget is typically base off how many people you have in your audience? You want to cater that budget towards the number of people so your ads don't suffer from what's called ad fatigue now ad fatigue is basically When your ad is shown way too many times to the people in your audience now I don't know if you guys have a subscription to Hulu or anything But I've watched Huli with my wife at nights and I feel like the same ads are always running So that's where the ad fitzy happens where an ad that could have been a really good ad After you've seen it for 10 to 15 times It really starts to get annoying and you start getting turned off by that company So that's why we don't want to spend too much for the size of our audience and then after so much time Then we want to go through and rotate our ads to keep them fresh with our market now one thing I like to do as far as my budget goes on a daily budget is For every ten thousand people that are in this audience.

I like to spend one dollar per 10,000 Okay, so if we go right here We've got about 18,000. I usually would like to just do $2 Per day now Obviously that's like not a lot of money and if you just cost you $5 to generate lead You're only going to lead every other day. So one thing you could do is bump this up to $5 per day, but then you just got to know that you're gonna go through this audience somewhat quickly And so then you're gonna want to rotate the ad that's being shown to this audience every couple of weeks Now another option you have instead of doing a daily budget You can go down and say I want to do a lifetime budget and let's say for the next month Starting today ending in a month from now or you can choose the date and time and all that I only want to spend let's say $100 okay, which over the course of a month it's gonna be about three dollars per day or you can say $1,000 $500 Whatever the number is and then Facebook will optimize your campaign and maybe one day they only spent a dollar but another day they might Spend $10 But they've optimized it based off your audience and they know Who is more likely to opt in and so they're gonna be able to show your ads at the best time for that audience? Instead of just spending five dollars per day every single day No matter what now the only downfall to the lifetime budget is that if you're going through and you've got a really successful awesome campaign that's running and It ends then you've got to reset it and not always Will that campaign work as well as the original campaign? So I typically like to go with the daily budget And so then if it works, then I can just keep running it and if it doesn't work I can shut it off So we'll go down here do five dollars per day and then one last thing I want to show you guys at the ad set level when we come down here to the Optimization for ad delivery we've got link clicks right here.

Now. We've got landing page views link quit clicks impressions this is basically saying How do you want Facebook to optimize the ad do you want them to optimize it for people that are just seeing your ad? that are clicking on your ad so the link clicks or Landing page views. Okay, so there's a difference between link clicks and landing page views And when I first size is like okay, what's the real difference here? Well a link click means that somebody clicked on your ad with the intention of going to your landing page. However Not everyone is always in the most optimal spot for their LTE or their Wi-Fi or something like that so people can click on your ad and Not always will your landing page actually show up? Okay, and so that's because they're you know, they have bad service or bad Wi-Fi or whatever So if you want to actually know how many people not only click the link on your ad But actually see the landing page we want to actually go through and do Eleni page views now It's gonna probably be a little bit more expensive per landing page view, but it's gonna be a lot better quality person And so you're gonna have a lot better Idea of how much it actually cost to get somebody to that landing page So we'll just click this right here.

And then as far as this goes, we'll just come down We'll hit continue all this stuff. We can just leave as is we'll get continue And this is where we're gonna go through and actually set up the Facebook ad So we've got our campaign we chose our marketing objective. We've done traffic the ad set for this one we're doing the look-alike audience and then I'll show you guys quickly how to do the Retarding campaign and that's really where the money is That's where I spent three hundred and fifty six dollars on advertising and made four thousand dollars back out so that's over a 10x ROI or ROAS like they call it return on adspend and so Then now we got to go through and create the actual ad and this is what people are actually going to see in their newsfeed On Instagram and their stories or whatever it might be so First thing we want to choose what Facebook page that we're running this from So we've got this we can go through and select all of our different Facebook pages I'll just choose this one right here And then what we can do is we can create a new ad Or if we've got a post on our Facebook page that we already posted We want to go through and use that all we got to do is hit use existing posts and we can select a post From this from our newsfeed.

So for example, this is a YouTube video I did a little while ago and you can see I can go through and Use this and run this to get people to actually go through and watch this YouTube video But for this example, I want to go through and actually create a brand new ad with you guys. So Just kind of talking about the the different formats of these ads You've got the carousel where that's gonna be able to have a lot of different images or a lot of different videos So just coming down here. So you'll be able to create multiple of these cars that they call them So you have one two three and then you can even add more then you so like I like to do Testimonial ads like this where you have like you're featuring four or five different people maybe talking about their story who they are It could be a video. It could be an image. It could be a number of different things So this is a great way to go through and get that testimonial based type of ad in front of your audience for your different products Then obviously the single image ad this is the most common most popular and this is basically throwing up an image Single video.

This is just a video ad going through instead of doing an image you're doing a video you guys have seen that as well and then a Slideshow this is being able to go through and flip through a lot of different images You guys have seen those different things and then a collection this a lot of times is used in e-commerce And you know if you've got a shop buy store. So for example if you got a storefront This lookbook one. I haven't actually really seen or used this one, but just kind of give you an idea So for this example I'm just gonna do the single image ad since that is the most common just so you guys get a quick overview of this now what you can do is upload your own image right here or You can use free stock images that Facebook has for you.

Okay, so you can search all these different images So like if we're in the real estate space, we're trying to get people to our real estate blog We might type in real estate and see what images they have to pop up right here So let's say we want let's say we'll use this one right here. Okay, or actually, let's get a better real say one Let's choose this one and see how it says Shutterstock See how it's got that Watermark right there when you actually run the ad it's not gonna show up so you don't need to worry about that But so we come down here and we're starting to build out our ad Okay, so this is where we're gonna go through and type in our ad copy So we could say Check out our real estate blog You know and so this is where it's gonna be like the the copy in the top Facebook post and then down here This is where we're gonna put in the headline.

