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Facebook Marketing Strategy: Crush 2019 with Facebook Sales Funnels

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– [Russell] Hey everyone who
is just tuning in my name is, Russell Brunson, and today
we're going to be talking about Facebook funnels,
everyday I go through a bunch of questions you guys ask me,
about building your company, and growing your traffic and
your sales and your leads. And all sorts of fun stuff,
and today we're talking about Facebook funnels. So the question is, how do sales funnels and
Facebook funnels match up? How should I be using Facebook? So, that's a good question and
the strategy changes often, and there's a lot of different
ways, but imma kind of walk you guys through the basic
principles that we focus on here at Clickfunnels, as
we're growing ours.

So, for me and for our team
everything kind of starts at the offer level, right, so
we figure out first off what is the offer we
want to make, okay? So the offers like imma sell
this and you're gonna get this and then you're gonna get this
and we figure out the offer right? Then we come back and say okay
cool, that's the offer we're getting, then how
do we sell that. K, which this is usually,
primarily, like the story. What's the story we're
gonna use to sell it. And that's like cool,
here's the story and maybe we're gonna do
that story on a webinar or a video sales letter or
a long form sales letter. Or whatever, but
there's some story. That we're telling here,
that's gonna sell that offer. Right? Pretty simple. And then the last thing is
like what is the hook we're use to grab them, okay. And so the hook then
for me, comes back here.

Let's say this is Facebook or
Youtube or whatever platform you're selling on, now I can't
to kind if caveat real quick. Every step in this process,
there's going to be a hook, story and offer. There's a hook, story
and offer in Facebook and there's a hook story and
offer in the sales video. There's a hook story
offer in the upselling, every piece has that, but
as an overarching strategy, if you look at it
from a high level. It's like, the macro
before the micro. The macro is like the ad
is like the hook, right. Then the sales message,
the funnel, is the story and what you're selling
is the actual offer. K, so if you come back
to our core framework of hook, story, offer, k so this
is the macro looking down.

Now the micro looking down,
again is our hook, story, offer in each, every single
element of this. But for this question, we're
gonna get to the bigger one. Alright, so the question is, how do sales funnels
and Facebook match up? So for me its like, these two
things are tying together. Very very similar, right,
Facebook is the group of people So over here there's all these
people all of these dream customers are over
here, Facebook, Youtube or whatever you want to
target makes it simple for us, who are the exact customers
who want our products right. So when I started selling
my, the book Dotcom Secrets. I was like who are the people
who would want this book, and I'm like K its entreprenaurs
who are mission driven, who are whatever right, and I
figure out exactly who those people are, and Facebook
gives me the ability to like find out exactly who those
people are so I can target them perfectly, right.

So I'll put it like a target
here like we can find exactly who we're trying to target,
almost perfectly on Facebook, K. Now, the goal of this Facebook
is to set the hook, right. So people on their feed, and
they're scrolling through their feed as fast as they can. They're doing it at their desk, they're doing it
in the bathroom, they're doing it
while they're walking, they're doing it while
they're driving, its horrible! But, that's what
we're doing right. And your job in Facebook, the
first step of the funnel is to stop them, and grab
them and hook em right. So we hook em, get their
attention for just long enough to send them over here, okay. And so that's kind of the
first step, it's like, it's the prefunnel, everything
happening in Facebook is the prefnnel, right.

And from here, then the
message needs to match, okay. So whatever my, hook and stuff
that's gonna be over here on the sales page has to
be similar to over here. We've done funnels in the
past where like our hook on the Facebook is amazing,
then the come over here, there's a mismatch,
and doesn't convert. No matter how good
it is here or here, if there's disconnect
it doesn't work, right. In fact a lot of times our
headline for the ad will be the exact same line, that's
over here, right. So I want congruency between
the first step and the second step and from there for them
to take the offer, okay. So then the strategy is like
how do I, how do I do this? How do I create the
hooks and the ads? And it obviously is always
changing all the time, but one of my favorite
things to do is we never know what hook is gonna get
somebody to listen right? So, I'm tryna hook them to have
them come listen to a story about why they
should buy my offer.

And inside the story there
might be four or five or six or ten different things inside
this story that I'm telling right. And so inside the story
there might be a bunch of different hooks, and so I'm
thinking what're the different hooks that's gonna grab someone
and say how quick I did it, how much weight I loss,
how much money I made, how much time I took, you're
one of my successes stories of my students. All these are little hooks,
and so I look at Facebook like a big pond and I'm throwing
out these different hooks, and I'm tryna figure out
which ones are gonna work and which ones won't work. One of my favorite
examples of this was at Anthony DiClementi,
he owns a company called Biohacking Secrets. And he had a book that he
created, that was a free book to teach people how to bio hack, And at first we set the
funnel and it worked awesome, but then we couldn't come
and get people to come over, and we couldn't figure out what
hook would actually get the right people to come like how
do we get his dream customers.

So we told Anthony, go do a
Facebook Live every single day, and each day try
a different hook. So one day he did
a Facebook Live that was like hey, Imma show
you guys my number one way to biohack my mitochondria
or something weird
like that, right. And he does a Facebook live
about that, puts it out there and guess what, it was a
horrible hook and nobody bought on it, like, nobody
came and watched it. So the net day he
tried a different hook, and he tried a different hook, and he kept doing different
hooks all of them leading back to the same free
book offer he created. And he kept trying
thing after thing, and after like day 11 or day 12, he made a video that's called
how to biohack your vegetables and he's basically like,
cooking your vegtables in Kerrygold butter,
something really simple but for some reason that hook,
grabbed his dream customers.

And that video ended up
getting viewed a million times, drove tons of people
into his funnels, and made a bunch of money, okay. So if you look at
this from the macro, it's hook, story, offer in
Facebook or the ad platform we're throwing a whole
bunch of different hooks tryna find out which ones
people will grab onto. And now if we get em, then
we pull them back here, tell them the story and
we make them the offer. And that's basically how
Facebook and how our funnels how they kind of coexist
and how they work together. Is Facebook we're replacing
a whole bunch of hooks, and over here we're actually
telling them the story, to then make them the offer. And so I hope that helps you
guys understand how those two things, Facebook funnels
and sales funnels, how they work together.

Thank you so much for watching! Every single week we publish
new secrets just like this one. Make sure you subscribe, so
you don't miss any of them. And I will see you
on the next video..

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