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Facebook Marketing Tips 6 – Do’s and don’ts of Facebook Marketing with LIVE Campaign Management

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all right on this one this episode I'm
going to be a little bit quiet make sure but very important tools and don'ts of
facebook marketing very very for Hawaii pay attention here first of all do make
sure you have proper training before you attend this if you don't you can lose
money right that's number one and then don't don't panic okay so for example if
you don't panic and don't do this fear you have to do this like a pro like a
professional in other words you need a proper education but if you already have
something going on this is to be valuable to you okay so that's as I
don't like that don't will spread out to the other things you do when it comes
please walking so that's that's for today now let's go into the campaign and
see what's going on let's see here I want to refresh and the reason why i
said don't panic today today this morning things have been a little slow
we facebook and that's going to happen for you sometimes okay he just going to
be aware i should notice yesterday we're doing two dollars within about one
dollar ninety set with the active add sets but right now you can see the blue
line is going is down and the green is up so just like the stock market just
like you think in life will often down you shouldn't make sure you haven't
higher highs and higher lows better okay so i'm going to scroll down here she was
going on with a number is right alright so as you can see here have to add set
both to that I've set up yesterday not going very well for dollar ninety seven
weeks photo awesome nice Molly come on select them and i have
here one here diameter to lead at five dollar 47-inch does not good either i'm
going to select that let's see everything I seems to be doing okay
worse than yesterday okay so if you ignore the lead flow slowly don't panic
keep going as a test for you to keep going okay that's another with the
recruiters will always lose so the most vile number is averaged over time okay
average over time not a particular money or day alright so i need to turn off the
flag set and set up brand-new 31 and then i'm going to turn up so we're going
to my power editor so i'm going to refresh my power editor white we have no we're going to go on
the ad set level so the multiple thing Heer's and I'm building my list of
quality people people that are going to my trainees right now they can decide to
buy any time and it's still an 8020 rule some people will continue to become a
nun gradually some people become customers than we would become big time
flying with the pump Harkness over time so all the numbers have that nicely to
keep all going and pink almost like 20 money here so any three so I'm going to
go with the three within Louis foundation cost of congressional here so
i got this one's and of course i need to have one look alike the continuity test
my look alike and it looks like the lowest next hear this one ok so now i'm
going to duplicate to the screen deck 83 once you set up your grid facebook
campaign this is how swimwear is to twitch every day in the profit ok
remember everything is averaged over time don't panic on activity of any
money for me personally and I can be a slow down this morning but it does not
matter ok because I'll average over time don't panic worst-case scenario
something happens to understand you're an entrepreneur here go here sorry so
this too I have to change I'm not going to change the targeting or I'm not going
to change the targeting of what about the look like ok I'm just going to
change its name to reflect for just so i can know that took me the first one and
the fourth one you know have the first one is going well the second and third
one a field i tells you that not only just straight
forward on facebook alright see here so I'm the energy I'm going to find
something similar to it by simply clicking under here and stop any of
those in the past few week so now I'm going to test for America okay here
Counting left after that lately but again it doesn't matter you could test
found that you stated in the car just the way I live in to work within the
time of the day time of the month depending on the clandestine on our
faces I already know that any of these targets are they need what I have you
will find it interesting my finding useful so I'm just rotate another line
right alright so the next one will go here is here and I'm going to find
something similar to AC and for what scroll up Skrillex collapse taylor just
go all the way down here keeani is down there let's see how many people I quien
es America 45,000 of that which will write to neutralize a lot of the palm
way not sure it's on for like half 87,000 Organo Gold official page I have
one 22,000 let's see here we're going to go with this okay and so Facebook know
that this audiences are similar that's why it's suggesting it to me then I'll
go here and then I'll hazel in here don't that's it remember to my
look-alike and maybe it's for because of the fourth one unpleasant okay the
fourth time setting up step the way I can count probably just curious so no
use just about three new here we'll go here okay
all right so it looks like a half do you know an idea do you have an idea of
doing well half 31 in here how do you run here chatting for no results this
one is actually let me see here in the ads manager think it's chatting from the