So say click to Check out the blog Now obviously you're gonna want something a little bit more Compelling something that's like gonna actually get them to click and be like, oh that's interesting I want to go through and check that out So, you know maybe a title of one of your your hottest blog posts getting people to that blog and then as far as the call to action goes I like to use learn more Because a lot of these other ones like sign up subscribe, whatever Apply now usually like I don't know I like to learn more for pretty much almost any objective whether it's getting Somebody to opt-in to your landing page register for a webinar Buy a product just because I feel like it's just very low barrier of entry.

I'm just like, oh, I'm curious I want to learn more so then let's just go through. Let me just pull up a URL So let's just say Google is your your blog right here? so let's put this in and then so that's gonna be the URL where you're sending people to and You can see this as landing page views won't be tracked because you need to make sure your Facebook pixel is On the page that you're sending people to and then Facebook's gonna be able to track the landing page views Right and then down here you can have the newsfeed link description So you can just we'll just throw in test so I can just show you guys you can flip through This is what its gonna look like on the mobile newsfeed.

Remember, we only chose the Facebook mobile and desktop newsfeed So we've only got these two options here so we can flip through and you can see What this is gonna look like Okay, then all we need to do from here is just come down here and just hit confirm now It looks like okay since this is obviously just a demo and I've done some random things here It says your your ad might be for housing or employment or credit So if if you think that yours your ad Applies with all the complies with all the Terms of Service of Facebook You just hit certify compliance or request manual review and you should be good to go Okay, this is obviously just a little demo. So that is why this is all happening is so we'll certify compliance. I accept Confirm now one last thing I want to show you guys and this is super powerful.

This is a retargeting campaign Of anyone that has visited your website Or maybe retargeting your your leads database or anything like that And this is the strategy that I've gone through to see an amazing ROI So I told you about that one campaign where I spend three hundred fifty six dollars made four thousand dollars back out So just to show you guys a couple of these results here So this these are the retargeting campaigns where you know for anyone that's visit our website Leads database a past customer that we're trying to get to buy again. So if you see right here, these are actual Screenshots from my actual live ad campaign where you can see where it says purchase Every time there's a purchase that is equivalent to a one thousand dollar sale that I'm making And you can see what the cost per purchase is on here the amount spent So on this top one I made $12,000 in revenue and spend just over thirteen hundred dollars.

Can you can see the ROI? I've broken out right there. Which once again ROAS is another term use return on adspend So nine hundred six percent ROI there this next one spent three hundred fifty six dollars Got four thousand dollars back out 11 hundred percent ROI on that one six hundred sixty five dollars for thousand dollars back out six hundred percent ROI So this is leveraging this these retargeting campaigns, right? Whereas with your look like audience That is going through and finding more customers broaden your reach broaden everything And so if we come down here, this is the campaign.

We just created right and so we come down here This is the ad set level and we can kind of see our different stats and everything And so this is that look like audience where we're trying to go out and get more people coming in but what we can do is we can Duplicate the same exact ad set and it'll duplicate the exact same ad that we just created so we just click duplicate right here and then we duplicate and then we can create a retargeting campaign to just target our website visitors so we can come over here and we'll rename it and It's just the website visitors and they'll come down here. And because it's a smaller audience Will come down here and choose instead of the 1% Oh we'll go back down We'll click on custom audiences and then the website visits everyone in the last hundred and eighty days Okay, now obviously like the popular hasn't fully populated yet.

This is unavailable, which is totally fine. You can keep moving forward But then we've got our same targeting same everything Denver 25-mile radius people who live in this location And then as far as the budget goes with the retargeting campaign Sometimes you can spend as little as one dollar per day Okay. So this is huge. This is really key when you're going through and saying us up like those those results I was showing you guys earlier I had a little bit bigger audience But I was just spending two to three dollars per day on all of those different campaigns now Obviously they were running for a while, but you can see the return on your investment there and it's pretty amazing Okay, so we come down here.

We just set everything else up We will just go through and as far as the placements remember, we want to have this everywhere Okay, because it since it's such a small audience we want to make sure it's on Facebook on Instagram Anywhere and everywhere you possibly could find your ideal target customer. So from here we just hit publish and Then that ad that we already created it's going to be automatically created and used for this ad set as well So we're gonna have these two ad sets Where this one is going to be spending five dollars per day going out to this larger audience and this one one dollar per day Going to this smaller very specific very niche audience. So we will be spending a total of six dollars per day All right. So anyway guys that is pretty much a good run-through of the Facebook Ads manager of everything You're going to need to know I'm just going to turn this campaign off since it's not a real live one Of everything you really need to know to get started.

We talked about the audiences. We've talked about the Facebook pixel conversions setting up a new campaign the marketing objectives going through and creating the custom audiences so you can have that targeting and We through in targeting a bigger audience We're doing retargeting and then setting up the ads and everything now once again guys If you do want my free guide on All of this kind of like the Facebook Ads cheat sheet and then a bunch of other videos I've got a mini course where I dive in deeper on a lot of these different topics go ahead opt-in down below and I've got That a hundred percent free for you guys to help you out with your Facebook advertising Whether you're running your Facebook ads for your own business, or you're running it for other clients businesses Or you wanted to start your own business or whatever.

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Grab this cheat sheet grab the Facebook Ads mini course also if you guys found this video helpful I would really greatly appreciate if you give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know what you thought and go ahead and share it That would be greatly appreciated as well If you found if you know somebody else that would find this valuable to them as well in their business Go ahead. Share it with them. Once again. Thanks so much guys for watching this video And with that said I will see you all later

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