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Facebook Business Page Marketing | How to Setup Your Facebook Pixel Part 2

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– Hey everybody. Welcome to another week
here at Get Quirked. We are going to go over how to use the data that we have been collecting with your Facebook Pixel on your website, your landing page, wherever it is that you've been driving
traffic over the last week and use that data to really
form some good audiences and show you exactly how
this is so super powerful because when you are
using these audiences, you know that they are at least warm. They're interested in your product, they're interested in your service, because they've already
been to your website.

They've already looked at your offer. Maybe in some cases they've taken you up on a specific offer and
you're trying to get them to that next step, that next level. So that's what we're going to do today. We're going to set that up so stay tuned to the very end of the video where I'm going to give
you a very special offer. I kind of hope this doesn't blow up because it could literally
steal all of my time, so stick around to the end of the video and be sure to like and subscribe for a chance to get
something really awesome. Alright, so let's get into it. (gentle music) Alright, here we are over on the computer and to get started,
we're going to go ahead and set up a custom audience. And that way we can actually
start looking at the audience, see what kind of traffic we're getting and learn a little bit more about that Facebook Pixel conversion of it.

So let's get into that and we're going to start by
logging into Business Manager. When you log in, you'll probably be on the Business Manager page. So it'll look a little
something like this. And we want to go up to the
top left hand corner again. As always, click on that business manager little drop down window
and go over to all tools and what we're looking for
is in the assets column. It's our audiences. We're going to build a
custom audience real quick for this offer we're driving people to. So we will create a custom audience and we want to base it
off of website traffic. And we are going, oh we're using the wrong Pixel. So let's use the right Pixel. There we go. Create audience, custom audience, website traffic, and
we want to change this from anyone who visits your website to people who visited specific web pages.

And we're going to make
sure that this URL equals and I've already copied it in and so we'll just paste that there. And that is the URL for
our three step guide. And we're going to look any
time in the last 30 days. And we're going to give this a name so three step guide visitors. Create the audience. Audience is ready. It's going to tell us that it's too small and that's because we've got, they think under 20 people, but really Facebook just kind of needs some time to adjust to that. Sometimes they get it
right right off the bat, sometimes it takes 24 hours
to really see that traffic. But also we haven't driven a whole lot of traffic to this so we'll see here, if you get this little
flag, audience too small.

Mouse over this little guy. Audiences must include at least 20 people to be used for ads. Well, I know for a fact that we've had more than 20 people visit that page, so we're just going to
give that some time. One little thing that is going
to be awesome for you guys is to create a lookalike audience
based off of these people. So I'll go ahead and select this and we're going to go to
actions, create a lookalike. Now we want this as our source. We want our location to be United States. For you guys it might be different. And we want to build our
lookalike audience into about 1% of the total population on
Facebook within this country, so within the U.S.

We're going
to look at 1% which is going to be about 2.1 million
in this audience setup. So we can look at the advanced options but we don't really need that. We only want that one audience
so, let's just do that one. We'll create the lookalike audience and that will take some time. So you can see it's not ready,
it's updating the audience. What it's doing, it's
taking our initial audience, our three step guide visitors, and it's creating
profiles on those people. And then it's going out
to the rest of Facebook, the 1% of the U.S.
population that we chose, and it's finding people
that look like the people who have already been to the
three step guide download page.

Now, because our audience is
kind of small to start with, we're not going to get great traction on the lookalike audience
but it will give us a little bit better pool
than if we were just running to completely cold traffic, not looking at any sort of targeting. So now we want to pop over to either the power editor or the ads manager. They're kind of the same these days. I think Facebook is really
trying to push people into the ads manager as a whole. Power editor lets you do a little bit more but as Facebook grows and changes, they may just become one tool. So I'm in the power editor right here. And we can go ahead and
create a new campaign. I'm going to call this three step download and we want auction, that's fine. We want our campaign
objective to be conversions. And we want to set up a new ad set and we'll call this three step DL and we're going to run
that to men on mobile.

If I could type here. And we want to create a new ad, so we're going to do
three step download offer. So we're going to create this. And now we actually get in here and we can edit certain things. I want to dive into
the ad set immediately. And right here it's going to say please select a conversion Pixel. So we need to do that. So we're setting up a
specific event source. And we're going to look at the
complete registration Pixel. And that's what we're going
to actually be targeting. So this is the event that we
want people to actually hit, we want that to fire, and what that will be
is when they get here, they put in their info, they
click get your guide now and they move over, I've
already done this so, they move over to the thank you page and now you can see that
our event has fired.

So that's the information that we want and we want to be able to use that as kind of a tag of sorts. So Facebook is going to use that tag. They're going to kind of cookie the user and then when that person
gets back on Facebook, they'll be able to find, or if they're already
logged into Facebook, Facebook will start collecting
data about those people. And that's where this is so powerful because on Facebook you like
things, you join groups, you use certain language,
you post certain media, you share things, you like
to look at certain stuff.

Facebook tracks all that stuff. And we as marketers and
advertisers can use that data to better inform our
advertising campaigns. This is why Facebook is so powerful and why you can spend so
little money right now on a small segment of people
and see a huge return. That's why it's so powerful. So we'll pop back over to the power editor and finish building out this guy. So we want our, let's do
this in a lifetime budget, we'll spend $50 on driving
some traffic there. We will run it for, let's do a whole… Let's see, so we're starting today. We're going to run it for… Oh, that's why. We're going to run it for one week. And we'll go ahead and
set this to 11:59 PM. Run that through the end of next Tuesday. And we don't have our custom audience really set up quite yet. It's still pulling just directly from this guy saying we've
got less than 20 people so let's do this anyway,
let's see if it works.