resort let's see what I'd said that it but I love mocking yeah if she hears
doing yeah that this one right here okay so that should have been freed off and
fastens that's not too good once it crosses the fallout of the mind in the
past seven days I'll turn it off right so I just refreshed when i refreshed i'm
doing one dollar night with recent with the a clean campaign you're not bad
right so i just kind of like you're shaking together you're pressing down
think about that okay so one less gain the best right now were all three of
them are doing well okay let me look up the price here 38 40 50 / 50 for the
origin out nicely here so i'm gonna go with let me see i'm going to go with the
original i'm going to go with the g have an idea right cause clearly these two 2

1 i'm gonna click on edit this is only on the ad level right now okay on
the ad level so i'm going to go here i'm going to copy this because i'm just
going to trick what is already performing i'm going to select all
select the third one as well third new one
and I'm gonna go here and taste so I'm gonna want to copy one more thing which
is a variable but I use the track 20 just one right here select the third one
again there you go taste it here alright so now i have so now let's go okay do
you have an idea how simple it is to enroll 122 okay okay so this is
performing very well my changes to any crew any clue and we just testing out
different words the thing is it makes any difference now eventually i will
take some of the major thing like this headline but they performing right now
yeah tell them as much looks like i'll keep going at the same price i'm going
right now everything will be fine okay use any clue how simple I'm not sure
going to say any clue how simple don't know if they do you another any crew and
I'm going to use that word in the main menu that in the name of the add one
this way and no weak add x / funny okay i'm also going to use it on the failure
who at the end of the link this one right here and now i have okay right so again if you want to learn how
to set up from scratch get cafe you want to click on the link in the description
if you're brand new here also is you can try to watch all the rest of the series
I think you're going to find it extremely useful ok alright so yeah this
new free we're good to go now review changes as you can see the ads arrows
the studio again this is just a power editor ever in any way of them quickly
few changes I'm going to go here make sure I do select with everything here
and I will continue right so here we go on yep it does any
review right so let's go take a closer look at the numbers now we're doing
overtime here you get the main number that will be of concern for me is always
the last seven days because the most recent numbers and the best number can
look out for the performance that matter sir okay so let's go here so if I clear
the future to show everything else that I've turned off over time and you can
see here that this campaign is doing three dollars for lead in the last seven
days but clearly we start off things that are not performing as much as they
were like this also if i go back to life and so i can show all the beer in this
particular campaign right i'm doing three dollar twenty cents elite lifetime
and this campaign that's still not bad and no people paying more than that on
solo ads stuff like that right so on this campaign with a set of targets ad
sets done average of three dollars 26 times but they wonder performing the
most which is i needed to be deep below to dollar a link to further preferably
below one dollar per lead alright but we go to the Opera it is to blame if you
obtain anything less than five dollars i'll read if you have a right funnel is
still like painting money okay if you have the right funnel if you have the
right average customer value your phone else if you're given out the right offer
into the marketplace you will do a lifestyle okay so if you understand
leverage understand building the empire and of course legacy my Empire well then
you'll be in white lace so even over all over time we're not doing too badly
already this offer is clearly doing very well alright so but my family
with last seven days we'll update that and only active only active all axes
only okay by the way you can go here on a few jungle delivery and quit active
right from here okay and and that's and simple of that and the last second base
or actually I ok go so you can see the active campaign that i doing most
possibly but on an average 88 leave the funding through it one dollar ninety
four centers coming through here alright so let that now if you see discrepancies
in our links which are not worry about link with anymore because facebook is
now really activating that end but sometimes they report a link from
another campaign here okay but this is the number that must be athlete for me
right now ok so again don't panic never panic when you're running a facebook
campaign and depend on how are you you're doing your business already Oh
feel free to hire people to do this stuff for you okay Oh to free Hyperloop
do for you if you're very small in your business you can great skill to learn
now if you want to learn it you want to have one of your employees to members
learn this stuff let's quit the link all the way inside and then I will stick
them by the hand mentor them on to start running profitable campaign like this
okay all right and now talk to you soon bye now available on itunes and youtube com
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