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Facebook Advertising: 2 Tips for Attractive Facebook Ads

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hi guys it's Erin branchy from social agendas marketing and today I'm going to quickly give you two tips to make your Facebook ads more attractive and more engaging number one is your Facebook ad needs to be attractive how do we achieve that well first of all it's all about having professional quality media now if you're using an image you can get free images of free stock photos online a website that is great for that is pixels calm as PE X Els calm and over there there's a huge library of high resolution images that you can plug into your ads absolutely free so now you have professional quality images but what about if you're using video in your Facebook ads there is an absolutely amazing piece of software that you can download from the App Store today and that is for free is called Adobe Premiere clip I use Adobe Premiere Pro on the desktop using the premiere clip app is absolutely brilliant because you don't have to leave your mobile device to edit your videos now if you've got no experience with media and you don't use Premiere Pro and you don't know how to edit video you can simply shoot 3 or 4 videos if it's your business you could shoot some videos of your business if it's you speaking you can shoot some videos of yourself and upload those to Premiere Pro and it will sequence them automatically that is just at the touch of one button it will export it for you into an mp4 format which you can then go and upload directly into your Facebook Ads straight away those two resources don't overlook them if you're just starting with Facebook ads they are really effective you don't have to go out spend a heap of money to get great media productions just hold a steady camera download the information into Premiere Pro or Premiere clip use the app get that video into your Facebook ad and start engaging your customers and the people who like your page straight way I hope that helps if you knew about these resources already share some more resources with me in the comments if not I'll be in touch soon if you'd like more information about how to get the most from your digital marketing campaigns and your Facebook ads then go ahead and join our mailing list on our website at enter your email address and we can send you directly to your inbox some great information about digital marketing to help you with your campaigns and to get the most out of your presence on social media and in the digital space thank you very much thank you for your time take care

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