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Facebook-Reichweite im Jahr 2018 | Folge 28 Facebook-Marketing leicht gemacht

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Hello, dear ones and welcome to Facebook Marketing easily made. It is almost the end of the year and I would like to do a little bit of that Look into the future and take a close look at 2018 and of course also Now look at changes that are current because it has changed again done a lot with the Facebook algorithm. It's like we're on Facebook has many factors that determine where our post appears and how many people it is displayed and of course we want that our contributions are seen by as many people as possible. Facebook has over 100,000 factors that play into this algorithm and new ones are added every day. We hardly notice most, but many of them go through the news properly and so I now see some posts in my newsfeed where there is begging please comment and manage my contribution so that you can see me in the future on facebook and that's something what will no longer work so well in the near future, but this topic I end up talking to you again.

I want to go into what is first Because 2018 was and will always come and where Facebook wants a little more yes push us that we take care of our quality of the contributions Ultimately, that is the goal of keeping as high as possible Facebook is not always believed by many, but ultimately the user is in the foreground so we want quasi of course facebook wants the end users feel comfortable on the platform, that is, we as the provider we as entrepreneurs have to see what content we create with it here the end user feels comfortable and i go through i have mine of course made notes because the topic is quite extensive we have there is a lot to say and it is very clear that when it comes to range we should we want to reach many people a medium on facebook gives that gets absolute priority in visibility and these are still videos yes there are still videos any kind of videos and which ones especially in the near future, Facebook will also be pushing now you just announced that just last week was the announcement let's take a closer look at this because we always have still the topic of live videos so especially live videos are here especially pushed by facebook for this reason i like my content strategy as much as i go live on facebook where live the maximum reach out optimally i would plan the video i can do it not always very often I just live spontaneously but if you plan it you would of course have more live viewers with you that means we should plan if possible to get as many live here as possible Most people will have the video in the afterwards see what you need to know that means the video has to be structured like this in retrospect, it is still quite clear clearly live video is being pushed and then there is that in particular and that is now new videos and content created via creator are being pushed that means a new app on the mobile phone it is older but was previously only verified by large and blue ones pages used here now it is available to everyone that is simple have a look at the app store and download the app and the content create facebook has announced that everything is going on about the creator Here a little priority is given a little more range than everything we create via desktop or the normal app to the creator if I also make an extra video because that's a topic in itself but we'll definitely look at that again later it is important that we have to know that the range has of course decreased So where I got an average range of 15 percent a year ago So that said if you have a hundred fans hate an average of 15 seen your contribution from it so we are now at 5 maybe up ten percent so the average is relatively lean if you put it that way is of course sad now this is coming but sites that have made it here to produce really good content, let me say mine and you have to make sure I don't make many contributions on mine facebook page I'm about three to five Contribute the week a lot more is not that means I just thought only that the quality of the contributions is correct I really think long what I do in terms of contributions and that does not have to Being quantity means simply sites that have made it also much higher ranges so I'm on average at 30 to 40 percent coverage per contribution that is of course absolutely not with the to compare the average is important that means we have to now make sure that I create content that our target group address and facebook has now clearly told us in the update and in the news that we should make sure that the users always come back to us here play a major role in generally reaching us to bring that means if we manage to open a user again and again to get our page eg for a regular live video Facebook generally reward our live video and give it more reach I would now give an example that who could be a show if I say now for example the I have the users at the same time as naturally as possible I can remember that and have it on my screen too page a live video and have a specific topic or a question and answer session mine on my topic on my side the people who are now actively on yours go to the page and search for this video or, for example, from a newsletter in this video can be linked so you can planned videos also wonderful link in the newsletter or on facebook news what I think of messenger bots that can then that they are repeat users will further increase your reach So the more of these people you have, the better yours will be range the more facebook will reward you so facebook has it clear said it will reward the sites that regular visitors might have be on the left as it said just now live on facebook planned videos or even if someone uses the search again and again on yours to come to see its contents so it's about that intentional that the visitor really has the intention of yours page goes regularly to see your content So that's very important to create regular content and it could be one I already said to be a show 'you could also do something like episodes you can say yes I'm going now live three weeks in a row at the same time then i do it first pause again and then I'll do it again sometime times also certain topics section about what I imagine very well could make it for these episodes for one episode 1 fremy each to collect addresses like e-mail would be a nice option so that you really look how can you make it a little bit more here Bringing regularity into your content creation is natural very very exciting so episodes I admit it falls a little bit difficult i have already said this planning is not mine either i am I would also like to spontaneously change that in 2018 and would like to I definitely recommend you a little more to bring in regularly, at least as long as my offspring are still there is not there I can definitely try that afterwards will surely difficult what you notice facebook screwed a lot on the videos in the Last week, for example, some things didn't work so well, for example playing videos they crashed every now and then that means the screws there a lot and what will come in the usa