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Facebook Network Marketing: How to Prospect 10 New People Online Everyday on a Busy Schedule

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– Hey there, my friend. It's Chris Njigha here
from, and in this very exciting episode, we're here talking about some
Facebook network marketing tips and strategies, alright. Hey, I'm gonna show you
exactly how you can prospect 10 new people every day online, even if you have a busy schedule, alright. So let me ask you, are you a
part-time network marketer, you still have a job, like I do, and still have kids and family and don't have a lot of time to do all the network marketing things? Well hey, stick around. In this video I'm gonna show you exactly how you can
prospect 10 plus new people very easily and very quickly every day so you can be meeting new people, and, oh by the way, stick to the very end 'cause I'm gonna share
you a nice little bonus that can triple your
lead flow and your sales with just a little bit of
extra work on the backend.

You're gonna love it. And oh by the way, if you haven't already, hey, definitely give this
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and prospecting srategies and tips and videos, and all kinds of good content that can help you generate more leads, and build sales, and get more
recruits in your business. Alright, so let's get
right down to it, alright. So you're here to learn some Facebook network
marketing prospecting. So the fact of the matter is, when you get started in network marketing, pretty soon you're gonna run
through all your friends, and your family, and it's not gonna be
enough to grow your business so you're gonna wanna go online.

But, the interesting
thing is that going online isn't as simple as it just sounds. There's actually a particular
way you wanna do it, and you factor in the fact
that it takes a lotta time too, hey, it's not easy. So I wanted to share
with you some strategies that I've picked up that helped to like build
that audience of people, and find new people to talk
to about your business, your product, your service, so that you're like moving
in your business, alright. So that's what we're gonna do. And oh by the way, I like these strategies because it's free, and it's a good way to
start building your audience and connecting with people, because another thing
too is people think that, oh, I'll jump online, I don't have to talk to people anymore.

False, right. Online social media is
just a different avenue from the real world. So you still need to talk to people but the advantage is
that you can find people from everywhere all over
the world to talk to, all from the comfort of your
own home in your computer. So let's get down to it, alright. So I'm gonna move myself
out of the way here. Okay, that's pretty good. Okay so the first thing is to decide where you're
gonna meet your people, and what platform you're gonna use. Obviously, we're gonna go ahead and just stay with Facebook right now, because Facebook honestly is
the best place to get started, there's like a third of the
global population's on Facebook, 1.6 billion people are using it everyday, so your perfect prospects
for your business, and your service, and your
product is on Facebook. So let's start there, and
let's not go anywhere else.

Then number two, you wanna decide on what kind of people you wanna talk to, who are you talking to. One of the biggest things
that a lot of people might be in a health and wellness
company, for example, and they wanna get customers
with their product, 'cause they love the product, but they also wanna build
the business too, right, so you really can't do both. You really can't. In the beginning, you really
just wanna focus on one so that you can be laser-focused
on what you're doing. So in this example, we're
gonna be laser-focused.

We'll focus on building the business finding business builders, finding people who might be interested in joining a business,
starting a business, that you can work with. Then the third thing is to search for related Facebook groups
where you can find them, or actually start with places
where you can find them. So one of the first
places you can start with is your timeline. So here's my timeline here, and you can kinda go through here and see who has a lot of
engagement on their posts, and you have to kinda get an idea of who are people that possibly
might be into business. So one thing is that if you haven't been actively building your audience online, and you're just coming onto Facebook, most of the people are
gonna be your friends who probably are not gonna
have a whole lotta interest, or may not be into business
or into your product, it just depends on what you're marketing.

So it can be a little challenging unless you've been taking the time to invite people to your page, to friends list, right. So this might not be the best place, especially for me too. I don't use my profile a lot anymore to generate leads and build my business, so I'm not gonna see a
whole lotta people here. So one of my favorite places then instead is to go to either Facebook groups that are like related to the
kinda people you want to meet, or going to influencers page. So for example, I know that
I'm in network marketing, I'm in the whole business space, I can go to Mark Harbert, right, I can go to his page and see what he's got
going on on his page. So you can go to the profile, or you can just go to the business page. This is the business page, I believe, yes. So you can go to the business page, and you can just see who's engaging.

