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– [Damian] If you are looking to get more exposure for
your food product online and you have an ecommerce business, I'm gonna show you a couple of my own ads and I'm gonna show you step by step how I was able to generates sales from spending anywhere from about 20 to maybe $35 on a simple Facebook ad. So let me jump right into it. Of course this is Marketing Food Online and I am Damian and I'm here to help you create your food product, get your food business up and running, or start your ecommerce food business, help you get any type of
product into a food retail store and everything in between. And that's what we do here
at Marketing Food Online so double-check if you're not subscribed, hit the subscription button. We got over 600 videos
now and thank you everyone for over 14,000 subscribers and I'm glad we're able to reach out
to all of you as well. So let me jump right into it and let me show you exactly how this works and it is very, very, extremely simple.

But I'm gonna show you step by step. Okay, so number one, you obviously need to have a listing on
some type of platform. What I mean by that, you
need to have a product on Etsy, have a product on eBay, have a product somewhere online that you can tap into this, okay? You're going to have to use the URL and you will need to also have a page, a Facebook page, specifically dedicated to your business, not a personal page. You need to simply create a
basic page for your business. If it's you know then you need to have a Facebook page that's for Don't use Suzy's personal page to do this, you wanna kinda separate your business from your personal stuff, okay? Very simple to do, so once
you have that up and running, what you're gonna do is
you're actually going to go ahead and you're going
to copy and paste the URL.

So if you have a listing on Etsy and you wanna get more exposure for your Etsy shop,
you wanna copy that URL and put it onto your page,
on your Facebook page. And then it's gonna ask you
a very simple question is is if you want to boost
that specific post. Sorry about that, I was
looking at something else. All right, so you wanna
boost that post, okay? Once you do that, here's
what's worked for me. And I'm gonna click on this one here, this is our chocolate pretzel
rods that we have, okay? So let me explain to you how this worked. So I have a product, the
chocolate pretzel rods that I have, you get 16 rods, it's 24.99 and we have it on one
of our ecommerce stores. So what I did was I copied and
pasted URL, put it up there, and was able to go ahead and get it posted and then I was able to boost the post and then create an ad
specifically geared towards a certain segment of people on Facebook.

Now, this particular one,
and I'm gonna show you, right here it reached 5,000 people. We had 138 link clicks where almost all of them placed orders for product. So basically what we did is
we spent $35 was the budget. Now when you do this, you can dedicate a certain dollar amount. And I highly recommend you
do this in three stages. Okay, three steps. The first and second time you do this, you want to accumulate data. You wanna accumulate information. If you really are able
to make some sales off the first and second time, great. But look at it as you're trying to do a little research,
and here's what I mean.

I did this the first and second time and I reached a lotta
people and I was able to find out what is the
age group of people who are actually clicking on
it, is it women or men? And then where specifically is it coming from so I can target, again I'll retarget that specific group of people
for this particular product. So I'm looking to sell
chocolate covered pretzel rods, that was the product, and I
did a little experiment, okay? And I was able to go ahead
and I spent 35 bucks, you don't need to do that,
you can actually spend 10, 15, maybe even $20. So after spending $35, I
was able to reach 5,000 and I got 138 people to click on it.

And that means that they went to the link and they either bought the
product or they didn't. Majority of the people
purchased this product itself and it actually ended up creating close to about 2800, 2500 worth of sales. That's $2,800 for $35 in spend money. So I spent in advertising 35 and I made a little bit over 2800. Now I think that's a pretty
decent return on investment for these products and I was able to also gain a lot of data. So let me show you what I mean by that. So here's the audience. By the way here, once you
complete a campaign as it's known, you can actually reach
more people by adding to it and it shows you, if you
add 35 bucks for one day, you can reach almost
another 21,000 people. So if I spend $35 in a
day and I reach 21,000 but not every, you gotta understand, not everybody's going to click and buy, that doesn't happen.

But if I add 1% of those people, right, and I was able to get 1% of 21,000 people, let me do that math really quick for you. That's 210 people times $24, that would make me $5,000 off of 35 bucks in one single day. 1% of those people, okay. So as you go through here and you go down you can see, like if you spend
1500, et cetera, et cetera, you can do all that and
figure out who you can reach. Now, the most important part of the first and second times you do this, you gotta do it a couple times and I say that because you need to
gain some information. Here is what's important, right? The most important
thing, 25 to 34 year olds and 35 to 44, that's the biggest age group for this particular campaign
of chocolate pretzel rods. It wasn't the 45 to 65
and obviously 13 to 24, normally they don't have, 13
to 17s don't really buy a lot. At least not with credit
cards and debit cards 'cause they don't have them.