that's it but you can definitely keep your eyes open in the settings on your facebook page it will be on the left in the menu give a new rider and there will be videos and if you go on you can add an intro and a car for your videos of course they are limited so I don't think we have 180 seconds like that a lot of time but that's better anyway i wouldn't have a long intro Bringing it in is maybe just a little bit of movement on in the beginning and the whole are to be made higher quality but so ten minutes and ten seconds of intro is really enough for me wouldn't make it that complicated, if anything, maybe even more so shorter to simply have the same intro for every video if you want to add that you can then choose whether the video wants to have an intro or not or should have at the moment that is very, very exciting, that means they screw a lot and we of course also have advertisements that will then be possible in videos that means it can be activated by us if we have at least 2000 fans and if we have at least 300 live we have viewers in a video, we can activate the advertisements Here we can decide whether the site owner owns us want someone else's ads to appear, and we making money is something like adsense when we google Include advertisements with us on the website and earn money with it ultimately that is irrelevant I don't think for companies but rather in the direction of influenza so people who have a lot anyway have visitors and it doesn't bother them if they go somewhere else yes we as entrepreneurs don't really want people send somewhere else so it would be important to me here now no ads to advertise i want the people we own send somewhere at the moment but as I said this possibility it will The goal is of course to fall here the opportunity to make money because we have exactly the same thing topic as on youtube there are many people who create free content create a lot of wonderful content with it can only make money because they have this opportunity to advertise and of course facebook does that now So this taps the rider who will be very exciting because keep your eyes open it will come at the beginning of the year i would think here too Germany and of course we still have the topic the facebook stories yes there we have the problem that it is a little bit has lost range you may have seen this before if you you are on the go on your cell phone in the facebook app on your homepage above these little circles are the stories of certain people there you can click and watch the story it's exactly the same as instagram when I create a story then, as I said, it appears in this top when someone clicks on it then you can see that this could be a short video that could be a photo so there we can be relatively flexible collaborate and these stories are online for a maximum of 24 hours yes that means they are gone afterwards and I can also do several in a row make that I could 10 20 stories could virtually document my day and that is actually the intention behind it these stories have lost a bit of their reach because it was once that when we made a story when I was with my private profile he has only been able to do so with one private profile created a story that my friends saw and my followers means all those who send me a friend request to sent an example but I didn't accept it there there are also quite a few people with me almost 2000 I don't have accepted or who just followed me the minis are the friendship inquiries have meanwhile become the stories Follower no longer displayed, meaning that it is only displayed to friends this is of course a real shame and loses a lot of range I don't have that many people who see my stories because when I make a contribution published what is much more published now comes that but the stories are now also possible for facebook pages and not only for facebook pages means i can via the facebook app on the iphone i know on android maybe it won't work yet but it will soon be there too played out certainly when I go to my site pretty far At the top comes a wonderful circle with the plus and there is my story underneath can i create such a 24 hour story on behalf of the site also wonderful for a range and it gets even better we can do on behalf of the site and we can do that on behalf of groups and in the name of events, let me give you an example because what a lot the event organizer can be very nice Such a story is also made by all participants on behalf of the event you can add a story to the event here and now it will exciting i think of a webinar i did a webinar on the subject messenger bots in december and in this webinar i could do it now make a little bit of advertising for this story the more current it is Displayed far up front under the stories, which means that it does to feed not only to create one story per day but also always insert new stories here and if we have inserted them is of course very, very exciting then our participants of the webinars of the event on facebook during the seminar eg Post screenshots or say how great the webinar is, for example this may also include the visitors and the live viewer rate from the webinar push a little bit we want to have a lot of live viewers so this too leading range beyond the normal posts we have a wonderful opportunity to reach people here, especially for a lounge or when we're in a sales sequence or we would like to have a lot of attention outside of these newsfeed, then from those of the normal one homepage about the stories get a great view here that's the special thing we want to get visibility where it is where we are displayed and yes ultimately no matter the main thing is we are prominently displayed on facebook and get this visibility and the stories are there for me a wonderful way to get him here to get this range too so I'm almost together again we're on in any case with videos with live videos best placed here all things if they are done regularly and have a show format I'll say at least five minutes each longer the better and of course also live yes if possible to be broadcast live there was also a recorded video regularity would definitely be important here and of course we have now here the stories as a fairly new option also a visibility here and the last thing I wanted to talk to The belt of this algorithm change is many which are now posted in have that you should please lead your comments and comment because otherwise the post or all other posts are not shown as such that was that is so it is so that the range increases with each single comment with every single like that you get for one certain contribution the more likes and comments you get in a short time the higher your range will be, but Facebook has it new algorithm here or has another algorithm change here brought in and want to act against click dating and against like and wanderlust and I go in my notes what we don't According to facebook, we should beg that people comment share licon or mark friends we shouldn't do that when we do that certain words are simply punished here by facebook and die range decreases if we do that then begging is at the moment and clearly that can only bring us great reach So far it has always worked well.