One of the things I like to do is see, okay, he's got a video here, let's find some stuff where
there's a lot of engagement, and then you can always, let's see, let's start
with this right here. You can click on here, right here, and it'll pull up the people who liked it, and you can see who's liked it, and this is a great way to build your audience
of people too, right. So what you can do is look at these people and see if they're the kind of people that you would wanna work with, because more than likely if these people are
liking this person's posts and they're an influencer
in your particular space, more than likely they'll have interest in either your business, your
product, or your service, if you've done that homework right. So you can always go and
check out these people. You can click on here, and it'll take them
straight to their page. And then you can see what they're
about, what they're doing, and this is gonna be real key when I show you how to meet
people and start conversations later on in the video.

But you can see if this is
someone you wanna contact, and you wanna work with, and have a conversation with to see if they're open to your product, business, or service. So that's another thing
you can do right off. For example, you can go to a Ray Higdon, his page is usually
pretty hot and popping, so you can go to his Facebook page. So I would go here and check out and see what he's got going on here, and see what kind of
content he's sharing here and who's engaging. So he's got his free coaching Friday. So you can easily go here,
see who liked this stuff, and who is asking questions. I can check out and see, I can like her. You can add these people as friends, but I think it's better to kind of just go to their profile first and see what they're about. So if I right click there, take a look, and this person is a wife, mother, grandma, daughter, sister, aunt, they've got children or grandchildren, and they're posting particular
kinds of content here.

You can decide whether or not this is the kind of person
you want to reach out to. You know they're a business,
because look at that, Younique, right. You know they're in a
network marketing mlm, and so I could reach out
and have a conversation. And I'm gonna show you how
I do that in a quick second. Another one of my favorite strategies is that I like to check out some of the different Facebook groups. So what I would do when I was doing this is I would go back to my groups page here and I would find some groups that I'm in, and I would be in a lot of
network marketing Facebook groups that are like, some of them are value, but most of them are what you
would consider spam groups, but sometimes the spam groups
have a lot of people in there who are genuinely trying
to build a business, who are genuinely trying
to find quality leads and quality people to work with, and they just wanna build their business, and those are the kind of people you want to contact and help, because if you can help them with their issues and
challenges in their business, then they're likely to
either use what you're using or join you all together.

So let's say for example,
this group right here, it's got 107,000 people, so I would open this up and I'll go into the group to take a look. And so what I would like to do is just take a look at
the different posts. If there's a whole lot
of posts that are about just spamming the affiliate link, I may or may not engage with that, but here's what I would do. So let's see if I can find something here.

This one is more
value-based, so that's cool. This person is saying I found a website that's making me $100 a day. There's a person that might
need some help, right. You're looking for
people who need some help with their business, because obviously if they're posting in these groups like this, they're not doing very well. Okay, so this might be something. So you might take a look through this. Could you use an extra $52 per hour. So what I would do is I'd look at this, and I was like, okay, obviously
this is a little spammy, so I click on this thing, and you can take a look
real fast at the timeline and what kind of person they are.

So self-employed, lives in New York. Okay, this might be someone
that I might reach out to, 'cause they're obviously
struggling a little bit. Okay, and then I wanna see if I can learn something from him. Okay, he's in New York,
studied business finance, he's got a nice little quote here, average people look for a
way of getting away with it, successful people look for
ways of getting on with it. Now that's a pretty cool quote, you know, that's pretty cool. So I like this, so I'm gonna use this. So what we're gonna do is we're
going to do the following. So what I would usually do
is I would like the post, 'cause when you like the post, the person gets a notification
that their post was liked, so it instantly gets their attention, and then, I would say, hi, just sent you a PM, and then smiley face. And so the next step is,
I am going to message him. So you come back here, and
you can click on there, and it brings up– Can you see it? Yeah you can.

And then I would type on
here and bring up a message. And then, I would type
something to the effect of this. Hey, hi, Karim, 'cause you definitely
wanna use their names, and then you wanna tell
them the way you found them, why you're reaching out to them, so it's not weird, right. So I would say, hi Karim, just saw your post in the Facebook marketing
networking group, and decided to connect, smiley face. And then you would say something about– Then we're gonna do something
that shows that hey, we've been paying attention to them, we're just not spamming
them or talking to 'em, we actually checked you out and you look like the kinda
of person we wanna work with. So then I would say something like, I see you are a fan of Jim Rohn. Loved the quote about getting on with it and making no excuses. I'm a huge Jim Rohn fan too. And then, I wanna ask him
a very simple question that gets us talking about business, but not so much hardcore business, what my good friend Erin
likes to call a soft question, a soft business question.