Okay, but what I figured out the first and second time is you know what? This is the group I need to focus. Now look at this. Out of all of those
people, 100% were women and zero of them were men. Now this I have to admit, to be honest, this is actually the third campaign. So the first and second
I gained information, I gained this information,
and then the third time around I went ahead and focused
on women specifically. Men were not really clicking on this ad. And that's fine, that's
great, that's good to know. This is why you do it one or two times. You spend about 10 or $15 each time and then that way you can gain a little bit of basic information that you can retarget and
be a little more specific.

And every time you refine it, every single time you do
another campaign to find out, who exactly is clicking and buying? Now, this is also really
important, check this out. Where are they? So in the United States, California, Florida, and it was actually New Jersey had more information here, let me click, there it is. So California, Florida,
and New Jersey, okay? And that's the people right here that the women, actually
specifically women in that age group, that actually were the ones clicking on the link.

So the third time around
I was even more specific and even more successful with the selling of the product just because of basically just because of the fact that
I knew who was clicking on it. And you can do the exact same thing with this particular product, okay? I mean this particular campaign. You wanna find out who it is
the first and second time. Then the third and fourth and fifth time you're gonna be even better. So after all of this,
I spent a total of $35 on this third time
around, specific campaign and reached these numbers. So what's the full takeaway from this? What's the lesson I'm trying to teach? Number one, you don't need
to spend a lotta money to sell a product once it's listed online. You gotta have a URL and you've gotta post that URL, that link, directly
on your Facebook page for your business, okay. Now you can do this with anything. If you're selling hot
sauce, hot sauce or salsa, then do that.

You need to find people
who are interested in salsa and you can do it. So, once you do it the
first and second time, collect the data. This is the most important part of kind of experimenting right here. Find out who's clicking it. Refine your search and
then run another ad. Like I said, make your budget small, be about that 10 to $15
range the first couple times. Maybe if you're still new at it, maybe a third and fourth time. Spend only about 15, 20 bucks. And then cumulate that information then narrow it down
because let me tell you, if I told you, hey you were selling salsa and if you gave me the link
and I did this for you, I did a campaign and spent $35 and generated nearly
five grand or so off all of these orders, that's a huge
return on your investment. And it's a very simple process. You don't have to be rocket
science to figure this out. And we do this with a
lotta different products.

So here's another one here, these are Oreo cake balls that we did. Let me show you this. Oreo cake balls, we
went ahead and did this. Okay, so we did same
thing, 35 bucks, five days. So we reached almost the
same amount, 5,000 people. Link clicks, comments, and shares. Now this is beautiful, this is also great. This is free advertising
right here by the way. You get people to begin to
share it, that's organic, that's the traffic you're not paying for. They click on it, they share it, then it goes to someone
else and that's amazing, that's awesome, okay. So that actually increases your reach. Now here also look, so 18 to 24, almost 20% of the people. And this was 100%, okay,
because this was actually the third time around for this one. And this was the big age, 35 to 44, those were the ones really looking, okay. So take a little bit
of data, play with it, and then refine your search. You don't have to, like I said, don't spend a lotta money. Just a little by little,
20 to 30 bucks just to reach a few thousand
to get some information to turn around to reach more people, make more money, you don't
have to spend a $1.000 here or even $100, start small,
gain your information, and then refine your search.

That is the super ultra
quick how we were able to do this and reach so many people and make thousands of dollars off of one of our food products. So if you've got your own website, same thing goes for that. Go ahead and do that, go ahead and you can
actually reach more people. Take the URL, put it onto your webpage and then promote it and
then narrow it down.

Find out who it is. Now what's really great
is if you pay attention, if you've got a store online right now and you're selling product, right, but you really wanna sell a lot more but you're getting some information, you're selling some product
and you're getting some bites and you're getting some revenue, listen to me about this, pay attention to what state people are buying from. If you sell salsa, let's
just do this as an example. And in Texas you're selling so much of your salsa, you're
shipping it to your customer or whatever the product is and it's going to Texas over and over. You know what? Facebook ads can narrow
down to the state of Texas. You can literally pick
just the state itself and then sell even more salsa because that's predominately
where you're selling from to begin with. If that's the state
where your product sells, focus on that state.

If California, you're selling
chocolate covered Oreos and in California you sell so much Oreos into that state, then run
a Facebook ad specifically for California and then sell
the living you-know-what out of your product. This is just a goldmine of information. But remember, take your time,
analyze the information. This is the most important part. And then as you refine it,
you're gonna make more money. So if that was helpful as always, please do give me a big thumbs up and I appreciate your feedback. Let me know if this helped you out and if you've got any other questions about your food business
or your food product, ask me down in the comment section and I will get to it as soon as possible.

I appreciate you guy's time and I'll see you on my next video..

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