Now it is punished by facebook if we want to beg for facebook afterwards and that's the background of all history facebook wants people to be ours fans do it by themselves, so comment by themselves, share by themselves by itself licon yes so what we shouldn't do is clique for example dear if you think that's great an angry face if you don't think that's great think that's begging in the end it worked just fine I got it also seen several times that many have used it but we should Not doing it in the future does not mean that it will no longer work you will be able to confirm the exceptions rule in any case yes so it can continue to work but me would like to say that in the future 2018 I want him to pay attention to it without begging to get this interaction anyway what can you do how can you ask the question that people anyway comment and it is particularly important that we have a community create that we particularly exchange ideas with our fans and there I now see the messenger bots again as wonderful possibility of course also the live videos so think about one strategy for how you can make question answer videos or a strategy how you can use the messenger bot if you use the set up with manager, for example I have a course that starts again in January how can you do that then use it to get in touch with the people via the messenger and in the usa has been tested on all facebook sites owners who do a lot have contact messenger with your fans have a very good reach on your side that means the fans who realize that you Communicates quickly via the messenger and also reacts a lot and also manually So the answer is not only that there is a bot but also that you really go in and take care and your fans will be more active on the site and this activity brings more reach again and there we are in this vicious circle the beautiful vicious circle so it is then really exactly what we want more community more build trust and then also more reactions interaction and there must of course you get a little feeling for what is here now with the range how do we get there how can we make the contributions optimize that they get lots of visitors it's not that easy, there are of course many many tips and tricks But here was my summary for 2018 what we can do when we start the new year now when we have ours strategy think about us as the next step something so on us comes and how we can continue to use Facebook without advertising of course we can here if a contribution goes well and I do that too only if a contribution goes well that I still have a little advertising budget put it in and if it is only 10 euros I just get a higher one get range that means I try that without advertising budget but if I have a clear goal in mind and really want to that many more people see it than I would organically then I add some money and that's a nice one possibility that facebook provides us here we have to see it positively it’s not easy that we are now spending money to get the range because a contribution that has no interactions and really no comments I do not like the need for advertising Facebook will also be rewarded with a cheap advertising budget the organs already contribute well work that's why it is so important to me that you know how you do it organically manages to get the range that is the first for me only then can you deal with advertisements First of all you have to understand what your target group wants to hear exchange with the target group and only then can you go in and yourself really care about working here with a bit of budget too two steps system first consider what the strategy looks like and then the second step how can i do it a little bit again increase my reach by a bit of budget but that's for me definitely not the first step I hope you got one given a small overview I'm really looking forward to 2018 there will be some coming and I will definitely look again what you for had questions if you now the video or on the podcast listen before the new year starts then I wish you one happy new year 2018 is a really great year my last two podcasts have a plan follow where I talk about how to plan in 2018 and with mine coach talk about how to build a profitable business because that is of course for 2018 are actually in the middle of the planning if you haven't finished planning for next year then you should you do this as soon as possible so listen to the podcast follow and we will see each other in the new year on facebook bite then love

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