So I would ask him, so how long have you had your home business? And then we would leave it right there. And then just hit enter. So literally this is how I would do it. So what's gonna happen next is, we're gonna start conversations. And this is really all you want. So this is really what you're looking for is just a way to have some
conversations with people, potential prospects who fit the mold of what you're looking for and what you're looking to promote. So for example, if you were
in health and wellness, then you'd have been in a
health and wellness group, and then you would've found someone who might've been posting something, you would've checked out their profile, see if they were somebody
you wanted to work with.

Find one thing that you can
connect with them about, and then you would get on
here and say the same thing. Hi, such and such, just saw
you in the Facebook group for health and wellness, staying healthy, and then compliment on them
something that you saw, or whatever, and then the next thing would
be to ask them a question, say, so how long have you
been on your health journey.

So you wanna just kinda
get that conversation going so that they start asking. Next questions could be things well, okay, awesome, yeah, me too, I've been doing this, I've
been doing these workouts, and doing these diets. What has been your biggest struggle? And so you're just wanting to kinda slowly get some information as you're sharing information as well. Remember, you want it to be a nice, little, smooth conversation. Listen to what they're saying, respond back to what they say, give your own input, ask another question, keep the conversation going. Then after a while, after they
maybe mention some challenges that they're going through, or how things are going, then you could say, hey, that sounds like you're going through quite a bit.

I don't know if this will help you, but you might wanna check
out what I've been using to help me lose weight. It's helped me lose this much 10 pounds, past few months, and I've loved it. If you're open, I can share it with you. So it's just a very smooth conversation. In this example, what I plan on doing is sharing with him a
PDF or a online training that can help him generate
leads in Facebook groups that will actually help
him get leads and sales in his network marketing business, versus just the straight posting that a lot of people are posting that doesn't necessarily work.

Okay, so we'll close this one out, and then we'll do another one. You wanna see another one? I'll show you another one, alright. So we can go back to this same group, and just keep scrolling. So this is another thing
too I failed to mention. Try not to overthink it. If you see something, see
someone's posting something and you think they might need some help, just check out their profile, see if they're someone that
you might wanna work with, that you could connect with, and then just send them a message, start a conversation. So I mean it may look like
this may take a lot of time in the beginning, but as you do them, it'll go
quicker and quicker and quicker and you can knock this out
in about 15, 20 minutes, really just boom, connecting
with 10 different people and starting a conversation. Through the course of the day,
you have your phone on you so you can always respond
to those conversations and keep them going up until the next day.

Okay, so we just keep
on going and you know, here's another one. Not gonna think too hard about it. Who wants to $35,000 a week,
blah, blah, blah, blah, alright, so your very typical spam. So I'm gonna take a look
at this profile real quick and see if this kinda
person I wanna work with. Open the link in the new
tab, and I can check him out. Alright, entrepreneur
who likes to help people become successful in their business. Mental health association. Worked at an internet marketing.

Manages some business pages. Okay, and alright, here we go. God has a purpose for your pain,
a reason for your struggle, and a reward for your faithfulness. Trust him and never give up. Well I tell you what, I like it, right. This is really, really awesome. Great connecting, 'cause I agree as well. So, I can easily just come and come back up here
in this side to message.

Oh, so what we're gonna
do, we'll go back here, we'll number one, like his post, number two, we'll say, hi, just sent you a PM, happy face. 'Cause all this is going
to instantly alert him, this is gonna alert them, it says hey, you might wanna check out what's going on. Who's this person responding? 'Cause you post something like this, you're real quick to
say, ooh, who is that, who responded to my post? So everybody wants to know. Now I go back here, number
three, and I message him, and really you can use the same format. Now, here's a nice little trick.

Let's go back to this guy. I'll just go back to
the message thing here, and literally I'll probably
just copy it, literally, but it may not apply all the way, in fact, we may not do that. But sometimes it works. Sometimes it works because usually there's a
lot of connecting things. Like if I'm talking to a
mom, and they have kids, well I can easily relate
to multiple moms with kids because I have kids too, so I end up kinda saying the same thing, but you still personalize it with the person's name and all of that.