Estimates for audience are unavailable. Probably 'cause it's still being set up. Run it to 25 to 65+ men, English speakers, English U.S. We could do all, it really doesn't matter, but let's get hyper specific here. And then we can move into our ad. And create our ad. Alright, we've got our video and we want to make sure that
our thumbnail is selected, and it is, so as you can see
that we are still running to all of these different placements. We'll go back an fix that in a minute. But right now we want to
run this to a website URL and let's see, the video's
already got captions, so we don't have to worry about that. Add some text into the video. Still not using Facebook
to grow your business?? Download our three step guide to growing your business using Facebook today and start seeing results within seven days. Alright, so we'll see our
preview here for mobile. This guy doesn't really matter. So let's just say grow an engaged… So let's do grow in seven days or less. How's that? All in seven days or less.

There we go. So for our call to action button, yes we are offering a download. But learning more is something that people are more willing
to do than immediately download so let's stick with learn more as our call to action button there, and you can see that in the ad preview. So we are tracking via the Facebook Pixel. We've got our ad pretty
much good to go here. And so the last thing to
really do before we publish it is to make sure that our targeting and our placements is
actually set up properly. So we'll go back into our ad set and see we've got automatic placements. That's going to run in
literally every location that Facebook has to market to. So we want to make sure that
we're only using Facebook and Instagram and we want to
make sure that we are using not the right column,
not instant articles. We only want to target the feed in both Instagram and Facebook. So now we are good to go on that.

We can even switch to mobile only which is what we actually
wanted to target. And yeah, so there we go. So we're all set up. We'll go ahead and review the changes. This will take a little bit. Let's see, you can keep working. Facebook will manage this
stuff in the background. And it'll let us know
when the ads are approved. So once this is approved, we
can go take a look at that and as we start running traffic to it, we'll see what that data is collecting and how the Facebook algorithm for the ads is actually working to our favor because we are using
that conversion event. While we wait for this guy, let's go ahead and pop back
over to our business manager. And then over to our page. And we'll go ahead and
do something very similar to that ad we just created. But this is yet another way to use the conversion, use the
audiences that we're building to target people a lot better.

So we can do this in a couple of ways. We could do a new post but let's go ahead and start with a post that already exists that is getting some good
traffic and traction. Alright, so, here we go. This is a post that we did about our video from last week so let's go ahead and boost that post. And we'll get this dialog box up here. So people you choose through targeting. You can see here, here's
our custom audience, here's our lookalike, let's do this. So, it's too small. So it's still processing. We're going to do it anyway. So don't want to run the
promotion on Instagram.

We want our total budget
to be, we'll do $10. Not $210, $10. I'm going to run that for seven days. We want to track our conversions. This is where this stuff comes in handy. So basically, when we're doing
this from boosting a post and driving traffic to
our offers that way, then we know that we're getting people from different sources so that
Facebook can actually learn a little bit more about specific people that are seeing this and
that they're going there. It's all about dialing in those audiences, dialing in those conversion events, so that Facebook can really
know who it needs to target within your target
audience to specifically take you up on your offer,
whatever it is you're offering.

So there we go. And we're going to go
ahead and boost that. Alright, so they're reviewing the order. I guess it takes less than 15 minutes, so we'll check back in
on that again but… I want to run a new post. So let's do this. We're going to add some media here. So we actually want to use the image here. Alright, so basically we want to look at our campaign and our ad and we want to edit…

We want to edit this so that
we can see exactly what we did. So basically we are taking the headline, we're going to make that our
first thing that people see. We're going to make this all one line so that Facebook doesn't
truncate our link, especially on mobile. On mobile you are limited
to what Facebook shows by default in the text area. That's why video is so powerful, that's why images are so powerful.

And we're just going to kind
of tweak the copy in the post so that people are enticed by this, even if they see a shortened
version of the URL. They'll still be able to click it. If they want to see more
and read more of this stuff, to learn a little bit
more about the guide, not a big deal. So one thing that we can do is choose the preferred audience for this post.

That's where we can get into
our preferred audiences. And we can build a new custom
audience based on this. And we'll go ahead and save that. So these are the types of people that this stuff is going to go out to and we can either publish it or schedule it to post in the future. I want to make sure that
this actually goes out to people though, and gets a good boost. So let's go ahead and boost this. And we're going to target
our lookalike again. Again, it's still telling us too small. Whatever, doesn't matter. Do $10, we'll run it for one day. And there we go. Set our budget, we'll go ahead
and schedule this to post. So there we are. Now that we've done that,
we've gone over a couple of different ways that you
can use your conversion events by building audiences, running
traffic to those events and collecting all that data. I know that we've kind
of bounced around a lot but really the core concepts
that you want to know are getting the Pixel set up, making sure that you're
tracking the right events, and then when you get to wanting to spend a little bit of money on
Facebook to do this advertising, you can do that, you can
target those exact events, you can target your daisy chain of events, if you have a lead magnet into a tripwire into a high ticket sale,
then you can track each step.

You can see the action
on the Pixel at each step and understand where
you're kind of falling off. Your actual conversions will
tell you a good bit about that. But the actual conversions
don't really happen on Facebook so Facebook needs these events to fire so that it understands
this is an exact thing that I want you to track, this is the information I'm looking for you to tell me more about. And that's how it's going
to be super powerful for your business because
you're going to get, again, those highly specific warm audiences that you can run even more
traffic to in the future. So I hope this has been informative. There we go, Facebook Pixel set up, audience creation and
even running some ads. So I think you guys are on your way.

Thank you guys so much for
sticking around to the very end. As promised, here is your special offer. I'm going to pick one person
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(happy music) So, now that you've got
your Facebook Pixel set up, your data aggregating and you know exactly what to do with it, that's all. Thank you so much for sticking around. I'll see you next week. I am Matt from Get Quirked and you guys, keep being awesome..

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