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Facebook marketing Secrets – Expained in 2 minutes

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hey my friends this is Kaspar from
cashbarfreedomteam and I'm gonna explain you in two minutes how Facebook
marketing works. I'm gonna do it really quick and I'm gonna do exactly how this
works because Facebook marketing is so big right now it's it's the one of the
most powerful ways to market your business online these days so first of
all first step to Facebook marketing is connect with people I'm sure I don't
have to go in depth with that the only thing I gotta say is be real be
you and when when they're connecting with people on Facebook think of it like you're actually talking
to them on the street or in in that bar or in the cafeteria so think of that way
and you'll be good the second way and the second thing you need to know as
grow your network you need to be connecting with new people on a daily
basis to grow your network and to connect with other people so as you can
see I'm on my facebook his my recently added friends it it takes like from from
the last three or four days I'm not really sure how many days it goes back
but here's my recently added friends 63 new people in my network in my in my in
my community so that means I'm connecting with other people all the
time and the third thing is post on your wall posting on your wall is so
important because people want to know what you're about what you do and and to
see if you're a person they want to be connected with so there's three ways you
can you can post on your wall three things first I do business and proof you
can show a little about your business so they know that you are a business person
and the third thing is lifestyle you can post about your lifestyle so people can
actually see what what do you do what they like to do and so on so this is
Facebook marketing and two minutes if you want to get some more in-depth
training about it then be sure to message me comment below
this video or send me more info because we need weed out with one of my team
member with it and in-depth training about Facebook marketing what to do on a
daily basis to get results if you want to get it comment below based this video send me
the link send me info and I'm gonna send it over to you and show if you want to
know what I what I do and what our team does and business connect with me let's
talk about it and let's see if how can I help you keep cash for freedom freedom
he said

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