So in this case, it may not
go the same way, but we could. So what we'll say is, hi, and
then we'll change the name, Orlie, right, you gotta
do these kind of things if you're gonna be quick, you don't have a lot of
time, you're a part timer, you ain't got a lotta time,
so you gotta be quick. Alright so I say, hi Orlie, just saw your post in the
Facebook network group, decided to connect. That's true, so we'll keep it. I see you are, so we'll probably change this out, and we'll say, he had a nice
little note about God's plan, I see you are a faith-based
person which is awesome. Loved the note image about
God's plan for everyone. I'm big on faith too. And then I could just go right into it. So, how long have you
had your home business? How long did this take? Not that long. Instantly we got it, right.

Instantly you got it and
we're starting conversations. So I mean, imagine how you could do this, you could do 10 of these
literally in 15 minutes if you're quick, at a certain point. Like I said, it may take
you a little bit longer in the beginning, but as you do them, hey,
it won't take you very long to get past them and get them done, and you're connecting with
10 people every single day, building your audience, getting people to look at
your links, and your videos, and your business. It's only a matter of time
'til results start to show up, or you start to get better
at what you're doing and the results come then. Okay, so as we're going through it, so now you see how you can
easily find people to talk to, depending on what it is
that you decide to focus on, and find relevant Facebook groups where you can find these people, and just go through the posts and engage them in that three step process that I shared with you,
and start a conversation.

Very simple. Now as you go through the conversation, like I said, you could
eventually get to the point where you're asking them questions about what challenges they're having, and then, once they
share those challenges, you say you offer a
solution to the challenge, to the problem. And so here is my bonus for you, how you can triple your leads and sales with just a little bit of extra work that will go a long way. How can you do that? Well, let's say they tell you yeah, I'm having a challenge with
finding leads for my business. You're like, oh, really? Well I understand that, I used
to struggle with that too, but now I've been generating
more leads with my business using this Facebook strategy.

Hey, how about I share with
you this Facebook strategy. Would you be open to checking it out? In that case, you could
then send them the link and say, hey, here, check it out, establish the time when
you're gonna follow up and all those nice
little prospecting things you're supposed to be doing, and then send them the link. Or, you could say, hey, you know what? How about I invite you
to my Facebook group where I have the content
there readily available.

If I send you an invite, would you join? And they'll be like, yeah, I'd love to get on your Facebook group. So you then have to friend them, and then you invite them
to your Facebook group where you could have it on your main post whatever the content, whatever it is, the value that you promised
you were gonna give them. Why is this huge? Well, because a lot of times they may or may not
check out that training. That's the funny thing. Despite you giving it to them,
they may not check it out. But, once you have them
in your Facebook group, now you've collected them in a place where you can kind of communicate
with them later on again and easily follow up with them. Huge, huge, huge in terms
of tripling your leads and then converting those into sales.

Or, let's say you're health and wellness, and they're like, yes, I
would love to hear more about this product, or this service, or whatever that'll help me lose weight. You could send them the link straight up, or, right, and they may or may look at it, or you could take the
time and instead say, hey, you know what, I created this really cool PDF guide that goes over the top foods that you are missing in your diet that people don't know they're
missing that they need. Would you like me to send it? And they'll be like, yes.

Or that helps you lose weight. You send them a PDF guide that has it, and then at the back of
it, it has your product, so they easily are able
to check out that product right then and there. But guess what, if they don't, once again, you've connected them on a list. Now they're on your email list. So whole idea is to
collect them in a place where you can easily follow
up with them later on. Huge in terms of tripling and
quadrupling your lead flow and converting those to way more sales. So that's it my friend. Hope you enjoyed it. That right there is some
Facebook network marketing strategies that you can use right now to show you how you can meet and prospect 10 new people every single day, even if you have a busy schedule. So hope you enjoyed it. If you did, hey, definitely
give the video a like. Please subscribe to the channel, and oh by the way, if you wanna learn more about how exactly you can
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So right now currently
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So that's it. Until next time, my friend. Be blessed, stay hungry out there, and I will see you on the next one. Bye..

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